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Vicky was sitting at her computer dressed in underwear she’d stolen from Anna’s wash basket. A black bra and some of her worn panties, and hold ups. Before she’d pulled on Anna’s panties she’d smelled and licked then while she teased her clity dick. Then she put on some of Anna’s lipstick that she’d also stolen form her.

Vicky was so excited, her clity dick was pressing straining against Anna’s panties leaking pre cum mingling with Anna’s dried pussy juice.Vicky wondered what Anna had been doing when she was wearing these panties, was she sucking a big hard cock, dancing in some disco sweating form the heat her pussy leaking into her panties as she checked out guys who’s cock she might like to suck and fuck..
Vicky was browsing porn sites for women who looked like Anna. It was something she liked to do. Seeing if she could find some women that looked like Anna, then when she found some she’d wank her clit dick, till it shot cum for Anna.
Vicky’s biggest hope was that one day she would find the real Anna posted naked on some site, oh god that would be so good, to see Anna naked posing showing her beautiful sexy body for en to wank over, Vicky knew if she ever did find a posting from Anna he would cum on the spot, her little clit twitching splashing cum over her legs.

Vicky had just found a naked babe that looked very much like Anna, her little clit dick grew really hard looking at the bald pussy and pert hard nipples, and those shapely legs looked so like Anna’s, the hair matched and the face too, Vicky was in Anna heaven
Vicky put her hand in Anna’s panties and played with her little dick, she knew she would cum soon looking at this Anna look a like.
Then Vicky felt the need to pee, she didn’t want to stop teasing her little clit bt knew she wouldn’t be able to cum with her bladder full, rushed to the toilet and sat and let her mini dick drain, her horn died as she pisssed, but she knew t would grow hard again when she went back to the computer. Vicky sat there daydreaming about her biggest wish, of some day finding the real Anna naked on the net.
Vicky was lost in her dream and didn’t hear the front door open and someone come in. Vicky froze when she heard footsteps on the stairs. Her heart began to pound in her chest. Who could it be, bitch wife was away for the whole day, had she come home early
Then she heard Anna call out her s****r’s name. Vicky sprang up and locked the door, and stayed as quite as a mouse, if Anna found her dressed like this her life would be over. Vicky hoped against hope that Anna would just leave when she found her s****r wasn’t home.

Vicky pressed her ear to the door but couldn’t hear anything, it had gone very quite out there. What was Anna doing.
Then she heard a shout,,, ”Vic where are you, and what the fuck are looking at on the computer”.
Vicky’s heart was pounding with fear, she’d been found out, her little secrete was no more a secrete!!!
Vicky jumped back when Anna began pounding on the bathroom door, yelling ”Are you in there Vic, you better open this fucking door and tell me what’s going on here. Get out here now and explain what you’ve been up to”.
Vicky stayed quite hoping she would go away.
Anna banged on the door again shouting ”Get out here now Vic, I’m not leaving till you come out even if I have to wait till my s****r comes home and we can hear all about it”.

Vicky was so scared, she didn’t know how she could get out of this. There none of Vic’s clothes in the bathroom. Would she strip and walk out naked, hiding Anna’s underwear, how she stand before Anna with her little clit fully exposed, that was worst than having Anna’s undies on. What was she going to do now. Anna banged on the door again shouting for her to come out, she was really pissed off now. Vicky felt so ashamed and scared, but then something else too, her little clit was growing hard straining against Anna’s panties. Anna banged some more shouting for Vic to come out at once and explain himself.

