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s****r-in-law fun–true!

My wife has always been jealous of her younger s****r’s 44 DD chest, and I guess you could say I am jealous as well. Comparing a B cup to a D cup is like apples and oranges, though I do love to titty-fuck my wife’s. But I’ve always hoped to catch a glimpse of my s****r-in-law’s body nude. My perfect chance came a few months back while she was visiting with us for the weekend, and it ended up going a little farther than I anticipated. Here goes… Michelle came to visit us for the weekend. She, 23, dark hair with fake tan, voluptuous body with lots of curves, but NOT fat, and oh that chest. My wife, Sandy, 29, more fair-skinned, got called into work last minute, leaving Michelle and I at home. She has always been one to keep to herself ever since I had known her. She stayed in her room then came downstairs and said she was going for a bike ride. She came back an hour later, flushed and drenched with sweat, and I heard her go upstairs and turn the shower on… I said okay, this is my perfect chance if there ever will be one to see her nude! Problem is, how can I catch a glimpse of her with the door locked in the bathroom? Our guest bathroom floor is white marble-tiled, and when the lights are on a perfect reflection can be seen on the marble itself upwards to the mirror, which gives a perfect view of the shower. Once I was sure she was in the shower and not gonna pop the door open on my spying, I crept upstairs and peered through the bottom of the door. All I could see was shower curtain so I “staked out” the view. Within 5 minutes of kneeling uncomfortably in the hallway, alas the water was turned off. As my nerves were shaky in anticipation and my cock getting warm and dripping precum, I waited for my moment. Before I knew it, the shower curtain swung open, and there, behold, was the view I had waited 3 long years to see–my s****r-in-law completely naked. The first thing I saw here her amazing breasts, the most perfect site I had ever seen! There they were, 44DD naturals on a relatively small frame. They suspended themselves in the air magically, no extreme sagging, etc. I wanted to bust through that door and show her what she had done to my cock, which at this point was pulsating. So nervous for getting caught, I remained quiet. I knew at any moment Michelle would be wrapping the towel around her and coming out, so I had to gamble on how long to enjoy the view. Plus, without the water running now, she could easily hear any footsteps in the hallway, etc., so I had to be careful! But as she started to dry off, she sat down on the edge of the shower-tub, facing the door, to dry her legs off, which gave me the most perfect view of her smooth, hairless pussy, with meaty lips (not the disgusting kind of roast beef curtains!). She stood up, made her way closer to the door, at which point I crept away as fast as possible. I immediately got into my own bathroom and stroked out the longest cumshot of my life. An additional encounter did occur about 2 wks ago which I will delve into in my next blog. Some of me feels bad for peering in on my wife’s s****r, but the other half tells me that there would be something wrong with me if I didn’t look. Any comments??

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