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first off… if you are reading this .. remember to read the requirements on my profile page if you plan on adding me. i have a total of 281 videos : 150 public vidz ( 100 dp gangbang vidz – 50 ts shemale vidz ) i also have 79 ts shemale private passworded flixxx.. for vip members & 52 friendz access dp gangbang videos. so obviously i upload the best of both worlds. if these genres interest you. definitely feel free to check me out & come check out my swag =)

usually my personal stories take some time to read .. but this is a shorter story for sure !! so today it was a nice 30 degrees celcius in toronto.. nice n sunny, quite hot, there was no escaping the heat with the sun beaming down and i just wanted to go out for a light stroll in the sun and do some light excercise after uploading a ton of videos to xhamster !! just yesterday.. the day before i had really put my body to work and did a lot of physical training and played alot of basketball & so today i am feeling very tired & fragile today. so i didn’t want to over exert myself .. but god damn i was hungry !! luckily for me .. today so happened to be KFC toonie tuesday

a toonie in canada represents our 2 dollar coin .. the deal used to be .. $2.14 for a drum stick and a chicken breast and a small fries. unfortunately.. the price of this deal has risen over the past 20 years.. all thanks to you inflation .. but now it costs $3.18 for the same thing.. or $5 for 1 extra piece of chicken. its still a pretty damn good deal!!

so i was taking a stroll .. a 30 minute walk in the hot sun .. and i decided to go take the back streets .. and intercross into the parks .. maybe ill see some milfs.. or some hotties.. just a better chance of seeing some girls .. id much rather interact and see girls than stare at cars .. i know some of you are serious gear heads .. and you drool over fast cars.. but thats not me.. id much rather interact with the public and at least say hi to strangers & maybe try to make new friends

but on my way to my destination .. there was a couple parks that i would be passing thru .. one of them is the SKATE PARK .. with professional ramps , where people on skateboards or bikes and scooters, they all do thier thing there.. but on any given day.. especially the weekend. there can be alotta people there.. but today is a tuesday.. i dont expect many people to be skate boarding with the heat shining down on you at full blast.. but i decided to go check it out anyways!

i decided to take a stroll thru the skate park .. and i bumped into THE LEGENDARY BLOWBANG SLUTS .. so legend has it .. that there are these 3 girls .. that chill at the skate park & they all love to suck dick..their number one most fav thing to do is to take a bunch of guys into the bushes and suck them all off. when i mean .. a bunch of guys.. im talking about anywhere between 3 to 6 up to 12 guys at once .. and suck them all off in the bushes .. one at a time !! some people think its a myth .. the guys that hear about this think its some kinky joke. some guys think its a fable.. and think these girls dont exist in the real world except porn . I SAY THEY ARE LEGENDARY.. because i know it is true.. because all 3 different girls have sucked me off over the years =) IVE NEVER KISSED THEM BEFORE!! but they are the legendary dirt devil 2000 quicker picker upper dick suckers in my neighborhood!! and today i see one of them chilling right in front of my eyes =)

so i walked by the skate park and i saw one of the 3 sluts there today .. of course im gonna go and say hello ! that would be awfully rude of me .. not to go say hello right ha ha ha .. anyways.. i saw her.. chilling under the tree in the shade.. with 2 other girls that ive never met before.. and i went up to her and said hi .. and she stood up and said hi and gave me a big hug.. and i just asked her before making any small talk .. i just asked her if she was hungry.. if she wanted some KFC?? and her friends were like .. yeah were kinda hungry but we have to watch our friends stuff.. and we cant leave here till they get back.. and i don’t know those 2 other girls anyways .. so i said.. well how about you come with me , i wanted to catch up with you.. if your hungry , i can buy some food and just catch up and chit chat a bit.. and ill buy food for your friends too

they were like yeahhhhhh ?? they were about to grab some money.. and im like no no no .. don’t worry about it .. ill get you each a box of food .. and ill get y’all a lemonade slushie as well .. and their like awwwwwww.. really.. im like yeah.. just chill here.. for 30 minutes.. and ill be back with your friend katie in no time .. i just wanna talk to her and catch up with her .. and they said.. okkkk .. we’ll be here waiting.. and just like that … i took katie off their hands.. and started walking towards the mall .. to get some kfc

