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Spring Break With Mommy

Stacy’s tits were bouncing violently. Her father’s cock was smashing her pussy as he rushed to finish and cum. It was early morning, still dark out, just before sunrise. Stacy hadn’t had time to even wipe the sl**p from her eyes before her dad had spit on his cock and slid it into her waiting snatch. He had walked in, kissed her awake, then led her by the hand and leaned her over her bathroom sink and began pounding her harder and harder. It was the last pussy he was going to get for the next two weeks. He had brutally fucked his wife Sarah the night before while Stacy was at a friends house, now he was getting his daughter’s.
His cock felt incredible. It filled her up, it spread her apart. His hands were warm, tugging at her nipples. The harder he fucked, the more she woke up. She looked at her self in the mirror, her blonde hair a mess, her eyes distant, her lips dripping a white string of slobber that clung to her chin and stretched to the sink. She saw her mother walk into the bathroom putting on her earrings, the finishing touches to her outfit for work. Stacy smiled sl**pily at her mother in the mirror.
“Awww. Did daddy wake you up?” Sarah bent down and kissed her daughter on the cheek.
“Mmm…hmmm…but he’ssss a good…alarm c-c-c-clock.” Stacy was stuttering as Craig continued fucking her. She could tell he was getting close to cumming by his breathing. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and kept up the violent fucking.
“Mind if I borrow this?” Sarah held up one of Stacy’s lip sticks in the mirror.
“Go ahead! Mmph…” Stacy grunted. A horn honked outside, it was her father’s friends there to pick him up for their trip to the coast.
“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” Craig was cussing as he rushed to finish and cum. He thrust harder and harder and faster and faster and finally blew his thick load deep inside Stacy’s pussy. She smiled at him in the mirror as she felt his warm cum flooding inside of her. He had his face buried in the back of her neck, his heavy breath warm on her skin. “I have to go…” he gasped as he slid his cock out of her. A river of white cum followed it out and thick chunks of goo rolled down her tan thighs. He grabbed a pair of Stacy’s dirty panties from her hamper and wiped his cock off. Sarah finished applying her lip stick, and kissed him on the lips while he zipped up. Stacy was wiping the spit from her chin, stood up on her tippy toes and kissed him also. “Love you guys, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”
“Bye sweetie, have fun!” Sarah called to him as he headed down stairs.
“Bye daddy!” called Stacy.
“Do you have a full day of school today or are they letting you out early for spring break?” Sarah asked her daughter as she scooped a wad of cum from her daughter’s thigh and licked it off her finger.
“No, those ass holes are keeping us for a full day.” Stacy put a pile of tooth paste on her tooth brush and started brushing. Her mom lit a cigarette and hopped up on the counter, sitting with her legs crossed. Her short skirt rode up exposing her far upper thigh, almost lower butt cheek. “Your tits are getting bigger. Mine did at your age.”
“Haha! Thanks. Ugh…I don’t want to go to class.” Stacy spit and scooped some water into her mouth to rinse.
“So stay home, it’s the last day before spring break, play hooky.” Sarah took a drag from her cigarette and passed it to her daughter. Stacy took a drag, delicately holding it between her fingers then handed it back to her mother, blowing the plume of smoke down wards while she put her chin on her chest and put her hair in a pony tail. Her dad’s cum was still sluggishly rolling down her thighs and had made it to her ankles. “Can I?” she asked her mom as she watched her play with the smoke, letting it trickle from her mouth to her nose.
“Sure, I’ll stay home with you.”
“Haha! But you’re already dressed!”
“So? I can fix that.” Sarah balanced her cigarette on the edge of the sink and slid her skirt down around her feet. She wore no panties. Her dark blue blazer came off next, followed by the silk blouse and red bra. Stacy never got tired of her parents’ bodies, and her mother’s was especially lovely. It was womanly. It was motherly. It was thick and loose in some areas, but tight in others. Her tits were large, her nipples pronounced. Her labia were very tuggable and pullable, just slightly darker than the rest the skin around her pussy. In between those labia was a bright pink pussy. “There, solved that problem. I’ll call Barb and let her know I”m taking a personal day.” Sarah disappeared into her bedroom and Stacy heard her talking to some lady, Barb, on the other end of the phone. Stacy picked up the cigarette her mother had left on the sink, took a couple more drags from it and flushed it. She grabbed the same pair of dirty panties her father had used to clean up and put them to one more wet, sticky use and tossed them back in the hamper.
