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Step-s****r’s Spring Break Visit

Step-s****r’s Spring Break Visit

Earlier this year my step s****r came to stay with the f****y for spring break. Consisted of my mom and step-dad. They were pretty nice to not kick me out while I stayed in state to attend college. My step s****r on the other hand decided to go to SDSU. I mean that’s not too far away considering we were just a city away. I’m pretty sure Stacy, my step-s****r just wanted to get away from the memories. Unfortunately her boyfriend who she was deeply in love with passed away. It was very short and unexpected. Til this day she posts on social media pictures of them and paragraphs about how much she loves him and how they were truly soul mates. No one can ever doubt the fact. She was definitely a daddy’s girl and really close with my mom. She would skype them basically every night. Although it was just four of us in this small circle we never fought and we were always there for each other.
Well spring break came around and I was quite surprised because this was her 2nd semester in and she barely visits with all the skyping we do. First day/night was pretty average. We went cruising down the beach as a f****y. It wasn’t too long because Stacy was tired from the drive in which was a few hours for her. Went home and watched movies. We did this for the entire week that she was here. It wasn’t too crazy. Honestly. It was Sunday morning which was her last day here. I was preparing to take a shower until I walked into the bathroom and realized she shower room was locked. So I decided to just brush my teeth instead. With our ‘father’ being a dentist we all carried an electrical tooth brush. I finished my brushing time and realized Stacy was still in the shower brushing her teeth. It was quite some time because I heard vibrations from the shower before I even started brushing my teeth. I was confused and thought nothing of it. Then I decided to just wait in my room and prepare to do laundry since that was my laundry day. So I grab my laundry basket and went to start the laundry. Right when I left my room I walked passed the bathroom door the same time Stacy walked out. I told her morning and said “Hey do you want me to do your laundry since I’m about to start the load? Knowing you’re the princess around the house I figured I’d do it for you.” Her response was only a sarcastic “Ha Ha” and threw in her clothes.. She was quick to grab her panties which was just a pink underwear that saw “PINK” on it as it’s the infamous Victoria secret slogan. She gave me an evil look as if don’t sniff my panties and walked back to her room. I started the load and was separating the colors and falls out a vibrator. I just chuckled as I grabbed it and started heading to her room.

I burst open and she had her back to me with her towel open. She clamped herself tight and said “Jesus perv! Don’t you knock?!”.. Are you sure it’s me that’s the perv? Uhh.. I think you left this in your clothes? “Oh Shit! Give that back!” It was funny I held it high like when we were little. She was on her tippy toes trying to reach it with her hand on my stomach. I continued to tease her because I just thought it was so funny. I tiptoed in circles until my back legs reached her bed. She began putting all her weight on me and we both fell onto the bed. I was getting ready for the shower so I only had my towel on and she just got done and all she had was her towel. We both land and she still couldn’t reach her little toy. I crawled my way up until my hand and her toy reached the headboard. She crawled with me and her towel was just on her back no longer twisted in a knot in front of her. There they were fully exposed my step s****rs body that I grew up with. She was not my s****r at all. She was actually white, blond and curvy. No relation. It’s impossible. I’m still laughing inside because she only had her eyes on the prize and didn’t realized anything. We were so in tuned into this game we were playing that we didn’t realize my towel was completely off as well. Shit I didn’t even know I was hard. So I finally give in and decided to give it to Stacy. I laughed and asked her why she even needs this. She only looked away from my eyes as if she was to tell me she knew the answer already. Which I did. She’s a sweetheart and no one could ever replace her boyfriend. I knew this. As she was looking away from my eyes she caught attention of my cock.. Rock hard from this little game we were playing.. She finally noticed she was completely uncovered and tried to hold it up real quick and decided that it was too late already.

Her eyes were fixated on my erect penis that I was.. Embarrassed to have it out in the open but we seemed to have gone to a point of no return it seems like.. She began sliding down her face was right next to my penis as if she was talking to a little 2 year old that couldn’t speak. It was so close. She was just examining it then I moved it just enough to give her a peck on the lips. She smiled, laughed, and gave me a soft playful hit on my stomach. She leaned in closer towards the tip and gave me a look of innocence. She opened her mouth while staring deeply into my eyes.. Once my cock was in her mouth she closed her eyes.. It was pure ecstasy for her.. Must have been something she missed. She began going to down. Each motion she made came with a soft moan. She was very passionate. This was something that threw me off. She was the sweetest person ever who deeply loved her boyfriend yet here she is. My step s****r giving me the greatest head I’ve ever gotten in my life. My fingers found my way threading between her beautiful blond hair. I softly pushed her head down making sure she took all of it in and she didn’t disagree. She moaned louder.. Passionate.. Her eyes rolled back as my head hit the back of her throat. I couldn’t help myself anymore I finally sat up and my two hands behind her head and had to lift her up. She was almost crying because she missed this so much. I kissed her forehead.. Looked at her and I knew this was something she needed in a long time.. I gave her a quick wipe on her lips with my thumb and went for it. I gave her a kiss. She kissed me back. It was a beautiful feeling. I guess you can say we we’re in love? Is this bad? We took another glance.. Stared into each others eyes and these questions came about.. They had to.. This connection that was created through the years finally being expressed. We knew this was something we wanted and needed and we both went for it. We leaned in for another kiss and we both stood up and switched positions.

She was now laying on the bed completely nude. Smiling at me. I motioned to lay on top of her. We kissed while I played with her pussy and she stroked me off. Then it finally happened. I slipped it in and she let out another moan of pure happiness. I never noticed any of this before because she was my damn step-s****r. The times at the beach in the bikini and the times at night she’d be wearing a sweater. She was sexy and conservative. A beautiful woman who apparently was now mine. I remained on top for the entire time. Our hands interlocked while we kissed and I was still thrusting my way into my step-s****r. Each thrust, every time it was harder and deeper. She enjoyed it. I laid on top of her and gave her smaller thrust and faster. Until she finally knew it was time. She whispered in my ear and told me to cum inside her. I couldn’t wait anymore and just asked if she was sure. Her eyes fixed on my gave me a little nod. I continued and it was time and I let all my load inside her. Everything. We just laid there for a few seconds breathing. Not saying a word.. Hands still interlocked. She finally made the first move which pushed me onto my back. She made her way back down and began giving me head again. Sucking me clean. Swept up the cum that came out of her that was on my stomach and licked her finger that had all of it on it. She smiled at me and crawled on top of me and just said.. “Thank you.” We laid there and ended up taking a nap..

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