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s****r in law catches me

My s****r in law is 46 years old she is a size 14 to 16 with dyed mousy blonde hair cut in a bob to her shoulders and size 36b tits that droop slightly.I have always fancied her and imagined what she would look like naked does she shave her pubes? Does she let it all grow? Is she dirty in bed? What turns her on? And thankfully I now know.
It all started a few months ago Jane was stopping at our house my wife went upto bed but Jane and me carried on talking and drinking.I was telling her a joke and on the punch line she laughed and said “oh my god you’ve made me wee myself a little ” now Jane was wearing a purple blouse quite tight round her perfect slightly saggy tits a black skirt and tan tights. she looked hot and her gorgeous feet in the tights with painted green toenails were really turning me on and the thought of her weeing herself a little in the tights wasn’t helping my cause.
We carried on chatting and having fun and I tried to put the sexual thoughts in my head to the back of my mind. As the night wore on she said “I’m so tired it’s been a hell of a day at the office a nice b*****r in law would offer to rub my feet”.WEll I thought why not so I told her to put her feet on my lap and I began to rub her sexy feet through the tan tights we began chatting as I massaged her feet and rubbed her toes “you know I’m 46 years old this is the best footrub I’ve ever had” I laughed “why is that” I said “because” she replied “I didn’t realise my feet that have been in my heels all day so probably smell could turn a 36 year old man on so much”.
Well I blushed as I looked in her eyes “what do you mean I’m just rubbing your feet” “yes I know but I’m resting the other one on the outside of your hard on I’ve been watching it grow” in the sheer indulgence of rubbing her feet I really hadn’t realised I’d got a boner!. “shit”I said “I’m so sorry Jane ” and turned bright red and just sat there looking at her waiting for her to jump up call me a sick basterd and shout down her s****r and tell my wife what had happened.But she just lay there looking at me her feet still on my lap next to my hard on “now” she said still fixing her eyes on me “I’m going to ask you some questions I want nothing but honest answers from you don’t feel uncomfortable just answer them ok?” “yes ok Jane ” I managed to tremble back at her wondering what the hell was about to happen.
“right why have you got a hard on and remember honesty only ” I sat there my hands still on her feet looking at her I turned away and replied “I’m turned on ” “look at me as you were doing and answer me again” she replied in quite a stern school teacher voice which actually turned me on more.So I did as she asked fixed her gaze again and repeated “I’m turned on ” “that’s better don’t turn away again keep looking at me and answer honestly ok?” “yes ok” I replied “right good now why are you turned on” I so wanted to look away again and she knew it but I did as she told me and looking straight at her I said “because I’m rubbing your feet through your tights and imagining your wet gusset were you have said you weed yourself a little “.”mmm so is it that that turns you on or the fact it’s me that has done that wee and it is my feet your s****r in laws feet may I add that you are rubbing” she said fixing my stare always I gulped took a deep uneasy breath and said “because it’s you Jane”.
We sat there looking at each other in a silence that seemed to last forever “well well well my younger b*****r in law gets turned on by his ten years older s****r in law and it seems is into kinky things” I just sat there looking at her not knowing what to say or do Jane broke the silence yet again with her next question ” so you must wank off over me then is that right would you say” “yes I do jayne quite often actually “”mmm ok then so tell me what do you imagine us doing or about me when your wanking ”
I sat there just looking at her I felt pathetic yet aroused here was the woman I fantasised over asking me questions and making me feel so uneasy and ashamed. And she knew how it was making me feel and I couldn’t be sure but I think she was enjoying every second of making me squirm.
I sat and thought for a second and decided I’d do as she said and tell her the truth.”well I’ll tell you Jane and as you wish it will be the truth.I don’t think you’ll like it though” “just tell me and do it now”.”well s*s in law sometimes I just imagine you naked what your boobs look like are they saggy? Pert? What do your nipples look like? Are they long? Big? Short?. I wonder what colour your pubes? Are you hairy? Are you shaven?. Jane cut in she laughed and said “well you are a busy boy whilst your pulling your cock.ok carry on. ”
I laughed uneasily and carried on “sometimes I imagine you pissing over me or even you know over me” “no I don’t know tell me you dirty boy what you mean ” I said fixing her gaze “shitting on me Jane ” she looked at me in what I thought was disgust and said “you sick basterd does my s****r shit and piss on you then? ” “no no no she doesn’t she’d think I was sick to” Jane looked at me sternly I looked down at her breaststroke and strangely her nipples were poking through her purple blouse I looked back up at her face and we fixed each others stare yet again Jane drew in a breath and started “my breasts are 36b in size they do sag slightly I’m 46 years old with two k**s my nipples are long as I think you may have just seen when you looked hair as you know is dyed mousy blonde my pubes are dark brown and with being 46 there are quite a few grey ones.I am unshaven and let it grow naturally I also don’t shave my armpits so I’m hairy under there too.I’m also after this wine we’ve been drinking in desperate need of a piss so let’s go to the toilet ”
i could not believe I had just heard right! I sat open mouthed looking into her eyes and at her face she smiled at me and said “well come on then to the toilet we go either that or you’ll need a new sofa and I don’t think my s****r would be too happy!.
