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sl**p-In For Daddy ch 1 to 3

BEE-3079 sl**p-In For Daddy by Chuck Selwyn

Chapter 1

Jerry trembled in the closet, quivering with anticipation, because he
had been waiting for this moment ever since his father announced he had
to catch a plane this evening. His old man always came into the bedroom
with his mother, for a goodbye piece of ass before going off on another
one of his long road trips, and this time, Jerry was ahead of them,
determined to actually see what the fucking was all about, instead of
just pressing his ear to the wall and only listening to them screw.

As he crouched in the darkness, wearing only his old bathrobe, he was
glad his mother’s clothes hung here, where he could get an open view of
the bed. His dad’s closet was across the room, and the old man would be
digging stuff out of it, anyway, soon as he finished taking a quick
shower. The pair of suitcases were already packed for the old man’s
trip, but Mack Winston always pawed around in the closet to see if he’d
forgotten anything.

So that made Jerry safe here, among his mother’s things, smelling the
musky perfume that clung to dresses and slacks, and pressing his cheek
against one of her slick-feeling dressing gowns. That was almost like
touching her skin, almost like touching her nude body, and his prick
throbbed in his hand as he squeezed down on it. His crotch ached; his
belly was drawn tight and his balls felt swollen to twice their normal
size. The cockhead pulsed in his fingers, but he held off from
massaging it. Plenty of times, he had jacked off while hearing the sexy
noises of his mom and dad making it, but now he was going to wait

Sure, he was scared. Jerry had no clear idea of what would happen to
him if he got caught hiding in their room while they screwed, but he
suspected that he would get his ass blistered. But that wouldn’t be as
bad as the embarrassment of both of them just knowing he was there,
sneaking around to get a peep at what really happened when a man put
his meat to a woman’s pussy. And it wasn’t as if he was just a little
k**, getting too curious; he was fifteen years old, and damned near
grown up. They’d never forgive him for being so dirty, and he might
even have to split, leave home and take to thumb-tripping and never
come back.

But he had to see it. Damn it, he just had to. If his mom was one of
those fat and dumpy mothers, or all grey and wrinkled, the strain on
him wouldn’t have been so strong. As it was, he couldn’t sl**p, for
thinking about what was hidden beneath her skirt, and the shape of her
sleek ass in tight pants drove him right out of his head. Her tits –
ah, her tits; Jerry stroked his aching prick and smiled at the vivid
imagery of his mothers fine, full breasts bouncing when she walked, at
the golden globes that pushed so excitingly against a thin gown. Angela
Winston never wore a bra; he had often noticed the outline of her
nipples, and once in awhile, gotten a peek down her dress to where the
dusky golden valley separated the luscious mounds.

Jerry went taut when he heard the click of the bedroom door, and hoped
neither of them would notice the closet door standing open just the
slightest crack. Then his mother walked into the room, moving with that
particular swaying of the hips that made all men look at her when she

He caught his breath when he saw that the front of her pale blue robe
was already hanging open, and as her sculptured thighs moved whispering
against each other, Jerry could see the intriguing quick flashes of her
golden pubic hair. His pulses raced and an artery fluttered in his
throat; dry-mouthed, he stared at his mother as she strode lithely to
the bed, where she tamed and gracefully dropped the robe from her

Jerry was barely conscious of his father coming across the room; he was
stunned by the sight of his mom standing there so wonderfully, so
beautifully, naked. Her entire body seemed to glow, to have been
lovingly polished by the softest of cloths, the lovely flesh glistening
with health and burnished by a special inner heat of desire. He stared
at the lifted, rounded modeling of her superb breasts, the lush hills
of creamy-golden skin so wonderfully filled, the erectile tips of her
pink nipples.

His mother’s belly was just barely rounded, and the sleek hips were
flared beguilingly, her skin flawless. And there – there – was the
pouting mound of her fantastic pussy, that forbidden, secret heaping of
rich bronze curls that cloaked the shaping of her most private part.
Entranced, hardly daring to breathe, Jerry gazed hungrily at the
perfection of his mom’s gorgeous snatch, seeing how it was snugged
between the symmetry of her thighs, how the light played among the
gleaming thatch that hid the suggestion of her cunt lips. She was
beautiful and sensuous; she was enthralling and naked – and she was
about to be fucked.

Jerry clamped hard upon his distended cock as he watched his dad peel
out of his robe and move toward his mother, who held out her smooth
arms. Mack Winston went into the loving circle, his prick out stiff and
erect to nuzzle against the warmth of his wife’s belly. Her magnificent
breasts flattened against the dark hair of his chest as she lifted her
crotch and swung the heated mattress of her crotch against his pelvis.

Jerry’s breath got caught in his throat as he saw his old man slide
hands down his mother’s back to cup the twin hills of her provocative
ass. Drawing the tall, slender body to him, Mack held it close, rubbing
his cockhead up and down her satin belly. They drifted together to the
bed, sinking down upon it and lying side by side as they caressed each

In the closet, Jerry fought to keep from jacking off when he saw his
mothers slim fingers curling adoringly around the stiffness of his
father’s cock, when he saw the man’s fingers probing gently into the
golden nest of her pubic hair and cupping that exquisite pussy. How did
it feel, Jerry wondered? Was it hot and juicy against the palm, and did
it tremble wetly there, moving with a life of its own?

He was glad when they rolled over, when his mom spread the marvelous
shaping of her thighs and lifted her knees, for then he could see the
deep pink lips that peeped so cunningly from the matting of her cunt
hair. But the view was too quick, cut off far too soon, when his father
crawled in between the long, veed legs.

Daring to push open the closet door another inch, Jerry put his eye to
the crack and watched his old man position himself, saw him bend down
the glistening head of his cock and aim it into the woolly pile of
golden pubic curls.

His father had a pretty small shaft, he thought; it wasn’t nearly as
long nor as thick as his own tool, but his mom seemed to be very happy
with it. She wiggled eagerly as the distended glans prodded into her
mound, and rolled her trim ass bewitchingly as the blunt tip began to
push through the mossy hair and nudge into the humid magic of her pussy

It was happening then, really happening – the cockhead sliding up into
the beautiful pussy, burying its flanged knob into the secret depths as
Angela wriggled blissfully to get it settled into the silken lining of
her torrid vagina. Inch by inch, the hard meat glided on inside the
gripping of that elegant cunt until it slipped completely from sight,
and Mack’s hairy balls had nudged themselves into the cleft of her
uptilted ass.

