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Star Trek: TNG The Party

It had been 2 weeks since shore leave on the planet Pacifica but it felt like 2 years to Dr Beverley Crusher.

The Enterprise had recently rescued a human boy named Jono on a Talarian vessel who was also apparently a deceased Starfleet admiral’s son. The admiral and his wife had been killed by the Talarian’s and they had taken in their son Jono. The thought of it disgusted her but after Jono had spent some time on the Enterprise, including getting to know her own son Wesley, Jono was returned to his Talarian ‘father’.

It was what Jono himself had wanted and he had even stabbed Captain Picard to make his point.

Now the Enterprise was on its way to the newly built Starbase 28 with Jean-Luc being debriefed in person by Admiral Ross. Apparently he was the new admiral on the block and Beverley guessed that he was using this incident to assert some authority and make his name known within the fleet. Beverley knew the Captain had done the right thing and that he would come out of this fine, in fact his decision had prevented war with the Talarians, however from the outside there were questions that would need answering.

She hadn’t spent any time alone with Jean-Luc since they had returned from shore leave and while she had seen Wesley (he lived next door in adjoining quarters after all!) it had been limited. Since Jono left she had comforted him and took care of him but she felt frustrated. Absolutely and selfishly frustrated.

That evening was set to be her weekly mother-son dinner with Wesley and she decided that she would make it special. It was what he needed, after all.

Or is it what I need?

She put her selfish thoughts to one side. Perhaps it was what they needed…

It was 20:00 ship time and Wesley knocked on the door that separated his and his mom’s quarters. The last few days had been difficult for him and had been looking forward to this evening ever since Jono had left the Enterprise. A chance to leave his troubles behind, at least for a few hours.

He had dressed smartly in a 2 piece dark grey suit similar to earlier Earth designs with a white shirt with the top couple of buttons undone. He had matched it with smart brown brogues and felt good in the ensemble.

“It’s open, come in” said the voice from the other side.

Wesley touched the button next to the door and it slid open to reveal quarters lit only by the many candles lit on the dining table, sideboard and the smaller tables in the lounge area.

Wes looked around and then saw his mother in the candlelight, wearing a silk red dress that was fitted perfectly to her and came down around the mid-point of her thighs. He looked down at her legs which were covered by black tights or perhaps stockings he thought with a smile. The dress had thin shoulder straps and her beautiful red hair flowed down against them and the front of her dress came down to show just a hint of cleavage. Wesley then realised he could see the back of the dress in the mirror on the main wall of the lounge area and noticed that the back of her dress had thin straps criss-crossing all the way down her back just above her shapely ass. He realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra as he looked at her pale skin in between the straps.

He was mesmerised by her.

“Well don’t you look smart!”


Beverley smiled. “Bless you! Why don’t you sit down on the sofa, I’ll bring over the appetiser?”

Wes simply nodded and his legs eventually began to work again as he went over and sat down.

As Chief Medical Officer, and with the rank of Commander, Beverley Crusher had nicer quarters than most. There was a dining table which could comfortably sit four to one side of the open plan main living space, next to a small basic kitchen area fitted with a standard-issue replicator and reclimator. The rest of the living space consisted of a sofa next to the window looking out to the stars, with a couple of small armchairs the other side of a large coffee table. There were smaller tables next to the chairs and a doorway leading through her bedroom and a fresher/shower room.

Wes sat down on the sofa and noticed two glasses of sparkling wine (probably Champagne he thought, knowing his mom). Beverley then came over with a large plate of what looked like large shells sitting on ice, which she placed on the table, Wesley belatedly helping by moving the other glass a little for her.

“What are they Mom”? Wesley enquired.

“They’re called Oysters which are an Earth shellfish and the dish is Oysters Rockefeller. It’s an old Earth delicacy made with parsley, butter and breadcrumbs topping the oysters. It was very popular from the mid 19th century through to 21st century, partially due to their supposed aphrodisiac qualities…”

Beverley then took one of the oysters and brought it to her red lips, parting them and tipping her head back as she took the entire contents of the oyster shell into her mouth, making eye contact with Wesley as she chewed and swallowed, wiping a little oyster juice from her lips.

“Mmmm”, she murmured. “Are you going to try one darling?”

Wesley snapped out of the trance he was under and took an oyster shell. He then began to empty the contents into his mouth, making much more mess than his mom did. He began to blush as he began to wipe the juice from his face.

“Let me take care of that for you”, Beverley said as she got a napkin from the table and then straddled Wesley on the sofa, her dress lifting up over her thighs. She began to wipe his chin and mouth before bending down to kiss him, her tongue slowly entering his mouth as she kissed with delicate passion.

After breaking the kiss she reached around behind her to the table towards the oysters on the plate.

“Another one?”

“Erm… yes p-p-please Mom”, was all that Wesley could manage. His erection pushing against her between her legs against what felt like silk panties against his trousers.

Beverley took two oysters from the plate, gripping her thighs against her sons for balance. She then turned back around and gave him one of the shells as she put the other to her lips and gazed into his eyes before tipping her head back and taking it in her. This time however it was her turn to make a hash of it and as she saw Wesley take his oyster in one, she realised she had oyster juice on her chin and some dripping down into her cleavage.