so the legend of these 3 sluts .. one is named katie .. one is named melissa and one is named alicia . they all do different sex acts but they all have done massive blowbangs , however, they all have a different style as to how they do things. some of them even go to concerts and try to whore their way thru into a rappers entourage and become a groupie at music events. sleaze up to djs and rappers and become these fabled groupies that only rock stars would be able to fuck silly. and of course.. after the deed is done.. they take snap chat selfies of themselves in bed with the famous person & take it as a trophy & show it off to all the guys and girls

i know about these legends.. because ive been in these groups where these girls would be leading us into different parts of the bushes to suck us all off .. some of them like having 2 dicks in their mouth .. some of them don’t .. well its not so much that they don’t like having 2 dicks in their mouth or even 3 at a time.. its the guys!!! they don’t feel comfortable looking at another mans dick .. so SINGLE FILE.. one at a time.. your basically getting sloppy seconds or sloppy tenths .. depending how many people are waiting in line HA HA HA HA.. sometimes you get lucky and your the only one =) and by no means does it cost anything.. its absolutely free .. because these girls do it spontaneously .. its one of their hobbies.. they like to suck dicks.. and get some practice in .. why the hell not ya know =)

so i bought katie some lunch, sat down with her.. and started eating .. the AIR CONDITIONING WAS BLESS.. it was awesome.. so i start digging into my finger licking good kfc chicken .. and i don’t even care.. i already know what kind of slut this girl is , she is my friend.. and shes an even better friend because she’s sucked my dick at least 4 times now.. and i didn’t even waste any time .. she asked me what has been up with me lately.. & i told her i just upload porno and make porn compilations on xhamster , ive been partying lately with my girlfriends away .. and im planning to go on vacation soon.. ive been partying it up lately.. smoking tons of weed and doing cocaine.. and fucking all types of hoes lately & and she starts asking me about the porno thing.. and i would tell her bits of it of what i do and i just said it bluntly.. soooo katie.. are you still sucking off 10 guys at the skate park like the good ol days with alicia and melissa??? and of course we were sitting secluded from anyone close to us to be able to hear out conversation

she smiles and says yeahhhhhhh.. im still doin that .. sometimes.. but not as much lately.. because most of the guys don’t come in such large groups anymore or they don’t skate at this park anymore.. and im like.. ohhhhh .. that sucks .. and im like .. so what cha doing today at the skate park , just chillin with your friends ?? are you gonna teach them the ropes.. ?? show them how things are done at the skate park ?? let me gather and bring a ton of guys and ill join them and you can take us all into the bushes and suck us all off till we bukkake jizz bomb your face =) ha ha ha ha ha SERIOUSLY..thats what i asked her.. and i continued with .. an apology.. not on what i had just said.. but an apology for the events that took place the last time she sucked me off…. im still so sorry about the last time katie.. i made a mess on you.. .. i dont know if you remember.. but im seriously sorry about what happened last time.. and shes like yeahhh.. i remember.. its okay..

if your wondering what happened to me and her last time.. she was sucking me off.. at the train tracks .. in the train shelter .. at night time where there are no more trains coming .. and there are no cameras there either.. so its a nice place to sit .. and no one can bother us.. and she was giving me a blowjob there .. and when i busted a load .. i wanted to bust in her mouth .. but i felt like it was A RUMBLE IN THE BRONX.. this load was gonna be massive.. and i said.. im gonna cummmmmm.. and she stopped sucking .. and when i jizzed.. i splashed my cummm into her face.. her eyes.. eyebrow area.. and her HAIRRRRRRRRRR !! and the spunk got into her hair .. and i was like oh fuckkkkkk… and i had no napkins or tissues.. so i used my tshirt and bottle of water and washed her up a bit.. =) ha ha ha ha .. good times i tell ya good times !! but oh so messy

