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S*ster’s Licker 2 by loyalsock

“You go lay out the food with Mae. She’d be wondering where we’ve got to.” His voice was gruff to his own ears, and he almost heaved a sigh of relief when she said lightly, “Okay.” And her steps receded away from the clearing. Soon he heard her calling out to Mae, and only then did he relax, looking down at his discomforting erection, pressing it down furiously.

“Fuck!” he swore, hating the whole situation. For how long was he going to keep his unholy feelings from his s****r, from his whole f****y? It wasn’t going to be easy….

When he joined the two girls some time later, he found them in a light, giggling mood, laying out the food on the blanket they’d brought. He decided to make an extreme effort to act normal around Lacey from now on, no matter what. She must never, ever, suspect how much he wanted her.

The next hour passed without incident, as they sunbathed after the meal. Max pretended to doze off on his side of the blanket as his s****r lay some inches away, with Mae on the other end. The latter seemed to getting more at ease in her swimsuit, though Max was sure she’d never been so exposed in public before – even though it was just them. He’d have been more floored by her own impressive nudity if he wasn’t already so smitten with his gorgeous sexy s****r.

Speaking of whom, he looked through the corner of his half-closed lids as she suddenly turned on her stomach and with a sigh, undid the knot of her bikini top, baring her back to the gentle sun’s glare. Max gulped, wondering what she was up to now. The two girls were talking about some stupid soap opera on TV, and they thought he was asl**p. Lacey was gushing about one of the male lead actors and how gorgeous he was. As she spoke, she casually moved again so that she lay on her back, shrugging the loose strips of her top off. Max almost choked on his next breath, still watching her from underneath his lashes. Her breasts, bare and proud, were just as beautiful as he remembered. He itched so much to reach out, just stretch out his hand and cup their full, firm mounds. But he daren’t, of course.

He heard Mae gasp when she looked sideways and saw her cousin without her top half. “Gosh, Lacey, what on earth!”

Lacey was shrugging. “I think my boobs have got a little pale. Besides, they hardly get to see any sun.”

“You’re such an exhibitionist!” Mae was saying with a half-disgusted flush. Though inwardly her heart was thumping at her first sight of naked boobs. She was an only girl, with three b*****rs. She’d never really seen a pair of breasts, and Lacey’s were lovely, just the size she’d have preferred if she’d been given the choice. She felt an alien, sweet sensation creep over her body as she drank in the sight of Lacey. It was mad, but she felt attracted, even aroused – the first time in her life she’d ever felt that way. To distract herself, she pulled off her glasses and wiped them furiously.

“And you’re such a prude,” Lacey replied promptly. She lifted her arms high, stretching luxuriantly. “I’m not ashamed of my body. Unlike some people,” she added pointedly, glancing at Mae, who looked away with annoyance.

“Who says I’m ashamed?” she asked, fed up with Lacey. She was happy being criticised about her clothes, her upbringing, and her principles. She was just a little shy, that was all. But she certainly wasn’t a prude! She’d put on this skimpy swimsuit, hadn’t she?

“Then prove it. Take off your swimsuit. I dare you. See, I’ve taken off the rest of mine,” Lacey shocked Mae (and the secretly watching Max) by saying suddenly. And true to her word, she sat up and pulled off her little bikini panties. Then she lay back, looking up with a mocking smile at her flabbergasted cousin.

This was getting too much for Max. But with supreme effort, he kept up his pretence of being fast asl**p, even deepening his breathing into a snore or two. But he still watched the unfolding scenario with breathless anticipation.

“I’m not going to take my clothes off!” Mae exclaimed in indignation, staring with disbelief as Lacey lay naked next to her.

“Prude, prude,” sang Lacey, running her hands through her hair, striking a provocative pose as she lifted one knee, not caring that Max was right beside her. He was asl**p, anyway, she figured.

“I’m not a prude,” Mae said, almost in tears. She hated being called names. She hated being treated like she was different by her peers, just because her dad had raised her and her b*****rs up with an iron hand. Ever since their mother had died, he’d had to bring them up on his own. If he was a little too strict then it was because he had such a huge responsibility. At least so Mae told herself.

But any time she was around people like Lacey and Max, she was made to realise just how much of life she was missing. To be free, totally free, to have no inhibitions or fears, must feel so good.