“Oh, darling,” Angela purred, “it’s so good to feel your nice, stiff
prick in my pussy again. I really love you to fuck me, and it never
gets old, no matter how often we screw. Ooh, Mack, Mack – lay that
wonderful meat up into my cunt.”

Jerry shuddered; this was the kind of sexy talk he had heard them use,
when he listened at the wall, and the words coming out of his mother’s
mouth made his own cockhead dance with eagerness. He watched his
father’s small prick begin to glide in and out of the hot clenching of
that special pussy, and saw Angela arching her back lifting her hips so
she could take the surging meat deeper into her juicy cunt. Now Jerry
could hear the small, wet noises his mom’s snatch made as it sucked
upon his dad’s pistoning cock, and thought it must be the most exciting
sound in the world.

“Baby,” his old man panted, “no matter how many different chicks I put
it to, yours is still the best cunt anywhere around. It’s hot and tight
and clinging, and you do so many wild tricks with it. Angela, baby – I
wish I could take you with me on every trip, so I’d never be out of
reach of this fabulous cunt.”

Staring avidly, Jerry saw his mother wheel her ass and lift those long,
supple legs high so that she could wrap them around the small of his
old man’s heaving back. She rolled up on her shoulder blades then,
holding onto her husband’s shoulders, gasping as his prick hammered
steadily into her tremulous hole.

“Then you might not get to sample all that young pussy you run into,”
she said throatily. “I wouldn’t want to deprive you of that new stuff,

Jerry blinked; his mother was telling his father that she knew he was
screwing other women, and not only that – Angela sounded as if she
approved. What the hell did that mean? But he didn’t hold to the puzzle
long; his mind was feverishly holding onto the picture he was watching,
the slippery, voluptuous plunging of a hard prick into his mom’s
enchanted pussy.

“Oh baby,” Mack grunted. “I wish I could screw you forever. I wish I
didn’t have to catch that damned plane – and I wish you’d be more
careful about fucking around with guys in the neighborhood, especially
the married ones.”

“Stick it to me,” Angela hissed, wheeling her trim ass in hungry
circles and bucking her pelvis against her husband’s crotch. “Stick it
to me deep and strong, darling – oohh! That’s the way – that’s
terrific! Ahh – honey, sweet man – I’m coming, coming!”

Jerry clenched his fist around his tortured prick as he saw his old
man’s cock blur back and forth into the heaving, steaming pussy. Mack’s
balls seemed to twist and to leap upward, hnd Jerry realized that his
father was coming, too, that he was shooting off inside the magical
slit of his mother’s scorching pussy. Man, oh man, he thought; how
would that feel, to squirt come up inside that velvet sheath, to pump
all that hot, sticky fluid into her blazing cunt while she moaned and
wiggled like that, riding the meat even as it continued to spit and

They hadn’t taken as long as they usually did; most times, they screwed
for what seemed like an hour or so, playing around a lot before they
really went at it, then making the bed squeak and rattle while they
whispered things to each other about what good screwing it was, and
softer things that Jerry couldn’t always hear.

He was thrilled to have seen it, at last, but he was also a little
disappointed, because it was over so quickly. That was because the old
man had to catch the plane, he thought, and had hurried through this
goodbye piece of ass in order to get to the airport on time.

Sighing, Jerry kept his eyes fixed on them as they lay on the bed,
bare-assed and locked together, his dad’s shaft still buried all the
way up into his mom’s golden cunt. He began to stroke his own aching
cock, moving his hand slowly and teasingly, and wondering where he was
going to deposit his load of semen. He might let it go into one of his
mom’s fuzzy slippers, hoping that she wouldn’t put it on for days, or
at least until the stuff had dried.

Horny as he was, turned on so powerfully by actually seeing them fuck,
Jerry still took it slow, making it last, because he also had to wait
until they left the bedroom before he could sneak out and make it to
his own room. On the bed, his old man backed the reddened cock from the
soggy clenching of Angela’s inflamed pussy lips and rolled over to lie
flat upon his back, the small shaft softening perceptibly and dipping
the shrinking glans over to one side, a droplet of creamy semen still
dripping from it.

“It’s always fantastic,” Mack sighed, “and maybe someday, I won’t have
to keep running off on business.”

Angela sat up, her full tits swinging, the nipples still enticingly
hard, and a sheen of sweat golden upon her belly. “But until then, you
don’t want me tangled up in any more divorce actions, right? Damn; who
would ever have thought that Marcie Smith would get so uptight, just
because Kent and I balled a few times? She could have divorced him
without getting all our names in the papers.”

Mack patted his wife’s damp pussy. “You know I’m all for you getting
the cock you need, baby, and I think I have the solution. It’s going to
be one hell of a surprise for you, I know – but don’t let it shake you
up too much. just remember that I’ll be a lot easier in my mind, if I
know some jealous wife isn’t going to be having another summons served
on you.”

What was the old man talking about, Jerry wondered, his hand slowing
the caressing of his hard and hungry shaft. Had mom really been laying
other guys around the neighborhood? Maybe that was why she kept sending
him off to movies in the afternoons.

Jerry’s head was spinning; it was weird to hear his mom say it was okay
for his dad to fuck other chicks while he was out on the road, and even
freakier to listen to his old man talk about her screwing other guys.
But they had always been different from most moms and dads he knew,
more open and up front about a lot of things. He just hadn’t included
swinging sex, when he’d considered that difference.

Now his prick was threatening to blow off on it’s own, and he choked it
down, taking a deep and steadying breath. Eye to the crack in the
closet door, he watched his old man climb off the bed, and thought he
would never be able to leave that lush and lovely body so quickly.
Jerry ran his eyes up and down the supine form of his beautiful,
sensuous mother, drinking in the shapings of her firm tits and flat
belly and the magic compulsion of her golden-haired mound, the lips
plain now, inflamed and dripping from the fucking that marvelous pussy
had just received.

Then his view was cut off by the hulking shadow of his father’s nude
body. Was the old man approaching the closet – this closet? He wasn’t
supposed to; the other one was his. Jerry tried to shrink back among
the silken hangings, tried to make himself very small and hide against
the far wall, just in case.

When the door creaked, Jerry’s heart hammered like a drum gone crazy,
and in blind, panicked reflex, he pulled his robe tightly around his
body. Light flooded in on him, and he curled into a ball. But there was
no real place to hide, nowhere he could run, and his body jerked
uncontrollably when the big hand reached down to fasten in his robe and
lift him to his feet.

