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step sister took advantage of me..and i liked it

“john take the trash out”

“Im busy mom make Tiffany do it!”

“Im not doing it” Tiffany replied

“Don’t make me get your god damn dad”

As you can see my step mom and step s****r Tiffany are total bitches my step mom really aint bad unless her little angle is around. My step s****r is the type that always gets her way not just with her mom or my dad hell every guy that sees her falls head over hills. I can’t blame them even though she is a fucking bitch she has the looks to back it up. Tiffanys 17 years old, 5’4, weighs about 125lb, wavy blond hair and the blueish eyes you would ever see, really if she was nicer I think I would even fall for her…. Anyways back to the story, I had planes to go out with my girlfriend Ashley to the movies but 3 hours before that my bitch step s****r had a fight with my dad about her going out looking like a slut.

“You are not going out looking like that,I don’t care what your mother says my house my rules!”


“Yes honey”

“your husband’s trying to stop me from going out tonight!!”



my dad tried his best to keep things fair but when he got mad he just wanted to sl**p he didn’t care about anything else so really my step s****r just fucked us both from going out but honestly I really didn’t care only reason I was going is because me and Ashley we’re having problems and we were goanna try to fix it. It was Friday night and I was stuck in the house with nothing to do but chill out in my room as time went by I started to doze off in seconds I was out Oddly I was dreaming of my step s****r she had two fingers in her pussy and screaming at me to fuck her every step I would take the harder my dick got and before I made my way to her I woke up. When I tried to whip my eyes I found that my hands and feet were tide to the bed and a sock in my mouth I felt a amazing warm feeling around my dick. I raised my head to find my step s****r between my legs!!. I couldn’t say nothing with a sock in my mouth I could only mumble. She looked up at me with my dick between your pink lips and winked, for a second I tried to fight it but she started to take me even deeper in her mouth, one hand stroking my dick and the other rubbing my balls her nails looked so hot around my thick cock.

“Ill take the sock out if you promise not to yell” she said with a smile, I could only shake my head yes

“Ohh Tiffany please don’t stop”

“What you like your step s****rs mouth, maybe if you would beg I might keep sucking ”

“Oh please suck my cock ill do anything”

My step s****r then swirled her soft tongue all the way from the shaft of my cock to the head dripping her spite down to my balls.

“Hmm pre cum your not aloud to cum yet”

“Please step s****r let me cum”

“Only if you cum in my fucking mouth”

I couldn’t believe this was happening my beautiful step s****r was seconds away from making me cum

” hmmm you know what IM not going to let you cum in my mouth”

“No please I need to cum ill do any thing”

“Wait I didn’t say you couldn’t cum I just said not in my mouth…your Going to cum in side of me”

She raised up from my hard dick and with one motion threw off her nightgown and unsnapped her bra her wet pussy inches from my cock I started begging her not to…

“This is the only way you’re Cumming if you don’t like it then ill put the sock back in you’re pussy mouth”

The thought of Cumming in my step s****r turned me on even more at this point I didn’t care I just wanted to fuck her.

She slowly slide her pussy down on my cock releasing a quiet moan.

“Oh god step b*****r your so big oh god fuck me!!”

“Faster, oh damn your pussy is amazing I don’t know how much more I can take!”

“Don’t cum yet. IM so close to Cumming on that dick baby”

“I can’t hold it IM CUMMING”


I released my warm cum in side her, she made a few more movements the cum from her pussy started to drip down my soft dick she leaned over and kissed me

“That was fun now wasn’t it, see I didn’t fuck up the night for use”

I smiled “no you made this night”

“Ohh not just this night IM not done with you yet and what do you think about my mom you wanna let her in on it”

“You’re mom she would never go for something like that”

“She likes you she even told me she wished your dad had your looks, plus she will go along with what ever I say…….

To be continued

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:05 pm

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