“You are a prude. Always was, probably always will be. Gosh, I really feel sorry for you,” Lacey said, her mocking tone and pitiful look making Mae blush with shame, and then anger. She’ll show Lacey.

Without another word, she got to her feet, and then, quickly, as if afraid she’d change her mind if she even thought of it, Mae shrugged out of the straps of her swimsuit, and then pushed it all the way down, before kicking it away and standing there naked in front of the watching Lacey.

Arms akimbo, she glared down at her open-mouthed cousin. “Now call me a prude,” she dared, though inwardly she longed to place her hands to at least cover her pubic area, which was somewhat bushy, the hairs thick, brown and curly. It was an area she barely paid attention to, except to wash, and she noticed how different it was from Lacey’s own pretty, shaven pick pussy.

Laughing gleefully, Lacey jumped up and hugged her affectionately. “I’m so proud of you, Mae!” she exclaimed, and Mae smiled, at last relaxing.

“I didn’t mean to sound mean,” Lacey apologized, so sweetly that her cousin forgave her everything. “I just want you to..I dunno, loosen up. We’re very free in my f****y, and I wanted you to experience that. We’ll have such fun together now, with the new you.” She stepped back to view Mae’s nicely formed figure, with its massive boobs, the nipples high and pert, very pink. “And you really have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks,” Mae smiled, shocked at how at ease she was, though she’d never been stark naked in front of anyone before. And certainly not out in the woods where any one could chance up on them. But since Lacey didn’t seem worried, neither would she. But she glanced nervously at Max, who still lay there, sl**ping.

“What if he wakes up and finds us like this?” she asked her cousin with a worried frown.

Lacey giggled. “We’ll probably make him join in, as well. He can be a bit uptight at times, too.”

Seeing the horror on Mae’s face at the idea of Max getting naked in front of them, Lacey laughed, then said mock-solemnly, “To make your initiation complete, we need to take a jump in the water. Ever gone skinny-dipping before?”

Mae sent her a look that said, “What do you think?” and Lacey grinned. “There’s a first time for everything. In fact, today’s a day of firsts. Come on!” And tugging Mae along with her, they both, laughing, dived into the waiting pool.

Max was grateful that they were gone now. It gave him the respite he sorely needed, as now he could turn on his back and ease the strain that his hard cock had been put under when he’d been lying on his stomach. It had been an effort to stay still with the sight of two of the most beautiful bodies he’d ever had the privilege to see standing before him.

Despite his obvious dilemma though, he had to chuckle, as he listened to them frolic in the lake. Lacey was really making his stiff cousin loosen up. Which in itself was good, but he wondered what else Lacey would put the poor girl up to before the holidays were over.

But he shrugged, realising he had his own problems. How to get these horny thoughts of Lacey off his mind. He still feigned sl**p when the returned from the pool, dripping and naked. They quickly dried and dressed in their clothes, before Lacey came and woke him up.

“Now who’s the sl**py head!” she teased, as he faked grogginess, sitting up. “You missed a lot of fun.”

“Just what did I miss?” he asked lightly, standing up and stretching. He liked the way Lacey looked admiringly at him. Even Mae was regarding him a little shyly.

“Um.. nothing much! But I think you’d better dress and take us home. Mom said we shouldn’t stay till dark.”

“Okay. At least I’ve done my baby-sitting duty for today,” he said, finding his clothes and putting them on. Both girls made indignant comments, and he merely laughed. If only they know how far from being babies he considered them. He knew what to do though, after this. He would never, ever, allow himself to be alone with his s****r. Not until he was able to work out this raging lust he felt for her.

Days went by, and it was easy to keep his inner vow, because being girls, they became engrossed in each other and hardly spared a thought for him as they spent the next few days shopping, sightseeing or just staying in Lacey’s room talking for hours.

Max generally kept out of their way, always finding some excuse to go out: with friends, for a basketball game, or to the gym, where he spent long hours venting his frustrations on the machines. But at night he had to go home and face his tormentor. She was always there, at dinner, and afterwards as they watched TV. She teased him, annoyed him as usual, but he generally ignored her.

But one night, he realised he could ignore her no longer.

He’d just returned from a gruelling session at the gym. Lacey and Mae were watching TV with his mom in the living room, and he greeted them breezily before pounding up the stair to the grab a shower. He was soaping himself all over vigorously, the shower running down his naked frame. The noise from the rushing water was so loud that he almost missed the sound of the bathroom door opening.

