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s****r in law on the cruise ship

I was just getting ready to step into the shower when the knocking at the door started. I had just finished a run and soak in the spa and was enjoying some time to myself. We had been on the cruise ship for five days of a ten day Alaskan cruise and everyone was going in and out of the cabin all day long.

I grabbed my sweaty shorts, slipped them back on and went to open the door. My sixty year old s****r in law was standing there with a glass of wine in her hand and a stupid look on her face. Nine A.M. and already drinking I thought to myself Mark (my older b*****r) you have one hell of a wife. My b*****rs wife smiled and asked where everyone was? “k**s are in the teen center, Amber (my wife) is taking the tour of the kitchen and cooking show and your husband it probably sucking cock somewhere”. She laughed and pushed her way into the small room and sat on the lower bed. “You know that you smell like sweat and the showers running” she asked. “Yeah, I replied, I was about to shower when you came in”. “Don’t let me stop you she replied”. At that point I knew I wasn’t going to get rid of her any time soon. So I headed to the tiny bathroom and made the comment “theres another bottle of booze in the fridge”.

I soaped up and was in the process of rinsing off when the door opened and Suzanne walks in and uses the toilet without even thinking about me being in the shower. I waited till she was in the middle of her pissing to shut off the shower and open the curtian to grab a towel. To my suprise she was completly naked and facing the shower. As soon as I opened the curtian she reached up and grabbed my dripping dick and guided it into her mouth. Still pissing away she started giving me one hell of a blowjob. After about five minutes I asked if she would rather go use one of the beds instead of the toilet. She broke suction and pulled me along by my dick and balls to the bed and continued sucking away. I reached down and started playing with her little titties and she moaned. Mark and I had talked over the years, he told me of the stuff he’d done to his wife, about how sensitive her nipples were and how she used to be more that willing to do anything he could imagine. I figured if she was going to suck his little b*****rs cock then I was going to do even more stuff to her. I pulled out of her mouth and moved her back on the bed. The empty wine bottle was sitting on the counter and I used that as a dildo as I rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She reacted about the way I expected, moaning and getting loud. She aked for me to give my dick to her so I moved onto the bed and let her continue sucking me. As I pushed the bottle deeper she got louder and I could seens her building orgasam. I pushed the bottle in more and slid one finger into her asshole. She let out a gasp and continued on with sucking me, when she came she shuddered and deep throated me to my balls. At that point I emptied my balls into her throat and she took it like a champ. She sucked and sucked until I couldnt give her anymore. When she finally came up for air she was smiling and pinching her nipples. I continued to use the bottle as a dildo and inserted another finger into her ass. She laughed and said “your a bad boy” and went back to sucking my dick. It only took a couple of minutes for my hard on to return and she quickly got onto her back and said for me to get rid of the bottle. Instead I pulled her legs up and pushed the head of my cock against her asshole. The wine bottle was still firmly lodged into her cunt. She gasped again and then relaxed as I began pushing into her ass. I pulled back out and spit on my dick for some lube and went back to her ass, this time my dick went in with little resistance, obviously my b*****r had been here a time or two before. I worked my dick into her slowly and finally was able to get all the way into her ass. In the meantime Suzanne was using the wine bottle, moving it in and out of her pussy with each thrust into her ass. When I finally as all the way into her ass I went for the golden ring, I rode her like it was going to be my last fuck. Suzanne to her credit and age matched me and we fucked for a good thirty minutes, her screaming into the pillow that I used to muffle her. She came three more times and I felt my seed rising and wanted to dump my load on her face. I pulled out of her ass and quickly moved to Suzannes face and began to beat off like I hated her. She opened her mouth and I gave her my second load of the day making sure to spray it all over her chin, cheeks and forehead. I pulled the wine bottle out of her pussy and told her she should get dressed and leave. Suzanne smiled and went into the bathroom to wash her face, dressed and left without saying a word. I opened the balcony sliding door to let the smell of pussy and ass out, made the bed, jumped back into the shower, and was in the process of getting dressed when my wife came back to the cabin to see if I wanted to go to the gym.

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