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Step s****r with no knickers

No dont get your hopes up not a threesome, although the thought of me fucking my step s****r while my wife is fucked by her hubby is quite a turn on.

The other day Lisa called round for an evening of fun and food….oh yes drink too.

Her and her hubby turned up with a box of red wine some lovely chocolates and she with a beaming smile. She was wearing a slinky dress very very tight and didnt leave anything to the imagination. Knee length, and low cut. She walked in the door and she kissed me on the cheek as she walked in then whispered that she wanted me as she walked in she then kissed me on the other cheek and whispered no knickers and she was wet in anticipation. I watched as she slunk by me her hand brushed against my cock…god she was so damn sexy…my cock was already semi. I had to have her but how.

Her hubby and the wife were sitting in the lounge dinner was nearly ready and Lisa came to help me in the kitchen, she walked up to me and lent against me kissing me passionately…i said we must be careful but she didnt really care…cum to think of it nor did i, we could here the other two laughing and there were no footsteps across our wooden floors so we were safe for a moment. She pulled her top out so i could see her tits…no bra either…she told me she was completely naked under neath and her pussy was so so wet. She put my hand down and lifted her dress for me to feel her silky smooth thighs, she never even flinched when my hand went straight between her legs, her cunt was hot like a little furnace we continued our passionate deep kiss, we opened our eyes and looked at each other my fingers entered her very very wet pussy the silky smooth lips, the softness and wetness made my cock rigid the head of my cock pushing against the fabric of my boxers, i thought i would burst Lisa placed a hand around my cock over my jeans and started to squeeze the hard shaft, i could feel pre cum ooze from the helmet and the head of my cock was now lubricated with my own sex juices. My finger slipped inside her cunt and my fingers explored the inside of her cunt she was so wet that some of her juices dripped onto my fingers and down my hand and onto the floor i left it there as a reminder of what a gorgeous wet cunt she had, i fingered her deeply and she responded by parting her legs for me she rubbed and squeezed my cock very very hard, she said she wanted to fuck me right here and now…then my wife shouted if everything was ok…i shouted absolutely fine….i fingered her deeper and played with her clit she started to breath heavily as my fingers worked her clit and cunt she held me tightly as she began to cum on my fingers she nit her lip to keep herself from yelling out and her legs buckled as the waves of orgasm pulsed through her body she came so beautifully.

I was so hard that i worried that if the wife walked in it would be so obvious, Lisa asked me to stop as she continued to cum she shuddered in my arms as the orgasm begun to wain, like the sea on the shoreline gently slipping back into the blue yonder….everything returning to normal again…she shuddered one more time in my arms looked up at me and smiled….she said she so wanted me she couldnt believe she ever cum that quick and she was lucky to cum at all with hubby. Her eyes were slightly filling with water like she was going to cry i read into her eyes she wasnt happy there with him…she was looking for release and i was the answer….not move in together just be there for her when she needs me.

She looked up at me and my heart melted my step s****r i had known from c***dhood was passionate about me..wanted me and i wanted her.

I heard footsteps Lisa straightened her dress and i lent against the worktop until my cock went down, my wife asked if dinner was nearly ready…yes i was cooking…more for Lisa than anything else…my wife didnt suspect this was my s****r.

The meal went great we d***k loads of wine then played just dance on the wii. The wife and Lisa shaking there stuff, then me and the BIL did a few numbers, but i did enjoy watching my wife and Lisa shaking there asses in my face…i could have fucked both of them that night.

Everyone got more and more d***k as the evening drew on, s*s and hubby were gonna stay in the attic room, i suggested i show Lisa where it was before we were to inebriated to walk, by now BIL and the wife were happily playing a challenge on the wii and falling about most of the time…

I showed Lisa the way up to the attic room we burst through the door she lifted her dress and started to undo my belt and pulled down my jeans and boxers in one swipe. My cock bounced out of hiding like a stiff hideaway ironing board, bouncing into action, she grabbed my cock in hand dropped to her knees and thrust her mouth over my cock she sucked up every drop of precum and swallowed the length of my shaft as deep as her throat could take. My balls were played with in her hand and she rubbed a finger up around my ass hole every now and again i parted my legs a little as this made it easier for her to play with my balls and slide a finger around the ass hole….i have to say it did heighten the passion….i definitely am not gay but try this its amazing…Lisa kept sucking and i couldnt wait any longer i had to have her…i turned her around and she lent against the wall as i hoisted her dress up she put her arms up for me to pull it off…well why not…so i did, she was completely naked underneath and i could look at her naked and feel her gorgeous soft skin all over her body my hands wandered and caressed her, running my hands over her breasts and playing with her nipples, she thrust her ass out for me to fuck her so i lent down and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt…she bent a little more and my cock slipped inside her juicy wet cunt, i thrust deep inside her she reached round and grabbed my bum wanting it harder inside her, we thrust in unison her backwards at each of my thrusts forwards i could feel my cock hit her cervix as it fucked deep inside my step s****rs juicy love tube, she kept thrusting hard against me and i put my hand around to the front of her cunt and started to play with her clit she groaned with pleasure as little electric shocks of pleasure zoomed through the nerve endings of her clit straight to her brain, which in turned the tap on for her love juices which spilled over my bollocks and onto my boxers below….her cunt couldn’t have been any wetter…i thrust and thrust and she started to shudder and she told me she was cumming her orgasms racing through her wave after wave of lust and pleasure.

She held me to her and i stopped while she came on my hard cock and she thrusted herself on me very slowly enjoying every inch of its length, the excitement had triggered the sap to rise in my cock and i knew it wouldnt be long before i came…we had to be quick but i didnt think we had a lot of choice anyway we had been on simmer all night long. I told Lisa i wanted to cum so she slipped off my cock and dropped to the floor she took my cock deep into her mouth again and she gently played with my balls. |She reached down between her legs and soaked her fingers with her cum juice, she then slid a finger into my ass hole as she sucked my cock again i parted my leg’s to allow her easier access, my cum was near to spurting into her mouth as she pumped her finger inside my bum then sucked hard on my stiff cock …i started to erupt inside her and each thrust of her finger inside me made my cum spurt hard against the back of her throat deep down inside her mouth …she swallowed as cum shot into her throat coating the back of it with my white creamy love potion. She kept fingering my ass and the cum just kept cumming, she swallowed every last drop when i stopped cumming she stood up and kissed me i could taste my fresh cum inside her mouth and the taste was wonderful.

I helped her back on with her dress and we went back down stairs, no one aware of what had happened….dream…absolute dream….and what happened in the night when everyone was a sl**p…well that is another story.

I dished up dinner

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