“What the – ,” he muttered, trying to see though the soap blinding his eyes.

“Relax, it’s just me,” he heard Lacey say lightly, as she went to the nearby toilet seat. He heard her begin to pee noisily into the bowl. Rinsing off quickly, he finally was able to find the towel and wrap it around himself, turning to face her angrily.

“What ever happened to the downstairs loo?” he asked. “You did know I was having a shower, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” she said, regarding him in surprise. “But Mae was in that one, so Mum suggested I come up here. What’s wrong? I was waiting but you were taking so freaking long.” She looked somewhat hurt by his reaction, and his heart softened, though he tied the towel more securely about his waist.

“Sorry. I guess I had a hard day at the gym,” he said more gently, as he stepped unto the bathmat. He tried not to squirm as she scrutinised him with open admiration.

“Well, it sure must be paying off. You look like something out of Men’s Health. What are up to? Trying to impress a new girlfriend?” she teased, though her voice held a hint of jealousy.

He laughed at that. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Yet,” she added. “You never seem to have time for girls. But I’m sure you’ve got some of them after you.”

“What makes you think so?” he asked with a sigh. Lacey, always teasing. Why didn’t she just go? Having her this close, with him barely dressed, was not a good idea. He’d been avoiding this kind of situation for weeks. She looked lovely, as usual. She wore a light, flowery little dress with cute little straps that were tied in knots on her bare shoulders, her blonde hair tied high in a ponytail. He had to look away from her beautiful face, going to the sink to shave his little five o’clock shadow. He had to go out again in an hour; a friend was having a birthday dinner that evening: they were all four of them going to a swanky restaurant for the occasion, and they were picking him up by eight: his friend, Josh, his girlfriend Melissa and her twin s****r, Lynn. They were all in the same class. He had to be ready by eight.

“Well, you’re handsome, intelligent, and very charming. I would have thought they’d be bursting down our door by now,” Lacey shrugged, coming to stand next to him and watch him shave. Her unexpected nearness made him go over the ritual quickly, not wanting to prolong a situation that was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He didn’t reply, but splashed on some cologne.

“Look, I’ll have to be rushing out in a bit,” he told her, already heading for the door. Her next words cut him short.

“What’s going on, Max? We used to be close. We used to talk about things, hang out. You used to be my friend. But these days it’s like you’ve been avoiding me.”

He turned around in surprise, to see her face was filled with genuine worry and sadness. He sighed. “You and Mae have been getting along so famously. So who’s ignoring who?”

Her eyes were wide with understanding, and she came quickly up to him. “I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting you. But I just wanted Mae to feel at home. I never dreamed you’d feel left out.” She reached out a hand to him, but he backed away. He saw her expression fall. “You hate me,” she said suddenly in realisation, and before he could reply, she rushed blindly from the bathroom.

He wanted to go after her, but he heard her bound down the stairs back to his mom and Mae. He decided he’d talk to her later. He really had to get ready for the dinner.

His friends came to pick him up, and they had a nice time going through an expensive six course meal and a lot of champagne. Josh was twenty now, older than all of them. He hadn’t wanted to throw a party, had preferred to spend the day with his best friend, his girl, and her s****r. He’d asked Lynn along, hoping to pair the girl up with his pal. But Max hardly showed more than a token interest in Melissa’s twin. Both of them were very beautiful eighteen year olds, and Josh would have been glad if his matchmaking had worked. But Max was too busy looking somewhat glum half the time, and the other half he spent getting d***k. He wondered what was biting his usually good-natured pal.

Lynn was also the designated driver, so she was the only one that was sober when they finally dropped the now tipsy Max off. He waved his friends goodbye, before letting himself into the quiet house. He was glad to be home. The party had been fun, the food great, and he’d drank a bit too much, but he was happy it was finally over. He’d been so preoccupied with thoughts of Lacey, and that hurt look on her face.

The only sounds he could hear now were his footsteps up the stairs. He was going past her room now, and he wondered if he should go in and talk to her, make her understand that in no way could he ever hate her. She was his s****r, gosh. He loved her. Too much, it seemed.

Making up his mind, he pushed open her door. But of course, she was asl**p. The night light beside her bed was on, pooling her in a heavenly golden light. He called her name softly as he progressed into the room, hoping that would wake her. He longed to tell her how deeply he felt for her – and that was why he had to stay aloof sometimes.

