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Story wife wrote for me while I was deployed three

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Ok, so I thought it easier to write a story about a time we shared (or how I would have liked it lot) I am really not good at this so I am so uncomfortable writing we will call the guy Wes (We don’t know a Wes so it makes it easier lol)

Ok, so you did what you do and found someone to come over for some “fun”. Of course, I had spent the last few hours shaving, bathing, and finding some sexy panties and a sexy bra to wear. The panties and bra were dark blue. They were made of lace and you could see enough to know that my pussy was clean-shaven. It smelled and looked yummy! The panties went into my butt crack enough to make my butt cheeks hang out, and the bra lifted my boobs and made them look big and perky.

We had a few drinks before Wes knocked on the door so I could loosen up a bit. I was wearing my famous jersey and some shorts for easy access. Wes came in, of course I was nervous so I ensured that we all had more drinks before we continued to the “fun” stuff. We all started playing around and you both started rubbing my breasts and my and grabbing and smacking my ass. You removed my shorts and made me sit doggy style while you both rubbed my ass and pussy. You pulled your cock out and I started sucking on you while he was still rubbing and dry humping me from behind. He moved to my front and I rubbed his bulge through his pants and could tell that he was packing a huge cock. This made my pussy wet and I immediately started unbuttoning his pants to pull out his cock so I could measure it up with my mouth.

He pulled my top off and pushed my bra to the sides and started sucking and kissing my nipples. You pulled off my panties and started sucking on my pussy and licking my clit. My pussy tasted sweet and was warm, smooth, and wet. You started sucking on my pussy lips. I sat on your face so that I could have easy access to suck on his enormous cock. When I finally got in my mouth, my pussy got hotter and wetter. His cock was thick just how I like it. I immediately wanted him in me, but you both wanted me on my knees and sucking your cocks. You both moved to standing while I was still on my knees. Wes grabbed my head and pushed me on his cock so that it went deep in my throat. I gagged a bit but took it well. I then started sucking and jacking you both off. I had one cock in each hand and licked the head and took turns sucking on each one. I could feel you both growing harder as I sucked, I could even taste the pre-cum.

Wes pushed me to my back and went down to eat my pussy. He licked and sucked on my pussy lips and licked up and down from my ass to my clit. I was so wet and horny; I just wanted him to fuck me hard with his thick cock. You were standing to side watching and I could tell you were turned on, but at that moment I did not want your cock inside me, I wanted him, I wanted him to fuck me so hard that I screamed and came. He came up and I kissed and licked all of my pussy off his face. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted to scream yes! I shook my head and braced my wet cunt for the big cock that was about to stretch my pussy open. He positioned himself on top of me (missionary) and put his cock in my tight pussy. It didn’t go in easy at first, but once he got to pumping in and out my pussy opened up enough to take it. I could feel my pussy stretching open. He spread my legs so wide that you could see him going in and out of my pussy from behind. You watched him fucking me and could hear and see his balls hitting my ass. He started pumping in out in hard strokes. With every stroke, I would scream out in pleasure. He started asking you “Do you like when I fuck you wife?” “Do you like when I make her scream and stretch her?” You were so horny, you came over and put your cock in my mouth and I started sucking it as I was getting fucked in the pussy. You had to pull it out because you knew you were about to cum. Wes flipped me over, smacked my ass, and pulled me towards his cock. He started fucking me from behind. I was so wet that his cock went inside me easily. He would pull his cock out and spread my ass so that you could see my pussy all stretched open.

I was moaning and screaming with pleasure and he continued fucking me from behind, he was slapping my ass and grabbing my hair and pushing my body onto his cock. He started pumping fast and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I let out a scream of pure pleasure and came and got my cum all over his cock! He pulled his cock out and let you have a go for a minute. Your cock went inside my stretched pussy easily and a few strokes were enough to make you feel like you were going to explode so you pulled out. He laid flat on the bed and pulled me on top of him so that I could ride him. I sat on top of his big cock and moaned with pleasure as I slipped my pussy on him. I took his cock all the way down to his balls. He is entirely inside of my hot, wet cunt. He grabbed my tits and pushed me up and down on him. You came around so I could suck on you for a moment I could feel him hard inside of me and you hard in my mouth. I didn’t know who was going to cum first. You pulled out of my mouth so that you watch me ride his cock up and down. I was grinding and bouncing faster and faster. I could feel his muscles tighten and feel his cock getting harder. He let out a few moans and then I could feel him exploding in my pussy. His load was plentiful and thick and I could feel his cock throb as each gush went deep inside my hot cunt.

I slowed my pace and lifted myself off of him and laid on my back. He spread my legs and pussy open so that you could see the cum flowing out of my hole and down my ass. You were so hard and couldn’t wait to fuck me. You climbed on top shoved your cock in and started fucking me. You were so horny so it didn’t take long for you feel like you were going to cum. You pushed my legs back and came deep inside of my pussy. When you took you cock out of me, my pussy was covered in creamy cum. You both watched all of the cum run out of me as I pushed it out of my cunt.

The End.

OMG, my face is so red right now!! Haha hope you enjoyed the story!

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