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started an innocent game

we had been out at my g/f lians works night out and had a great night at the end of the night alice and jim invited us and victoria and her male friend and also lisa and her fuckbud also my ex wife ann and scot her b/f back for drinks as we chatted my ex started talking of sex games and how dare was fun so alice suggested we play so ann asked the questions first and when jim picked opinion she asked his opinion on would he like to see alice get fucked as most men do saying how i wanted to see her when we were married jim hesitated then said he would as alice said he did say that to her then alice picked dare and ann told her to pick another guy and tell him in the room she thought he was sexy alice picked me and lian said its ok alice he has fantasised of you as we got to the room alice was so d***k she fell on me as i held her she asked me what i fantasised of with her telling her she said she did have nipples and pussy as i imagined and also wore sexy undies i said it sounded sexy as she said jim did not think so as he had not touched her in 9 weeks as she slide out her dress and stood in her transparent under dress and stockings staring at her dark pussy patch she laughed saying she was so hairy yes i said adding jim must be nuts as i would be fucking you crazy she said thanks as she kissed me stumbling as i held her my hand went onto her bum as i groped it and stroked her legs as she leaned back smiling my hand round hser as i kissed her lips as she then held me kissing me i rubbed her tits feeling her solid nipples as she moaned as i put my hand on her cunt rubbind it she said not now as i pulled her crotch to the side fingering her wet hole wispering to her how sexy she was we heard talking and went back down as every one was leaving i slipped her ling my number
two days later she called apologising i asked were jim was and he was away for 4 days working asking to go to hers for a chat she said ok and i got a cab as i had a few joints when i arrived she was wearing a denim skirt and a tight t shirt and was drinking wine she said i could have a joint as we chatted i gave her a joint ten took a pipe out and smoked dope in it she looked as i offered her one she said ok as she had one then another she said fuck its good not as good as your pussyi replied laughing she said i was just saying that asking her what type of undies she had on she said very transparent white ones part of her cammy set as she cossed her legs as i noticed her dark patch saying fuck alice what a pussy you have darling as i leaned over kissing her she responded instantly i asked her to take her clothes of giving her a pipe she removed her skirt then her top her tits bare as they sagged her nipples were huge and so dark as we lay kissing and touching she lay on top of me feeling my hard cock as i put my finger up her cunt she moaned as i got my cock out pulling her gusset to the side rubbing my cock over her clit as i eased it up her so slowly as i held her hips pushing her down onto my cock she said no we cant as she moaned as she pushed down my cock easing up her tight cunt as she moved on it loving it as she shuddered in climax

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