His legs wouldn’t work, and he sagged in his father’s grip as he was
hauled out into the glaring light of exposure. Eyes squeezed shut and
trembling, he waited for the stinging slap of that big hand, but worse
than anticipation of the pain was his embarrassment at being

“Easy, k**,” his old man said from somewhere high above him. “Just take
it easy; nothing’s going to happen to you – nothing bad, that is.”

Angela’s voice came shocked from the direction of the bed: “Mack – what
was he doing in there? How did you know – why -”

Jerry felt himself being lowered to the bed, and hunched miserably
there, his eyes still shut.

His father said, “He’s scared out of his mind right now, but take a
look at that tool, baby. Even when it’s dooping like that, it’s big as
any stud horse’s. How’d I know the k** was hiding in the closet?
Because I shut that door when we left the room, and noticed it was open
a little when we came back. Besides, I saw Jerry jacking himself off
the other day, when he didn’t know anybody was around, and couldn’t get
over the size of that cock.”

Jerry felt his shaft shrinking, folding in upon itself, even though it
had been so thoroughly aroused only a minute ago, and ready to loose a
spitting load of heavy semen. Now it was shriveling trying to crawl
back up into his belly.

His mother said softly, “Wow; I would never have believed a cock could
grow that big. Mack, do you mean for me – is that what you have in
mind, to keep me out of trouble in the neighborhood? You want me to –
to ball our own son?”

“Why not, baby? Look at how the poor k** is shaking, and think how much
guts it took for him, to crawl into that closet so he could watch us
screw. He must be so damned horny that he’s about to tear himself
apart, and he’s no doubt a cherry, a virgin k** who can’t keep his eyes
off his sexy mom – and nobody can blame him for that.”

Jerry hunched smaller and considered making a break for the door, but
he knew the old man would catch him before he could gather clothes and
hit the road. Besides, the conversation wasn’t going the way he’d
expected; it was getting damned interesting, even though Jerry was
still so frightened he couldn’t think straight.

His mother said softly, “Why – the poor boy; I thought k**s his age
were out balling each other all the time. But it seems – Mack, you’re
right; it’s a terrific idea.”

“I thought you’d see it that way,” Mack chuckled, “especially when you
caught a glimpse of that heavy tool the k** is blessed with. But we’re
ignoring the boy, talking about him as if he’s only a chunk of meat.
Jerry – Jerry; what do you think, k**? Are you up to it? Think you can
handle all this passionate woman while I’m gone, and see that she stays
out of trouble?”

Jerry’s eyelids fluttered, but refused to open. He swallowed and tried
to say something, but no words came out, and his mother said, “We’re
scaring him to death. Here, darling – lie down beside me and snuggle up
close; there, baby – there.”

He felt the wondrous, perfumed softness of his mother’s naked body
against his own as her deft hands stripped away his robe, and a violent
electric shock raced through him.

Her hands were caressing his shoulders, his back, and her breath was
sultry against his cheek. Jerry could feel the marvel of his mother’s
rich breasts against his skin, the miracle of her hard nipples boring
into his trembling flesh. He was shaking, and couldn’t stop, even when
her deliciously shaped belly came sliding to his own, even when the
damply torrid and curled silken hairs of her pubic mound touched his

All of Jerry’s erotic dreams had turned suddenly, unbelievably, into
stark reality, and the shock of it held him motionless, turning his
muscles weak and his flesh rigid – all except the traitor limpness of
his prick. It hung like a rag, unable to rise, while the rest of his
body quivered in delicious anticipation.

His mother kissed him lightly and warmly upon the cheek, and then more
hungrily upon the mouth, the feel of her mobile lips strange and
thrilling, but not as much as the swift lancing of her hot, wet tongue
penetrating his unresisting mouth. Her teeth clashed against his own,
and Jerry’s arms came up in reflex to wrap around Angela’s slim, long
body cushioned so excitingly to him.

“Here,” his old man said, “roll over, k**. Lift yourself up there
between those beautiful legs. There – isn’t that better? Don’t worry
about going soft; I scared you out of a hard, but it’ll come right
back. Wiggle it up against her soft, hot cunt – yeah, like that.”

He was positioned between his mother’s plush satin thighs, breathless
between the veed loveliness of her slender legs, his limp, shaft
pressed against the enchantment of her gorgeous, forbidden pussy, taboo
no longer, here for him, touching him, ready for him.

His prick began to lift slowly, and he dared to reach for the tempting
globes of his mothers heavy tits. They came into his hands, the
erectile nipples pink and throbbing against his palms, the rich mounds
textured to his fingers, and Jerry squeezed them gently.

She took her mouth from his to whisper, “Play with them, darling; push
down the nipples and let them spring up again, handle my tits all you
want. Kiss them and suck them, Jerry; they’re yours again, just as they
used to be when you were a little baby.”

Jerry kissed the creamy column of her throat, and slid his mouth
questing down to the ripeness of a breast. Lips trembling, he kissed
one of the compelling nipples, then licked questingly over its
beguiling tip. Avidly then, he pulled the pink faucet into his mouth
and sucked blissfully.

“Look at that cock grow,” his father said. “I still can’t quite believe
the size of that thing. Baby, that huge prick should keep you occupied
for a hell of a long time; you won’t find anything else like it around

It was true; Jerry could feel his shaft gorging, distending, reaching
out to its full and eager length as the body of it thickened and the
flanged head dilated. Long and round, it nudged along the smoothness of
his mother’s tremulous belly, and the stem of it pushed into the
resilient mound of her dewy vulva. He was no longer scared, and even
though he had watched the way his old man shoved the meat home into his
mom’s fantastic cunt, Jerry still wasn’t all that sure how to go about

Lifting his ass, he poked blindly at the pulsating, mound, and his
cockhead slid through the thrilling fur of the pubic hair, then back up
along the silken skin of his mom’s belly. She was panting heavily now,
her hips moving back and forth in a sensuous ticktocldng motion, which
made it more difficult for him to fund the entrance to her cunt.

Jerry flinched when he felt fingers wrap around the root of his stiff
club, and realized dimly that his father had hold of him, that his old
man was helping by guiding the cockhead into the eagerly pulsing and
wonderfully juicy slit of his mother’s pussy. He knew the kiss of her
humid labia, the wondrous softness of those voluptuous cunt lips, and
the tip of his knob was set into them. They were hot and slippery and
elastic, a live and anxious little mouth surrounded by hair.