Wesley chuckled when he realised what had happened and after his mom did an un-serious ‘humph’ he placed his lips on her mouth and kissed her, before moving his kisses down her chin to soak the liquid up, then with more confidence he placed kisses down her neck and to the start of her breasts which filed out the top of her dress nicely. He was desperate to slip the dress down from them and expose her tits but then she stopped him.

“Soon darling, you can unwrap me and I’ll be all yours”, she said before getting up from him. “Time for the main course!”

Wesley watched her leave him horny and alone on the sofa. He was sure he had seen a glance of stocking top under her dress as she had gotten up from the sofa and his cock was as hard as Andorian crystal.

Not long passed before his mom told him to sit at the dining table. Wesley tried to adjust his uncomfortable crotch as he walked over carrying over his near-empty champagne glass and removed his jacket, placing it on the back of the chair before sitting at one of the place settings, facing the kitchen area. The candlelight reflecting against the cutlery gave the table a cosy yet sensual feel and he then noticed the red wine on the table breathing.

He looked up and saw his mom walking over holding two plates and she placed one in front of him and one at her own place setting opposite him. Wesley looked at his plate and saw a succulent fillet of steak with chunky chips and a small pot of peppercorn sauce. He began to pour the red wine into the empty wine glasses that were already on the table as Beverley sat down.

“I hope you like! I know it may not be as fancy as the starter but I thought you might like something to get your teeth into.”

“Thanks Mom, it looks perfect!” Wesley replied as he picked up his wine. “A toast, to beautiful food and a beautiful woman”

Beverley blushed as she picked up her own glass and clinked it against his. They then ate their food and d***k and topped up their wine, no words required as they exchanged occasional glances and smiles. Once again the food was delicious and the wine complimented it well and after a little while their plates were empty.

“Did you enjoy that Darling?”

“Yes Mom, I loved it!”

Beverley stood up and took the plates over to the reclimator as Wesley finished the last of his wine, watching her. She then turned around and told him to sit on the sofa again while she fixed dessert. Wesley got up and but then excused himself to the fresher to use the loo. He thought he saw his mom smile at that but couldn’t understand if it was because he was leaving the room or perhaps she was thinking about him releasing his hard cock from the confines of his trousers to take a piss. Indeed it took him ages to be able to calm his cock down enough to piss into the loo, trying to hold himself firmly as he aimed but at the same time trying not to tip himself over the edge his mother had pushed him to.

Eventually he washed his hands, dried them and then came back out of the fresher and was instantly hard again as he saw her standing next to the sofa. Beverley had removed her red silk dress and it lay abandoned on the floor. She stood wearing her black stockings with lacy tops which connected to matching lacy suspenders and absolutely nothing else. She looked stunning in the candlelight and Wesley took in every part of her body, his eyes drawn from her perfectly plump breasts that held up like orbs on her chest to her stocking covered legs to the shaven mound of her pussy framed by the shadow of candlelight against her suspenders and stockings.

“Sit down Wes”, she purred.

Wesley simply nodded speechless at the devastatingly beautiful sight before walking over and sitting down on the sofa. As he sat down he noticed a half litre glass jug on the table, filled with a creamy brown liquid that looked very much like melted chocolate.

Once sat, Beverley moved to stand in front of him and picked up the jug and smiled at him.

“Ready for desert?”

Again Wesley could only nod as he watched her lift the jug to her head and began to tip the liquid onto her shoulders and her breasts letting it trickle down them, covering them. Her nipples still visibly hard under the layer of chocolate. She kept going as the chocolate now ran down her belly and over the front of her suspender belt and then her bare pussy. She leant back slightly as she moved the jug down, tipping the rest of it fully over her crotch as the liquid continued down her thighs and stocking-covered legs with some managing to coat her slit.

She placed the container on the table and looked deep into his eyes.

“Desert is all yours” Beverley said.

She was now tingling at the feel of the warm milk chocolate on her body. Her cunt was alive with sensation and every part of her exposed flesh that was covered in the mess seemed to be erotically charged.

Wesley stood up in front of her and at once kissed her. It was almost as if the floodgates of lust had finally been opened for him as his tongue slid into her mouth as they French kissed, his arms wrapping around her, not caring about his clean white shirt anymore as it stuck to her chest. His hands were in her hair, then down her back, d***k with desire for her. He then began to kiss down her neck, using his tongue on her flesh as soon as he reached the start of the chocolate. He zigzagged around above her breasts before eventually moving his tongue down over them.

Beverley moaned deeply as he slowly ran the tip of his tongue over every part of her chocolate-covered tits before flicking and then sucking on her nipples. It wasn’t long before her nipples were devoid of chocolate but that didn’t stop them tasting so sweet to him. After what felt like an eternity to Beverley, her son was getting onto his knees as he kissed, sucked and licked down her belly. He managed to scoop the chocolate out of her belly button with his tongue which elicited a higher-pitched moan from her, before his face was at her bare pubic area. He continued to lick every centimetre of her skin getting closer and closer to her aching lips.

