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Standing position

You walk in the door and I can’t help but notice your tiny petite structure, standing just over 5 feet tall. You go to take off your shoes and give me a full view of your butt with a little smirk on your face. Once next to me you lock your lips onto mine, my tongue dancing around with your tongue. I take this opportunity to move my hands to your small but tight butt. You moan as I squeeze your butt and pull you closer. At this point you feel my hard on. We go upstairs, lie down on the bed and continue making out. Slowly I start undressing you as you undress me. When we are at out underwear, I slip my hands over your tiny B cup breasts yet very firm and perky. Your nipples are just screaming to get out. I undo your bra, lower my mouth to your nipples and give them some much needed attention. My one hand starts moving down your belly, underneath your underwear, to the very wet pussy.

I gently slide one finger into your very tight pussy while alternating sucking on your breasts. Your hands go into my underwear and start stroking my dick.

I remove your underwear and lay you on your back. I start gently kissing the inside of your thighs. You want to direct me to your pussy but I resist and make my way over very slowly and gently while my fingers play with your nipples a little bit. My mouth gets to your entrance and I give it a kiss. Your hips come up ever so slightly so I take the hint and bury myself in between your legs. While eating you out, one hand stays on your breast while the other comes down. One finger gets inserted into you. You start moving your hips until you can’t take it anymore. You have a small orgasm, push me onto my back, straddle my face so that I can continue eating you out while you take off my underwear and take my cock in your mouth. The feeling of your mouth sends shivers down my body. I grab your ass and pull you in closer while you continue moaning and sucking.

I am very hard and very ready. I take you off the bed, lift you up by your ass, your hands around my neck, and slowly lower you onto my dick. Your one hand comes down and guides me inside you. The feeling of your pussy opening up to my dick is just sensational. Once in, your hand goes back around my neck. I continue sliding it in you until you are fully on top. I start moving your ass up and down. You start breathing heavier and heavier, my cock continues to grow inside you. You tell me to fuck you faster. I up the pace, burying my cock in and out of you. I tell you I won’t last much more but you give me permission to unload anytime I want. We continue fucking until you beg me to come on. I grab your ass, pull you in close, unload inside you, and you have an orgasm to match mine.

We fall down on the bed together, me still inside you. We kiss deeply and passionately while you wait out your orgasm. You don’t want this to end but it does. You pull out my cock, juices dripping everywhere, and we just lie there in each other’s arms, exhausted.

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