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Star Trek : TNG SEX

This story takes place within the last 30 seconds of the movie Star
Trek : First Contact (You’ll see!)

Complexities and Paradox’s

“Engage the temporal field Mr LaForge,” said Captain Picard, gesturing
forward with his arm.

“Aye Captain, temporal field is opening.”

The Enterprise E shot forward from it’s orbit around Earth, a rippling
in the space around them began to form and then the ship disappeared,
leaving behind Zefram Cochrane and the Vulcans to make history.

Inside the temporal field, the Enterprise travelled smoothly, Data
worked on the computers, his face was still damaged from his encounter
with the Borg Queen and Picard couldn’t help but stare at it.

“Well Mr Data?”

“As we suspected Captain, history is back on track, pollution is
disappearing, war appears to be slowing, it has now stopped – sir we
will soon be unable to track Earth’s progress, we’ll have to wait
until we return to our own time to make sure that everything is as it
should be.”

“Excellent Mr Data, Commander Riker, I was wondering if….”

“Sir,” Data interupted,”We are registering an anomaly.”

“What? Of what nature Data?”

“It is a starcraft of unknown design, travelling through the
time/space continuom, it appears to have performed a slingshot around
the sun.”

“That sound’s familiar,” said Riker,”Somethings wrong.”

“Registering now,” said Data,”It is a Klingon Bird Of Prey, but it’s
inhabitants are seven humans, one Vulcan and…….”

“And what Data?”

“And…..two whales sir…”

Riker slapped his palm against his forehead,”Of course, it’s James
Kirk, do you remember the trip through time he took to save Earth from
the probe?”

“Of course,” said Picard,”Spock discovered that it was looking for
humpback whales and they travelled back in time to find a pair.”

“Sir, if we maintain this course we will cross paths with Kirk’s ship,
that may cause a problem,” said Data, a worried expression on his

“What problem?”

“Well, theoretically, in time travel, ships have no mass or velocity,
and it should be possible for two ships to exist at the same place,
but dual appearance of two ships at one location during one
microsecond of time will cause a paradox.”

“Resulting in…….? don’t keep us hanging Data?”

“We will either cease to exist, blow up, merge with Kirk’s ship,
suffer temporal dislocation or come out fine.”

“How long till we cross paths Data?”

“Three minutes and twenty eight seconds.”

“Can we change course at all?”

“Theoretically, of course, we are travelling through time, and are
therefore existing in a different second of a different year of a
different decade of a different century with each second that passes,
meaning that changing course may also be injurious to us.”

“Do it Data,” said Picard,”It’s a risk we have to take.”

Data tapped on the control panel at a steadily increasing rate, until
his hands became a blur, the ship shuddered and actually groaned,
something it had never done before.

“Course has changed slightly sir, it’s all I can do, we will however,
brush against the Klingon ship.”

“We will be all right won’t we,” said Riker, sounding confident,”James
Kirk never reported any temporal anomaly or dislocation.”

“No sir,” said Data,”But the ships long range sensors were
ineffective, most of the crew lost consciousness and there was an
unforeseen power failure.”

“Great Data, just great,” Riker turned to look at the viewscreen, it
was blank, as it had been since they initiated the temporal field.
Then the ship actually tilted, and the crew members all fell forward.

The Klingon ship sped into San Francisco harbour at an alarming rate.

“Admiral, we’ve lost all power,” cried Scotty through the

“Damn,” muttered Kirk, he turned to look at the crew,”Once we land,
get out of the ship, I’ll get the whales out.”

He ran of, followed by the marine biologist he had been f***ed to
bring with him from the twentyth century.

Curious, thought Spock, why had there been a power failure?

“Everybody okay?” asked Riker, the crew repositioned themselves,
everyone seemed all right.

“All decks status report,” said Picard, Data checked over reports
coming through.

“Some minor injuries, no casualties,” the android said, although the
fake skin on his head had been cauterized by the gas explosion in his
fight with the Borg Queen, some more had peeled away in the tilt.

“Data, you should have your head looked at, and replace that lost

“Aye sir,” said Data,”We have emerged from the termporal field, Earth
has returned to the history we knew before being caught in the Borg’s
wake. I beleive it is safe for me to leave the bridge.”

Picard grinned as Data walked to the turbolift, the door opened and
Beverly stepped out, Data was about to greet her when she stepped
right through him, followed by another Data, with the skin back on his

Beverly turned and looked at Data,”Well, you still up for it?”

Data grinned,”Of course, but you realise what will happen if we get

“Who cares,” she said, Picard noticed that her speech was slurred, and
that she was holding a bottle of something, – Tequ – was all he could
make out of the label, which was turned from him.

“Tequila?” said Riker,”Where did she get a bottle of Tequila?”

Deanna stood up and stood beside Riker,”I took a bottle with me,
Zefram made me.”

Data – the one without skin – scanned a tricorder over Beverly and the
other Data, who were discussing the ridiculousness of regulations.

“They have no mass,” said Data,”It appears I was incorrect, we are
suffering from temporal dislocation – what we are seeing has yet to

Suddenly Beverly rushed to the helm, and clumsily pushed a few

“I thought she had no mass?” said Riker,”The board is lighting up.”

“A paradox sir,” said Data,”Think of it as we are having no mass, but
the bridge, and the future me and Dr Crusher are real – or think that
the future helm controls are co-existing with the present ones – it
appears that she is disabling helm controls in any case.

“I’m ready baby,” she said, she lay back on the helms, the controls
unresponsive to her touch now, and slid down her pants.

“What the hell?” said Picard, utterly perplexed,”What is she doing?”

Once her pants were down, she removed her skimpy white panties and
spread her legs, her trimmed red thatch parting to show the pink
pleasure beneath.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Data, rubbing his hands together in
anticipation,”This is going to be sweet,” he lowered his own pants and
his android cock sprang free. He lowered himself onto and into
Beverly quickly, and started to ram into her quickly, fucking her with
hard, quick thrusts.

“I don’t beleive this,” said Picard, he turned to look at his Data,
whose mouth was open in shock.

“Something is wrong sir,” he said,”Given, I could be commanded to
perform sexual intercourse with Dr Crusher, but, regulations strictly
forbid sexual intercourse of any nature on the bridge of the ship,
also I am not given to talking in that manner.”

“Well, sometime in the future you will be,” said Picard,”My God,
taking advantage of Beverly like that, how did she let herself get

At the helm, Data was pumping into Beverly faster and faster, she
clutched his back and screamed in pleasure.

“Yes, fuck me baby, do me hard, your cock is so big.”

“Of course it is,” cried the other Data,”Dr Seung was so embarassed of
his….fallacy….that when he created me in his image he decided to
spruce up the image a bit, haha!”

He rammed faster and faster into Beverly cunt, and she screamed with
the pleasure of it, Data took the time to rip her tunic open,
revealing large, plump breasts. He began to suck on one.