We got up and saying nothing to each other stood there.Jane took my hand and led me to the toilet “take your trousers off and sit on the toilet” i did as she said I took off my trousers and boxers and my cock sprang up hard and ready for bursting.. Jane stood there looking at my cock and said “well it’s not as big as your b*****r in laws but it’s thicker” and laughed.I sat there on the toilet and she slipped off her skirt to reveal her hairy pussy under her tanned tights “no panties I mumbled” “no” replied Jane “I never wear knickers under tights to much hassle for me when you got to go” and smiled a sexy yet stern smile at me “and talking of going less talk more action ” she laughed.
Jane pulled her tights down to her ankles took off her blouse and white lacy bra to reveal her gorgeous tits she then began pinching her nipples all the time looking at me “has anyone ever done this to you before “she enquired still pinching her nipples with one hand and starting rubbing her hairy beautiful fanny with the other “no no one but it’s always turned me on. Have you ever done it to anyone? ” I asked “no nore me but I like you have always wanted to”.With that she turned round so her sexy hairy arse was facing me and moved over my cock backwards and then with a moan gushes of piss came out of her hairy parted pussy lips and started bursting over my chest belly and cock.She must have been bursting the piss hit me like a shower stream soaking my torso and cock.Jane moaned and I began wanking “no leave your cock” she snapped “I don’t want you coming yet” I stopped wanking and Jane finished her piss still stood with her hairy arse in my eye line.
i was dying to come but she didn’t move I sat there then Jane said ” put your hands upto my hairy armpits and I then want you to lick my asshole as I pull it open “I did as she said feeling her soft long armpit hairs and as she pulled open her bumcheeks I tasted my s****r in laws hairy tasted amazing you could tell she had been at work allday sweat and a slight shit taste hit my sense of smell and taste buds she moaned as my tongue went deep into her and pushed her arse back to me “that’s good “she moaned quietly “now sit back again “she said.I took my tongue out and sat with my back against the toilet cistern.
Jane pulled her cheeks wider and a little wind broke from her hole with a wisping sound.It smelt of shit and filled the tiny bathroom with the smell Jane arched her head towards me “are you sure you want this that stinks! ” “I want it Jane and I want it now” we laughed and she said “ok then here it comes but I didn’t know I’d be shitting and pissing over my b*****r in law tonight so I haven’t watched what I’ve ate ” she giggled and then it began.
Her hole widened and another fart came out then a little shit farted onto my chest then her hole widened more and out like a snake came log after log of Janes p*o it dropped on my stomach and rolled down to my pubes and cock when she had done the p*o around her hole and cheeks was also stuck on her hairs around her arse I leaned forward and began to lick her clean she loved it. The smell and taste was terrible yet a huge turn on “you’ll save me a fortune on toilet roll “laughed Jane “how is it? she asked Jane it’s fucking great” I replied.
Jane turned around and stood there looking at me three logs and stains on my tummy and around my cock and pubes “wow” she said “I didn’t think I shitted that much” we laughed again “rub my p*o around your cock” so I took the logs all squashy and smeared my pubes balls and cock in Janes p*o “oh my that’s such a turn on “said Jane.she got to her knees her saggy tits hanging forward and put her hand on my thick p*o covered cock and began to wank me.with her other hand she shoved a finger up my arse I loved it”don’t get any ideas there’s enough shit in here for us tonight “she laughed. She wanted my cock inher own p*o getting it all over her hands “tell me when your coming ok” “ok”. I couldn’t hold it much longer two fingers now fucking my arse and the smell of Janes p*o her wanking me off with her own p*o over her hands “I’m coming Jane I’m coming “. With that she lowered her mouth over my p*o covered cock and I shot my come into the back of her mouth she sucked and sucked until every last drop. She sat back up her own shit covering her lips and all over her tongue and teeth”well that was amazing I’ve never been so horny” she said as we both looked at each other covered in Janes p*o and wee ” I wonder what else we will get upto now ” said Jane

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