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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 10

“Jac you have to go carefully and you will get to fuck Janice.” Jane said on her mobile. “How do I do that Jane?” “You have to go slowly. Next time you are out in the car. You need to start in the usual was with kisses and feeling her tits. Get her to feel your cock. After that I suggest you ask her if you can put your hand on her knee. Later ask if it is ok to slide your hand up her skirt. She will probably say yes. Don’t try to fuck her then. Tell her that you want it to be special. You want to make love to her properly. She will probably ask me what I think. I will tell her she can use my bed on a Saturday afternoon.”

So it was, Janice did phone Jane and told her exactly how the last date went. She went on to say “We want to make love in a bed but we don’t want to go to one of the hotels or B&Bs because in our wee town somebody will tell one of ny parents.” “Janice, I told you I would help you all I can, so you can use my bed. How about next Saturday afternoon?”

So Saturday afternoon Janice was told she could drop by at 2.00pm. Jac was told to drop by at 1.00pm and park his motorbike round the back. When Jac came into the kitchen through the back door. Jane was wearing a red see through negligee with not a thing under it. Jac saw that Jane’s nipples were hard.

“Hi Jac I thought you might like to pay me for the use of my bed.” “Ok what do you want? I don’t have a lot of money but I could let you have £30.” “I don’t want money but I do want something – I want you to give me an orgasm or more if we have time. I’m not asking you to fuck me today because I want you to be in good shape for Janice, she should have a great time today.” “Ok I will. What you want me to do?”

“First I want you to suck my tits here in the kitchen. Then I want you to suck my clit. As we lie on the floor. That will do as a starting point in the payment. We will get to the rest later if that is ok.” “Sounds good to me.”

So Jane let Jac french kiss her, open her negligee, slide it off and let it drop to the floor. Jace then lay down on the floor and pulled Jac down on top of her. Jac started sucking her right nipple while squeezing her left nipple with his right hand he played with her pussy. Jane’s pubic hair was blonde with some grey hairs. Jac thought it was so thick she must never have had it rimmed so he asked “Jane have you ever had your pussy hair trimmed?” “No why would I?” “Well, it would be so much easier to suck your clit if I wasn’t getting hairs in my mouth. Would you get a Brazilian for the next time?”

Jac sucked Jane’s nipples and clit until she came. By that time it was 1.45, so Jane went to dress. Jac gargled with mouthwash and had Jane smell his mouth to make sure that there was no smell of her pussy remaining.

Promptly at 2.00 Janice arrived and was greeted by Jane. “Janice you are exactly on time. Jac arrived just before you. He said he wasn’t quite sure why he was here but that you had told him to meet you here. I told him that I would let you enlighten him but my advice is you should go slowly.” “Ok Jane I will.”

They went into the lounge and found Jac sitting on the sofa. “Would you like a drink Janice or Jac?”
They both said “We are driving so a soft drink or a coffee would be good thanks.” Jane left the room to get the drinks. “Janice, why are we here?” “Jac, remember you said you wanted my first time to be special, well Jane has decided that she wants to help us. What do you think about that? Isn’t it brill?” “I guess so Janice but how can she help us?” “She is going to let us use her bed. Isn’t that brill?” “Yes.”

With that Jane came into the room with the drinks. They took the drinks and engaged in small talk. Both of the visitors felt awkward about asking to use the bed. The problem was solved when Jane said “Now k**s you are here for a special reason so why don’t I show you my bed.” “Ok.” “Follow me.” They did as Jane told them. The bedroom was equipped with a king size. The covers were back and black satin sheets covered the bed. There were matching pillow cases. “Ok k**dies I will leave you now. But first who brought th econdoms?” “Oh no.” both said in unison. “Never mind you can use some I bought yesterday. I thought you two would be too worried about it getting back to your parents if you bought them in the local chemist.”

With that Jane left the room and Jac took Janice in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss which was returned with interest. “Jac I cannot wait to feel your cock inside me. I am soaking wet now. I have been thinking about you inside me all week. Jac continued kissing Jane and started taking her top off. That was followed by black lace bra as soona s it was off Jac started sucking the lovely nipples. While he was sucking he unfastened Janices skirt and dropped it to the floor. Jac was surprised to find that Janice was not wearing panties – what a surprise. “Have I been missing the opportunity to touch your pussy all those times we were making out in the car?” “No I usually wear panties but I thought why waste time when I want them off as soon as possible.”

At that point Janice started to undress Jac starting with his trousers. They quickly dropped to the floor. Next Janice started to lower Jac’s boxers. “Janice, please kneel as you are taking my boxers off.” Janice knelt and continued lowering the boxers. When they reached the floor Jac said “Please kiss me.” Janice kissed Jac’s stomach. “Lower please lower, like you see them in the movies.” Janice kissed lower and lower until she was close to Jac’s flacid cock. “Janice I would love you to kiss my cock.” When Janice started kissing the cock it started to come to life. Soon it was fully erect. “Please continue kissing it. Would you please give it a french kiss at the top.” Janice complied and Jac let out a “Oh that is wonderful Janice.”

“Jac let’s lie on the bed and you can suck my clit.” “If I suck your clit would you continue with my cock only suck it like a lolly.” As Janice sucked Jac’s cock Jac started to move so his cock was fucking Janice’s mouth. When he felt he was going to cum he pulled out and said “We should put the condom on and make love in your pussy hole.” So Jac found a condom in the beside cabinet, put it on and got Janice to to lie on her back with her legs wide open. Jac positioned his cock at the opening of Janice’s cunt. Gently he pressed it. He could feel resistance but he continued to press. “Janice you need to relax your muscles so I can get in but if you are not ready we can give up. “No I want to feel you inside me.” Jac pressed harder and suddenly his cock was inside. As it went in Janice let out an exclaimation “Oh my God.” “Should I stop?” Jac asked. “No No No. I want a proper orgasm.”

Jac started thrusting slowly at first but gradually thrusting both faster and deeper. After about ½ hour Jac came. Janice still hadn’t cum but jac had gone flacid again. When Jac withdrew his cock they discovered the condom was no longer on the cock. “OMG. What are we going to do? I cannot let it stay in.” With that Janice called out “Jane please come in here immediately.”

Jane entered the room and Janice said “Jane what will we do the condom has been left inside me.” “Janice don’t worry we will get it out.” With that she moved Jac off Janice and put her fingers in to Janice’s cunt. After a bit of trying she managed to fish the condom out.

“Well Janice what did you think of your first fuck?” “Not a lot. I didnt cum.” “Oh that’s often the case it will be better the next time.”

Jac decided to bail out so he dressed and left.

When he had gone Jane said “Janice, I will give you an orgasm now.” Jane started french kissing Janice, sucking her nipples and fingering her clit. Finally, she put two fingers into Janice’s clit and stroked the G spot. Soon after Janice came with a great loud cry “Ohhhhhhhhhh that was sooo good do it again and again.” They continued until Jane heard her mobile ring. It was Ramsey “I’m ready to come home now.

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