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s****r Seduces Younger b*****r – Part 2

To get the full enjoyment of Part 2 you really should read Part 1 first in the link below:

My name is Anita (pet name Anny) and I want to continue to tell you how I seduced my b*****r Raju. My father is deceased since four years. My mother follows her village traditions wearing white cotton loose blouse and skirt (mostly in house she just wears loose blouse her 38 inch breasts always hanging in easy view. About myself, I am 5 feet 4 inches tall, tan colour body 36-28-34 (my breasts are firm with long nipples and covered only with loose blouse made by mother, same as mother I never panties. Raju is 3 years my junior and about 5 feet 2 inches and after my i****t with him in Part 1 obeys me always and he is fully innocent about girls and sex I am sure of that.

Next morning mother was there to give Raju his bath, I sat on stool so I could see bathing method followed by her. Within few minutes mother told Raju to stand up and she started to soap his ass, cock and balls first with the cloth and then with just her hand. I could see how mother was squeezing and massaging her son cock and balls so expertly, his cock soon was standing up and her hand continued to do up and down strokes on it, I looked at Raju face and he rested his hand on mother’s shoulder eyes shut while she squeezed him tightly. Suddenly, his cock hardened more and few drops of watery cum spurted out from the end of his cock on to her arm.

Mother told me Anny from tomorrow you follow this method when bathing your b*****r now dry this young man off. Mother left the bathroom and my b*****r was left standing there with a hard cock pointing at the sky.

That night I asked Raju to come and sl**p next to me instead of waking up in night and then moving to my side. I asked him if he enjoyed his oil massage the day before and if he liked how mother gave him his last bath. He said liked how mother was soaping his cock and balls, but he preferred me since I was gentler than mum and felt good when his cock started to eject the watery liquid for first time. He turned his back to me and pulled my hand over to hold his cock and squeeze his balls.

As I lay next to Raju, I was starting to plan for the next steps in how I could expand my i****t with my b*****r, for me I knew I needed to stay in control of the situation and somehow also work it out so mother not discover my i****t for her son. With my b*****r sl**ping next to me I holding his cock and playing with it squeeze and massage it and press balls slowly not to wake him but his cock starts to get hard and stands up, I just slowly shag his cock and suddenly his cock splashes a load of hot sticky liquid all over my hand and his dhoti, this was not watery cum, this was real cum from the balls of my b*****r and he was in deep sl**p still.

In the morning I woke up as normal and my b*****r’s cum has dried up on my hand and bed sheet I can see cum stains and his cock covered in dried cum from me shagging it with my hand. At morning bath time my b*****r started to chat little bit more to and I feel we start to get better relationship now. As I soaped his ass, cock and balls I know I can make b*****r shoot his load of sperms more easily, also b*o had started to like the excitement of cumming his load, this time I decided to wear more loose blouse no sleeves and keep top front button open, I wanted b*o to start to notice my 36 inch boobs which we starting to grow bigger in last few months.

Now as I squeezed and massaged b*****r’s ball he was standing and me sitting on stool and I make it easy for him to notice my boobs in my loose blouse. I cleaned his clock of old cum from last night and started to shag his cock and bring him to good erection and then he shot his cum all over my arm and face, I never expected so much load from him. I looked up at Raju and his eyes still shut closed due to powerful energy of his cum, I said b*****r what you did to me now??

And I started to laugh so much because I thinking I looked funny with cum sperm dripping down my face and onto my blouse and breasts. Poor Raju looked worried what his cock had done on me and keep saying sorry s****r I not meant to do on purpose. Okay Raju never mind now, I am dirty with your cum sperm all over me, I need to clean myself now and I removed my blouse in front of him and my boobs in full view of his face. I pours clean water over me and soaped face and arms and boobs quickly and rinsed with cold water which made my long nipples erect and standing out.

From the corner of my eyes I can see b*****r looking my boobs and nipples and his hand started to shag his own cock because he was excited by my 36 inch boobs and dark long nipples and he shot another load of cum in my direction which luckily missed my face. I finished rinsing warm water over us and b*****r went to room to change for breakfast and I washed blouse of so much cum and changed to clean clothes also. Wow, I am thinking that bath time was improving so much with b*****r.