“Immm,” he said around a mouthful of tit,”You’re a great fuck you

“Of course I know,” she replied, gasping for breath as she slid
further up the helm with each thrust,”My husband couldn’t get enough,
and that old bastard Picard has probably been jerking of over me ever
since we meet – he’s always staring at my tits or ass.”

Picard coughed,”She is d***k, after all,” he said, hoping no one
noticed the growing tent pole in his pants.

Data suddenly pulled loose,”Hand and knees,” he said with a grin.

Beverly got on the floor, into the doggy position and Data slid into
her again, grasping her hips he tried a couple of experimental
thrusts, slapping against her ass. Then he changed his mind, he
pulled nearly all the way out, then slid slowly back in to the hilt,
doing her like this drove her crazy, she began gasping faster and

“Oh god, I think I’m cumming…..” she cried and then screamed in
pleasure. Data began humping her faster now, still pulling nearly
fully out, before slamming back into the Doctors tight cunt.

She grinned in pleasure and looked up, she happened to be right in
front of Picard, she shook her head as if confused,”Jean Luc?” she
said and suddenly she faded out of existance along with Data.

Picard sat at the table, staring at the other officers.

“Well, I for one would like an explanation of what just happened.”

“It’s basically all theory,” said Data,”But it seems that the
co-existance of the Enterprise and the Klingon ship caused a temperol
dislocation – resulting in time pockets throughout the entire ship, we
have several reports of crew member bumping into new crewmembers,
friends they were just talking to and even themselves.”

“Do you have the location of these timepockets?”

“I beleive so sir, to prevent further encounters, I suggest we
quarantine those areas – including the bridge.”

“We’ll make use of the secondary bridge,” said Picard.

“Can you explain how Dr Crusher ‘saw’ the Captain?” asked Deanna.

“We don’t know that she did, perhaps the Captain of that time emerged
on the bridge, perhaps a future Captain appeared and was unaware of
her – or perhaps the two timepockets joined briefly before

“Can we change what’s going to happen?” asked Riker,”One of the
crewmen bumped into his ‘ replacement’, apparently he died in a gas
explosion in two weeks time. He’s in sickbay in shock.”

“The future is not set,” replied Data,”I for one, am not going to
replace my skin until this problem is dealt with.”

“Perhaps, Deanna” spoke up Worf, who had remained quiet so far,”You
should get rid of that bottle of Tequila?”

“Excellent,” said Data,”If Dr Crusher does not get d***k she will
likely not perform the endeavour.”

“Where is Dr Crusher?” asked Picard, they all looked around, no one
knew,”Computer, locate Doctor Crusher.”

“Dr Crusher is in holoroom one.”

“Worf, take her to sickbay or her quarters,” said Picard, the Klingon
nodded and left.

“Right,” said Picard,”Let’s begin evacuation.”

Five minutes later Deanna sat in her quarters, staring at the bottle
of Tequila, it seemed a shame to just…chuck it out….., she looked
around her quarters, then grabbed a glass, opening the bottle she
poured some in.

“For Zefram,” she said, and belted it back.

Worf entered holoroom 1, the grid glowed softly, no program was being
run, Beverly stood in the centre, arms spread out, smiling.

“Isn’t it beautiful,” she said with a smile.

“Dr Crusher,” said Worf in his deep baritone, wishing to be back on
DS9 where the only odd thing that happened was invading Cardassians,
playing politics with power hungry Bajorans and poker with Ferengi.

“Yes, what is it?” asked Beverly, her eyes remained closed.

“There is no program running,” he said simply.

She smiled,”Of course I didn’t mean it Jean Luc.”

Worf’s eyes widened, he swung his arm at Beverly and it passed right
through, grabbing a tricorder he pointed it at her,”No mass,” he said
simply, and ran out the door.

Dr Crusher yawned as she left her quarters, she had finally gotten
some good sl**p after that trouble with the Borg. As she wondered
down the hallway she noticed faint singing coming from around the
corner. She turned and saw the corridor was empty, but the singing
was still there, the odd thing was, she could swear it was herself
singing, but loud and off key. The song itself was bawdy, then she
heard Deanna’s voice join with hers.

“Computer,” she said,”Locate Councillor Troi.”

“Councillor Troi is in her quarters.”

Beverly rushed away, missing the image of her and Deanna coming into
focus, supporting each other as they sang, Beverly waving a near empty
Tequila bottle.

“Dr Crusher is in holoroom 1,” said the computer.

“Why is the computer registering a temporal anomaly as present, if Dr
Crusher is co-existing in two different places, the computer should
register both?” queried Data, one eye looked thoughtful, the other was
just a red optical in a grey metal surface, he had not replaced his

Worf frowned,”I thought of that, well not exactly……but, listen,”
he strode forward several paces, scanned with his tricorder and asked
the computer again.

“Dr Crusher is on the bridge,” he and Data went a turbolift up, and
Data asked the question.

“Dr Crusher is in Councillor Trois’ quarters……..”

“…..Captain Picard’s ready room…….”

“…….Ten forward……..”


After several trips Data sighed,”So the computer is travelling through
timepockets too, registering the same person in different places all
over the ship.”

“That raises a bad question,” said Worf,”How do we know that people we
are talking to over communicators are even there?”

Deanna was u*********s on the table, slumped forward and snoring.
Beverly picked up the half full glass and sniffed the contents. She
looked at the bottle, half full as well.

She hesitated, then drank the contents of the glass.

“Not bad,” she said, then dropped the glass, to the table, she
clutched her throat and made a hacking, coughing noise,”My God,” she
whispered hoarsely,”Need a drink…..” she rushed to the replicator
and whispered,”Water.”

Nothing happened, she asked again and again, then finally gave up, she
staggered around, the feeling should be abating, she thought, but it
was not. In desperation she grabbed the bottle and took a swig, the
liquid actually did soothe her throat, but when she removed the bottle
it began to burn again, she took another swig, then another and

“Hey,” muttered a voice,”Save some for me,” Beverly looked down and
saw Deanna, awake and blinking groggily, she reached out and took the
bottle, which nearly slid out of her hand.

“Need it,” whispered Beverly,”No water.”

“Computer…water…” said Deanna, water appeared in the replicator,
Beverly stared at it, suspicious, then drank it down, it soothed her
throat some. She turned and looked at Deanna, who was swishing the
last part of Tequila in the bottle around disconsolately.

“I don’t know how that stuff got you d***k,” said Beverly,”But
you…..” suddenly Deanna’s sad expression made her want to laugh, and
she did, loudly.

“Huh?” said Deanna, looking around,”Wass’up?”

Beverly stumbled against the table and caught hold of it to support
her weight,”You,” she said, pointing at Deanna and struggling not to
laugh,”Are so d***k……”

“Yeah,” said Deanna, attempting to rise to her feet,”Well, look who’s

Beverly spun around, almost falling over,”Who?” she said, and cracked
up laughing.