Grunting around the grip he still held upon her nipple, Jerry hunched
and felt the knob of his prick push into her pussy, and his father let
go the stem to say, “There, k**; you’re on your own now, and you’ll
make it just fine. Give your mom a good, long fuck. I have to shower
and get the hell out of here, or I’ll miss my plane. I’d really like to
stick around and see you pour all that hard cock to her, but I just
can’t. Next time, maybe.”

Jerry’s massive prick was gliding slowly up into the softest, hottest,
most slippery sheath he had ever felt. It was deep and it was tight,
and enriched by a sticky flowing of pungent oils. The fabulous sleeve
of it pulled his cockhead ever deeper, clasping itself around the
following shaft, massaging and caressing greasily.

“Aahh!” Angela gasped. “Ooh, baby – Jerry, darling! Oh! Oh, it’s so big
and long and hard – I never felt a prick like this before. Oooh, honey;
you’re stretching me, stretching your mother’s pussy wide. Ah! There it
is – socked all the way home to the balls, and I can feel your glans
pushing into my womb. Oh darling, baby – what a wonderful, big prick
you’re giving to me.”

Blissfully, Jerry ground his pelvis into his mom’s padded crotch,
knowing the snuggling of his balls into the uplifted crack of her
opulently feathered ass. It was true, true! He really had his aching
cock buried to the hilt inside the most beautiful, the most desirable
pussy in the world. And his mom’s cunt was even more than he had
expected, more adorable and lascivious than he could ever have
imagined. It gripped his prick like fondling, buttered fingers, sucked
upon his cockhead like a thirsty mouth, and now she was grinding her
pelvis into his, hunching up to him and lifting those supple, shapely
legs to wrap them around his slender body.

Her ass swung and heaved, and that boiling pussy churned around his
moving prick. Jerry fed his shaft back and forth into the hotly
clenching hole still dripping with the added lubrication of his
father’s recent ejaculation, and thrilled to the gripping of her legs,
to the squirming of her beautiful body beneath his own.

“Such – a – big – prick!” She gasped. “Oh, you’re hitting bottom with
every stroke, baby. Oohh – I can’t stand it! You’re too much, darling –
you’re making your mother come – come!! But don’t stop – keep fucking
me – oh, keep right on fucking me!”

He felt her cunt seething around his pistoning shaft, sizzling juices
flowing copiously as his mother seesawed her crotch and twisted her
blazing pussy greedily upon his submerged cockhead. She locked her
sleek legs around the small of his back and tried to pull him
impossibly deeper into her vagina as she crested violently upon the
tidal wave of a tremendous orgasm.

Jerry obeyed her instructions, jamming his swollen club deeply and
steadily into her adored snatch, shoving his gorged meat into the
greasy socket of her fluctuating pussy, reveling in the strength and
power of his prick. His mom loved his meat; she was coming on it,
whipping her trim and lovely ass around in spasmed arcs, and he took
hold of her thighs to spread them even wider, now slamming his shaft in
and out with a fierce hunger he had carried for years, just waiting for
this moment.

Angela grunted and twisted, beating the mattress with her fists and
arching her slim body to take every corkscrewing thrust into her
inflamed cunt. “Oh – you horny little bastard! Oh, you adorable bull!
You’re fucking me harder and deeper than I’ve ever been fucked before.
Aahh, darling – darling! C – coming! I’m coming again, and again –

He rolled his ass and held his cockhead into the voluptuous basket of
his mother’s vagina, feeling the swift onrush of the semen lifting from
his convulsing balls. His knob flexed mightily, and a thick, hissing
torrent of come roared out to splash into the slick pocket of his
mother’s pussy, bathing the walls with bubbling cream, flooding the
entire trembling sheath.

Jerry had done it; he had fucked his mother, and she had fucked him

Chapter 2

He didn’t want to ever take it out of her; his prick felt so wonderful,
buried to the balls within the marvelous grasping of his mother’s
beloved pussy, locked tenderly into the greasy, hot depths of that
previously forbidden cunt his father had fucked so often, this
deliciously thrilling gash that other men had screwed, too. Now Jerry
was one of them, and he vividly remembered his mom calling out in the
throes of her passion that she had never been fucked so hard and so

The come inundating that precious vagina was mixed, his own bubbling
juices blended with the thick jism of his dad, and luxuriously, Jerry
wiggled his swollen cockhead into the syrupy puddle of creams. He moved
his narrow chest back and forth across the luscious moundings of her
magnificent breasts, feeling the stiffness of her yielding nipples. The
pressure of her soaked and matted pelvis against his own crotch was
stimulating, delightful, and he reveled in the wet texture of her cunt
hair, the silken entrapment of her full, sleek thighs.

Angela was one terrific piece of ass, everything he had ever dreamed,
wildly passionate and sensuous beyond belief; she had ridden the
impalement of his cock madly, trying to devour its length and thickness
with the suctioning power of her cunt, trying to grind the meat off
inside her by the wheeling of her crotch and the heaving of her madly
gyrating ass. Jerry held his shaft inside her, kept his arms around his
mothers slim waist, and marveled at the luck that had allowed him to
stick her.

Her fabulous snatch pulsed around his embedded prick and she whispered
to him, “Oh darling – my own boy, my sweet k**. Who would ever have
thought that you’d have such a wonderful, huge cock to thrill your
mother with? And for your daddy to instigate this, to turn us on to
screwing each other – that’s wonderful, too. It’s difficult for me to
believe this is happening, that I really have my legs locked around my
own son’s body – but then I feel the size and the hardness of your
magnificent prick inside my cunt, and I know it’s true.”

“Mommy,” he whispered back snuggling into the ivory column of her
throat and smelling the musky perfume of her golden hair, knowing the
compelling scent of her aroused sweat. “Mommy, I dreamed so long of
doing it to you like this. You’re the most beautiful, sexiest girl in
the world.”

She wriggled beneath him, the mattress of her pelvic bone sliding, the
walls of her soaked vagina caressing his submerged pole. “I’m glad you
think so, Jerry, and I feel honored to have been the woman to take your
cherry. Oh my – when I think of all the times you must have
masturbated, all that gorgeous come you wasted by jacking off, when you
could have been pumping the sweet stuff into me – I just feel terrible,
because I should have known you were horny, should have sensed that you
really needed to be fucked.”

