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s****r in Law with 18 year olds Part 7

The Tuesday following the group event with Jane. I met Jac in the street and he tld me he would like to meet with Jane again and could I arrange it?

I called Jane on her mobile and she was quite happy to meet Jac but it would have to be Saturday afternoon when Ramsey was playing golf. Jane also said that I should be present too – That pleased me The thought of seeing Jane with an 18 year old guy.

The following Saturday, I got a cal from Jane welling me that the meeting with Jac was on and I was to tell Jac to ride his motorbike round the back. On Saturday Jane dropped Ramsey to the golf club so he could have a drink. On the way back she picked me up and drove me back to her home.

On the way I explored up her leg as she drove. I got a hard on when I discovered she was not wearing any thing under her mini skirt. So I played with her clit all the way home and had my fingers into her cunt oh my she was soooo wet. I asked her “Jane have you got your roger rabbit with you?” “yes it’s in my handbag.” “Would you like me to use it on you now while you drive?” “Why do you think I brought him with me?” So I got him out and quickly he was switched on and pushed into her cunt as you know he had a projection the rubbed one Jane’s clit. Soon Jane went “Oh my God that is sooooooo good. I love it never had an orgasm while driving.”

When we reached home Jane drove the car straight into the garage, unzipped my fly and took my cock out. As soon as it was out Jane leaned over and took me in her mouth. Jane bobbed her head up and down and I came in her mouth. While Jane was giving me the blow job Roger was still buzzing away in her cunt and on her clit. I had my hand under her top and inside her bra so Ii could squeeze her nipples. They were hard as a rock and Jane had told me that she loved them being squeeze when they were hard – that made her cum.

After Jane came we went into the house by the back door even though no one could see us. The minute we were inside I ripped her clothes off starting with her top and bra followed by her mini skirt. Earlier Jane had told me that one of her fantasies was to have her clothes ripped off and to be taken on the kitchen table. Remembering this I did the riping before lifting her onto the kitchen table placing her so that when she opened her legs and drew her knees up to beside her ears, her cunt was just at the edge of the table. As she was still soaking wet I had no problem sliding my cock into her cunt. “Oh yes that’s sooo good fuck me hard.” I did as Jane wanted thrusting deep and fast. We came together just about a second before Jac opened the back door. We had been making so much noise that we didn’t heard him arrive.

“Oh my now that is a sight to see.” said Jac. “Do I get a go?” Jane responded “That’s why you are here.” Jac swapped places with me after he dropped his trousers. His cock was hard already 7″ long and 1 1/2″ diameter. Jac went at Jane like a jailed prisoner who hadn’t had sex for years. After about an hour Jane said “How about we retire to my marriage bed.” So we did. I whispered to Jane “Have you ever had a cock in your anus?” I knew the answer because I had previously seen her anus. “No.” “fancy a new experience?” “Why not.”

So Jane lay on her side in between Jac and me. Jac resumed the fucking of Jane’s cunt while I lay behind her. I had found some KY Jelly in the bathroom so I squeezed some into her ass hole and rubbed some on my cock. I snuggled up to Jane reaching round to take hold of her right nipple and playing with it. My cock I rubbed up and down her ass crack. All the while Jac was going at Jane without stopping. Finally, I managed to get the head of my cock to the entrance of Jane’s ass hole.

It was tight but it pushed a little at the opening. After I whispered in Jane’s ear you need to relax your muscles at the entrance of your ass hole. I managed to get the head of my cock slightly into her ass hole. “Oh my.” Jane said. “Jane you are going to have such an orgasm together with pain. Do you want me to push on?” “In for a penny in for a pound.”

I gently but firmly pushed my cock into Jane’s ass. Jane kept saying “Oh my God Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh. This better be worth it.” Finally I had my cock full length into Jane’s ass while Jac was pounding her cunt. I could feel the Jac’s cock as it pounded Jane’s cunt. I woundered what it would fell like if I started pounding too. I started slowly and gently. Almost but not completley taking my cock out then sliding it in again.

After a few minutes Jane let out another “Oh my God.” This time her body shook and she said “I have never had such an intense orgasm.”

When we stopped, we lay on our backs and Jane asked Jac “Do you not have a girl friend who you can fuck?” “I have a girl friend but she won’t even let me touch her up.” “We will have to do something about that. You are such a good fucker she is missing out. What’s her name?” “Janice Morton.” “Oh I know her she sings in the church choir. Leave it to me I will get her to want you to fuck her Jac. It will have to be done gradually and we will have to keep in touch so you are doing the thing that will push her buttons. Don’t ring me txt me so Ramsey doesn’t know e are being in touch.”

Jane made friends with Janice and they went for coffee after choir practice a few times gradually Jane got the conversation round to sex. Jane suggested to Janice “What harm would it do for a boyfriend to stroke breasts through clothes?” A week later while having coffee Janice said “I have been thinking about it and I agree that stroking through clothes would be ok. Problem is Jac never tries now I have stopped him so often.” “Janice you will have to take the initative. Next time you stop for a snogg takes his hands and put it on your tits. Oh and get used to calling them tits because guys find it exciting when girls use naughty words.

Jane txted Jac and told him to expect Janice to put his hands on her tits. Don’t for get to compliment them “Oh they feel wonderful even better than I imagined. You are such a lovely girl, I am soooo lucky to have you as my girl friend.” After a few dates when you feel her tits you take her hand and put it on your cock while still wearing your trousers. She will withdraw her hand at first don’t complain. I will work on that for you.

The dates went as Jane predicted. So during one of their coffee times Janice said “Jane I have a question for you: while Jac was feeling my tits he took my hand and put it on his penis sorry cock. Of course I withdrew my hand. But not before I felt that his cock was big and hard. What do you think? Should I feel his cock?”

“Janice do you enjoy it when he feels your tits?” “Oh yes and my nipples go hard. I love the feeling.” “Janice is it possible that Jac would like to have similar feeling to the ones you get?” “I suppose so.” “Could it be thought you are being selfish in not letting Jac have those lovey feelings too. If you think so you know what to do.”

To be continued.

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