Data and Worf entered Data’s quarters, they peered around, when Data
ordered the lights on the computer did respond.

“She’s not here,” said Worf,”Scratch that one off the list.”

Data did so mentally,”What would Dr Crusher be doing in my room

Worf stared at him meaningfully and Data, his emotion chip on, looked
away embarassed.

“Come on, where next?”

“You know,” said Data,”This is almost certainly futile, in each time
pocket she isn’t just going to sit around, she’ll move about, I
anticipate only a 34.789045% chance we will find the real her.”

“I beleive in luck,” said Worf,”And some good has to come our way

Beverly and Deanna, supporting each other, staggered down an empty
corridor, it had been evacuated because of a time pocket in the area.
They were singing a song Beverly remembered from her Academy days – it
was rather bawdy and disgusting, or so she had thought at the time,
now it just amused her :

The woman’s name was Fran

She did my entire clan

She had the biggest tits

She’d do you for two bits

She had a real tight cunt

She even did a runt…….

Deanna joined in after getting the gist of things, and eventually they
found themselves at Holoroom 6.

“What’s up?” asked Deanna, peering about in a d***ken haze.

“I wanna show you this holoprogram Wesley sent me,”She said, she
suddenly burst into tears,”He’s such a good boy….”

“I know honey,” said Deanna, petting her hair,”He’s a fine, fine boy.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Beverly, pushing her away,”You
saying you’re attracted to my boy, you saying you did my boy?”

“Huh?” said Deanna, leaning against a wall,”No…..but I uh….think
he’s a fine young lad, make his Dad proud.”

“Yeah,” said Beverly, sniffing back tears,”But I……..never mind,
come inside the holoroom, it’s great.”

They walked into paradise.

Picard finished speaking on his communicator, he turned to Riker,”Data
wants to meet you in holoroom 1, something about the problem being

“Is it wise to seperate?” asked Riker,”Data’s plan needs all of us.”

“Data knows what he is doing,” said Picard,”Get to it.”

Worf grinned,”I told you good luck would come our way, we can escape
these timepockets – you’re sure that it will work?”

“Of course,” said Data,”It’s a 98.6742% proof plan, as long as no one
goes into the major time pockets on the bridge or holoroom 1 we’ll be

Deanna stared around at the rolling expanses of hills, the sun shone
on forests far in the distance, everything was green.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered in awe,”And Wesley made this?”

“Yeah,” said Beverly with a smile,”Just for his Mother, there was an
oak tree like this on Jack’s home on Earth and we used to picnic

“You miss them don’t you,” said Deanna with a smile,”Wesley and Jack?”

“Yeah, Jack most of all, but I’ve gotten over it,” she gave a d***ken
grin,”It’s sex I miss – I haven’t got laid since I met that
‘ghost/alien’ thing.”

Deanna snorted, but didn’t mention the fuck they had both received on
DS9 when battling the ancient Vulcan Sorceror Tapek.

“I sometimes think that that’s all that men are good for – fucking.”

“Yeah – I just wish we didn’t have to cater to their needs so much –
we should be able to concentrate on our own pleasure, not theirs.”

“I know how you feel, Worf is alot like that – but I can expect it
from a Klingon.”

“Is he…….you know……..big,” asked Beverly, a small smile on her

Deanna laughed,”He’s huge – I sometimes think I’m gonna burst – but
once’s he cum, it’s over.”

Beverly sighed,”He’s never there for you, I bet he’s never eaten you
out has he?”

“Not once, no man has – they just shove their cocks in and cum.”

Beverly sat down and slid her arm slowly down between her thighs, she
began to make small circles across her crotch with her middle
finger,”This is the only pleasure I get anymore – I can’t use
vibrators – they make me feel so pathetic and alone.”

“I know,” smiled Deanna, rubbing her own crotch now,”So whenever I can
I feel myself up.”

Beverly slid her hands down her pants and began moving faster,”But it
does feel good – I love it – I just wish someone else would do it to

“But what man would ever wank a woman?”

“Even if they did – they wouldn’t know how – only a woman knows.”

Deanna nodded, coming to a decision,”Move your hand out, I’ll do it.”

Beverly looked up at her,”No fooling?”

“No – but you have to do me afterwards – promise?”

“I scratch your cunt, you scratch mine?” they both laughed.

“Yeah,” said Deanna at last,”Take you clothes off.”

They both slid out of their clothes and stared at each other – Deanna
had bigger tits, but Beverly had a nicer ass – she was taller and
Deanna felt small and insignificant in comparison. Beverly lay on the
ground, her cunt was well trimmed which made Deanna sigh in releif –
she didn’t want to have to work her fingers through a bush.

She got onto her knees and began to slide her fingers up Beverly’s
thighs, the Doctor groaned in pleasure and arched her back, spreading
her legs wider. This gave Deanna better access to her cunt which she
quickly spread open with her other hand, she slipped one finger in and
began to slide it in and out – it had no problems, the d***ken Doctor
was well lubricated. After a little time, when Beverly’s moans got
louder, she slipped another finger in and began to slide faster and
faster. Cum dripped from Beverly thighs, wetting the grass below her.
Deanna felt a sudden, insatiable urge to eat her out, and she moved
her head closer, reaching out tentatively with her tongue she gave a
quick lick and found she liked the taste, Beverly groaned in pleasure
and arched her back higher. Deanna removed her fingers, eliciting a
groan which quickly changed to pleasure as Deanna positioned her mouth
around Beverly’s cuntlips and began to suckle on her cunt, no juice
escaped her as she sucked on the inebriated physicians cuntlips.
Beverly screamed in pleasure and came, her juices flowing freely from
her pussy, Deanna drank as much of it as she could, but about half
flowed around her face and down her cheeks.

The Betazoid could barely beleive the pleasure and she found herself
pressing her fingers into her own cunt – remembering the pact she
quickly swivelled around so her own dripping cunt was over Beverly’s
face. The doctor also remembered and quickly went to work – licking
and sucking on the counsellors vagina. Both females came at the same
time, their juices flowing down asscheeks and facecheeks alike.
Beverly reached around and cupped one of Deanna’s buttocks in her hand
– she placed her cum-saturated finger on her asshole and slowly began
to work it in, Deanna moaned in pleasure as the finger worked it’s
way up her tight anal passage.

Beverly came again and she cried out in pleasure, she grabbed her
Betazoid sex partner’s clitoris between her teeth and bit lightly, and
the cum flowed again, almost drowning Beverly in cunt juices. Deanna
finally collapsed on top of Beverly, then rolled her cum soaked and
exhausted body of Beverly, a small but audible pop could almost be
heard as Beverly’s finger slipped out of her ass.

Beverly sat up and grinned at Deanna, who was breathing heavily, she
leaned over and began to suck on one of her large breasts.