Stacy pulled a pair of tiny running shorts on with a white t-shirt. No bra, no panties. She felt her ass hanging out of the shorts. It wasn’t just kind of exposed, her ass was eating the shorts and it rode up about half way up her ass. Her pussy felt exposed also. The shirt rubbed her hard nipples as she walked. Stacy picked up her phone and texted Megan, letting her know she was skipping school today. Megan replied with a picture of her giving the middle finger and the text “up your pussy bitch”. Stacy replied back with a selfie of her pulling the front of her shorts down, showing her pelvis and a hint of labia, saying “when ever you’re ready”. Megan said back “you need to shave”. Stacy laughed and texted back, “cum over and do it for me” with a selfie of her licking her finger. Sarah walked up and hugged her arms around her, squeezing Stacy’s tits.
“What did you put on clothes for? Just because you’re not going to school doesn’t mean you aren’t doing some work today.” Sarah nibbled on Stacy’s ear.
“Mmmm…I wish Megan could come over and play with us.” Stacy reached back and squeezed her mom’s ass.
“Me, too. I would wrap my legs around that little slut’s head and never let go.”
Stacy’s phone went off and she opened the text message. As she read it, her heart skipped a beat and she lost her breath. “Oh no…” Stacy put her hand to her mouth and started to laugh. “Oh shit, mom.” Stacy handed her phone to her mom so she could read the text from Megan. It read: “uhmmm…is that your mom naked in the back ground? are you guys nudists or something?” Sarah’s eyes were wide and she started laughing as she saw her self naked and walking up behind her daughter in her last selfie. There was no mistaking it, she was unashamedly walking full on naked to her daughter, her heavy tits and smooth pelvis on display. The phone went off again while Sarah was holding it: “fuck your mom’s hottt! ;)” Sarah laughed again and handed the phone to her daughter. Stacy read the message.
“Well, shit, what am I supposed to say to her? I can’t really explain my mother being naked like that. I mean, it’s not a big deal, but it’s not normal. And now she apparently wants to fuck you!”
“Hmmm…tell her we’re nudists today and that she should skip school also and head over. You think she’d be down for some play time? I know the two of you have plenty of fun, but would she be OK with mommy joining you?” Sarah stroked her daughter’s cheek as she brushed some of her hair out of her face.
“She’s such a horn dog she’ll definitely want to play with you, but I don’t know how she’ll react to you and me, or finding out about me and dad.” The two walked down stairs. Sarah’s ass and tits bounced and jiggled with each step. Her pussy was getting moist thinking about Stacy’s little girlfriend calling her hot. “Oh Megan, you are in for a treat if you come over.” Sarah said aloud as she plopped on the couch with her daughter. “So, did you invite her?”
“Hmmm…OK, I will.” Stacy texted away and with in a few minutes Megan replied with a “Sure! 😀 I’ll head right over!”
“Okaaay…she’ll be here in about 20.” Stacy crossed her legs and flipped on the TV.
“Ahem…” Sarah eyed her daughter.
“We’re nudists today, young lady.” Sarah tugged at her daughter’s t-shirt. Stacy stood up and peeled her clothes off, freeing her luscious, perky body. She plopped back down next to her mom who cuddled up close to her. Her body was warm and her mother’s soft hand slid between her young thighs and gripped her pussy, slowly rubbing her finger up and down her tingling clit.
“Mmmmm…that feels good mommy. I think you’ll like Megan.”
“Mmmm, baby. I already like Megan, she’s been over here plenty.”
“No, I think you’ll like fucking her. She’s so submissive and girly. More than I am. Sometimes, I’ve felt like I was a mommy with the way she plays and what she’s into.”
“Oh really? Does she like pretending to be young or something?” Sarah had her leg slung over her daughters thigh and was grinding her pussy against her. She was slick and her daughter’s soft skin felt amazing on her pussy. She knew she was leaving a wet streak all along her daughter’s thigh.
“She talks like it. She came over and put her hair in pig tails and dressed in her Jr. high volley ball uniform a few weeks ago. It was fun to say the least. Mmmm…you gonna’ finish what daddy started for me?” Stacy was referring to the vicious fucking her dad had given her earlier that morning. It felt amazing, but the fucking was solely to get himself off. She kind of liked it when he did that, it made her feel used.