Wesley now had his hands on her ass as he buried his face between her chocolatey thighs tasting the sweetness of the milk chocolate mixed in with the sweetness of her juices which were leaking uncontrollably from her cunt. His tongue played with her lips before moving to her swollen clit and back again. His tongue then slipped inside her and Beverley could hear him slurping away as he devoured her. Her hands on his head encouraging him not to stop.

She could feel her orgasm beginning to engulf her as Wesley continued to work on her. She then felt his fingers move to rub her clit as his tongue continued to move in and out of her. She was getting so close and knew there was nothing she could do to stop herself cumming and screaming the place down, not that she wanted to stop it anyway.

There was no chocolate left and all he could taste was her. He knew she was so close to cumming for him and as he rubbed her clit and used his tongue on her she began to tremble. He moved into her so his mouth covered her opening and allowed his warm breath and the tip of his tongue to tip her over. He held her in place as she came over his mouth and Wesley made sure to clean up every drop of her natural juice.

After a few seconds Wesley sat back onto his haunches, his face, shirt and the top of his trousers a mess with chocolate. He looked up at his mom and smiled. She opened her eyes and looked down at him and smiled back.

“Thank you darling. That was incredible”.

“It sure was Mom!”

“I don’t know what to say, except I’m still all yours Wesley. Tonight I belong to you.”

Wesley didn’t know what to say but his cock was hurting and needed releasing.

He stood up and began to undress as she simply watched. First his shirt, then he kicked off his shoes and undid his belt. He unzipped his trousers and slid them down, bending over to remove them completely along with his socks. Then he slid down his boxer shorts and his penis finally was free. Once he stepped out of his boxers he took his mom’s hand and guided her down onto the wooden coffee table, knocking away the empty jug and laying her on her back. He pulled her by her ankles to the edge and then moved his hands under her ass and brought her upwards so that her velvety opening now met the tip of his cock

He slid inside her and began to move in and out slowly, fucking her against the table. He wanted to control himself but soon found himself moving faster and deeper, shagging her against the table. He kept going but knew he was getting close and wanted to prolong it for them both. Or perhaps just for him. He needed release and he had been desperate for her body all night.

Eventually he pulled out of her let her back down onto the table. He then took her arm and helped her up so she was sitting upright on the table’s edge. She simply looked up at him as he put his right hand in her hair and he moved into her, holding his dick with his left hand as he guided himself into her mouth. She began to suck on him, taking more and more of him into her mouth, coating his penis with saliva.

It felt so good for him and soon he was face-fucking her and it wasn’t long before he could feel himself approaching release. He knew he couldn’t hold it in any longer as he f***ed his entire length into her mouth. She almost gagged as he slipped in her quick and hard and was worried she was going to pass out but soon she heard his loud deep moan as the creamy liquid hit the back of her throat. He continued cumming as he pulled out of her mouth and began shooting his seamen all over her face. There was so much cumming out of him but it was such a blissful release which had been building inside of him ever since he had stepped into her quarters and seen her in that dress.

After what seemed like forever it was all over and he looked down at his mother’s face covered in his spunk. They looked at each other, both grinning broadly.

“That was amazing!” They both said at the same time. They laughed as Beverley started wiping her face with her fingers and licking off her son’s fluid from them.

“What a mess!” Wesley said, surveying the quarters around him.

“I know, look what you did to the place!” Beverley said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“You were the one that tipped chocolate everywhere!”

“Well, OK, you got me there. But look at how much you liquid you produced over me!”

“Haha… maybe we should get you cleaned up?” Wes said

“Maybe we should…” Replied Beverley as she took him by the hand and led him through the fresher and into the shower.

Once in the shower she turned it on and the hot water began to cascade over her, washing away the last bits of chocolate from her. Wesley reached down and started unclipping her stockings from the suspender belt which was now soaking wet but only with a little chocolate remaining. Once all the clips were taken care of, he gently rolled down the stockings removing them one at a time over her feet. He then purposely moved his hands up her wet bare legs and over her ass to her suspender belt which he then slid down her legs also. This time he decided to kiss up her legs as he got back up, the water rushing down as he moved up against it. He kissed up her thighs and then just placed one on her pussy lips as he continued upwards, eventually standing as his kisses reached her breasts. He went to each nipple but again just placed one kiss on each as he finally made his was up to her mouth.

They kissed softly and soon their tongues were dancing erotically under the falling water like lovers.

They were so close to one another, Beverley feeling his hard-again cock poking just above her bare mound and in turn Wesley could feel her breasts against him and her hard nipples poking into him.

Not a word was said, or indeed required, as their hands wandered all over each other’s wet bodies, still kissing each other. Beverley then reached down and held his long, hard shaft and eased it inside her as she went onto her tiptoes. Once he was inside she lowered herself down and fully enveloped it as they continued kissing. She tried not to move but she could feel his member throbbing inside her and she began to contract her soaking wet cunt around him.

The kisses stopped as Beverley let out a soft moan. Wesley leant in and began to nibble on his mum’s ear before whispering “I love you, Mom”.

“I love you too baby. Please, I want to feel you cum inside me.” Beverley replied in-between shortening breaths.