Later, I am sitting in kitchen with mother and drinking Horlicks warm beverage and chatting daily news of local politicians and food and all local news. Then I decide to start topic on village traditional dress about blouse and skirts by saying to her that the loose blouse design has good cooling effect and body does sweaty, because I have seen ladies wearing tight fit blouses with so much sweat makes under arms and back of blouse. Mother nodded in agreement and said the tradition loose blouse did not worry about fashion but on practical common sense and having wear bra makes more sweaty and then smelly due to dry sweat.

But I mentioned problem is that the breasts cleavage can be seen because of loose fit and when bending down or forward the breasts are more visible. Mother just smiled and said inside f****y house this not matters because we work hard and not want be sweaty and only f****y members here so nothing to worry about. But when going local market only need wear dupatta to cover openness of blouse and hide boobs. What she was saying was right, but I replied, mother in house what about b*****r seeing you and me boobs because of loose blouses. She replied, Anny he is b*****r to you and son to me let it be if he sees, it is traditional dress and I not worry if my sons sees his mother breast because I born him and my boobs fed him milk when he was baby. Anny, you are traditional young village lady and you keep traditions of dress and cooking okay and must follow custom of this village and my house and you must continue to wear traditional loose blouse and skirt as this f****y ladies wear for many generations.

As for your b*****r, he has seen you for several years when you started to wear loose blouse at 14 years age and he is used to seeing you that way and probably does not notice that any more. But mother I am 36 inch boobs now and big nipples as well and blouse does not hide completely. Anny let it be as I say, you are village culture and accept what we do here in village and here in house. Wear what I give you and you will please me okay, if b*****r sees your breast boobs let it be, okay. Please not talk more of this. Okay mother I replied, and went to veranda to sit and relax a bit, in my mind I had got some sort approval from mother to let b*****r see my boobs. My plan was to start to tempt him more and more!!

So that night I prepared my sl**p in more sexy way, I took clean new loose blouse from mother and make sure the top two buttons were opened so that b*o can easily get a good view of my boobs hanging there, my skirt was also nice and fresh and had a larger opening where the tie up was so my hip and top of outside leg showed when I sat down on stool or moved around. I called Raju to come to bathroom and he got naked quickly and sat on bath stool and I did usual cleaning of his head with shampoo and made sure my boobs were pressing on his face as I stood in front of him and shampooed and massaged and rinsed his head. I never did this method before and I enjoyed letting him get feel of boobs through the blouse.

Next I sat on my stool and made sure I moved around so he could see my boobs from where he is sitting. He got good side views and also views of my boobs’ cleavage, I could feel he was getting excited and keep watch on his cock stiffening as I teased the heck out of him with my 36 inch boobs. I motioned to Raju to stand so I can clean his ass, cock and balls, his cock by now was standing up straight and I asked Raju why your cock is like this before I even start to soap you, poor Raju standing with his head down just replied, s****r I am looking you in innocent way and I noticed for first time your blouse is open in top and I peeped and saw your big breasts hanging freely in blouse and i got hard cock as you have now seen. I replied you naughty young man I am s****r to you and take care you every day and you are doing such thing looking into my blouse. I continued to soap his cock and balls as inwardly I am smiling to myself because I have made my b*****r interested in my 36 inch boobs.

Although I was happy at my success I wanted to control him and show him I am in charge of him. So I shagged his cock fully and squeezed his balls so he felt small pain on each squeezing, I started to feel his balls tighten up and knew b*****r will soon get full power to ejaculate his hot cum across the bathroom. What I did next was to punish him a way because he was peeping my boobs before without my permission given so I held his cock very tightly in both hands and I put my small finger ½ inch into his cock opening and shagged his cock until his balls started to pump madly and he started to cry out loudly because his full load of sperm could not escape out because my inserted finger was blocking it, I took mercy on him and then released my finger from his cock opening and a huge stream of hot sperm shot across the bathroom floor.

Raju was holding his balls saying what you did s****r it really pained me, I replied b*****r if you want to look my boobs then ask me properly and I can decide to show you or not, do you understand me!! I do not like you peeping slyly at my boobs okay. He nodded his head and I continued to dry him and he went to bedroom holding his balls, you may think my action was dangerous to b*****r, but it was just to teach him little lesson not to peep and better to ask.

I decided to let him sl**p before I came to sl**p. When I entered the room I saw him on my side of mattress and small note written saying sorry s****r I never peep slyly at you again. I lay down and was resting almost asl**p when b*****r voice came saying s****r I want permission to feel your big boobs, I open top few nightie buttons and then guided his hand on to my boobs and let him feel my nipples which were hardening and standing out nicely. I had longing for his touch since the first day I bathed him.

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