so i said to katie .. welll if you are still down to do those things.. but not with a bunch of guys,, just with me… id be willing to give ya some money… or buy ya lunch or dinner.. or buy ya some weed or alcohol.. i dunno what you do these days.. and shes like .. really…. im like yeah why not .. thats the least i could do for you.. youve sucked my dick at least 4 times by now & i would love you to suck me off again but NOT TODAY YO !! its too fuckin hot today.. and ive been excercising and ive been walking a bit already.. my balls are sweaty as fuck right now .. and i dont think you would have much of an appetite to suck my dick today after me telling you its all sweaty.. and she starts laughing .. your funnnnny.. im thinking ( your such a pretty little slut!!) but im just telling you the truth!!

ha ha ha ha .. and then i bought her friends 2 more boxes of KFC .. and then went over.. and bought us and her friends some lemonade slushies .. and started walking back to the skate park .. and before getting there.,. katie asked me .. so when do you wanna hook up .. you want me to give you a call later tonight ?? im laughing now .. because i cant believe this girl wants to suck some cock right now .. i would love to feed her some cock , but honestly.. im feeling very fragile today.. and im not really in the mood to be able to enjoy it fully, so i totally ignored the response initially

so we finally get back to her friends under the tree.. i hook them up with some kfc chicken and fries and ketchup .. and some lemonade slushies on the house!!.. and i chill with them for a bit.. smoke a cigarette or two.. and just talk a bit.. and the whole time katie is asking me .. so when do you wanna hook up???.. without ever mentioning what the hook up really meant in front of her friends… and she said.. how about tomorrow ??? and i start laughing again.. and enjoying my lemonade and getting a hard on while shes pestering me to hook up .. because at that moment in time.. i was actually thinking about taking her into the bushes and having her suck me off before i headed back home, but is that something a gentleman would do ha ha ha ha =)

but nahhhhh, im not gonna do that.. she’s with her friends.. it would be weird if i took her away and she came back and her friends noticed some jizz on her face =) ha ha ha .. so i said.. how about you give me your number, your instagram and your facebook ha ha ha ha .. and in the same prrocess.. i got her friends numbers, instagrams and facebook as well .. and i agreed .. i would talk to her first and set up a time and place.. and her friends were even more excited than she was.. they were like.. i cant wait to see you again ! they were totally clueless as to what we were talking about .. but totally just going with it .. they thought we were just going to hang out and see each other again and kick it.., i wouldnt mind if i got blowjobs from those 2 other cute girls too , but they were so clueless =)

i mean .. there’s no good way of saying it bluntly to her friends.. and explain what we are going to be doing .. but i started talking to katie and i said.. we will talk on FB.. we can arrange a time and place.. maybe you can come over to my crib.. and those 2 girls were like.. CAN WE COME TOO!? i start laughing again.. and me and katie look at each other like.. these girls are crazy.. but i have no idea if these girls are total sluts too !! but only one way to find out !!

so yeah .. my day went great.. i decided to get off my ass after uploading videos to xhamster.. decided to go for a walk in the heat.. decided to take the backstreets where there would be a better chance of meeting and greeting some potential hotties or milfs.. ended up passing thru the skate park .. bumped into one of the 3 legendary blowbang sluts.. managed to steal her away and buy her lunch and offer her a friendly proposal while eating kfc toonie tuesday.. & the offer was accepted at first sight.. met her friends and made new friends.. and now i have potentially a mouth to feed my cock whenever i need a hot warm wet mouth to serve me when i need her

all in all .. that sounds like one heck of a productive day !! i might continue the story as it progresses and unfolds .. but until then.. cheers everybody..remember.. in order to get lucky .. you need to be putting yourself out there.. you never know what twists and turns there are in life.. or in my case.. a hot girl with an eager mouth who wants to suck some cock.. but if i can find a girl who wants to get her ass fucked in the bushes and go celebrate by getting both of us a dairy queen blizzard afterwards.. that would top it all off!! ha ha ha

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