Jerry shivered; just having his own lovely mother talking to him this
way was almost enough to make him come again. “Ever – ever since I was
old enough to know what a hard-on was for, I needed to fuck you, mom.
Nobody else would do, no young girls, nobody; I had to have you,
because you’re the best and most beautiful.”

With a deft, rolling twist of her svelte hips, Angela unseated his
cock, plopping the stiff and chipping meat back out into the air. “Ooh!
I hated to let it go, but you have to rest a little, and there are so
many things your mommy wants to teach you, baby. And I want to take
another good look at my darling’s giant prick, just to be sure I’m not
dreaming, that every hard inch of that spectacular thing is real.”

Awkwardly, Jerry rolled over onto his back, his heart thumping and
hammering as his mother’s golden, gleaming body came to its knees
beside him, as his mother’s slim, fluttering fingers moved in awe over
the distended shaft of his gorged prick. Staring up at the way her
full, rounded tits hung down, centered by those twin tips of pink
perfection, he spread his thighs so that she could touch him wherever
she wanted, and hoped that he wouldn’t shoot off all over her hand and
arm. That’s how much the kiss of her hands turned him on, and he
shuddered again, knowing the thunderous racing of bl**d throughout his
entire, tensed body.

“Wow,” she breathed raptly, “I never even saw a prick like this one
before. It’s a glorious monster, Jerry – so long and thick that I
wonder how I took it all; ummm – feel those veins all swollen, and the
way the head of it spreads out so, all velvety and spongy, but with a
hard core of steel inside it. And you’re still leaking some semen, a
drop or two of little-boy come.”

Her hands wandered up and down his club, and Jerry was proud of the
meat, glad he could make her happy with it, shaking as she caressed the
length and strayed her exploring fingertips over the knob.

“No wonder you throw such a tremendous load of semen,” she said then,
delving between his thighs to play with his balls. “You have balls like
a bull, or a stallion, maybe. You can flood any woman’s pussy with all
the juice these testicles can hold, baby. Oohh! If I had only known, if
I’d had the slightest idea that my own k** was carrying all this meat
between his legs, I’d have come into your bedroom some dark night and
****d you. And if your daddy was hung like you are, I’d screw him to

Jerry swallowed. “I – I didn’t know I had a big cock. I just thought
that daddy’s was small.”

“Oh no,” his mother said, stroking his flexing rod. “Your father’s
prick is a little bigger than average, I’d say. Of course, size alone
doesn’t mean all that much. A man can turn on a woman with just a stub,
if he uses it properly. But a young stud like you, with so much
fantastic cock staying hard so long – once you really get into
screwing, youll have to beat off the girls.”

“I don’t want any other girls,” he insisted. “Only you, mom. Nobody
else could ever thrill me the way you do.”

“That’s nice to hear,” she said softly, and played with his cock, “but
you’ll soon be wanting to slide this lovely meat into some different
cunts, darling. I’ll always be available to you now, but I wouldn’t
want to deprive you of fucking other women. Sometimes just the variety
of screwing makes it better. That’s what your daddy and I agreed upon,
soon after we were married, that if we wanted to fuck someone else, it
was okay, and it’s worked out great for us both. Look what it’s meant
to us today – to you and me.”

“D – don’t tickle me so much,” Jerry pleaded. “I might go off in your

His mother straightened up. “We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?
There’s much better places for your semen to go, baby. Oh my; we may
stay in this bed all day. Jerry my dear – do you want your mommy to
teach you everything, all she knows about sex?”

“Please.” he said. “Please, mom – I want to make you as happy as I can,
any way I can, but you’ll have to show me how. I mean, I just don’t
know anything. I couldn’t even get the head of my cock into your juicy
pussy at first; daddy had to help me guide it in.”

“Wasn’t that nice of him?” she said, still gazing down at his throbbing
prick. “I’m really sorry he couldn’t stay around to see his son put the
cock to his wife, but your father will be back in a week or so. Then we
can really ball, the three of us together. But I’m talking too much,
when I can see your sweet young cock tremblin so eagerly. All right,
baby – let’s see if I can take all that gorgeous meat up my pussy, if I
climb on top of you. Mommy wants to demonstrate all the positions to
you, Jerry – show you how many ways there are to fuck. They’re fun to
go through, even if you happen to like one way better than another.
Just remember this, baby: nothing is wrong, if both of us want to do
it. That’s the basis of all truly sensual fucking.”

“All right, mom,” he whispered, as she put one silken knee upon each
side of his body and poised the damply glistening wonder of her golden
crotch above him. She looked so damned lovely that way, with her
breasts sticking out and her smooth belly rolling; he could see the
inflamed pink lips of her pussy shining.

“Let me do it all, at first,” she said down to him. “Your cock is so
big, it might hurt, if you just slam it home.”

He shook like a leaf in a hurricane when his mother took his prick in
her hand and held it aimed up at the compelling entrance to her snatch,
lowering her body slowly and carefully until the blond hairs touched
the blunt end of his cockhead. He could swear that there was steam
coming out of her cunt as she squirmed to settle the point of his glans
into her labia, and thought again that nothing else could be so
wondrously soft, so gloriously elastic. His mother’s pussy; his
mother’s pussy – coming down upon the wildly excited bulb of his hard
shaft, pressing down and down until he could feel the magic cunt lips
spreading, until he knew again the slick, thrilling heat of her vagina
encompassing his knob.

“Ummm,” she murmured, and rolled her sculptured ass to f***e the
flanged glans up into the depths of her glowing body. “Oh yes, I can
take my boy’s big meat – I’ll take every inch of it, even if it rips me
wide open. Oh! Oh, darling, my baby – oh, my horny, stud-cocked son –
if’s going in my pussy, sliding up and up as if it’s never going to
stop. Uhh! I can feel it against my cervix, feel your beautiful prick
stretching my vagina and pressing hard into my clit. Oohh – I can
almost come right now!”

Somehow, his hands were cupping the marvel of her ass cheeks, and as
she bent forward, Jerry reached hungrily up to pull one of her hardened
pink nipples into her mouth, to suck avidly upon its magic sweetness as
his shaft was buried full length into the matchless intimacy of her
juicy, hot snatch.

“I’m so full,” his mother panted, “so packed with your meat, you sweet
boy. Oh – every wiggle rubs my clit and drives me crazy! Oh – umm –
uhh! Baby, baby – so much cock at one time, so much beautiful hard
prick inside my cunt – oh darling, darling!”

