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At our local rec center there is this woman that works there. She is about four and half feet tall, we call her smurf behind her back. Well this day I was with my dudes and when she walked past us I said “I wonder if that smurf pussy is blue, I bet I would split you in half!” I guess I said it louder than I thought as She stopped and spun around. My posse and I started the other way. Just then I heard “Stop Jacob Denny! Jacob Denny I want to talk to you!” I stopped dead in my tracks. How did smurf know my name. She took my arm and told me to come with her.
She took me to an office without windows, just a desk and two chairs in front of it, a boss chair behind it and a flat panel monitor and a few papers. She told me to sit and she would be right back. I figured she would call my parents and I would be in really big trouble, maybe even take away my pass, or hell maybe the whole f****y’s pass. I was thinking I was in some really deep shit when she came back into the office.
Her name was Carol, she was in her late 40’s or early 50’s. She was only four and half feet tall but well proportioned, not fat. She was a health nut. She had a huge wedding ring on but I knew nothing about her home life. She had brown hair with blonde highlights. Her bod was not bad but her face was kind of old looking.
I was sitting in one of the chairs in front of the desk as she locked the door. Then she turned to me and said “why do you guys keep making fun of me? Is my pussy blue?” As she said this Carol took off her top and dropped her shorts. She had on a one piece swim suit underneath. Then to my surprise, she took that off too. She was now completely naked, she slowly turned around giving me a full view of her body and it was pretty hot. Perky tits that looked perfect for her size. A nice shape to her ass, and a cute little brown bush that looked trimmed but maybe not. She was toned and had some nice tan lines. “See anything blue?” She asked me. I replied “No”. My cock was now starting to get hard and causing a tent in my shorts. She told me to stand, which I tried not to but she demanded it. As I stood up she had me stand by the desk and then without any warning she pulled my shorts and boxers down allowing my wang to spring freely into the air.
Without a word she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. She worked it real good, as far as I knew as this was the first time I had ever done this with a girl. I did not want to spew but my cock did and I was fighting it and she was not helping, then she looked up at me with those eyes and that is when something weird happened, I came like a “half shot”. I know, I not sure how it happened either but I shot like two ropes into her mouth and that was it. My wang stayed rock hard but I had relieved some pressure. Carol, thinking that I had cum stood up but after a minute or two noticed I was still rock hard. “looks like I have more work to do.” She said. Still very uneasy about what was going on I told Carol that I think we were done and that I was sorry for everything and would never do it again. But she did not listen.
Then she had me lay on the desk with my boner sticking straight up in the air. Then she popped right up there and lowered herself down on my dong. I could not believe that my first pussy was happening this way with this old woman. She started to fuck me hard moving her hips back and fourth. Her pussy was wet and tight and felt amazing! Her boobs giggled and she rocked around. She put her hand down on her clit and I could tell she was building up to something and my cock and balls knew it too. Carol started to buck and thrash about, having a massive orgasim and this in turn caused me to explode deep inside her cunt with one of the largest loads I had ever blasted. After what seemed like several minutes we both calmed down and she lifted herself off of me. Cum was everywhere, me, her, the desk.
I started to apologize but she said this happens as she overflows. Carol said “Next time you cum in me just leave the head of your cock in me and then your cum has my empty vagina to fill, the other way your cock is filling my vagina and your cum squirts out the sides.” I thought about what she had just said, then I focused on the “next time”, she wants to fuck me again. She looked thru the desk and found a towel and began to wipe herself and myself off. As she cleaned me, my pecker began to get hard again. “Wow, I guess you like what I have to offer. Sure makes a girl feel good.” She positioned herself on the desk and had me mount her on top. I began to bang away and after a couple of minutes I was ready to explode again. This time she sensed it and had me sit up and just keep my cock head inside her. She then stroked my cock, she actually jacked me off and let me cum inside her. It was very erotic for me. My whole load flowed into her and stayed! “See how that works, remember that next time you fuck a girl with a tight cunt. Guess you were wrong about splitting me up the middle.” We both laughed and dressed. As we walked out of the office Carol told me to never breath a word about what had happened or I would be a big trouble. I promised her and we our separate ways.
I was hoping for a repeat performance but that never happened. Carol acted like nothing had ever even happened. She would smile a little when we saw each other but that was it. Things had gone back to the way they were except I never said any more negative things about her. I had this image forever burned into my mind of my cock with it’s head stuck in Carol’s cute little hairy cunt and her little hand wrapped around it while it is pumping my seed deep into her. But then after three months it finally happened. I was walking by the f****y dressing rooms near the pool and ran into Carol. I smiled and said hi, she motioned for me to follow her into one of the dressing rooms.
Without saying a word she undressed as did I. She laid on her back on the bench and I mounted her. I had a girlfriend at this point which I fucked everyday, so I was no longer the virgin boy she had the first time. Carol was tighter than my girlfriend and I liked the way boobs shook as I pounded her. I felt like I had perfected my method and was eager to show her. I sat up so I could plow her deep and placed my thumb on her clit and played with that as I pumped. Within a minute she orgasimed hard just the first time we did it. Thrashing about and moaning. At this point I pulled my cock about three quarters out of her and drained my balls filling her snatch with a huge load. I pumped two more loads into her for a total of three in the thirty minutes we had together.
After that encounter, Carol and I would hook up about every three weeks. Most of the time it was a spontaneous quickie blow my load into her and go thing but I still loved it and I guess she did too. I did learn a lot from Carol, the most important being that good things cum in small packages!

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