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s****r in Law and s*s

s****r-in Law and s****r .

Over the years, I had often laughed and flirted with Rose, my s****r in law. She would often confide in me over different thing. She said she could talk and feel quite at ease with me as my b*****r, who was a bit strict with her. When I would see her on her own I would whisper “Lately,” she knew what I meant, asking if she had been fucked!! She would always answer, “Not recently.”

One Christmas I told her I had a special present for her, but we would have to be on our own for her to receive it! She was really intrigued about this.

I lived quite a way from my s****r and b*****rs so would see them not to often.

I finally separated from my wife Marion; this was due to a breakdown in communication. I didn’t communicate to her that I was fucking Ann, one of her best and closest friends, I never admitted this to her though!

I rang my s****r and told her that I had separated from Marion and she said I could move in with her until I got sorted with a place to live.

She said that she would be going away for a week so I could keep my eye on the k**s. I will tell them you are sl**ping on the sofa. Once they have gone to bed then you can come up and sl**p in my bed as the sofa isn’t very comfortable!

After the k**s went to bed Betty and I sat closer together had a few drinks and reminisced about old times with our Mum. I could feel my cock beginning to throb in my pants. I said all this talk is getting me excited and stood up to reposition it. Years ago we had often played, “I’ll show you mine if you will show me yours.” several times

“Get it out, its been a long time since I last saw it.” Bet said! Opening my fly and pulling it out it was semi hard. “My word, you are excited, aren’t you, and still so deliciously big!! I wonder if I can make it even bigger?” She leaned forward and lifted her top up over her head and cast it aside, she was braless. I sucked in my breath sharply at the sight of my s****rs magnificent breasts! Breasts that I had sucked on many occasion when we were younger. Always fantasized about seeing them again. Here they were, right in front of my eyes, so ripe, so firm, so incredibly mouth watering!! And my cock took yet another giant leap, much to Betty’s delight!!

Betty licked the head of my cock and her full lips kissed and caressed my cock. She grasped hard on my testicles. She ran her tongue down the length of my prick, down one side and up the other. She pursed her lips, pushed her tongue into my piss slot and sucked gently on the flared purple bell end of my cock. I gasped and groaned all at the same time and my hips twitched. While I watched, my cock partly disappeared into her oval mouth. “”You taste really good.” She said as she stood up, “It’s still to big for me to take it all.” She said, I twitched when she inhaled and tried sucking me all the way into her throat but still only manages about four inches. Her nose flared and she swallowed. The feeling of her throat flexing around my cock while her tongue rubbed all over the length of my cock was great. Then she began to suck and her throat moved on the end of my cock. That did it. The pending orgasm broke over me like a storm and I was coming into her mouth. Betty sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed a little of my spunk dibbled from the corner of her mouth. She pulled her mouth off my cock and licked her lips. Leaning forward she pulled my head towards her and planted a big kiss, her tongue forcing its way between my lips, transferring my sperm to my mouth.

Betty, reaching up to hook her fingers into the waist band of my boxers, she dragged them down over my now flaccid swollen cock and it leapt into the air, almost colliding with her face, and she gasped loudly, kneeling there wide eyed as she gazed at my bobbing, throbbing cock ! I’d always been told by females that I was pretty well endowed in the cock department at a little over 8 inches, and Betty certainly seemed to be impressed. “Mmmm, just as I remember still such a beautiful, beautiful cock, and so big!!” She seemed quite lost in a world of her own, so I leaned forward and cupped my hands around her ripe breasts, rubbing my fingers gently over their swollen nipples, “and you’ve got such incredibly sexy breasts, Bet, if you only knew how many times I ached to see them again, ached to touch them! Oh yes, you’re quite right, I fantasized about you then and I still fantasize about you, I don’t want to fantasize any more, I want to fuck my horny older s****r, right now !!” She worked on my cock, after about twenty minutes,slowly bring it back to life and hardness once again

We moved to the lounge, I told Betty to grab the edge of the coffee table. When she did, my pants were gone, and my cock slipped up her crack, my precum lubricating both of her holes. I slipped it into her cunt and she gasped as I entered her wet hole. She jumped when my finger found her engorged clit and I pinched her nipple at the same time. She quickly got into the rhythm that I had set.

She even bent her knees and opened her stance to line herself up with my thrust perfectly. She purred, she meowed like a kitten, and she even begged for more. I had given her everything that I had to offer. Then not knowing what more I could do for her, I spanked her ass just as I pulled back, and then I slammed it home. She cried out with what her first orgasm of that session. Betty said she liked it a bit rough, so I gave her what I could. Between the clit rubbing, the nipple pinches, and the spankings, she had three more orgasms before dumped my load in her.

The next morning we had breakfast and sent the k**s off to school. Bet wasn’t leaving until later in the day, so I rang work and said I would be in later today! We had another mind blowing sex session for the next three hours.

Bet said that Rose was coming up to see us as she was going to keep her eye on me and the k**s. Bet smirked and said “I think she is coming mainly to see you, so you might be on a promise and have a good time with her as I know she likes you!” “Take care though as you know what your b*****r is like.” I didn’t let on that Rose had my number.

I left for work as Bet got ready to pack for her time away.

To be continued

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