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Sister Putting On A Show.

s****r Putting On A Show.

During my summer nights as a teen I would usually sl**p late. My s****rs dog was an older dog so I would take her out before I slept because I know she likes to pee during the night. This one night particular I walked in and my s****r wasn’t sl**ping. She was face down and ass was up. Her right hand was somewhere within her pants. At the time I didn’t realize it but she looked up and her ass was still in the air. She lowered it slowly.. but I can see her hand still moving. We didn’t say anything and I thought nothing of it. Took her dog potty. End of that night.
Few months in I continued doing the same routine. I never caught her in that position again though. This time I walked in and she was sl**ping. She didn’t have the biggest breasts but tonight they were noticeable. She was wearing just a white shirt. I hovered above her she was sl**ping like an angel. I cup her breasts really slowly. Her nipples hardened in my hands.. Man did I love that feeling. My s****r getting turned on by my touch. I didn’t want to wake her so I just left. I couldn’t help but think about her and what will she be wearing the next night.
So I couldn’t help myself and I would just find pair of her laced panties. I would cum in them and clean it so it wasn’t noticeable. Just to wonder if she would wear them. My cum all over her pussy throughout the entire day.. What a turn on!
The next next I walked in and she was wearing a spaghetti strap once again no bra. The straps had fallen off her shoulders so there wasn’t much but bare chest showing. I used one finger to expose a nipple. It was right in front of me.. I didn’t know what to do.. I just gave it a lick and continued to rub it until it was super hard.. and I left her like that to wake up with her nipple out.
Another week goes by.. I couldn’t help but to think what should I do this time? But as I was walking to her room I saw that her room was cracked open.. As if it was opened for me. I crawl to the door to see her in the same position. Face down and ass up. She was riding her dildo she hid in her top drawer. I caught a glimpse of what she had on. It was the panties I had came in before. I knew it was because those were one of her ‘special’ kinds. I couldn’t help myself I came instantly.. I went to sl**p thinking about what I saw..
Things were getting intense and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t actually fuck my s****r.. I didn’t but this teasing her and playing with her is more exhilarating then actually fucking. I mean I’m still a virgin. I doubt I could please her anyways! So I walk in and her leg was out. Exposing the same laced panties. I walk up slowly and trace her leg to see if she would respond. She moaned and made a small movement. I rubbed her pussy and I saw it was wet. She must’ve just got done. I lick my fingers just to get a taste and I was so hard.. Taste was pure bliss. While I was tasting her juices she made another movement slightly raising up her shirt. Exposing her stomach. I saw her little heart tattoo that was right underneath her left boob. I decided to so snake my hand through to cup and feel her nipples. They were getting hard in my hand again as I rubbed it with my pointer finger. She moaned and her head flopped over to the side of the bed. Her mouth landed perfectly where my dick was. My head and her opened mouth made contact. She gave it a kiss and she smiled. She started rubbing her pussy and pulled her shirt up covering her face and exposing her bare chest to me. I never saw her open her eyes I’m assuming she’s dreaming of it all.
Her head fell back over and kissed my dick again. I couldn’t help but actually to pull it out. She kissed it again but smiled knowing it was my actual dick. My precum stringing out with her lip. She went back for another kiss but her lips stayed on my tip until her mouth opened and her tongue found its way to my head. Her mouth just covered my head and her tongue caressing my head. All around she went with it.. She knows what she’s doing alright. She kept her mouth wrapped around my dick and she got into the same position of face down ass up. This was it.. She was sucking me off she started bobbing her head back and forth no hands used. Her hands were playing with her nipples and her pussy while she just went to town on my dick.
I didn’t want to cum just yet because this was just all too beautiful. I looked around for distractions and I only saw her dog staring at us enjoying each other. That made me laugh a bit as I grabbed my face not believing this was all happening. She continued to suck harder and slobber all over my dick. I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. She was fingering herself, slapping her pussy, making her pussy wet just like she always does. I knew I was gonna blow. But I had it off just a few more seconds to let it build up cause I had to think.. I was about to cum in my s****rs mouth. When I was over the fact I let it all go and I saw her head jerk back knowing I shot my load straight to the back of her throat. It was the most cum I’ve ever shot and first in a girls mouth.. Let alone my s****rs.. My body jerks as it continued to shoot more into her mouth. I felt her tongue finding its way from my head to my shaft.. When She knew I was done she took her mouth off and full of cum licked me from my head to my balls once more and rolled over on her bed. Panties aside still showing her pussy and her hand was underneath her shirt while her other boob stayed expose. She had a mouth full of cum and had a little smile and was back to sl**p.. I slapped her pussy for another tease kissed her forehead and nipples for a second and left..

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