Her silken ass was grinding in his hands, and her pelvis was humping
and thrusting into his own, so Jerry simply hung on, sucking greedily
at her tit and luxuriating in the slippery movements, the gulping
sensations made by his mom’s avid pussy. The walls of it contracted
upon his prick, and the juices flowed bubbling hot; he found himself
poking up at her vagina a little, found that his own ass was moving
from side to side as the ballooned head of his cock eased around inside
the exquisite gripping of that enchanted cunt. She was sweet and she
was wiggling, and every frantic motion of that adored body sent sharp
thrills bombing through Jerry.

Digging his fingers into the resilient cheeks of her surging ass, he
hung on and tried to draw the whole globe of her satin breast into his
mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth across the trembling nipple.
Oh, it was good, good, and when his mother pumped vigorously, when she
strained her crotch against his, he knew that she was coming again. It
must have been a mighty, gut-tearing orgasm, because after she
shuddered to completion, Angela sagged, her body sliding off him and
over to one side.

Jerry clung to her suddenly quiet body, his cockhead throbbing deep
within her wet cavity. Sliding one hand down from buttock to thigh, he
lifted the long, supple leg across his body and continued to stroke up
into her.

Her eyelids fluttered, and Angela opened her dazed eyes to stare into
his own. Her full lips were soft and slack, but there was a new and
vital life stirring within her greasy cunt, a new shivering that pulled
at his thrusting pole with renewed vigor and urgent need.

“Oohh! Oh, baby – you’re still fucking me, still feeding that massive
club up into your mommy’s pussy – and I love it, love it! Fuck me,
darling – Jerry, my own sweet, horny son – fuck me until I pass out.”

Jerry laid the meat to her, sliding it back and forth within the soapy
glove of her eager cunt, delighted that he hadn’t come as quickly as
she had, very pleased that he was able to make her hit one foaming
climax after another. He felt strong, powerful, and he adored the
heaving of her flexible box as it worked around his driving cock. He
had a lot of screwing to catch up on, years and years of fucking this
fabulous snatch the way his daddy had, the way her other lovers had
gotten into her. Now this passionate gash was his, too – and he could
jam it and prod it and make it shake all over his prick.

“C – coming!” she gasped. “Oh Jerry, I’m coming again – AHHH”

This time, when her beautiful snatch shuddered and pulled at his
embedded cockhead, Jerry plunged the shaft to his balls and drew her
pussy over it like a glove. Jerking, his testicles leaped upward and he
could feel the compressed liquid within them hissing up along his cock
to burst joyously out of the vibrating glans.

A boiling spurt of semen exploded against her womb, and the stuff
poured out in jets of thick, rich liquid to bathe her vagina with
creamed honey. Jerry felt as if his prick was a rocket, as if his come
was bursting stars, and he panted as the juice continued to flow. He
was pumping his semen into his mom’s trembling pussy, flooding it with
his male fluids, drowning its silken walls with his come, and she loved
every drop, adored each squirting globule.

Jerry closed his eyes in utter bliss, riding the waves of slowly
subsiding passion, his cock buried to the thick hilt within the world’s
most perfect pussy. His balls drained themselves and began to shrink,
but his prick seemed hard as ever, hungry as ever for the caresses of
his mother’s hypnotically beguiling snatch. He was floating, drifting
in a warm and sticky nirvana, the most blessed of all horny boys, loved
and in love as never before.

Damply, she said against his cheek, “Sweetheart, that was wonderful. I
just came and came; one solid fucking from you is as good as balling a
dozen other guys. I never popped so many times in a row, and I’m so
weak that I don’t think I can even get off this bed. But who wants to?
Not me; I want to have and to hold your fantastic cock hour after hour.
Oh wow; I thought I was a pretty hot chick before, but now – you’re
turning your mother into a nymphomaniac, do you know that? But don’t
stop, baby; dont ever stop. You’re the best lover a woman could ever

Kissing her cheek, her closed eyelids, he ground his cockhead sloshing
around inside her vagina where all the semen was packed. “Never, mom; I
want to keep on screwing you, too.”

Sighing against him, Angela went limp, and Jerry stopped pumping his
meat into her; he simply caressed the ass he had been mesmerized by for
so long, and was content to fondle the pair of elegant tits that had
entranced him for years. She’d said he was a great lover, a fine
screwer, and that made him proud. He could turn her on as much as she
did him; he could make his mother wiggle and moan and come like his
daddy did, and now there was nothing to stand between them.

She was his to fuck, to kiss, to caress any way he wanted. He could see
her pussy and hold her ass and rub his chest into her nipples. It was
all there for him, every adorable, beautiful inch of her gleaming,
golden body. No longer did he have to lie in the dark and listen to
this bed squeaking as his dad poured the cock to her; no longer did he
have to jack off, to relieve the tensions that built up so fast and so
powerfully that they got out of control.

Wasting his come like that was a shame, his mom said; she had hot,
loving places to squirt it into, and she was willing to teach him
everything she had learned about screwing. That must be a lot, he
thought, letting his prick melt within her drenched snatch; she had
fucked other guys besides his dad, and different men must have balled
her in different ways. But he was happy with what had been accomplished
so far – crawling on top of that twisting body and putting it between
her polished thighs; having her ride him on top and roll her ass down
against his balls.

If there was still more to come, he’d be delighted to find out what it
was. Jerry clung to his mother’s naked body and smiled.

Chapter 3

It was some time later when Angela gently disengaged herself from him,
and Jerry felt the soft sliding out of his prick as it left the hairy
wet basket of his mother’s buttery cunt. She kissed him lightly upon
the face, upon the mouth, and gave him another lingering taste of her
honeyed tongue, stroking his supine body as she did so.

“I know we both want to just keep screwing,” she said, her deep blue
eyes languorous upon his own, her mouth softened and lushly red, “but
we have all the time we need for it, baby. And we’re going to take it.
Nobody can bother us here, but I’ll lock all the doors, to make sure.
Then we can have something to eat, and take a bath so we can be fresh
for each other again. And then we’ll fuck until we simply can’t. How’s
that strike you, Jerry?”

sl**pily, he answered, “Great. Mom, oh mom – there’s no way I can ever
thank you, for loving me like this, really loving me.”