“Please,” panted Deanna,”I ……can’t…….take
much…………can’t take much………more of this.”

Beverly bit her nipple lightly and then sat up,”You can’t be tired

“All fucked out,” whispered Deanna,”Maybe you’ll……..have to
use……….a vibrator after all……” she giggled.

“If only there was an humanoid vibrator, living for my sexual
pleasure,” said Beverly wistfully, then she sat up straight,”There

“Huh?” askerd Deanna, sitting up, all thought’s of exhaustion fading
from her d***ken mind as the thought of a humanoid vibrator came into
her mind,”Where?”

“Follow me,” said Beverly, standing up awkwardly and pulling on her
clothes, she picked up the near empty tequila bottle,”We’re going to
Data’s quarters.”

“So much for a welcome home celebration,” said Geordi, shaking his
head as he wondered around Engineering.

“I’m sorry too Mr LaForge,” said Captain Picard, sipping from a small
cup of Earl Grey tea,”But once I contacted Starfleet they ordered a

“You know,” said the Engineer,”How do you know it was Starfleet,
Engineering may not be in a timepocket, but various parts of the ships
memory is – we could be talking to a recording from the future or the

“No such luck Mr LaForge, I had them quote Stardate straight of the
mark – and besides, despite the need for R&R that the entire crew must
be feeling – myself included – the ship needs to be quarantined for
our own good.”

Data stepped into Engineering, followed by Worf, he grinned openly at
Geordi and the Captain and walked briskly over,”Sir, I have it – a way

Picard raised an eyebrow,”Explain Mr Data.”

“I have noticed a pattern in the time pockets Captain, the fewer
people from ‘real’ time who move through the timepockets, the lesser
the occurrance. If we can keep everyone out of all timepockets for
2.36 hours, the timepockets will cease entirely. Then we must travel
back through the temporal field before the computer can access any
timepockets in it’s memory, when we shoot back out the timepockets
will have ceased to exist.”

“Are you positive Data?” asked Picard,”This is important.”

“Don’t worry sir, there is a 98.6742% chance we will succeed, the main
problem is keeping crew members out of the bridge and holorrom 1.
Those are the major timepockets and passage through there will in all
likelyhood increase the occurances of timepockets.”

“You’re saying that we’re going to put the timepockets to sl**p and
then abandon them in the temporal field?” asked Geordi,”That could be

“Yes but………..” before Data could finish Picard interupted him.

“You said holoroom 1 has to be kept clear?”


“Then why did you ask Commander Riker to join you there?”

“What? Sir, I made no such request.”

Worf growled,”A time pocket, we have to get to the Commander before he
gets there, how long ago was the message given?”

“Half and hour ago,” said Picard with a sick look on his face,”He must
have been there for a good 25 minutes now.”

Riker stopped trying to pick someone up on the communicator, he stared
around at the softly glowing hologrid, Beverly appeared, she smiled
and looked towards Riker, then disappeared.

He nodded, this had happened several times, Beverly had appeared
twice, Guinan and Captain Picard once, Wesley once, Worf had been the
last, he had walked into the holoroom and Riker had thought it was the
real Klingon, but then he had spoken some words – no sound had
travelled through the timepocket at that point, though it had at
others – and then swung his arm through empty air and rushed out of
the holoroom – disappearing just before he got to the door.

He tapped his badge again,”Riker to Captain Picard – please respond.”

“Picard here,” came back a faint voice.

Riker spoke quickly, fearing to lose the connection,”Captain – the
holorrom is empty, the doors aren’t responding to voice command and
refuse to open manually……I need help.”

“Good, get Dr McCoy to try one more time, then we’ll have another talk
with No’Kase.”

Riker shook his head, realising he was talking to the Captain sometime
in the future, it was interesting to note that No’Kase – the
Cardassian prisoner on DS9 – would at some point be on board the ship,
as would a Dr McCoy, he discounted the idea that it would be Leonard
McCoy – they had last seen him nearly ten years ago, when he was over
130 years old.

He walked over to the doors again and tryed the manual release, it
pumped up as it was supposed to – but the doors remained closed.

He sighed and sat down to think things through, then he heard the
noise. He looked up and found himself sitting in a familiar garden
paradise. The wind was blowing strong enough to bend the long grass
towards him, but he found he couldn’t feel it, or the grass around
him. He looked over and smiled to himself – he knew where he was now.

Across from him sat three men dressed in Musketeer outfits of the 17th
Century – it was Worf, Data and Geordi. They were drinking from mugs
of ale and laughing. This was a holo program that had been assumed
erased completely over 6 years ago, but obviously a copy had been kept
by Reg – the engineer who made it – and now Riker found himself inside
it once more, he grimaced as he remembered how the rest of the program
went – sure enough – here came the fourth musketeer, himself – only he
was now only four to five feet tall.

He got up and walked away from the scene of the other three musketeers
mocking his diminutive double. He found himself in a clearing, the
wind was dying down but he could feel it now – the timepocket was
moving closer into his own time.

“Hello darling,” came a voice, he turned and saw Deanna approaching,
she was dressed in robes and she looked exceptionally beautiful,”I am
the goddess of this glade……”

Riker had had enough, he took a gambit based on the timepockets

“Computer, end program,” the images suddenly started to fizzle and
fade, then slowly only the hologrid was left, Riker turned and strode
to the door,”Open,” this time the computer replied and he walked out
into the Enterprise.

Data and Worf stood outside holoroom 1, they watched Riker standing
alone in the room, he could not hear the crys to him.

“If only we could go inside,” muttered Worf,”Why doesn’t he come out?”

“He has opened the doors,” said Data,”But he is seeing the door from
another time, and it is still closed.”

Riker walked over to the door and tryed the manual release, the door
remained opened to them, but to Riker it was obviously still closed,
he sat down and suddenly turned his head, he was engrossed in watching

“Obviously he is seeing something,” said Worf,”Why can we not?”

“We would have to be in the timepocket itself, but look, he’s walking

Riker was walking on the spot, but to him he could be walking briskly
down a street, he stopped and said something, they couldn’t register
what, he nodded in satisfaction and walked to the doors, he mouthed
the word open and then smiled broadly at Data and Worf.

“Commander Riker…….” began Worf, but then Riker stepped out of the
holoroom and disappeared.

Deanna sat on Data’s bed and watched as Beverly pulled something out
of a closet, it looked like a human body, only with yellow skin.

“Data?” she asked, confused.

“No no no,” said Beverly, smiling as she tipped d***kenly to the
side,”Not Data, it’s his b*****r – Lore.”

“Lore,” said Deanna with a grin,”Wasn’t he a bad boy?”

Beverly smiled,”Who cares, I want a good fuck and he can give it to

“But he’s an android,” said Deanna,”You can’t fuck him.”