“Mmm…no, I’ll wait until Megan gets here. And holy shit, she sounds like a kinky slut. I thought what we did was twisted.” Sarah reluctantly slid her hand from between her daughter’s thighs, sticky and dripping with pussy juice. She licked her fingers clean and just hugged and held her tight, still grinding her self against her thigh. A few minutes passed by, Sarah stopped her grinding and went to make some coffee. The sun was coming up, the light outside was gray with hints of yellow. A few more minutes and the quiet house echoed with a happy, rhythmic knock from the front door. Both Sarah and Stacy had goosebumps crawl all over their skin. Their hearts were racing. Their skin flush. It felt like the first time Stacy and Sarah had fucked. It felt like the first time Stacy had seduced her father. It was new territory. Stacy looked back at her naked mother at the dining room table and they exchanged naughty little grins. Stacy peered through the peep hole and saw Megan sticking her tongue out at her.
“Get in here you bitch!” Stacy joked as she opened the door, hiding behind it so no one outside would see her and pulled her friend in by the arm.
“Oh my god, you really are naked!” Megan looked up and saw Sarah at the dining room table. “Hi, Sarah!” Megan waved. Sarah had lit a cigarette and was surrounded by a twisting cloud of smoke. She waved back.
“Hi sweetie. How’s it feel outside?” Sarah took a drag.
“Good. It’s in the 70’s now, but once the sun comes up it’s gonna’ be crazy hot! A great way to start our spring break.” Megan hugged Stacy’s naked body against hers and tried acting casual.
“It’s ok, my mom knows we fuck around a lot.” Stacy grabbed Megan and pulled her closer, sliding her tongue into her friend’s mouth and fondled her through her jeans. Megan’s eyes were wide and she giggled as she kissed Stacy back. She nervously glanced at Sarah from the corner of her eye.
“It’s OK, sweetie,” Sarah exhaled a plume of smoke over head. “Anything that happens in this house is our little secret. Go ahead and relax.”
“She means get naked.” Stacy pulled her friend’s shirt up over her head in one swift motion. Megan was wearing a red bra and her torso was creamy and white. A few dark freckles spotted her chest and her tummy. Her fingers fumbled at her jeans as Stacy expertly unfastened her bra for her. Her tits dropped free. They were larger than Stacy’s but not by much.
“Mmm…you’re good at that.” Megan moaned as her friend’s hands began caressing her tits. She didn’t wear any panties and was completely naked as she kicked her jeans off. Stacy tackled her onto the couch and the girls giggled as they wrestled back and forth. Megan wrapped her long legs around Stacy’s waist, her wet, excited pussy pressing firmly against Stacy’s stomach. Sarah continued to smoke and watch the naked girls wrestle and make out, feeling relieved that Megan was so comfortable around them. She could feel her pussy making a puddle on the wooden chair. She stood up and sure enough, a puddle that would fill the palm of her hand was spread across the chair. She snuffed out her cigarette and joined the girls in the living room. Megan was eagerly kissing Stacy, but again, kept Sarah in the corner of her eye.
“What’s wrong?” Stacy sat up, straddling Megan. “You’re not nervous because of my mom are you?”
“Haha! Just a little, sorry. I kind of like her being here though.” Megan winked at Sarah, Sarah responded by licking her lips. Megan had a devilish grin on her face and she bit her lower lip, letting her eyes wander up and down the older woman’s body. Her tits were bigger, her hips wider, her ass and thighs thicker. She looked like a porn star. Megan’s pussy was aching for her attention.
“See something you like, Megan?” Sarah asked as she posed in front of the young girl.
“Oh yeah…I definitely do.” Her hands were pinned over her head as Stacy kissed all over her neck and chest.
“Mmm…do you want to borrow my mommy? She’s a very…very…good mommy.” Stacy continued kissing Megan’s neck, working her way to her lips.
“Oh really? What if I want a very, very, bad mommy?” Megan sucked Stacy’s bottom lip into her mouth and bit. Her hands were pulling Stacy’s ass cheeks apart. Typically when they fucked there was a mirror on the bedroom wall so that Megan could see Stacy’s ass and pussy when she pulled her cheeks apart, but not now.
“Then, young lady, I’ll be a very bad, very naughty, very slutty mommy, just like Stacy likes, too.” Sarah knelt down next to the naked girls and pulled her daughter’s head back, then shoved her tongue deep into her mouth. She was obscene in her kissing. Her womanly, motherly mouth enveloped her daughter’s mouth as she slid her whole tongue along her wet tongue. As they kissed, Sarah let her lips roam around Stacy’s mouth even to her chin. Megan watched with a pair of hungry eyes, a hungry mouth, and a hungry pussy. Sarah
was devouring her daughter’s face, kissing her in a way no mommy should ever kiss her daughter. Her hands were running along Stacy’s tits and tummy and she pulled her hair.