She leaned over and ran her fingers across the drooping length of his
drained cock and said, “I’m just as grateful to you, darling –
especially for this magnificent young prick. You’ve given me by far the
best fucking I’ve ever known, and I’m very anxious for more of the
same.” Hesitating then, her hand playing gently with his bent shaft,
his mother went on seriously, “But dear – I want you to get something
straight right now. You are the most fantastic screw I’ve had, and
you’ll get even better with time and training. But there’s to be no
jealousy of your father, understand? I love him, too; I love fucking
him, too – and he realizes that I have a need to take on other men,
sometimes. I accept the fact that he enjoys putting the prick to other
women, and I think our marriage has been made a lot stronger by that
kind of open understanding. Jerry, I’m a lot of woman – and I can
handle more than one man at a time; I have pussy enough for all of you.
So, no way do you try to make this private and jealous and you only,

He nodded. “I understand, mom. I’m just beginning to know how lucky I
am, being able to screw my own beautiful mom. I – well, I guess I was
jealous of dad, getting into that wonderful cunt, when I couldn’t. But
now that you’ve fucked me, and especially since he set it up for us, I
can’t be jealous of him anymore. Something you said before – about when
he came home and the three of us balling together – I’ve been thinking
about that, and it really turns me on.”

She kissed him again, working her agile tongue around the inside of his
mouth, tasting of hot, sugared spices and pure excitement. “That’s the
way, darling,” she murmured against his lips. “Now I’ll bathe, and
while you’re having a shower, I’ll fix us a snack to keep up our
strength. And after that – well, we’re going to have a lot more fun.”

Jerry lay awhile on the bed, that bed he had so often heard squeaking
while his father poured the cock to his mother’s writhing, passionate
body. He could smell her aromatic sweat and the scent of her perfumed
cunt oils, breathe in the musky perfume she used, and he ran his hands
over the wrinkled sheets, feeling her warmth left there. Had she
screwed other guys in this same bed? No doubt, he mused, and that was
okay, because she had enough hot and wiggly pussy for all.

He fondled his cock, feeling the dried slickness upon it, knowing that
it had fired two spitting loads of bubbling come far up into his
mother’s surging cunt. When she had walked away from the bed, heading
for the bathroom with that fine sleek ass swinging from side to side
and jiggling enticingly, he had caught just a glimpse of that lushly
haired pussy of pure gold, and seen a creamy froth caught in the wealth
of pubic hairs – the foamy residue of his semen, and possibly some of
it left over from when his dad had fucked her.

Listening to the splashing of water in the bath, he pictured that
lovely warm body all soapy and slippery, and trembled at the image.
Maybe she would let him bathe her; he’d like that very much. But she
hadn’t said anything about it yet, and Jerry didn’t want to do or say
anything that might threaten what he already had. Oh wow, he thought –
it was really, really true! He had gotten to ram his meat into his
mother’s superb pussy, feeling the head of it socked home as she
twisted upon it; he’d known the feel of his balls in the hairy crack of
her heaving ass and gotten to suck her tits. All the dreams were coming
true, and the reality of it left him a little stunned.

Like his dad leading him over to the bed where she lay naked and
freshly fucked, with steam rising from her golden snatch; like his
dad’s fingers wrapping around his iron-hard pole and guiding the
swollen knob to the right place in her juicy slit. It didn’t seem real,
but it was.”

Jerry owed his father for that; if Mack hadn’t pushed him into it, he
would have never gotten to fuck the best, the hottest and most juicy
cunt in the world. Take care of your mom, his dad said; keep her busy
and satisfied with that big cock, so she won’t be screwing more
husbands in the neighborhood and getting her name in the paper again.
He would do just that, Jerry promised silently.

She came glowing from the bathroom, and he caught his breath at the way
she looked, all scrubbed and naked as she was. His mom’s fine breasts
stood full and high,, with the ripe pink nipples centered in their
globes; her belly was almost flat, dipping with just the right curve
down to that intriguing forest of curly cunt hair like burnished metal.
There was a towel wrapped turbanlike around her head, and when she saw
him staring at her pussy, Angela smiled.

“After,” she promised. “You can do it all to me, baby, and I’ll show
you how. Suppose you take your shower now? And don’t get so excited
that you jack off; remember what I said about wasting any of that
precious juice. You can pump it all into your mother.”

Hurrying through his shower, Jerry found that his cock was lifting, and
caressed it gently with soapy fingers. Just seeing his mom naked would
always make him raise a hard, he thought, and it got harder when she
talked to him like that, using all the good words and speaking to him
as an equal, as a hot-assed woman to her horny lover. She was and he
was, and he dried quickly, dr****g the towel around his hips as he
trotted to the kitchen.

Surprisingly, he discovered that he was ravenous, and gulped down the
steak sandwich and salad, chasing them with two glasses of cold milk.

It was strange but very sexy, sitting at the table with his mom nude
across from him, seeing her tits right out in the open, instead of just
their outlines beneath a robe. Jerry’s cock lifted the towel from his
lap as he watched the beguiling melons dip and sway with her movements,
as he stared into the slicky shaven pit of her arms when she lifted
them. He wondered what it would feel like, to slip his cockhead under
her arm, and quivered when he realized he could do it, that he could do
anything he wanted to this compellingly beautiful and sensuous woman
across the table.

Finishing his milk, he said, “I’m glad you’re not one of those dumpy,
straggly haired moms like so many of the other k**s have. I’m glad
you’re so lovely and sexy.”

“Me, too,” Angela said, “if for no other reason than to turn on my son
like this. I can see your cockhead rising, dear. Sure you’ve had enough
to eat?”

“Oh yeah,” he said quickly. “Want me to do the dishes?”

“I’ll put them in the washer,” she answered. “I’m just as anxious to
get to it as you are, Jerry. Just looking at that massive prick again –
it does things to me inside, turns my pussy all wet and throbbing and
makes my tits hard. Such a satiny knob, and so damned big, so very
strong. Every woman worth the name is envious of me right now, because
that lovely young cock is mine.”

Knees shaking, Jerry got up from the table, and, she took him by the
prick, holding lovingly to it, using it like a steering handle to guide
him back to that magic bedroom.

“Hard as a rock,” she whispered, “but covered with silk; a wonderful,
fabulous prick, my darling. And I’m going to do something different to
it now.”

Jerry let her stretch him upon the bed, giving up completely his own
control of his body as she spread his legs wide and kneeled beside him.
His shaft pulsed strongly, standing erect as a flagpole, but his mother
bent it flat between their bellies as she climbed between his legs and
lay upon him. Was she going to cram his prick up into the slippery oven
of her cunt and ride it again? Jerry didn’t know, but anything she had
in mind was just great with him.

