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Step Father Darius 3

If I was anymore distracted I was going to burn myself with the bowling water
on the stove. I focussed on making sure the pasta didn’t get over cooked then
switched my attention to the spaghetti sauce next.

I hoped Darius would enjoy the meal. I knew he loved italian food. What was he
going to say when he got home? What was I going to say? After that morning…
God, I got shivers just thinking about it. What was I going to do? I needed to
stay away from him as much as possible. But it didn’t help that everytime I
think about us two together I get hot and wet.

The front door opened. I tensed up but didn’t turn around. There were a few
thumps letting me know that Darius had put down his toolbox and took off his
boots. The quieter footsteps stopped at the kitchen door. I still didn’t turn
around when the kitchen door opened, keeping my head down.

“Hey Arri,” Darius said. He pulled out a chair and sat down.

I bit my lip before saying, “Hi Darius.” I kept my back to him. “How was work?”

I heard him heave a sigh. “Good. The garage is getting more business now. How
was your day?”

“It was fine. The professor is giving another quiz this friday.” I lifted the
ladel up from the sauce, I blew on it to cool off the sauce then tasted.

I really need to put a bell on Darius. He was right behind me again
whispering, “How does it taste?”

I jumped and let go of the ladel. It splashed into the sauce and sent some
flying onto my arm and some on my chest. “Ow ow ow. That burns.” I turned to go
to the sink but Darius stopped me. He grabbed my arm to look at it then he
lifted my wrist to his mouth to lick off the pasta sauce. His tongue travelled
slowly down the length of my arm, picking up all the sauce. I couldn’t exactly
remember how I got the pasta sauce on me in the first place but I was glad I
did. Then he moved to my chest. Licking the top of my breasts, between them
until my shirt blocked him from going further. He moved his head up again, his
tongue running over my neck and collarbone. I held his head to me, loving the
feel of him.

Suddenly he stopped. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. He put his lips to
my ear. “Delicious,” he whisped, sending shivers down my spine. I knew he was
about to kiss me but a loud sizzling noise made us both jump.

“Oh crap,” I said running to turn off the stove to keep the water from boiling
over even more. I stirred the noodles to make sure they weren’t soggy or stuck
together. I sighed and turned back to him. “Darius, you need to stop.”

“Stop what?” he said. “It’s not like I can turn off my attraction to you. And
even if I did my body certainly wouldn’t cooperate.” He gestured to his hard on
in his jeans. “It really doesn’t help that I know you want me to. You said so
this morning.”

I slammed my hand down on the counter. “Dammit Darius. We can’t keep doing
this. You are married to my mom. And.. And if you can’t control yourself then
I’ll control myself.” I tried to stomp past him but he caught me by the waist
and pulled me against him. My breathe caught it my throat as I looked at him.

He ran his hand across my neck and into my hair. “You think you can control yourself?” he asked. The he slipped his hand down to my breast. His thumb brushed over my nipple. “Why’re your nipples hard then? And I bet your pussy is
wet too.” He lightly pinched my nipple between his fingers, making me
gasp. “Well,” he said, “is it?”

I couldn’t speak with his han massaging my breast. I shook my head.

He smiled. “You’re lying to me Arri, I know when you lie.”

“I’m not,” I whispered weakly.

“I’ll have to prove you’re wrong then.” Slowly he lowered his hand to the bottom
edge of my skirt. He lifted it up just as slowly, looking at my face the entire
time. He slipped his fingertips into the top of my panties. “Last chance to tell me the truth Arri.”

I bit my lip hard and shook my head again.

More coming soon my fans 😉

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