Wesley began to join in the moaning as he pushed her against the shower wall and used his right hand on her thigh to move her leg up slightly and spread her more for him. He then started moving in and out of her with a slow rhythm. After a little while he began to speed up and he could feel himself getting close. This time he wasn’t going to hold back though, this time he needed to cum inside her and knew that she needed to feel him ejaculate into her.

Both of them started to moan louder, seemingly in anticipation of what was going to happen and while they were both wet, he could feel his mom’s twat becoming so slippery as he now pounded it. Eventually the crescendo came and he began to stiffen as he finally released his load deep into her. He kept fucking her throughout his orgasm as Beverley began to shake and orgasm herself as she felt the liquid inside her. Both of them cumming seemed to extend each other’s experience and after what seemed like forever it was eventually over and Wesley’s softened penis reluctantly flopped out of her dripping entrance.

After a while they had washed, with a little help from one another, dried off and we’re back in the living quarters completely nude and completely satisfied. They cleaned up the mess they had made, blew out the candles and went to bed. It was so automatic, neither waiting to give or receive an invitation and they curled up together under the covers. He would go down on her in the night and she did then slip him inside her before riding him, her naked body in front of the window showing the stars warping behind her. They did eventually sl**p, with her in his arms and their nude bodies spooning together. Neither of them cared about the next day, week, month or year. They had the night and it was perfect.

Beverley sat down at the desk in her office within sickbay still smiling from the night before. She had felt so much pressure going into it as she had wanted it to be perfect but perfect it was. She tingled all over as she thought about Wesley licking the warm melted chocolate over her body. His lips against her pussy. Seeing his naked body in all its glory. His cock sliding inside her on the coffee table, in the shower and later in bed.

She could feel the moistness growing between her legs as the erotic thoughts swirled around in her head. She reached down with her left hand and placed it between her legs and pressed against her uniform trousers to try and alleviate some of her horniness but it only seemed to make things worse. She looked up and accidentally caught the eye of one of her new nurses, Nurse Ogawa. She felt herself blushing and tried to give off a casual smile to the petite and pretty Japanese woman who looked to be in her mid to early thirties. She’d only transferred over recently and god knows what sort of impression Crusher was giving her.

Suddenly she was snapped out of her reverie by a beep from her computer indicating she had a new message. She opened up the file and read the message. It was from Deanna Troi, a stunningly gorgeous Betazoid who was ships Counselor, her friend and occasionally more.

My Quarters. 21:00 tonight. Party time 😉

The message was brief but to the point. There was also an image underneath and Beverley scrolled down to see a photo of a woman’s lips which looked like Deanna’s, with a string of a creamy white liquid that she knew all too well was cum. Probably Will’s, Beverley thought.

It was a known fact that Troi had previously been romantically involved with Commander Will Riker but that now they were friends and fuck buddies. Well the second part wasn’t as well known but Beverley knew as Deanna had often talked about it during their work out sessions or when they’d be in Ten Forward, the main drinking establishment for the ship.

Crusher kept looking at the image and wondered who else had received this invitation. The ‘To’ section was blank which meant it had likely gone to others but there was no way for her to know who. She almost had forgotten that her left hand was still between her legs when she heard a cough. She turned around and tried to compose herself as she noticed Ogawa standing at the door which was now slightly open.

“Nurse Ogawa, how can I, erm, help?” Crusher asked, still obviously flustered.

“Sorry to disturb you Doctor but the results from the Zalnias experiment have come in and you asked me to let you know when they were ready”, Ogawa replied.

“Oh, yes, erm, Nurse Ogawa I will be there shortly”.

“That’s fine and please, call me Alyssa.” Ogawa said as she smiled at the Doctor and gave a little wink as she turned away and went back into the main sickbay area.

Beverley saved the message into her personal directory and stood up. She tried to make herself a little more presentable before joining the nurse to review the test results, thinking she couldn’t have given off a worse impression of herself if she’d tried!

A subtle chime emanated from her computer and Beverley Crusher realised it was already 9pm. In truth she had been ready for at least half an hour as a mixture of nerves and excitement built up within her. Sometimes the excitement was on top but at the moment the nerves were winning.

She stood in her bedroom looking at her reflection in the full length mirror. She was 42 now but even before her dalliances with Wesley, she had never really felt her age. She was wearing a black backless reformation dress that showed a not too revealing cleavage and came mid-way down her thighs as it opened out at the bottom. This meant that you could just see the tops of her black stockings which led up to her suspender belt. It was the same set she had worn for Wes the previous night although it had been cleaned since! The backless dress meant no bra but unlike last night she was wearing a matching black lacy thong over the top of her suspender straps. To complete her look, she was wearing black suede open-toed high heels.

She had no idea what to expect that night. Deanna had told her snippets about previous parties but Beverley was sure she was exaggerating half the time. Still she spent a few minutes fighting her nerves (and having a second glass of white wine – thankfully not synthol!) before she made her exit into the corridor and towards Troi’s quarters which, like hers, were on deck 8. She also knew that Troi often stayed in Commander Riker’s larger quarters, again on the same deck. It was definitely a plus point that all the officers quarters were close to each other, particularly as she felt a little self-conscious strolling around the ship in such attire. Thankfully though, that second glass of wine was having the desired effect and making her feel a little easier about it!

