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strangers on a train

I was on my way to work one warm summers morning. I had a very long day ahead and I didn’t really want to go, but with bills to pay and little mouths to feed I was struggling to make ends meet and I took this job on a few weeks ago. I was working in a busy office, taking calls for the most snooty woman I’ve ever met. When I wasn’t taking her calls, I was writing nasty letters on her behalf to her clients that had turned her work down, mainly because she was no good at what she did, and thought nothing of talking to people like a bit of dog shit that hides in clumps of grass and you don’t notice till you step on your carpet at home.

Standing on the platform, feeling tired and fed up, the tannoy announces the arrival of my train. It’s only a 20 minute journey, usually quiet busy on a few carriages, but I like to sit in the quiet ones at the end.

Its a Tuesday, 7:45am and I can tell its going to be a hot one. In more ways than one…I wish. Its been 2 years since I had felt a cock inside me. Not that I was short of offers, I just had to take time out. Now here I am, a 27 year old woman in need of some attention.

At last the train pulls into the station. I step aboard, walk along till I find an empty carriage and take a seat. An older man sits a few tables in front, facing me. I smile, and he bids me good morning. Nice of him I thought. I stare out of the window as the train pulls away and before long we reach the next stop.

I’m wearing my smart skirt suit, but have taken the jacket off as its too warm. My blouse is a pale purple colour, and skirt is black. Nicely tanned, smooth legs and smart heels. I catch the older man looking at my legs, he doesnt see me looking at him. I uncross my legs and his eyes widened and a sly smile appears on his lips. I pause, allowing him a glimpse of my panties. They are black, and already a little moist, with it being warm. I cross my legs again and the older guy diverts his gaze away. Hmm… he enjoyed that. So did I, in a strange way. The older guy isnt the kind of guy I would find attractive, hes way too old for me, but its arousing to see a man looking at me in that way. I uncross my legs again and he looks. He stares then he sees me watching him and he winks. I look away and blush again, but kept my legs slightly open. He looks again, his eyes on my panties.

The older guy pulls out his wallet and a piece of paper. He pulls out a £10 note and I cannot help but notice his obvious arousal as he stands and walks over to me. He asks if he can borrow a pen, and I reach into my bag and hand him one. He quickly scribbles on the paper and hands me it, along with the £10 and walks back to his seat.

I shove the note and the £10 into my bag and make my way to the toilet, giving the older guy a confusing glance as I walk past. I enter the toilet and open the note…

“£10 for your panties, I want to lick them, suck your pussy juice off them and then rub them all over my hard cock until I cum and rub my jizz into your love juice”

Oh my God! What??? Is he serious?! How randomly bizarre, but what the hell. I could do with the money and I could always buy some more with the tenner and have a few quid left over. I pause for a moment in the toilet, finding myself wet at the thought of another man smelling my panties and being turned on by them. I sit on the lid of the toilet and stroke my pussy over my panties, not expecting to become too worked up, but within minutes I was frigging away like a woman possessed, and all too soon I was reaching an orgasm so strong I felt my love juices oozing out of my warm throbbing cunt. I rubbed my panties into myself and took them off. Taking a moment to compose myself, I folded them neatly into the palm of my hand and left the cramped toilet, walked up to the gentleman and placed them onto his crotch, and left the carriage.

After leaving the train, I headed to La Senza, which had a sale on, and bought two pairs of lacy french knickers for a fiver, put the other fiver in my purse and headed to work, for once, with a smile on my face. I couldn’t concentrate properly all day. What an easy way to make money! Could I really be thinking of approaching strangers to ask if they want to buy my panties?

I was wearing my new red french knickers for the rest of the day, and upon boarding the train home I found myself purposely looking for a carriage with a man in. It must have been my lucky day as there was one, with a man of about 45 sat in a suit looking rather distracted and bored. Heart banging I sat opposite him, and hitched my skirt up as I sat down. He was a good looking guy, wedding ring on which made it more of a challenge.

Striking a sultry pose on my seat I made sure I got his attention, unbuttoning the top button on my blouse, opening and crossing my legs and commenting on how warm it was today. I felt giddy with desire for this guys money and struck up a conversation with him, and after saying I couldn’t hear him very well, I invited him to sit with me. After a few minutes and nearing my stop I leant over and said “my panties are all damp, I’m going to have to change them..would you like to buy them off me, £10 should do it.. these trains get me so wet with the vibration”

He looked at me, and nervously ran a finger over my knee and lifted my skirt an inch up to the point where he could see my bulging pussy, then took his wallet out and gave me a £20 note. No one was in the carriage and as my stop was next I simply lifted my bottom and slipped them off, still warm and wet I placed them in his hand, smiled and left the train.

Wow, £30 in one day. Over the next few weeks I made over £250 in panty sales, on the train, in cabs, and even in a pub. I was out with a friend one night when after several drinks I went to the toilet and took my panties off and simply walked up to a guy, told him to smell them and asked him for £20 for them, which he gave me. Men love it. They love to smell a woman, and not all men have a woman in their lives.

It felt, and feels so fucking good to know how men get hard whilst smelling my panties, tasting my juices and thinking about me. Its very flattering, and deeply arousing.

Thank you for reading my story. It is purely fantasy, but now for the reality part.

I’m offering you the chance to purchase my panties for real. Smell my pussy, taste my juices and cum all over them. £10 a pair. Message me if you are interested and we can arrange it.


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