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Sister with a helping hand.

s****r with a helping hand.

It was just a week before my 17th birthday when I went out rollerblading with my cousins. To cut it short I went underneath a car and I broke my collar bone. I was pretty devastated I didn’t want to be that one k** in class that looked like a fool. Especially the reason. Lucky enough my parents were cool to let me stay home from school for a week to ‘rest’ up.
It was a Friday morning when I woke up I knew nobody was home. My parents were at work and my s****r was heading out for school herself. Although she was in college she left roughly around the same time I went to high school. Having to do my morning piss I decided to try to slide out of bed and do it myself. My body half way laying off my bed my feet on the ground I realized I was stuck. I was in the most uncomfortable position I had ever been before. I was screaming for help as if someone was home. I couldn’t do much but be in tears from the pain. My arm was in the sling so I couldn’t use it to push myself up. I had to pee so bad that I was about to just piss my pants. I close my eyes and let out one more loud cry and knew I was about to do it. Pee my pants. Right before I let loose my s****r opens the door and I asked if I was okay but before she could finish she saw me and ran to me. She picked me up and asked what I was doing. I simply told her I had to pee. She then lifted me up and put one arm over her neck and limped me over to the bathroom. I was now standing in front of the toilet and she told me to hurry with the door cracked. I told her I couldn’t do it because my body is pain. I can’t move my upper body.. I asked her if she could just pull my pants down and I should be able to do the rest. She came over and squatted right next to me.
She was wearing an all black business dress. She was taking business. She didn’t have an amazing body but it was still enough to catch my eye. She had nice little Asian sized breasts. A handful, size A’s. The dress hugged her body really tight. It was short above her knees. When she squatted down her legs were open and I saw her purple panties. It wasn’t much but it was again just enough, enough to bring back my morning wood. She pulls down my pants and then springs out my little cock. She blushed, gave an awkward smile, raised her eyebrows, as if it was one of those ‘Well.. seems I’ve seen it all.” I gave her the same look back.. Awkward smile, raised eyebrows, like “Yup this is me.. your little b*****r.” She asked if I needed help directed it too.. We giggled and I said no no.. Please.. This is enough told her to leave me be..
Right after that awkward little situation went by. I couldn’t help but to thing about her little purple panties she had on. I wanted to just pull them aside so I can see her tight little lips. I knew she was a really good girl and maybe had only one boyfriend. I couldn’t help maybe.. Does she masturbate a lot? House to myself? I couldn’t help but explore… I wonder and find myself in her room.. Through her underwear drawers I went. I found all her panties I stuffed another pair of purple panties in my pocket and found a vibrator. It was a cute little thing. No bigger than my pinky and next to it was lube and batteries.. I figured hell she must use this thing a lot. I pulled my pants down again. In full salute and put it next to my cock. I felt like a monster compared to this thing. I said hmm maybe I got this. I go back into my bed and pull out her panties. I brought the vibrator with me.. I sniffed it, licked it, while having her panties cover my face. I was doing all I can to get a scent.. taste.. anything of her. I was madly lusting over her. I take her panties off of my face and began wrapping them around my cock. All I did was picture her. Squatting in front of me, pulling her purple panties aside, spreading her pussy lips. Telling me to tell her things to make her wet. I couldn’t resist I blew my entire load into her panties. I was so exhausted from the meds I just slept through the entire day and night.
I awoke the next morning with an abrupt sound. My s****r barges in. Gives me the little ‘Hey…….. little b*****r..’ I was scared as fuck. I didn’t know what to say/do.. “So… some of my things are missing from my room do you happen to know where they’ll be? I played dumb and realized I over slept with her special friend still in my possession. I said no no.. I don’t know and I made a slight movement which made her vibrator go off.. She said “Hm… It doesn’t sound like your phone since it’s on the desk.. I wonder what that could be..” She throws the blanket over so it was nothing but my body exposed. She gasped and saw my cum stains, cock, and her panties all in the same area. “What the fuck are you doing with all this? And why my vibrator?!” But she couldn’t help but stare at those 3 items the entire time she was talking to me. She very upset.. but honestly I would say a bit more turned on than upset. I explained I couldn’t help but catch her in her purple panties when she squatted down to help me. She didn’t say much but “Oh yeah?”.. She grabbed her vibrator. It was still on.. She slowly put it against my balls to my limp shaft to my head.. It began growing.. She asked me stuff like “Okay.. were you imagining me playing with myself? With my little vibrator.. You know.. It’s the biggest/only thing I’ve ever had.” In my head I figured she’s 2 years older and still a virgin.. I was surprised. I thought she was a freak.
She then asked again.. “Did you.. think about me doing this..” She was now wearing a very short skirt. Bent over and again same squatting position as she had help the day before. But she did everything I had imagined in the bathroom.. She explained in detail.. “Did you want me to show off my little virgin pussy lips like this?” Slides away her purple thong.. She began showing me how she plays with the vibrator.. She put it against her lips.. Just a tap and she let out a little screech.. Smiled at me.. “Oh little b*****r…”… I begged her to stop because my arms were once feeling very useless as my body was so sore I couldn’t move. She began shushing me telling me to not move that I was in pain.. She slipped off her skirt and was showing her now wet purple panties.. “I knew you didn’t have a big one but it’s still biggest I’ve ever seen.” She began licking it slowly. “Even tastes better than my vibrator.” She took off her panties and was nothing but bare ass. Giving me a small little hand job and a few kisses on my cock. I still haven’t uttered a word. She knew I was feeling more pleasure than pain. She climbed on me. Hovering her pussy above me.. “I like to rub the tip of my vibrator against my clit.. It makes me so wet.” She then took my cock.. did exactly as she said. She was moaning and was so wet. She used my cock as her vibrator until she squirted all over me. Her legs gave out and she landed on top of me. I let out a groan as she landed on my arm that was across my chest.
Gave me a few kisses on my face.. She whispered “little b*****r let’s put it in together.” As she spoke was wiggling her rear all over my dickhead.. She slowly sat on it while I slowly stuffed it in. It was very hard for me and she cried.. They were very emotional tears.. Pain and pleasure.. We began finding a rhythm but she slammed my chest on the bed and told me to relax.. Don’t move.. She knew I was in pain. She began riding my slowly but it was hitting the perfect spot for me and her. She felt my head swelling and what felt like magic powers she knew I was about to blow. She jumped off and caught every drip of my cum before it went everywhere. It was short and pleasant.. She dressed herself and said “Don’t ever take my stuff again you little punk.. but if you ever want to all you have to do is ask.. And if you ever need to ‘go’ again.. Just tell me.”

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