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s*s, this is how to use a condom….

More Educational Experience

“So, this is what it looks like,” Sandy comments as she turns the small, square package around to examine it.

“Well… you need to open it up,” I tell her. “There’s not much you can do with it wrapped up.”

Sandy smiles at me, then turns her attention back to the matter at hand. She studies the package carefully then says “Oh, it tears here….” and rips the edge of the condom foil pack. She pulls it open and looks inside, then reaches in with her thumb and forefinger.

“It feels kind of wet….” she comments, “No…. slippery… weird.” Sandy removes the condom from the package and holds it in front of her face.

I am nude, my penis erect, standing in front of my s****r who is investigating a condom for the first time. Sandy asked me about it, suggesting I let her try one out during our sexplay time together. As is usually the case, she is still clothed, though she has opted to remove her jeans and sit in a tee shirt and panties while preparing for the afternoon activity.

Sandy pushes her finger into the center of the rolled ring. “This spout-thing lines up with the opening of your penis, right?” she inquires. While I do enjoy watching her play with a condom while I anticipate the ultimately enjoyable conclusion of her trying this out, my erection is beginning to droop. Grasping my penis and stroking it, I tell her “Yeah… that part is made to allow for the sperm. If it wasn’t like that the condom could burst from the pressure.” I’m enjoying the educational arousal that we get into.

Practical Approach

Sandy looks at my busy hand. “Don’t jerk off yet,” she tells me. “You’ve go to show me how this works. You know, one day I’ll need to use a condom with a guy… I want to know what to do.” She looks up at me. “I can tell him ‘my big b*****r showed me what to do’.” My s****r laughs and her eyes seem to twinkle. I’m still caressing my cock, assuring it’s hard and ready for Sandy’s show and tell.

She shifts herself around, sitting cross-legged on the floor directly in front of my hard-on. “Okay…. should I follow the instructions?” she asks.

I release my penis, letting it point in her face. “Go ahead…. you press the ring onto the head….”

“..and roll it carefully down over it,” she interrupts. “I think I’ve got it – just let me know if I’m doing it wrong.

My s****r grasps my cock, holding it firmly, then places the ring of the condom over the tip of my glans. I always enjoy Sandy’s touch – today, it’s more arousing as she begins drawing the ring down along my penis shaft.

“Is this good?” she inquires as she comes to the end of condoms length. It’s about two-thirds of the way down my cock.

“Yeah… that’s fine,” I gasp as she slides her hand along the now-installed condom. The lubrication enhances the sensation and I shudder. “Oooh…. you like that?” she asks repeating the caress carefully.

“Yeah… it feels really sensitive…. really nice,” I say as she continues.

“It looks weird… but I’m used to your cock being…. naked!” she tells me, continuing her stroking.

I adjust my stance, thrusting my pelvis forward with the head of my penis in Sandy’s face. She continues gently working my enshrouded erection and cradles my balls in her left hand. I can’t keep my breathing quiet.

The real deal

“I think it’s about that time,” she says. “I want to see how this works.” Sandy strokes me with a steady, purposeful hand, the sensations magnified magnificently. She keeps her eyes fixed on my glans – my muscles clench without any conscious effort. Sandy is about to get her wish and watch me ejaculate in a condom.

It’s a slow progression this time, enhanced by the lube and the feel of my s****r stroking me through the shiny sheath. I feel he orgasm even before I cum, feel my muscles press against her grip. “Oh Sandy…” I sort-of-mutter as the orgasm overwhelms me. “Oh Sandy…”

“Cool!” Sandy exclaims as she watches my sperm quickly fill the tip of the condom. She slows her motions as I continue my spasms of delight. I let out one long breath as the climax falls off. Sandy is holding my penis, examining the now sperm-filled membrane sagging down from my glans.

“It just fills it up,” she tells me, “Almost like a special-effects thing. It’s pretty neat.” She carefully taps the end of the drooping sack of sperm. “This looks kind of sad now,” she says.

“I’ve got to clean up,” I utter, breathing again. She sits back as I reach down and carefully roll the condom off my spent cock. It is a bit sad-looking, the excitement of cumming ending up with a droopy little sack. Sandy turns and grabs the tissue box.

“Thanks for letting me jerk you off and watch how this works,” she tells me. (It’s the first time anyone has thanked me for cumming.) She pulls two tissues from the box, gasps me once again and begins wiping my glans. “You usually squeeze the rest out, right?” she asks. After I ejaculate I always work my fingers beneath my penis to squeeze the remainder of my sperm out. Apparently, Sandy noticed and, to my delight, she now duplicates my actions and firmly rubs her thumb along my penis shaft. Another drop of sperm appears. “Yep…. I figured as much,” she says and gently wipes it away.

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