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Steph’s Not Here Anymore

I’m her older b*****r Orrin. Me and Jason (our younger b*****r) called her last Friday night and told her we’d be dropping by her place.

The whore knew what was expected of her: She greeted us at the door wearing only a bathrobe, which we removed after about 30 seconds.

She was definitely a sight to behold, standing before us totally nude, her full, taut breasts thrust forward, left leg slightly bent with foot arched and toes pointing. She knew what we were gonna do with her luscious young body. At least, she thought she did!

Jason argued that he should fuck her mouth first, but I overruled him: as the older b*****r, it was my right to have her kneeling before me as I gripped her wavy, auburn hair and fucked her mouth. As she tightly wrapped her soft, wet lips around my shaft and positioned her useless tongue to give maximum pleasure to the underside of my dong, Jason knelt behind her, possessing her cunt.

It only took a few minutes for me to pump my wad down the bitch’s throat. She swallowed like the good little s****r she was, and then turned and lay down on her back, just in time for Jason to shoot his load all over her gorgeous, swollen jugs.

Needing a rest, we ordered her to fetch us beers from the fridge, which she immediately did, Jason’s jism still glistening on her breasts, dripping down unto her stomach. Hey, she knew better than to wipe anything off without permission! Our dad had taught her well!

We sent her into the bathroom to get another shower, and discussed whether or not to “complete our visit” as soon as she came out. But Jason still wanted to fuck her mouth, and, being the fair-minded guy that I am, I decided he had a point.

When Steph (we’ve never called her Stevie!) came out of the bathroom, we had already cleared off her kitchen table and, without having to be told, our naked, helpless s****r lay down upon it on the short side, so that her cunt was on one edge, while her head drooped down backwards on the other. Jason wasted no time in holding Steph’s head steady and r****g her mouth. At the same time, I lifted and spread her long, smooth, alabaster legs and commenced fucking her soaking-wet slit.

It took us longer to drain our balls this time, having already shot our wads earlier. But, in less than ten minutes, I had spurted my seed into my s****r’s cunt, while Jason had plastered the whore’s face with cum.

We sat and rested a moment to recover our energies. Steph lay exactly as we’d left her, not having been told to get off the table.

After another few minutes, I lifted her violated body into my arms and told her that we were going to clean her up. Jason followed us into the bathroom and started filling the tub with warm water.

“Steph,” I told her gently, “you’ve been telling people online what we and Dad have done to you. Do you think that’s right? Revealing f****y secrets to the world?”

She stared at me, glassy-eyed, but didn’t say a word. “Okay, Jason, it’s time,” I said.

He nodded, then helped me lift Steph to the tub, whereupon we pushed her under the water and held her there. I was expecting some resistance, but she didn’t make a move, laying there docile, obedient, accepting her fate, all the while gazing up at her two b*****rs, eyes filled with nothing but love. Stupid bitch!

Once we’d confirmed that she was dead, we pulled her out and dried her off. Her corpse looked so beautiful, laying on her bed, a look of total submission and acceptance on her face, that we fucked her several times more.

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