Beverly staggered to her feet,”You can’t tell me you didn’t feel
jealous of Tasha when she got to fuck Data?” she was referring to one
of the first missions, when they had been infected by a virus that
reduced all inhibitions – even Data had been affected to a certain
degree and had had sex with Tasha Yar – the late chief of security.

Beverly pulled the sagging form of Lore to it’s feet and pressed a
button in it’s side, it jerked up and around and then collapsed.

“So much for that,” said Deanna sadly,”You broke him.”

But Lore did not stay down, he sat up and pressed a hand to his
forehead,”Oooohhh, do I have a cramp or what.”

He looked around and saw Beverly and Deanna, he took in the situation
instantly,”You both show high bl**d alcohol levels, and I detect the
scent of sexual arousement,”He wagged his finger and smiled,”What do
you naughty girls want?”

Deanna was delighted, he was like a gigolo that didn’t want to be paid
– at least not in monetary terms,”I wanna get laid, but I want my
pleasure to be the main concern.”

“Hey,” said Lore,”I live to serve, but what do I get for my troubles?”

“You get to stay turned on,” said Beverly angrily,”And you better not
try any tricks on us – I know where your off button is.”

Lore thought things over for a few brief seconds, then he smiled

“You got a deal, who goes first?”

Riker knew it was impossible, his ship was the Enterprise E, but he
stood on the Enterprise D – and no timepocket could take him to
another ship.

He was at least invisible, for now anyway, and it was with some
amusement that he watched his younger self – beardless – chatting with
Wesley Crusher.

He wished he knew the stardate, this was obviously an early mission –
he couldn’t help but wonder if he had been given the powers of the Q
yet. Then he noticed that his younger self was talking into the
communicator, he rushed of and Wesley looked dejected, Riker hadn’t
realised just how much the young genius hero worshipped him.

“It’s in the records, all the original ships recordings from the
Enterprise D are on board this ship,” said Data,”By accessing a memory
trapped in a timepocket, Commander Riker may well have walked back on board
the Enterprise D 9 years ago.”
“It makes no sense?” said Picard,”That would mean that Will is
existing in the computer’ss memory without physical form.”
“Not true sir, his physical body is walking around our ship, but we
cannot see it, and his mind is trapped inside the past.”
“Can we get him out?”
“It may be possible sir, but to do so may cause our own
“Data, explain yourself.”
“I have a theory sir, given the complexities and paradox’s of time
travel, it may explain why we have encountered these timepockets when it
first seemed we had survived the encounter with the Klingon Bird of Prey
“I’m not sure I understand Data?”
“Let me explain……..”
Deanna lay on the bed, naked, legs spread and gasping with pleasure
and Lore ate her out, he licked and sucked on her pussy with amazing
As she came he stood up and removed his pants, his large android cock
sprang free and she gulped in anticipation of a cock nearly the size of
Worf’s entering her – but this time for her own pleasure.
He slid into her slowly, letting it in inch by inch, she groaned and
began to feel up her own tits, her thumb and forefinger twisting a nipple
between each. Lore was fully in her now and he slowly slid out of her,
coming out nearly all the way before slowly sliding back in, he repeated this
move again and again, driving her wild with pleasure and excitement. He
began to move faster now, his cock pumping into her like the the wheel on a
train, moving slowly at first but then picking up speed, she rammed her hips
upwards, slamming her pelvis against his as they timed their movements
perfectly with each other – for the first time Deanna felt that she was part
of a greater whole – the only thing that ruined it for her was her emphatic
capabilities – which let her see that Lore was dead inside, their were no
emotions to read, she realised that even his need to rule over others was not
driven by emotion but by cold, implacable logic – and that his laughing,
sarcastic appearance was just an act to make him seem more human, to fool
others. But even so, in her d***ken state she was imcapable of reading the
larger picture, she was only concerned with her own pleasure.
Lore himself felt nothing as he fucked her, the warm feeling of her
cunt around his cock did nothing for him, but he put on a different exterior.
“Oh baby, yeah you are one hot fuck you know that?” he grinned
happily down at Deanna, watching her large tits bounce up and down as he
began to fuck her faster now, their movements were no longer timed perfectly,
but he knew how to fuck – he had read thousands of terabytes of text on
method, technoque and skill. She came several times in succession, her cunt
squeezing his cock, trying to milk some cum out of it, but he was able to
control his sexual organs release and so he continued to fuck her faster and
harder, she squealed in pleasure and excitement as more orgasms came, she had
never felt anything like this before – even with Worf, even with Riker.
Lore started moving faster and faster and then he grunted, fluid
spewed from his cock into her cunt and he rolled of her, he lay on his back
panting, pretending that he felt physical exhaustion.
Deanna moaned happily and slid her hand down to her cunt, she cupped
it, slipping a single finger inside, put the thumb of her other hand into her
mouth and fell asl**p.
Lore stood up and stared at Beverly, she was sitting against a wall,
legs spread wide apart, pants around her knees wanking, he smiled at
her,”Your turn.”
She smiled,”Let’s do it somewhere exciting, like in a ventilation
duct, or the bar at ten forward.”
He grinned back at her, although inside he felt nothing, not even
disdain, just a curiousity and feeling of superiority,”I’ve been monitoring
the computer, the bridge is empty – let’s do it there!”

Data sat at helm controls on the secondary bridge, he began to type
in commands, suddenly he stopped, he swivelled around and motioned Picard
“Captain, I just felt a presence.”
“A presence? what are you talking about Data?”
“I was monitoring the ships computer, checking the progress of the
timepockets to see if Commander Riker had reappeared, when I noticed someone
else inside the computer.”
“Someone else? Who Data?”
“I don’t want to voice my suspicions Captain, but if they are correct
then the new plan is sure to fail – he’ll see to it.”
“Data, I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about, but could
this presence perhaps be in some sort of timepocket?”
“No sir, it was definately moving about outside of time pockets.”
“Okay Data, check it out, but we need you back here before the
timepocket in holoroom 1 expands more.”
“I’ll do my best Captain.”

