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As I lay there entwined with my s****r I couldn’t help but smile and secretly thank my wife for sending her on holiday with me. She rolled onto her back and I gazed in awe at her beautiful body, her full breasts topped with still hard large nipples her flat tummy down to her now smooth bald pussy forming a glorious mound between her shaply long legs.

She jumped up playfully slapped my leg and told me to take her to dinner, as she headed towards the shower I followed her and holding her hips I entered the cubicle with her. As warm water flowed over us I soaped her breasts and allowed my hands to wash down to her mound gently forcing her legs apart to wash her plump pussy, her hands behind her washed my flacid cock and balls reaching further back to the crack of my arse, aware my cock was hardening again I slapped her butt telling her I needed her to stop or I would need to turn the water cold to cool my building lust. Washed and cleaned of sperm and pussy juices we dried off, dressed and went to enjoy a fantastic dinner in surroundings overlooking a sunset on a long stretch of sand and sea.

Finishing our wine we decided to go dancing to end our evening, both slightly d***k we danced closely pressing our bodies together as we moved over the floor. I was aware of her nipples pressing into my chest and felt her rub her mound against my leg at every oportunity, I not innocently pushed my now erect cock against her thighs each time pulling her tight to me, I felt no resistance against my sexual gestures and ventured to cup her breast as we left the floor, rather than brush my hand away she placed her hand over mine and pressed it harder against her at the same time brushing her free hand over my rock hard cock. Hand in hand we walked back to our hotel both knowing that the night was far from over for us, and that inevitably we would end up fucking each other with raw a****l lust.

As I closed the door s****r undid her dress and letting it fall to the floor stepped out of it, kicking of her heels she walked topless to the drinks table and poured us both a large night cap. Turning back to face me her breasts were just awesome swinging free, her nipples stood proud obviously erect indicating just how horny she was. Her high cut panties were tight against her pussy forming a camel toe against her labia, my cock straining against my shorts was screaming to be released, noticing my discomfort she asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable, needing no further encouragement I slid out of my jeans and pulled of my top. I sat on the bed beside her, my hard cock was obvious forming a tent in my shorts, precum staining the material against its head. Glancing down between her legs I could see a large damp patch making her labia lips visible under her panties, this most erotic sight just increased the bl**d flow to my now pulsing cock.

She looked into my eyes and asked me if I would make love to her, I felt her hand reach over into my shorts and grasp my shaft slowly working her hand up and down its length. Taking her hand away she slipped her panties off exposing her glistening pussy and pushed me onto my back on the bed pulling my shorts over my bulging cock and off my legs. Climbing onto the bed she straddled me in the 69 position and lowered her mouth over my cock, I shuddered as her warm lips closed over my shaft and sucked my cock deep into her throat, I raised my head slightly and slipped my tongue over her soaking wet pussy lips easily finding her engorged clit hard and unhooded. I heard her moan lightly and her legs splayed wider as she sank her pussy against my mouth and nose, I lapped my tongue deep into her vagina not believing how sweet she tasted nor how wet she was, although distracted by her pussy I was in heaven as she slid my cock in and out of her throat and I could feel my balls lifting as my cum built up for release. Sensing I was close to exploding she gently squeezed the base of my cock and withdrew it from her mouth, turning round to face me she told me to relax and watch as she fingered her clit driving two then three fingers deep into her honey pot, as she neared orgasm she raised her hips high of the bed and shuddered violently, moaning loudly as waves of pleasure cruised through her gorgeous body all the time pulling hard on her erect nipples. Recovering she moved back to my cock licking my leaking precum from the tip and sinking it back deep into her mouth, feeling I was ready to fuck her she positioned herself above me and spreading her pussy lips apart she lowered herself onto my cock driving it deep inside herself. Telling me to lay still she rocked her full hips in a slow circular motion grinding her clit into my pubic bone as she moved, I could feel her vagina muscles clamp onto my cock and pulse as a second orgasm racked her pussy nearly drowning my cock as fluids flowed from her.

Rolling her onto her back I positioned the tip of my cock against her gaping swollen pussy and pushing my hips forward drove my cock deep into her, hearing her gasp she clasped her legs around my back and pulling me tight into her she moved in unison with me as I pistoned my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. I could feel cum rise up into my cock and as I pushed deeper into her I stiffened as my cock pulsed jets of hot sperm into her convulsing pussy, she screamed as yet another orgasm rippled through her all the time her hungry pussy sucked and milked every last drop of my sperm deep into her vagina. Exhausted I collapsed onto her breasts cupping them as I gently nibbled each nipple in turn, her chest heaving beneath me she whispered that she had never had sex like that before, never experienced such intense orgasms or so many in such a short time. I told her that I felt the same, never experiencing such pleasure as I just had, still feeling her pussy muscles convulse against my empty cock I could feel it start to harden again inside her something I thought would never happen to me again since my youth. Cuddling tight against my naked s****r I smiled in anticipation of what was ahead.

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