She soon reached Deanna’s quarters and hit the button next to the door. After a couple of seconds the door opened and she wondered how Deanna, or whoever was there, would know to open it but then she realised that Deanna would be able to sense her presence. Other than her deep, dark eyes there was nothing about Troi that set her apart from any human so the fact that she could sense her and her thoughts often went to the back of her mind.

Deanna’s quarters were similar to Beverley’s although perhaps slightly smaller. Deanna held the rank of Lieutenant-Commander although on the Enterprise her psionic abilities and the Captain’s regard for her often meant people thought she was higher up the chain of command. Normally her quarters were set out in a similar way to Beverley’s although with more artwork and decoration, however when Beverley stepped through the entrance she realised Deanna had been busy setting the scene for the nights event.

The lighting was dimmer than usual but she could see that the main coffee table which would be normally surrounded by a sofa and arm chair had been removed and the sofa had been moved against the wall with another sofa added against the outer bulkhead. The dining table was also moved against the wall and on it there were a multitude of deserts and fruit around a chocolate fountain. The most eye catching piece of furniture in the room however, in the extra space created by the move-around, was the Jacuzzi hot tub which was bubbling away quite happily.

She then noticed the people that were already there. First she saw Lieutenant-Commander Geordi La Forge (The Enterprise’s Chief Engineer) and Guinan (An El-Aurian who ran Ten-Forward, the main bar on the ship) sitting on the sofa ahead of her in front of the window chatting. He was wearing loose fitting black trousers and a tight white t-shirt which looked great against his dark brown skin. His trousers were bulging and she wondered what he was packing under there. She’d seen him nude once during their time on the Enterprise during a routine physical but of course he hadn’t seen his penis erect before. Beverley then thought about Geordi and what he actually saw behind his VISOR. He was born blind on Earth and ever since she’s met him he wore a VISOR (a piece of technology that wrapped around his eyes connecting at his temples) which allowed him to see across a wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves. This all meant that what he saw almost looked like a very old computer simulation but he could also see UV and Infra-red. She also knew he could ‘see’ variances in temperature and wondered if he could tell if someone was getting aroused by the heat signature of their erogenous zones.

Guinan also had a slight empathic quality as all El-Aurians had. Know as the galaxy’s ‘listeners’, they lived hundreds of years and while she only knew her rough age (a fact she kept very much secret), no one else had any idea whatsoever. She watched them chatting casually and suddenly felt slightly vulnerable with these people who could probably read her a lot better than she could read them. She was wearing a loose purple dress with a ridiculous plunge at the front that clearly showed the edges of her big, black and bare breasts. Beverley wondered how strong the tit tape must be to keep those under wraps. Then again she doubted they would stay under wraps for the whole night and guessed that Geordi was thinking the same thing. Her hair was up in a bun with a purple flower in it and Beverley realised it was one of the only occasions she had seen her without a hat!

She realised she’d been standing there for at least 30 seconds before looking around and seeing a familiar face waving at her from the hot tub. Deanna was sat on the edge of it with her feet in the water and Beverley was in a trance once more as she looked at her wearing just some very fancy black French knickers and a black sheer negligee which clearly showed her perfect breasts off underneath. Her luscious, long dark hair came down her shoulders and it was very difficult to notice anything else. As she began to walk over in an almost hypnotic state she realised Deanna was actually already in a group of 3 people. Standing next to the hot tub was Commander William Riker, first officer of the enterprise, wearing dark blue trousers but no top. Instead his toned and hairy chest was on display making him look very rugged Beverley thought. She’d never previously been a massive fan of his trimmed beard but she felt he now looked quite manly with it and right now the look definitely suited him.

There was one other person with them and Beverley smiled to herself as she recognised her as Nurse Ogawa. She wondered if Alyssa had known she would be there when there had been a small spark in sickbay earlier. She was wearing a gorgeous tight black dress with a pink floral pattern that made her think back to the times she had visited Japan while at Starfleet Medical Academy. She had loved the culture of the country that had such high-rise cities but countryside that looked like it hadn’t changed in hundreds of years. Of course when she’d been in Japan she didn’t remember anyone wearing a dress as short as Alyssa’s was. The dress the Japanese nurse was wearing showed off her legs well and could only have been inches away from her undies.

As Beverley reached them Deanna greeted her with a very enthusiastic “Hi”.

“Hi Deanna, I like what you’ve done with the place!”

“Thank you Beverley. I love your dress! Very sexy!”

Beverley blushed a little as she replied “I love your outfit too. It’s very hard not to stare!”

They both laughed lightly as Deanna turned to Will and told him to get Beverley a drink. He reached to a table behind him and poured a glass of Champagne before handing it to Crusher. He passed it to her and she took hold of the glass their hands touched as he seemed to take him time removing his hand from the glass.

“Deanna’s right, you look beautiful Doctor”, Riker commented.

“Please, you know you can call me Beverley or anything but Doctor!”

“Does that apply to me too?” Ogawa said with a big grin on her face.

“Definitely! And Alyssa may I say you look stunning in that dress. It’s such a beautiful design.”

“Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I haven’t worn it since I was a cadet. It’s a bit short but I thought for tonight that might not be a bad thing. Of course I wasn’t counting on being so upstaged by our ships Counselor!”