Riker stood in Ten Forward, hands folded across his chest, the
expression on his face was one of amazed confusion.
For several seconds he had found himself back on board the Enterprise
E, then he had slipped back to the older Enterprise, in that few seconds
several hours had seemingly passed, and now he knew what mission they were
All throughout Ten Forward various crewmembers were having sex, men
and women fucked on tables, chairs, on the bar and the floor. In the centre
of the room about 20 people had gotten together for an orgy, 12 of them were
women, 8 were men – among them was Chief O’Brien and Geordi, who were dealing
to a female crewmember.
She – Sheryl, he thought her name was – was on her hands and knees,
Geordi was getting a blowjob from her while O’Brien fucked her doggystyle.
Geordi came suddenly and sat back, panting heavily he grinned, Riker
found it hard to look at him with his visor back, he had gotten used to the
optical contacts he had replaced it with. O’Brien continued to fuck the
woman and Riker wondered where his wife was, he had never seen O’Brien be
anything but faithful to the asian beauty he had married.
He walked over to the bar and sat down, he was surprised to see that
the chair supported him, he must bemoving closer to the timeline.
“You’re not here are you?” said a familiar voice behind him, he
turned and was surprised to see Guinan staring at him.
“Are you talking to me?” he asked,”How can you see me?”
“I can’t really see you,” she said, smiling,”But I can sense you, and
when you replied I knew I was right – what are you doing here – has Will
Riker become a voyeur in his maturity?”
“No,” he said, smiling,”I’m trapped here, I walked into a timepocket
and when I stepped out I found myself on this ship.”
“On this ship? have you left the Enterprise then?”
“No – but this is a different ship…’s difficult to explain – I
don’t even know how I could possibly be here.”
“At least I know this will end soon then,” said Guinan,”But I’ll have
to clean up the mess afterwards.”
“The virus……it’s doesn’t affect you?”
“Yes – but I’m able to resist it – most people can – but they chose
not to, Jean Luc is capable,” she smiled dreamily and Riker realised for the
first time that Guinan had a crush on the Captain – was possibly in love,”and
he’s been able to hold back on his urges.”
“Do me a favour, warn the Captain that Wesley is going to take over
the ship, he has to stop him – it’ll save a lot of trouble.”
“Will? I can’t hear you anymore – I can barely sense you,” said
Guinan,”What did you say,” she paused, then shook her head,”Ah well, best
that he get back to his own time.”
But Riker had simply faded from her perceptions, he stood and watched
the orgy, several male crewmembers were spent now – O’Brien included – and
the woman had turned to each other, licking cunts, sucking on nipples and
kissing passionately, they began a lesbian love fest.

Beverly stepped onto the bridge, after noting that it was indeed
empty, she turned and looked at Lore,”Well, you still up for it?”
Lore grinned,”Of course, but you realise what will happen if we get
“Who cares,” she said, Lore found that her slurred speech was grating
on his nerves, and she was still clutching the near empty bottle of tequila
in her hand like she was scared to let go – the sadistic streak in Lore
suddenly formulated a plan.
“Aren’t regulations ridiculous,” she said, breaking him out of his
“Hmmm? yes, if the bridge is empty why not fuck up here? It’s not
like they’re using it.”
“I agree, and they should have fuck rooms set aside, and hours when
you can just make love instead of going on duty.”
Horny bitch, Lore thought, she obviously hadn’t gotten any in years.
Beverly rushed to the helm, and clumsily pushed a few buttons.
The board lit up as she disabled helm controls
“I’m ready baby,” she said, she lay back on the helms, the controls
unresponsive to her touch now, and slid down her pants. Once her pants were
down, she removed her skimpy white panties and spread her legs, her trimmed
red thatch parting to show the pink pleasure beneath.
“Oh fuck yeah,” said Lore, rubbing his hands together in
anticipation, despite the fact that the sight of her cunt did nothing for him
“This is going to be sweet,” he lowered his own pants and his android
cock sprang free. He lowered himself onto and into Beverly quickly, and
started to ram into her quickly, fucking her with hard, quick thrusts. Then
he began pumping into Beverly faster and faster, she clutched his back and
screamed in pleasure.
“Yes, fuck me baby, do me hard, your cock is so big.”
“Of course it is,” cried the Lore,”Dr Seung was so embarassed of
his….fallacy….that when he created me in his image he decided to spruce
up the image a bit, haha!”
He rammed faster and faster into Beverly cunt, and she screamed with
the pleasure of it, Lore took the time to rip her tunic open, revealing
large, plump breasts. He began to suck on one.
“Immm,” he said around a mouthful of tit,”You’re a great fuck you
“Of course I know,” she replied, gasping for breath as she slid
further up the helm with each thrust,”My husband couldn’t get enough, and
that old bastard Picard has probably been jerking of over me ever since we
meet – he’s always staring at my tits or ass.”
She was lying and she knew it, she remembered one of their first
missions on the Enterprise D, when the virus infected her she had tried to
seduce Picard and he had knocked her back, his own will power much greater
than her own.
Lore suddenly pulled loose,”Hand and knees,” he said with a grin.
Beverly got on the floor, into the doggy position and Lore slid into
her again, grasping her hips he tried a couple of experimental thrusts,
slapping against her ass. Then he changed his mind, he pulled nearly all the
way out, then slid slowly back in to the hilt, doing her like this drove her
crazy, she began gasping faster and faster.
“Oh god, I think I’m cumming…..” she cried and then screamed in
pleasure. The android began humping her faster now, still pulling nearly
fully out, before slamming back into the Doctors tight cunt.
She grinned in pleasure and looked up, before her formed the image of
Jean Luc, she shook her head as if confused.
“Jean Luc?” she said.
Lore pulled loose and looked up, he too could see Picard, he was
transparent, but he was definately there.
“How curious, this is one of the timepockets the computer is trapped
in,” he said.
“What timepockets?” said Beverly, confused.
d***ken bitch, he thought angrily, but he smiled and replied,”Quiet,
something is about to happen.”
Picard was shouting, but they could hear no words, another image
formed now, an old, old man, stooped and bent, stood next to a tall, grey
haired Vulcan. The old man was glaring angrily at the Vulcan, who held a
phaser pointed at Picard.
“Listen,” said Lore,”Voices are coming….” Beverly realised she
could hear them too.
“………… bl**ded, Vulcan son of a bitch………”
“… this………hunt……….dog……”
“……..Self destruct engaged…………….”
“……….I no longer care for Cardassia or Cardassians………..”
“……………pay for my mother’s death……”
“…..all are imperfect…….even entities……….Borg……..will
“……..I will not tolerate blasphemy……”
“…………Captain….Earth has been destroyed…….”
Then the tall Vulcan fired the phaser, it hit Picard full in the
chest and he was vaporised.
“Jean Luc,” cried Beverly, then Lore, tired of her at last, gave her
a quick chop to the neck, knocking her out.

Worf found Deanna lying naked in Data’s quarters, her own cum dripped
down her legs, mixed with the liquid Lore had ejected.
“Deanna,” he asked, shaking her awake,”What has happened?”
She groaned,”My head,” she muttered,”Oh god it hurts.”
“Get dressed,” he said in concern,”We’ll get you to sickbay.”

