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something for a friend

this is a story I wrote last time I was on hamster, hopefully a few will recognise it:

I meet Chris in the pub, weve met once before at a works do, but he is best mates with Dave who is married to Claire. Claire and Dave have organised the night and invited us to theirs for what they describe as fun, and for us to assist them with Claire’s ultimate fantasy.

Having a quick drink each before its time to leave to the house, I ask Chris if he is still comfortable with sharing his best friends wife, to which he replies of course, ive fancied her ever since she married Dave, infact, he winks at me – I still occasionally get horny thinking about her in her wedding dress – fuck she looked good! – to which we both laughed

We had better get going I say, we finish our drinks and Chris drives us round to the house, just bang on 8pm as agreed.

Dave opens the door and greets us warmly, saying thanks for coming and hoping this goes as planned

he tells us that you are nervous, but happy to live out the fantasy and that you are already upstairs waiting

he gives us your safe word just in case and sets out two rules – no cumming inside you and no anal unless you ask

we both agree and he invites us to follow upstairs

he enters your room first and holds the door open

we see you lay on the bed, loosely tied by your hands and the blindfold is on

you have dressed in a black sheer bra, thong and hold ups

Dave starts to get undressed and we follow suit, all three of hard as we stand naked by the side of the bed

Dave kisses you and whispers that we are here, you nod and smile at the same time

he beckons us closer with his eyes and gives us the thumbs up

Chris is keener and more confidant to start than me, having known you for a while and I stand and watch as he approaches you and his hand reaches for your bra covered tit

he feels you gently at first then I notice him teasing your hard nipple through the sheer material

Dave remains kissing your neck and I come closer to you, seeing his best friend suck your nipple I decide to do the same

I pull your bra strap slightly off your shoulder so I can pull the material down to expose your hard nipple

softly I suck it as the Chris does the same to your other hard nipple

we both start to suck harder, gently biting your nipples as we enjoy hearing you moan

Dave stops kissing you and as agreed starts to take some ‘private’ pics

Chris’s hands start to wander over your belly and slowly but surely into your thong

he reaches your pussy and lets out a small moan as he realises how wet you already are.

sliding his finger over your hard clit as we both suck your nipples is making you want to cum

Dave sees your start to squirm on the bed, shifting position as the urge to cum overtakes you

lick her he says to us, but you shout now I want fingers inside me right now and I don’t care whos they are

hearing that I pull your thong to the side, Chris’s fingers still teasing your clit, as I slide two straight inside your waiting wet pussy.

as I slide another finger into you, you start to cum, noisly and shouting as you body convulses.

as the orgasm subsides Dave announces this could be a long night to which we all giggle

in the urge to taste your cum I slide my fingers out of you , wiping some of it on your lips before sucking each finger clean myself

fuck that you tell me lick it from source, get down between my legs

who am I to argue I think and I slide your thong down your legs, kissing your legs as I work my way to your pussy, finally reaching it I start to lap up your juices.

Chris takes the opportunity to stand up and immediately he walks up to the top of the bed where you are lay, turning your face towards him as he points his hard cock at you

Dave is stood slowly wanking watching his gorgeous wife being licked by a guy as his best friend holds the back of your head and pushes his cock into your mouth.

You gag at first and he pushes it quite deep but soon get a rhythm going

you start to feel the urge to cum as I continue to lick you, taking a quick break from Chris’s cock in your mouth, you shout will someone fuck me please!

I look up from between your legs to Dave, who says you are closest mate go ahead

you take Chris’s cock back in your mouth as mine enters your soaked pussy and we hear you moan, gagging on hard cock.

Dave puts the camera down and comes closer to you, pinching a nipple and saying how sexy you look taking two cocks at once

fuck I want to see who is fucking me you say, I need to look at them as I cum, please Dave I know you said not to, but let me look

are you sure he asks, fuck yes you reply

he undoes the blindfold and you smile as you immediately see Chris stood so close to you, his hard cock wet with your saliva pointing right at you, ooo Chris you say ive always wondered what you looked liked naked

ditto he replies

ooo fuck who are you, you look at me as I continue to push my cock in you, friend of Chris’s Dave tells you,

well whoever you are, keep doing that Im going to cum over your cock any sec you tell me

cum for us then I shout as I push deeper in you

my cock throbs as your pussy grips it and cums, stuffing chris’s cock back in your mouth as you cum

fuck me that’s horny shouts dave

time for a swap around though I think , he says, stand up Claire and let these two have a good look at you

Dave swaps positions with you and lays on the bed as you stand before me and Chris, like me then boys you ask?

of course we both say as our hands cover your body, grabbing your tits and ass

Chris turns you round to face Dave and gently spanks your ass, you giggle and say you can do better than that

Bend over he says, you rest your hands the bed, your tits swinging infront of Daves face.

Legs apart a bit more I order you

‘smack’ chris’s hand comes down firmly, your tits jump up as you squeal with please and pain

mmm that’s better

looking into daves eyes, you feel a cock nudging you from behind and open your legs wider, still staring at Dave you say ooo fuck yes, put that big hard cock in me.

I stand back and watch Chris fuck you, Dave holding you steady put you collapse on him as your knees buckle. now resting on his belly , his cock within reach, and being fucked hard from behind

Chris pulls your hair back and arches your back you feel him tense up, ooo fuck he is going to cum you think

Chris remembers the rules though and pulls out just in time , shooting his warm sticky cum over your ass and back.

you climb onto Dave and tell him is next to fuck you, you lower yourself onto his cock, starting to ride him

I come closer and grab your swinging tits as you reach for my cock, suck it I tell you

bending down a little to reach you carry on riding dave as you suck me

im so close to cumming for you having fucked you earlier that my cock pulses in your mouth

you take it out and smile

over my tits please you tell me

still riding Dave you watch me wank over you, and it doesn’t take long until I spurt over your tits, some splashing your face

mmm you say, ive been waiting for that

looking at Daves face as you ride him you ask him what you look like with two lots of cum over you

you just need some inside you he says as he holds your hips down as shoots his load deep in your pussy

at the feel of this you cum again over your husbands cock grabbing your cum covered tits as you do

needing a break Dave says it must be drinks time and we all agree to take ten minutes downstairs, with Claire leading the way, saying I haven’t finished with you three yet though, the night is young

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