All four of them laughed at that as Riker stood between Ogawa and Troi and placed ran a hand down each of their backs. “I don’t know about that, I think you’re both perfect. As are you Bev, there’s nothing wrong with teasing us and Deanna has told me that I would definitely like what is underneath…”

Beverley blushed as she tried to regain herself. Riker had always been a ladies’ man and it was hard not to get wrapped up in him. Giggling away it seemed that Alyssa and Deanna were already losing that battle.

The Doctor then heard some grunting noises and looked to Deanna for an explanation.

“Oh that’s Ensign Taurik and Lieutenant Selar in the bedroom. Turns out they were both close to their Pon Farr’s so I decided to help them out and set them up, letting them use my bedroom. I even provided actual Vulcan Port, not replicated. They were very grateful. They said anyone who wants to watch is welcome but advised not joining in. Even Worf might end up with a limb missing if he tried! To be fair they are only in the first hour so they’ll be at it for most of the night.”

“Wow, that’s great! They certainty provide good background noise!”

“They sure do”, Riker commented.

Beverley looked at him and noticed the rather large bulge in his trousers. She also noticed that Alyssa’s dress seemed even shorter now and she thought she could see a hint of pink peaking from underneath it but it could just of been herself getting lost in the situation. She felt Deanna place a hand in hers and guide her to the edge of the hot tub. Deanna stood up and brought her gently forward and soon Beverley realised she was standing in the hot tub with her. The warm water around her stocking covered legs as Troi kissed her softly but erotically, her tongue entering her mouth as Crusher closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment. She reached around behind Deanna’s back as Troi’s hands ran through her long red hair as they continued to kiss, their bodies together

Will Riker watched his ‘imzadi’ kissing Crusher, even as he had placed his hand under Ogawa’s dress and on her bare ass. Clearly the attractive young nurse hadn’t worn knickers to this party and he was very happy about that as he turned into her and kissed her. Her dress had now ridden up to expose her pussy completely and Riker ran an index finger along the small strip of hair on her mound. She seemed so small compared to his tall muscular frame and helpless to his touch as his fingertips now ran along her moist pussy lips before he slid 2 fingers insider her.

She felt tight inside and he took his time moving in and out of her with a steady rhythm. She let out a moan which he took as his cue to speed up a little and he moved his face to her neck which he nibbled and sucked on making her moan louder. He used his thumb on her clit making delicate circles on it with hands that were clearly well practiced in the art of making a woman tremble and soon she was beginning to shake from within. He worked faster on her, his other hand pressing against her buttocks pushing her onto his long fingers. It wasn’t long before she began to scream as the orgasm began its release and soon Riker could feel her juices cascading down his fingers. He kept his fingers inside her all the way through her climax before finally slipping them out once she had finished, being careful as she was quite weak standing now and needed his support.

Ogawa smiled at him but Riker was only just starting and sat her down on the side of the hot tub. He took a moment to take in the sight inside it. Troi and Crusher were still kissing but Deanna’s hands were now on Beverley’s breasts which were exposed to the room as her dress was now hanging around her waist falling on top of the water. Troi then noticed him watching and smiled as she reached down under the water and proceeded to remove Beverley’s knickers, sliding them down her legs and getting her to lift her feet one at a time before standing back up. Her own knickers and sheer negligee were now dripping wet but she didn’t really care as she handed the lacy panties to him.

Riker took the offering from Troi and placed Alyssa’s hands behind her back and tied them together using Crusher’s wet knickers around her wrists. He then knelt before Alyssa and placed his hands on her inner thighs and spread her legs before him. He kissed her thighs and held her ass to support her as he buried his bearded face into her pussy. He ran his tongue all the way from her asshole up to her rock hard clit before slurping it back down, tasting her incredible sweet liquid. He slurped and licked her before probing her entrance with his tongue and fucking her with it. Again she moaned for him and he loved the control he had over her but knew he was only human and so after a while he stood up before her, brought her down onto her knees from the side of the hot tub and slid his trousers and boxer shorts down, in one movement releasing his hard cock. Then he placed his hands on the back of her head and brought her to meet it as she greedily began to take him inside her mouth.

Riker moved Ogawa’s head up and down onto his shaft, fucking her face as he grunted. He needed this so desperately even though he’d only cum over Deanna a couple of hours before the party. The party had actually originally been his idea and although he let Troi make the arrangements he made just one stipulation, that she must invite the pretty new nurse that he’d seen transfer to the Enterprise 10 days earlier.

Alyssa almost gagged on him as he used her to blow him but soon it was time to finally enter that tight little Asian pussy. So he brought her back up to the side of the hot tub, her hands still tied behind her and stood over her, sliding himself inside her. Ogawa moaned loudly as his cock squeezed inside her, a mixture of pleasure and pain but she was in ecstasy as he pummelled her with his piece of meat. As he shagged her he saw that Beverley’s dress was completely off now and had been chucked out of the hot tub. He admired her body as she faced him wearing her stockings which connected to a suspender belt. He loved it when Deanna wore sexy lingerie for him and he certainly appreciated it on the doctor. He also could also see how much Deanna appreciated it as she was now kneeling in the hot tub and was slurping and licking Beverley’s bare cunt.