Riker watched the orgy finally come to a halt, all the men had
departed and only the woman were left now. They were exhausted too, they
lay, huddled together for warmth, breasts against breasts, thighs straddling
vaginas. Some cupped asscheeks, other kissed each other silently, murmuring
platitudes to each other. He recognised several crewmembers, some of whom
were dead in his time, who he had never suspected of being lesbians.
One girl was still not satisfied, he recognised her instantly and was
shocked, it was Tasha Yar, she lay on her back, legs spread and knees bent.
She played with her small breasts with one hand while the other fingered her
cunt. Then another female rolled over and again Riker was surprised, it was
The Betazoid grabbed one of Tasha’s breasts in hand and began to
knead it slowly, Tasha rolled over and embraced the Councillor, then began to
suck on one of her large tits. Riker notcied suddenly that he had an
erection, he guessed he had had one all along but hadn’t noticed until he saw
Deanna, who was now licking Tasha’s cunt. The two got into a 69 and began to
lick and suck in ernest, both coming quickly and roughly, crying out in
pleasure and then going straight back to it, Riker could almost swear that it
was a competition, because whenever Deanna came, Tasha will yell in victory,
and whenever Tasha came, Deanna would give out a cry of joy. The two licked
and sucked each other, but Deanna began chewing lightly of the head of
security’s clitoris and she began to come more and more frequently, until a
steady stream of her juices was flowing from her cunt. Deanna was clearly
extremely experianced at this kind of thing, something that Riker would never
had guessed, how long had she been involved in lesbian relationships, before
she met Riker, or after. If it was after………then…….he had made her
become a lesbian and Worf had brought her back?
“Attention, attention crew,” came Picard’s voice over every crews
communicator, Riker realised sounds had returned to the silent world.
“Ensign Crusher is from this moment in effective command of the
ship,” came Picard’s voice – but it was not Picard’s voice – it was a
composite of words that Ensign Crusher had created, Will was now in charge of
the Enterprise.
Suddenly all the lights went of in Ten Forward and they were plunged
into darkness, there were several cries, and he heard Deanna’s voice
say,”What’s happening………….” then it faded as he found himself
standing on Ten Forward, with a large erection apparent in his pants,
standing in front of Guinan and Captain Picard.

Data walked into his quarters, he noticed the cum stained sheets on
his bed, his cat raced past him and out into the corridors, if his plan
worked it wouldn’t matter where it went – if it fialed, it wouldn’t matter
He walked to the hidden closet, only one other person knew where it
was – Dr Beverly Crusher – he opened it and saw it was empty.
“Lore,” he said, his voice shook with anger and he found himself
shaking, his hands balled into fists that he had to consciously pull open.
He strode out into the corridors, one eye flashing with anger, the
other a baleful red, and stepped into the turbolift,”Bridge.”

“A hangover,” said Worf angrily,”You were d***k?”
“I’m sorry Worf,” Deanna said simply,”It seemed such a waste to throw
it out?”
“Where’s Dr Crusher?” he broke in.
“I don’t know, I sat down and drank the tequila, then everything
faded out – I had a dream about being in paradise though, it was all green
“Deanna,” said Worf, controlling his anger,”Dr Crusher is missing,
you were d***k and the bottle of tequila is missing, put two and two
Realisation sprang up in her eyes as she realised what must have
happened,”It’s my fault?”
“Forget about that,” he said,”We have to find the Doctor.”
“Let me make it up to you,” cried out Deanna,”Please, she stood up –
still naked – and her full breasts bounced, Worf couldn’t help but notice and
his cock began to spring up, she noticed his gaze and smiled,”Worf, let me do
that special something for you, please.”
“What are you talking about,” he said, putting on false anger.
“Let me give you a blowjob,” she said, and smiled.

The turbolift doors opened and Data stepped out, he took in the
situation immediately, Beverly lay half naked and u*********s on the floor,
the bridge was empty but the controls were all lit up – ready for one final
command. He stepped down in front of the Captain’s seat and stared at the
person he knew would be there.
“Hello b*****r,” said Lore,”You look like hell.”
“Beleive me, you’ll look worse when I’m done with you,” he tried to
make it sound matter of fact, but his voice shook with rage – but he couldn’t
bring himself to turn of the emotion chip.
“b*****r, b*****r,” said Lore, as if admonishing him,”I should never
have let you have that emotion chip – you can’t handle it.”
Data f***ed himself to calm down,”I have handled it far better than
you,” he said,”I was able to resist the temptation of the Borg, unlike
“I doubt they wanted you to be their King however,” said Lore with a
“Oh no, they wanted more than that – they wanted me to be the Borg –
the culmination of all their minds – they wanted you to rule them, they
wanted me to be them.”
“What?” said Lore, confused,”What are you talking about, one eye?”
Data ignored the comment on his face’s condition,”It’s always been
the same Lore, I’ve always been better than you,” he grinned down at his
b*****r,”Dr Seung loved me like the son he never had – but he despised you.
The people shut you down because you were too ‘ human’ but they took me in
because I wanted to be human. You couldn’t handle the emotion chip – you
became a meglomaniac, but I was able to take it’s effects.”
“Shut up,” said Lore, rage in his voice.
“Even the way you said that,” replied Data, his voice matter of fact
and calm,”You don’t even have emotions, you have to pretend everything, your
entire life is pretense, false – because you are so much less than me.”
“SHUT UP,” screamed Lore.
“Even that desperation and rage in your voice is false – you are
Data turned away from Lore and strode over to the science station, he
looked over the data on screen,”And you want everyone else dead too,” he
said,”Because you envy and hate them so much – you want to kill them. And
when they’re dead, what? you’ll take this ship and try to kill everyone else
Lore grinned,”Clever b*****r, psychological battle, I thought I was
the master,” his eye ticced and Data decided that he found the nervous
reaction programmed in by Dr Seung to be annoying,”But you still don’t
comprehend my plan, you think I need to be at the science station to type in
the execute command, I don’t.”
“What are you talking about now,” said Data, extremely curious but
feigning irritation and boredom.
“Because I have it on voice command, and I can suck the air out of
this ship anytime I want to.”

Deanna sat on her knees, before her she held Worf’s giant erection in
her hands, she moved her head forward and licked his cock from the base to
the tip, he shuddered in pleasure and she grinned, she wanked him for about
a minute, then swallowed the tip of his cock with her mouth, she slowly slid
it down, her lips stretching further and further apart, until she had neraly
half of it down her throat, she couldn’t get any more in so she slowly pulled
away, until his cock was nearly out of her mouth, then she slid down again,
she repeated this motion several times, driving Worf wild.
The final time she stopped when just the head of his cock was in her
mouth and then she slid the tip of her tongue around it, her hand wanked the
well lubricated Klingon cock and he began to moan louder.
“Wait, stop………hold it…….I’m gonna cum soon,” he said, and
she removed her mouth from around his cock, he sat down heavily on the
sickbay bed,”Why have you never done that before?” he asked,”You’re great.”
“Thank you,” she said, beaming in pleasure at his praise, but it
ain’t over yet, she grabbed his cock again and began to slide her mouth down

Picard stared at Riker carefully, then said,”Will, is that you?”
“Captain, I’m so glad to see you, I was trapped in a
Guinan shook her head,”Sorry Will, but you’re still in it, this is
your future.”
“What, how do……” started Picard but Guinan cut him of.
“I spoke to you nearly ten years ago Will, but I don’t know when you
stepped into the timepocket, I think that perhaps that time no longer exists,
it was a paradox that was destroyed – the time spewed back into the time
“What do you mean?” asked Riker, confused,”If the timepocket
collapses, do I die? Is that why you were so surprised to see me Captain? Am
I dead?” he cried out, but then he faded, and found himself back in
tenforward in the darkness, hearing the words,”………from this moment in
effective command of the ship,”
He whirled around and saw a figure in the darkness, himself?”
“What’s happening,” came Deanna’s voice and he saw his other self
fade out.