Vicky’s little clit was rock hard, filled with shame, but in some way excited knowing that if she opened the door Anna would see how she really was,,, a sissy boy dressed in her undies..
Vicky’s heart pounded as she reached for the key an slowly turned it in the lock. She pulled the door open and stood there with her head hung low looking at the floor.
Anna was struck dumb by the sight that greeted her, Vic her b*****r in law dressed in women’s underwear with lipstick.
Vicky stood still, silent waiting for what was to come, her face flushed with embarrassment.
Then Vicky heard something she’d not expected, Anna beginning to laugh.
”Oh fuck Vic I always knew you were a wimp,,, but a fucking sissy wimp to boot. My god what do you look like dressed like a girl. Wait a fucking minute, are those my things you’re wearing???, they are mine aren’t they. Vic you fucking robbed my underwear. What the fuck do you think you’re doing. And those sluts on the computer,,,, fuck they look like me, Vic you fucking prick explain. I really want to hear this”.
Vicky sucked in air and muttered sorrrrrrrrrrry.
”Sorry, I’ll make you so fucking sorry you’ll wish you’d never been born, into the bedroom now and explain what you’ve been looking at you little sissy boy. I really want to hear how your fucked up little mind works”.
Vicky hung her head and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom and sat at the computer, her little clit was still hard.
Anna came up behind her looking over her shoulder. ”So Vic,,, or is it Vicky”. Vicky’s little clity dick twitched hearing Anna use her sissy name.
”Ok sissy boy, what’s all this then, these women look bit like me, well not that ugly bitch second from the left, her arse is fat, and that nose makes her look like a horse, fuck sake Vic, Vicky, sissy whatever you like to be called, how cold you insult me by looking at her and imagining she was me, I should put you over my knee and spank you just for that alone”.
Hearing those words made Vicky’s clit rock hard.
”Ok so you fantasise about me while looking a these naked women on the internet, you also robbed my underwear you little shit, now I want you to tell me all about it. What, why and how. Get on with it, don’t keep me waiting all fucking day”.
Vicky hung her head filled with shame as she began to explain to Anna what she’d been doing while wearing her underwear.
” I I I,,,put on your underwear and look for women that look like you on the internet. When I find some I like I make a collage like this from their photos and then I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,”.
”Then what, you wank your little cock over them????”.
”Yessssssss I play with myself while l look at them”.
” What do you imagine when you wank that little clity dick of yours, tell me Vic I want to hear what kind of sissy boy you are, because that’s what you are Vic,,, a sissy fagot”.
” I imagine that you are my Mistress and that I must serve you in any way you want me too”.
” Oh do you now, and if I was your Mistress what do you think I might want you to do sissy boy. Things like licking my feet. Laying you o the floor and trampling you in my high heels. Using your mouth as a toilet, pissing into it as kneel before me drinking my hot piss as it gushes from my pussy that you want to worship. Stuff like that I suppose. Is that what you want Vicky????”.
”Yes stuff like that and more”.
”Oh now you’ll be telling me you want me to peg your little sissy arse with a big thick strap-on cock. You’d like that wouldn’t you fagot boy??”.
”Ok Vic, Vicky, sissy fagot boy, whatever, you’re going to have one wish fulfilled right now. I’m going to do something that I’ve thought might be fun for a long time. You sissy boy are going to lay over the desk and Mistress Anna as you like to think of me is going to lash your little sissy arse till it’s red raw. Push the computer to one side and assume your place. That big wooden hair brush of my s****r, your wife should do the job nicely. Bend over bitch”.

Vicky stands and does as she is told. Pushing to one side she d****s herself over the desk and awaits her faith.
Anna takes the big hair brush in her hand weighing it to feel the balance, ”Oh yes this should make a nice job of you sissy arse. Oh what am I thinking, you’ll probably scream in pain when I start We don’t want nextdoor thinking you’re been murdered or anything like that. You need something to bite on while Mistress Anna punishes your sissy arse. Let me see what can we use. I know”.
Anna pulls up her skirt and puts one leg up on the desk beside Vicky’s head, she pulls down her panties, she swings them on her finger before Vicky’s face saying, ” Here bite on this sissy, it’s a bit wet but you wont mind that”.
Vicky takes the panties and puts them in her mouth.
Anna lashes down with all her might on Vicky’s exposed arse. The pain is so bad, Vicky moans deep on the panties………

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