Crusher was now watching Will fuck Alyssa and both women were moaning uncontrollably. however Will had one ace up his sleeve and he slid out of Ogawa’s slippery hole and yanked her up and around before bending her over and holding her by her tied wrists. She looked up and saw the scene of Beverley being licked out and smiled as they both looked at one another before she felt something that shocked her and she screamed. Riker was behind her and had shoved his cock a little way into her tiny snug bumhole. After her initial scream a tear rolled down her face before she calmed down and began to enjoy to new sensation as Will was incredibly gentle and slow in penetrating her. Crusher was almost ready to act but then didn’t once she saw it was OK. Plus she was in no state to really do anything as she felt herself beginning to cum

Riker took his time with Alyssa as his cock was about 2 inches inside her. He kept sliding it back and forth, before sliding back inside her pussy to moisten it once more and then slide back into her bottom. Now she was moaning and clearly enjoying it as he continued to speed up and get deeper. After a few minutes he knew that he couldn’t hold himself in much longer so he moved his cock back to her pussy and absolutely rammed it while sliding 2 fingers into her ass and his other hand still holding her wrists and moving her into him as he moved into her. Her moans were so loud now and as he felt her pussy convulse against him he also moaned loudly as he shot his loud inside her. His creamy liquid felt so amazing to her as she had her second orgasm of the night at the same time.

After a little while Will finally removed his cock from her as it slurped out. He then turned Alyssa around, still bent over and looked at the doctor who was being brought to ecstasy by Deanna. He then just said 2 words, “taste it”.

At one Deanna stood up from her kneeling position and Beverley got on her knees and bent over the side of the hot tub. Will backed Ogawa to her waiting lips and she slurped on her pussy which was filled with the heavenly mix of Riker’s cum and Alyssa’s sweet juices. It was so amazing to her and she was intoxicated by the taste and smell of it as she buried herself into her cunt. Things couldn’t get any better for her.

Wesley stood outside the door lost in his own thoughts. He hadn’t been sure what to make of the invitation he had received earlier that day but had decided that he was too curious not to go. He was wearing black trousers, a black silk shirt with the first few buttons undone that felt so smooth against his chest and smart black slip-on shoes. He’d been standing there at the door a full 5 minutes before he worked up the courage to hit the button next to it with no idea of what to expect

The door opened for him and the first thing he saw made him realise he really hadn’t had any idea what to expect as he Guinan completely nude standing side on to him with her large breasts jiggling about. He looked down her body and saw she was wearing some sort of strap on dildo against her mound. She looked magnificent and in much better shape than her normal attire ever let on. Wesley then notice that she was moving into someone with her dildo and that she was actually fucking Geordi La Forge who was bent over in front of her with his hands placed on one of the armchairs.

Guinan appeared to be fucking Geordi deeply but the Chief Engineer was clearly enjoying the situation as his hard cock swinging away and he was grunting audibly. Wesley watched the unbelievable scene for a few minutes before Guinan completely pulled out of Geordi’s bum hole and unstrapped the dildo from her crotch. La Forge then stood up slightly unsteadily and kissed her before pushing her down into a bent-over position similar to what he’d been doing and he slid his hard length inside her. He slid slowly but fully inside her pussy and then started to move in and out of her at a slow pace. He then came out completely and shifted his stance slightly before sliding into her asshole. He seemed to take his time with her, slowly getting deeper and deeper, which Wesley found unsurprising as he had looked very well endowed.

Wesley then watched as Geordi found his rhythm and Guinan began to moan loudly in time to the pounding she was now getting. Wesley wondered if the deal had been that Geordi could have her if she had him first. Then he thought if he would do the same, have something up his arse so he could fuck her back. With Guinan? Probably not. With his Mom? Well that was a different matter. He loved her so much and his natural instinct was that he would do anything for her. His penis was rigid in his trousers and tenting but he didn’t know if that was from the sight in front of him or thoughts of his mother.

His thoughts were broken by the sound of a scream followed by some rather loud moaning which made Guinan actually sound quiet! He looked around the rest of the room and saw a hot tub and Will Riker shagging a cute Asian woman hard against it and realised she was the cause of the noise he was hearing. He kept watching as Riker pounded into her and realised he recognised her as one of his Mom’s new nurses but her name eluded her. She was clearly enjoying being fucked by the Commander and his face indicated he was just as satisfied to be deep within her.

Wesley’s focus then shifted to the sight in the hot tub and the woman with her back to him standing in the centre of it. Her hands were on the head of another woman who was knelt down with her face buried into the standing woman’s cunt. Even though the standing woman had her back to him and was obscuring his view of the other person, he knew instantly that it was his Mom being eaten by Deanna Troi. It was a beautiful sight and he felt like he was going to burst out of his trousers as he watched the woman he loved, and had been with the previous night, be brought to orgasm by another beautiful woman.