Data stood still,”You’re lying,” he said.
“Really,” said Lore,”Shall we see – Computer execute program.”
As Data whirled around he felt air being sucked out of the room, he
looked down and saw Beverly wake up, she stared at him with terror filled
eyes as she tried to breath, then she collapsed, he yelled in anger and
leaped at Lore, knocking him to the ground.

Worf gripped Deanna’s head to his hips as his cum spilled out into
her mouth, he screamed in a****l pleasure, then collapsed to the ground,
panting for air. It was a little time before he realised that he couldn’t
seem to get any air, he looked up and saw Deanna lying on the floor, she
didn’t appear to be breathing, he stood up, and then collapsed, black roses
seemed to bloom in his vision and he colllapsed to the ground, fighting for
air that wasn’t there.

Picard sat in the secondary bridge, he was standing at the science
station and happened to look down at the graphs – he was shocked to see the
air reserves dropping.

Guinan watched in shock as Riker appeared out of nowhere, then she
smiled,”So this was the time pocket you walked into,” she said,
grinning,”Glad to have you back.”
Then she noticed that he was doubled over,”What’s the matter,” she
“Can’t breath…….” he gasped and then collapsed, Guinan suddenly
realised she too was incapable of drawing breath, she fell to the ground.
She didn’t need as much air as humans, but she did need air……..and there
was none to be had.

Data shoved Lore against the wall, his b*****r grinned – but there
was no emotion in his eyes, he couldn’t even take pleasure from his victory.
“So b*****r, just you and me – I left gravity on so you could try and
kill me – and fail.”
Data threw Lore across the room with one hand, his b*****r crashed
into Weapon’s systems but stood straight back up, he was holding a phaser in
one hand – Data didn’t see where it had come from.
“Thought I might need this,” said Lore, he fired the phaser and it
ripped through Data’s arm, severing the limb, then he fired again, taking
away the other arm.
“Look at you b*****r,” cried Lore,”Pathetic, and you think you’re
better than me.”
Data collapsed to the ground and Lore laughed,”What makes you better
than me?” he yelled in false contempt, stepping around so he stood in front
of Data, his back to the turbolift,”What amkes you superior?”
Data grinned, and his good eye showed a simple joy and happiness that
made Lore want to feel rage – but he couldn’t,”What makes you superior?” he
cried again, knowing the answer, but the answer Data gave was different to
what he expected,”I have friends.”
Lore was suddenly rocketed across the room by a phaser blast in the
middle of his back, he fell to the ground and tried to get up, but the blast
hit him again and again and again until finally he stopped moving.
“Thank you Captain Picard,” said Data, struggling to sit up,”You
should replace the air in the ship before your supply runs out.”
Picard – wearing a survival suit – walked to the science station and
typed in several commands, air flooded back in to the bridge and when it was
safe to breath a green light flashed on. Picard removed the suit.
“Are you all right Data?”
“I could use a hand,” said Data,”Or even too,” he laughed out loud,
there was a hysterical note to it.
“Data, deactivate your emotion chip, that’s an order,” the android
complied and turned around, he looked at his b*****rs smoking remains.
“A pity, I never wanted him to die, but he was too dangerous to
“Data, all of the crew is dead, we’re the only one’s left,” to his
credit, Picard’s voice did not crack or waver, he held the tight control of
his emotions that made him such an excellent Captain,”Is there anything we
can do?”
“I need to know the situation of the timepockets here on the bridge
and holoroom 1, are they expnading?”
Picard checked through the information and nodded, Data
sighed,”That’s okay, it would have been easier to perform the manouver with
the timepockets collapsed, but we can still fix everything – you’ll have to
operate helm.”
“What do I do Data?” said Picard, the strain was showing now,”Can it
be done.”
“I need you to re-engage the temporal field at the exact instant that
the two timepockets connect, if I’m right, we’ll see the Enterprise E
brushing past Admiral Kirk’s ship, if we’re wrong, we’ll die. If we do see
the ships, you have to fly straight through them, slingshot around and
disengage the temporal field – the timepockets will be left inside the other
Enterprsie E.”
“Will this work Data?” asked Picard,”It seems risky.”
“It has already worked,” Data replied,”These timepockets originated
from another Enterprise, they left us with them, knowing we could deal with
them. What I don’t know is if they survived the encounter.”
Picard sat at helm and typed in the commands,”On your mark Mr Data.”
Data stared at the science readouts of the timepockets, he smiled and
said,”Make it so.”

“………will be all right won’t we,” said Riker, sounding
confident,”James Kirk never reported any temporal anomaly or dislocation.”
“No sir,” said Data,”But the ships long range sensors were
ineffective, most of the crew lost consciousness and there was an unforeseen
power failure.”
“Great Data, just great,” Riker turned to look at the viewscreen, it
was blank, as it had been since they initiated the temporal field. Then the
ship actually tilted, and the crew members all fell forward.

Outside, in the timefield, the Enterprise and Bird Of Prey brushed
against each other, another Enterprise appeared suddenly and travelled right
through the other, it performed a slingshot manouver and disappeared.

The Klingon ship sped into San Francisco harbour at an alarming rate.
“Admiral, we’ve lost all power,” cried Scotty through the
“Damn,” muttered Kirk, he turned to look at the crew,”Once we land,
get out of the ship, I’ll get the whales out.”
He ran of, followed by the marine biologist he had been f***ed to
bring with him from the twentyth century.
Curious, thought Spock, why had there been a power failure?

On board the bridge of the Enterprise E, Captain Picard couldn’t help
but look at Data’s face, it was still missing skin, but for some reason he
couldn’t think why that fact releived him so much. He found it odd that he
did not remember the trip through the temporal field, but brushed it aside,
when dealing with time travel, you could never be too sure of the effects.
“Sir, the Earth appears to have returned to the normal course of
history,” said Data, grinning, he turned and smiled at Picard, Riker and
Deanna – for some reason he was extremely pleased to see the the last two –
he couldn’t think why, probably a brief aberration of his emotion chip.
“Well,” said Riker,”We saved the Earth, now what?”
“How about a little r&r Commander,” said Picard with a grin, he
turned and looked out at Earth on the viewscreen,”Make it so Number 1.”

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