Kissing him all over his face and reaching into his ear with the tip of
her tongue so that his asshole drew up tight and goosebumps broke out
all over his taut body, Angela finally brought her mouth to his. This
time, Jerry met the hungry thrusting of her wet tongue with an avid
reaching of his own. Their teeth clashed, and he probed around inside
his mom’s panting mouth. Lost in the kiss, it seemed to him that she
broke it too soon.

Then he gasped as she began to lick at his throat, to nip lightly,
along his collarbone, worrying the skin between her white, sharp teeth.
His hips rolled from side to side as his mother’s mouth trailed down to
one of his nipples, and he knew the jolt of a woman sucking there,
biting there while her deft hands roamed his body, up and down and
across, cupping and fondling.

She was at his rib cage next, licking hotly and making him flinch, and
her fingers were playing between his thighs, tickling into his filled
balls and up along the distended shaft of his aching cock.

When his mom lapped over his belly, Jerry dug his fingers into the
sheet and arched his back, reacting only by instinct, knowing only that
she was thrilling the hell out of him, and as her tongue bored into his
navel, he shuddered from head to toe. Dried now and freed from the
turban, her glittering hair d****d softly over his hips and thighs, a
silken tent of wondrous softness and texture. Angela’s sharp
fingernails were tracing hot lines over his hipbones and down around
the cheeks of his tensed ass, and he gulped sharply for air as she
nuzzled down into his crotch, her breath warm and tingling there, the
brushing of her lips a tantalizing caress of impossible tenderness.

He jerked when his mother drew one of his balls into her lips, to pull
it into her mouth gently where she ran her tongue over the hairy and
wrinkled sack. Sucking his testicle, she toyed with the base of his
vibrating shaft, then changed over to pay homage to the other nut.
Angela nibbled along the stem of his cock, laving it with her tongue,
chewing lightly upon the hard meat, moving up and down the pulsating
length of his pole until Jerry thought he would go crazy.

He felt her breath stirring over the ballooned head of his prick, and
heard her murmur, “I’m going to eat you now, darling. Your mommy is
going to pull that big, beautiful glans into her mouth where she can
lick it and chew it and suck on it until you come.”

Gasping, Jerry said, “B – but, mother! You – I mean, come in your

“Of course, baby,” she purred, “I love the taste of semen, and I know
yours is going to be super delicious. Don’t fret, darling – just let it
squirt down my throat.”

With that, she raked her wet tongue over his cockhead, and Jerry
squirmed wildly, then stiffened out when his mother drove the tip of it
down into his slot. Then she took the entire knob into the softness of
her lips, sliding the throbbing bulb over the roor of her mouth and
along her tongue. Back it went, and back, until Jerry felt the tip of
his cockhead touch the velvet cup of her throat.

His hands clenched the sheet, and his hips lifted in blind, erotic
response. He had never known such stimulation, never before experienced
such a wild, wet thrill as the feel of his mom’s mouth building up
suction upon his prick, the stroking of her mobile and experienced

Head spinning, his chest rising and falling as he panted, Jerry
realized that she was eating his cock, that his own beautiful mother
was chewing tenderly upon his shaft and licking the head teasingly. His
heart pounded and his hands groped for the rich cascade of her golden
hair, his upper body lifting of its own accord. Her inner cheeks dipped
in and out as Angela started bobbing her head up and down, making a
sensual rhythm that was very much like that of fucking, but somehow
very different.

Screwing her in the mouth, he thought madly: he was fucking his mom in
the face, and his belly took up the beat, rolling and grinding as he
fed her the stiff meat she enjoyed so much. Angela moaned around his
surging cockhead, her flngers stirring his balls, her head working up
and down. She loved the flavor of come, she’d told him, and she was
anticipating the taste of his. It was building in his balls, and he
held her hair in both hands as he thrust back and forth into the
adoring suction of her mouth, into the slick hotness, the foamy

“MM – mom!” he hissed. “Oh mother darling – I’m about to come. Oohh!
You’re eating me alive, and it’s so freaky, so wild – ahh! Here comes
my semen, mom – I’m going to let it go right in your mouth!”

She groaned some kind of answer as he shuddered and f***ed his cockhead
against the goblet of her silken throat. The glans swelled even bigger,
and flexed as it streamed a thick rivulet of hot semen into her mouth.
Avidly, she pulled upon it, gulping and swallowing as the rich young
juice hosed into her throat, as it bathed her tongue and covered her
teeth and filled her cheeks with the vital cream.

Jerry kept pumping the syrup of his balls into her siphoning mouth,
spurting the sticky milk that she drained as fast as it came forth, and
he twisted her head back and forth in his hands, gasping and see-sawing
his crotch against her chin.

“Oh! Oh, you beautiful bitch, you adorable cocksucker – ahh, mom, mom!
You’re sucking my prick dry, pulling my come right down into your
tummy. Oohh, it’s so crazy, so terrific!”

His mother continued to gobble his meat, even when he sagged back and
let go her hair to lie flat upon the bed. He brought his knees up so
that he could clamp her head between his thighs, and she kept right on
sucking, sucking.

Jerry was in another world, a dream universe where the wildest
fantasies came true. He had been so wrapped up in imagining what it
would be like to sink his virgin prick into his mother’s forbidden
pussy, that he had never even created an image inside his head about
her eating it. But she had, and now he felt as if his very backbone had
been melted so that it could run out of the head of his cock. He was
weak all over, and still she licked at his knob, still she caressed his
balls and his crotch.

What a hell of a woman, he thought dazedly. Every night that his dad
was in off the road, she fucked him silly, and no doubt she ate her
husband’s prick – the way she had just eaten her son’s. She sent him to
movies in the afternoons so she could get other guys between those
long, supple thighs and screw them good. And she had been more than
willing to fuck her boy, once she got a good look at his inexperienced
cock. No other woman could be anywhere near as passionate, he decided,
and told himself again how lucky he was to have such a hot-cunted
mother, how lucky his father was, to have a wife like her. Jerry hoped
that when he grew up and got married, he could find a woman like his
mom; he would never be satisfied with anything less.

But for right now, for weeks and months and good, hot years to come, he
had everything he could ever want or need, right here in this bed. When
his father came back, they could do things to her between them, maybe
one of them pouring the prick to that juicy pussy while the other guy
fed her meat in the mouth; they could change over, taking turns between
her throat and her golden snatch. Jerry thought he was going to like

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