He then watched as his Mom went and bent over the side of the hot tub where the Asian nurse was now bent over facing away and backing towards the hot tub with the help of Riker. His mom then proceeded to bury her face into her and began slurping on what Wesley guessed would be an interesting cocktail of liquids. He then looked away slightly and made eye contact with Deanna who was looking in his direction. He then stared at her as she stood up in the middle of the hot tub and peels off the soaking wet negligee up over her head and chucks it to the side. She then got out of the hot tub and walked over to him and began to kiss him with want and passion.

Her hands were running all over his shirt as she then slid her fingers under his buttons and snapped them off, his shirt falling open. She then nibbled and sucked on his neck as she roughly finished removing his shirt and then moved down to his trousers, undoing his belt and yanking both the trousers and his boxer shorts down in one movement which finally released his aching cock.

Troi then got on her knees and took Wesley’s length into her mouth slowly, salivating all over it. She followed this up by running the tip of her tongue down his pulsating shaft and over his testicles which she then sucks on. After a while she moves back up to once again take him in her mouth, sucking on his penis hungrily. Wesley simply looks down and feels like he’s in heaven and closes his eyes, although his mind switches between the woman sucking him off now and the woman he loved.

He stopped daydreaming as Deanna released him from her mouth and stood back up. She then whispered into his ear ‘I want you to fuck me’, and walked to the hot tub and bent over it on the opposite side from where Beverley was sucking the last remnants from inside Ogawa. Wesley quickly got fully naked and as he approached her she pulled her knickers to one side and held them there revealing her entrance for him. Wesley accepted the invitation without hesitation and slid himself deep inside her extremely wet pussy.

Riker finally released Ogawa’s wrists once he felt Beverley had finished slurping up his and Ogawa’s juices from her vagina. Ogawa has cum at least one more against Beverley’s mouth and felt completely spent. She got very gingerly to her feet and moved away as Beverley looked up at Riker. He took her by the hand and stood her up and helped her out of the bath. He then silently got her to get down and bend over the side of the bath as she suddenly came face to face with Troi. She then noticed the man fucking Deanna and as she registered the sight of her son giving Troi a good fucking, she felt Will’s penis inside her and knew she was in for one hell of a ride.

Wesley made eye-contact with his Mom but didn’t stop shagging Deanna. He couldn’t. He was now desperate for this and couldn’t wait to release himself. He felt spurred on by what was happening in front of him and he pulled out of Troi before yanking her panties off completely, exposing her for him. He then plunged back inside her deeply, going harder and faster as he watched Riker fuck his Mom hard and fast too. Soon both women were moaning and grunting as Will and Wesley continued to fuck them harder and harder.

Both women began to orgasm at the same time and they nearly exploded as both Will and Wesley refused to stop as Troi and Beverley came. Wesley was now at the brink and about to ejaculate himself when he notice Riker stopping and yanking his Mom up and take her to the sofa. He decided to do the same with Deanna and he approached the sofa with her he noticed Riker had sat his Mom down next to Ogawa and Guinan and so he did the same with Troi, the four women squeezing together. Geordi La Forge then joined them and him and Riker began masturbating in front of the ladies and Wesley realised that as the guys certainly weren’t telepathic they must of planned or done this before so he starting wanking himself off too.

It didn’t take long for the men to climax, with Will Riker going first and spraying his seed over the women on the sofa. La Forge wasn’t far behind and neither was Wesley who came last but by far had the most liquid coming out. In fact everyone was surprised at how much he came and showered the four women who by the end were dripping across the faces and chests.

The women smiled and began to lick the mixture of cum off each other’s faces and tits as then men simply watched and smiled. Wesley had always felt like the other men on the Enterprise, particularly the officers, still thought of him as a c***d but not today. He may still be a few months from turning 19 and hadn’t even left for Starfleet Academy yet but for once he felt like one of the guys and the thought made him so happy.

After the ladies were about done Will Riker quipped, “Would you like anything else to eat ladies?”

They all laughed and Beverley got up and said, “No thank you! I think it’s time for me and my son to head home.”

“Well I think I can arrange that”, Riker said looking them up and down reminding them of their state of undress. He gave both Beverley and Wesley a comm badge and said “Computer, site-to-site transport. Comm-badge 101 and 102 authorisation Riker-omega-3”.

Almost immediately Beverley and Wesley dematerialised in front of them all. Riker then looked over to Geordi La Forge.

“So Geordi are you going to help me give Deanna a good fucking? Ever since the last party she’s wanted you back inside her.”

“I think that can be arranged!” La Forge replied as the both took one of Troi’s hands and helped her up and took her over to one of the arm chairs.

“I guess that just leaves you and me”, Ogawa said as she turned to Guinan sitting next to her.

“I think that will just fine”, Guinan responded as she leaned over and the women began to kiss and explore each other into the small hours.

Wesley and Beverley rematerialised in the middle of her quarters after what had been the oddest night of their lives. They both looked at one another in their states of undress, Wesley completely nude and his mother wearing only the stockings and suspender belt set, still clinging to her body from being dunked in the hot tub.

“I love you Wesley.”

“I love you Mom.”

They kissed each other briefly before they took each other’s hands and went into the bedroom. They made love with each other, softly, erotically and in love. They then slept together, knowing that they would have to take each day at a time. Knowing that in a couple of months he would be heading to Starfleet Academy on Earth, while she would stay in amongst the stars.

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