“Can I be next, mommy?” Megan asked in a sweet, girly voice. It was so meek and girlish that it sent pleasant shivers up and down Sarah’s spine.
“Oh yes baby girl, you can definitely be next. Mommy has plenty of kisses to go around.” Sarah played into Megan’s young, girly voice with a motherly, coddling, soothing voice. She bent down, gently tilted Megan’s head up and sucked her face into her mouth. Megan opened her mouth wide to lock her lips on Sarah’s and felt Sarah’s whole tongue invade her mouth. She felt Sarah’s tongue sliding up and down her own tongue, she felt spit dripping from the corner of her mouth, she tasted and felt her warm breath filling her mouth. Sarah and Megan maneuvered their mouths and tongues as if they were giving a massive, massive cock a blow job. Their cheeks were sucking in and out expertly while their tongues danced around in each others mouths. Stacy was still straddling Megan, playing with her clit while she watched her mother and her best friend make out. She started grinding her pussy against Megan’s tummy.
“How’s that sweetie, do you like the way mommy kisses you?” Sarah was running her hand through Megan’s hair.
“Yes mommy, I like it very, very much, thank you. Is it OK if I play with my pussy mommy?” Megan’s voice was still small and girlish.
“No sweetie, you shouldn’t play with your pussy when you have mommy and Stacy to play with it for you.” Sarah ran her hand down between Megan’s thighs and gently stroked her pussy. It was soaked. Her lips were velvety and the oily juices leaking from her pussy made them feel even softer. “Mommy always makes sure to take care of her baby girl.” She slid two fingers inside Megan’s pussy. She was tight, very tight, tighter than Stacy. “Mmmm…you’re very tight baby girl.”
“Mmmm…thank you mommy. Your fingers-ah!-feel so goood…” Megan gasped a little as Sarah hooked her fingers and began squeezing and jerking her g-spot. She started off slow. Stacy slid up and hovered her pussy over Megan’s face. Megan wrapped her hands up and around Stacy’s ass, pulling her down to her face. Her tongue was warm and wet on Stacy’s pussy. Megan felt her clit pressing against her tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. Stacy slowly rocked and slid back and forth on Megan’s eager mouth.
“Oh mommy, Megan is so good at eating my pussy.” Stacy smiled and squeezed her tits.
“Oh really, is Megan being a good little girl for us? Is she eating your pussy like a good little girl?”
“Oh yes, mommy, she is. Her tongue is so soft and she’s sucking my clit so good. I can feel my pussy making her face all slippery.” Stacy kept sliding back and forth. She looked down and saw Megan’s nose pressed into her pelvis and her big, brown eyes, excitedly staring back at her. “Oh, I’m sorry Megan, I should have shaved for you. Mommy, can I go shave my pussy?” Stacy tried to lift up but Megan grunted a protest and yanked her back down to her face.
“Haha! I’m fine with it Stacy, but it doesn’t look like Megan is.” Sarah’s hand was still rhythmically stroking and jerking Megan’s snatch. She could feel her juices dripping down her hand and wrist and getting on the couch. She watched her daughter grinding her pussy harder and harder on Megan’s face. She ran her own hand between her legs while she watched and began fucking her pussy the same way she was fucking Megan’s. “That’s a good girl…good girl, Stacy. Let Megan eat your pussy for you. Let her make you cum.”
Sarah picked up her pace and so did Stacy. Megan was getting her pussy worked over while she was being smothered by a soaking wet pussy.
Megan could feel Stacy’s juices dripping down her cheeks and to her neck. She listened to her own pussy getting sloppier and sloppier while Sarah’s hand kept working it over. She felt her thighs getting wetter and wetter. Her moans were muffled into Stacy’s pussy. All she could do was keep slurping and sucking her friend’s sweet pussy juice. Shlop shlop shlop shlop… Her pussy was getting sloppier and sloppier, Sarah wasn’t letting up.
“Mmmm…Mommy’s going to cum, does my baby girl want me to cum on her face for her?” Sarah asked.
“Yes mommy! I do!” Stacy played into the good little girl act and started to climb off of Megan’s face.