He came to stand beside the bed. She was wearing a cute little nightshirt, with a Minnie Mouse Motif on the front. But in her sl**p it had hitched up to her waist, revealing the long length of her legs, and the tiny strip of her white panties. He gulped, once again ravaged by lust as his eyes locked on the vee between her slightly open legs. She was half-turned to face him, her breathing deep and steady. He knew she was dead to the world, and he knew he should leave right now.

But he couldn’t.

He sat on the edge of the bed, right next to her right foot. Her face, half-buried in the pillow, looked so innocent and beautiful, with her thick lashes forming half-moons on her dusky cheeks. His heart swelled with adoration, even as his cock swelled with lust.

Maybe it was all that champagne, or maybe it was just all these weeks of keeping himself in check. But Max suddenly realised he couldn’t leave that room till he’d touched her. Made bold with desire, he reached out a hand and cupped the delicate line of her ankle, before stroking slowly, slowly up one leg. Her skin felt as smooth, as silky as it had felt that first time. Every night in the past weeks he’d fantasized about this, about being able to touch and caress her without anything or any one to stop him. And as she slept soundly beside him, he realised this might be his only chance.

Watching her face the whole time, he stroked his way up her thighs, his two hands on her now. Her legs parted willingly to his gentle push, and the sight of her prim little white lace-trim made his cock rear up even more uncomfortably in his trousers. No way in hell was he going to stop now.

But he was hungry to see more.

With light, slow movements, not making a sound, he began to pull up the folds of her tee, till her magnificent breasts were uncovered to his gaze. He swallowed convulsively, wondering if she would awake if he kissed them, sucked them. He didn’t care. If he didn’t taste those fat juicy-looking nipples now, he knew he’d just die.

Bending, his breath shallow and harsh in his chest, he lowered his mouth to worshipfully suckle on her right nipple, the sweetness of it hitting him fast, so fast he almost exploded on himself. His dick was straining painfully against its zipper now. Without thinking, he released the now engorged member from its tight prison, unzipping his pants and then pushing down his shorts so that his cock reared up hungrily. He stroked himself once, twice – but for now, he was more interested in touching Lacey. Abandoning his throbbing meat, he stroked her exposed body hungrily, yet gently, always afraid he might wake her. But she slept on, and he grew more confident. …

He sucked on one nipple, and then the other, kneading her firm round breasts with hands that shook with the f***e of his lust. Gosh, it felt so good to touch her, to taste her. Just like in his wildest dreams. His mouth slid down to her navel, even as his fingers hitched into the hem of her panties and slid them down her legs. Pushing them even further apart than ever, he bared her fleshy little pussy to his starved gaze. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Max had been with girls, of course. Lots of them. Like his s****r had guessed, he was never short of a few admirers. But he’d never fallen in love, and he’d never wanted any one this bad. And none of them had seemed so lovely, so utterly fuckable, as Lacey did. He pushed gentle fingers along the folds of her pussy, grazing over the little button. For the first time, he heard her moan, and he looked up quickly, his heart thudding. She turned her head from one side to another, but that was all. She was as deeply asl**p as she had been when he’d come in.

Bolder with every second that passed, he bent once again, this time to lap very gently, very softly on her vagina, held open by his fingers, which stroked even as his tongue sucked and licked on her pink little pussy, the taste of her sudden wetness like nectar to his starved senses. He couldn’t stop, it seemed, as he buried his face between her legs, gripping her thighs and eating out of her shaved pussy till the smell of her maddened his senses. He was sure this time that he heard a deep sigh escape her lips, but he was too engrossed in his delicious task to check if she was awake.

He didn’t even care, not any more. He could feel his cock grow harder and longer by the minute, and balls felt heavy and tight, almost painfully so. He licked and licked, burying his tongue deep inside, then twirling it round the pussy lips, then sucking on the tight-looking hole, slipping a finger in to fuck her gently with it. She squirmed, her legs suddenly trembling, and only them did he glance up to look at her face. Her eyes were tightly closed, and he could tell that she was still asl**p, and he was amazed, but it only heightened the fantastic pleasure all this was giving him. He wondered at his nerve, wondered what the hell would happen if she suddenly opened her eyes and realised what he was doing. But it all felt so good that he didn’t care. Not anymore.

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