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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 11

“Janice I have to go collect Ramsey now but we can talk after choir or you can txt me and I will ring you when the coast is clear. One of these weekends Ramsey is going to go golfing for the weekend again. “we can have fun then if you are up for that.” “Oh that sounds good to me. Will I be able to have Jac too at that time?” “Janice of course you can. The two of you can spend the night here. You can tell your parents that we are going to do some nighttime riding. That will be true lol.”

Janice and Jac continued to make out in the car when they could borrow it. Janice statred to enjoy sucking Jac more. Jac always enjoyed sucking Janice’s clit and fingering her at every opportunity. They enjoyed the excitement of the danger of making out in the car but they had to be very careful not to leave any cum in the car and they drove with the windows open after makingout. IN addition Janice always opened a new car freshener.

About two weeks after Janice had been fucked by Jac in Jane’s bed, Jane told Janice that the following weekend Ramsey was going away for the weekend to play golf. “We will have the house from Friday night through until Sunday afternoon. So get Jac onboard and we will have great fun.”

Jac needed no persuading. He was ready for another go with Janice in Jane’s bed. Janice was looking forward to it too so she had prepared the parents that she was going to spend the weekend away learning to ride. She told the parents that Jane was teaching her to ride. Ofcourse the parents assumed that meant she was learning to ride a horse. No matter it ment there would be no problems in staying away.

Jane had her own plans too, she wanted to share Jac with Janice. Janice and I had talked about it and we agreed it would be good to swap partners in her bed. So we decided that the weekend would be a naturist weeekend. To that end Jane talked about how she felt about goig without clothes for the weekend. Turned out that given that Jane had not only seen Janice naked she had had her fingers in Janice’s cunt, french kissed her and sucked her clit as well as bring her to orgasm.

Janice wasn’t sure how Jac would feel about being naked all weekend. Jane advised “Janice you should have a chat with Jac and find out how he would feel about being naked in the company of you and me.” “Yes I will do that. I am pretty sure I will be able to convince him that it will be fun. Ofcourse, both him and me want to fuck and so if he is going to be awkward I will use the treat of no sex to make him come into line.”

Jane got in touch with Jac and invited him to come to her home one evening before the weekend when Ramsey was away golfing. When Jac arrived he found Jane wearing a red see trough neglegee and nothing else. The minute he walked int he door Jane kneeled infront of him, undid his trousers, dropped them to the floor, dropped his boxers and got his cock out. Jane took his cock into her mouth sucking it and licking it from tip to base.

Jane then lay on the floor legs apart neglegee wide open so Jac had unfettered access to her tits and hard nipples. Her pussy was no longer surrounded by pubic hair. Jac loved that. He lost no time sucking her nipples and nibbling them with his teeth. As he did that he fingered her clit. Jane was enjoying the feeling and showed it by the moans of pleasure she let out. Jac then turned to her cunt put his index finger in. She was soaking wet so it slipped in easily. after a while doing this Jane said “Jac I want you to fuck me now – right now go deep and hard.”

No further invitation was needed. Jac placed his cock at the opening of Jane’s cunt. Jane was holding ht elips of her labia open to help ease his entry. Jac didn’t ease it in. Instead he trhust it in as deep as he could. After it was withdrawn Jac hovered his cock at the opening and eased it in just an inch before withdrawing it. He repeated the process a few times then he thrust it in deep. “Oh my god Jac that is great I have no idea when you are going to go full depth. That is just great.”

Jac then started to fuck Jane at full speed and as deep as he could go. His balls were slapping against Jane’s ass. After a while Jane said “Jac that’s enough i have cum 3 times.” “Well I have still to cum so I want you to squeeze my cock with your cunt muscles so I can cum.” Shortly after that Jac came inside Jane’s cunt.

As Jac was cuming Jane’s mobile rang. Jane was in no position to answer it so she told Jac to let her up. Jac did but he followed her to the phone. Jane rang back with Jac right at her back, cock fucking against her ass crack. One had on her right tit the other one on her soaking wet pussy, stroking her clit. “Oh Ramsey sorry i couldn’t get the the mobile before you rang off. I was busy in the kitchen. Of course I can come for you. I will be there in 15 minutes. Hope you had a good game.”

At that point Jane said “Jac, Janice is going to ask you how you feel about having a naked weekend at my house when everyone is naked. I suggest you show some reluctance but give in at last. We are going to have a 3 some and maybe a 4 some.”

To be continued.

Do let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions I’m happy to hear them.

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