“Oh no, sweetie, you’ve had mommy’s pussy juice plenty of times. I think it’s Megan’s turn. Megan, would you like me to squirt all over your face?”
Megan was gasping, half from Sarah fingering her pussy and half from being smothered by Stacy’s pussy. Her face was glistening with pussy juice. “Oh yes mommy, I want that very much!” Sarah gently tugged Megan’s arm and pulled her to the floor. Megan stayed on her back and Sarah hovered her pussy over Megan’s face. She continued fingering herself, hooking her fingers against her g-spot, pounding, jerking her dripping snatch. A few drips and drops rolled down Sarah’s fingers, then she began gushing as her body tensed up in it’s orgasm. “Oh fuck yesss…mommy’s cumming sweetie, mommy’s cumming….”
Megan opened her mouth and closed her eyes as the juices exploded from Sarah’s pussy. Most of it got in her mouth, but a lot just coated her face. Her eyes were shut tight but the pussy juice still pooled up in the corners of her eyes. She loved the way Sarah tasted. “Oh yes mommy, you taste so good.” Megan swallowed the squirt that had flooded her mouth. Sarah climbed off of Megan and bent down and kissed her on the mouth. Stacy took her place and continued fucking her pussy with her fingers just as Sarah had been doing to her self. Shlop shlop shlop shlop hissssss… Stacy’s pussy exploded onto her friend’s face also. Cum poured from her snatch, dripping and gushing onto Megan’s face. The carpet under Megan’s head was soaked. Her hair was soaked. Her face was wet and sticky. Sarah got up and left the room for a minute. When she returned, she had a red, jelly dildo. it was floppy and jiggly, but nice and wide and long. Sarah stood over both girls.
She slid the jelly dildo deep inside of her pussy and started working it in and out, in and out, in and out, harder and faster. Faster. Faster. Faster. Faster.
“Mommy’s cumming! Mommy’s cumming! Mommy’s cumming!” Sarah was screaming, her voice echoing through out the house. She started cumming, squirting all over Stacy’s tits and neck. The juices rolled down her young tits and tummy, dripping down to Megan’s face again. Sarah dropped to her knees and rested her ass and pussy on Megan’s face. Megan grabbed a hold of Sarah’s womanly, motherly ass and started licking and sucking at her pussy and ass hole.
“Mmm…you taste soooo good mommy.” Megan moaned past the fat ass in her face.
“Thank you sweetie. But I feel bad, my good little girl hasn’t cum yet.” Sarah gently pushed Stacy out of the way and slid the red jelly dildo into Megan. The girth was almost too much for her tight pussy. Even as slick as it was from Stacy’s pussy juice and as wet as Megan was, she still had to f***e it a little bit. It eased in slowly, then very quickly as her pussy gave in to it.
“Oh my god…it feels like it’s going to split me apart…” Megan gasped as Sarah started working the slick dildo in and out of her.
“Mmmm…that’s what it felt like the first time my daddy fucked me.” Stacy chimed in as she was playing with her pussy.
“What?” Megan gasped. “You fucked your dad too? Oh my god, what was it like?” Megan had broke her ‘little girl’ character and was very excited to hear about her friend fucking her own dad. “Is his cock big? When was the first time?”
“Oh yeah, his cock is so big, just as big as that dildo. And it was the same night as when I told you I fucked that cucumber.” Stacy kept diddling her pussy.
“Oh fuck…how did it happen?” Megan was enjoying Sarah pounding her pussy.
“Weeelll, it started out as an innocent game of black jack, mixed with some alcohol and then eventually we were fucking.”
“There wasn’t nothing innocent about it.” Sarah turned and looked over her shoulder at Megan. “She had her pussy hanging out of her shorts while they were playing.”
“Haha! Yeah, just a little.”
“Oh my god, Stacy, you’re such a little slut.” Megan’s breathing was getting faster. Sarah’s pumping was getting faster and deeper. A few strokes later, Megan’s pussy was erupting all over the carpet.
“Oh my god, mommy, mommy, mommy! I’m cumming! My pussy is squirting mommy! Fuck!” Megan’s little girl voice echoed through the house. Her juices sprayed across the carpet and down her legs. Sarah pulled the red jelly dildo from Megan’s snatch and dangled it over the girl’s face. Her juices dripped and dropped down in a solid white stream into her waiting mouth.
“Stacy. Text your dad a picture of us and tell him he needs to end his vacation early.”

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