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I had been reading craigslist ads for months. Checking out the male for male side to try and find a suitable person to trade head with. It seemed impossible until one day I answered an ad. I clicked on the ad and there was a picture of a very large cock. It had to be nine inches and very thick with a well defined head. It had black hair around it and very dark foreskin stretched out and hardened. I had to answer as my cock got hard looking at him. I waited and after about fifteen minutes his reply came. He was close by and asked if I could host. I sent back my address and we agreed on 2 PM.
As the hour approached I kept looking at the picture of his big cock. Then all of a sudden my door bell rang. I was wearing a pair of cotton gym shorts with no underwear. My cock was semi hard and bulging in the shorts. As I opened the door he stood about six foot and dressed casually. I let him inside.
“I’m Jack.”
“Hi Jack. I Bob.”
“Come on in. Did you have any trouble finding me?”
“No. I used GPS.”
I took Bob back to our great room and we sat down.
“Well it is always awkward meeting someone for the first time. So you are married Bob?”
“Yes and she doesn’t know anything about my desires to suck cock. How about you?”
“Well I guess we’re in the same situation. I have sucked some cock in the past and she knows nothing about that.”
“My last time was years ago. I have been looking for someone who might be a regular.”
“Me too.”
He was starring at my shorts. The lump was obvious.
“See something?”
“Looks like your cock wants to come out.”
“Oh it does. Care to join me?”
He stood up and undid his belt. I slid my shorts off and my semi erect penis stood out.
“Nice Jack. I’m going to suck that cock and swallow your cum.”
“Well Bob, if you do I’ll just have to return the favor.”
When he pulled his briefs off his cock was nice and hard. He had at least nine inches of pure manhood.
“Wow! You’re huge.”
Bob came close to me as I sat in a chair. His cock was just inches from my mouth. I reached out and held his cock and guided him to my waiting lips. He began to throb. I swirled my tongue around his hole and slowly swirled wider and wider until the head was in my mouth. I cupped his big balls. Then he began gently pushing it into me with slow gentle thrusts until I had about five inches of him in my mouth. His head was down in my tonsils. I came off and looked up into his eyes.
“Do you have a nice load of cum for me Bob?”
“Oh yes Jack. I sure do.”
I opened my mouth wide and let him slide it in. I went as far down on him as I could and he began to moan. I gripped the base of his tool and held his balls.
“Oh Jack. Yes. Suck that big cock!”
“I began to hum a little which always gets them leaking and sure enough when I came off him pre-cum leaked all over and tethered my lips to his cum hole. I squeezed the base and moved forward causing a huge bead of pre-cum to ooze out. I put my tongue on it and then smeared it all over my face.
“Oh Jackie! That’s so nice! I have a big load to shoot for you.”
I then went deep with him and began working him in and out and he began to grunt. I felt the first shot of cum as his hand held the back of my head. Four maybe five more helpings of jizm poured into my mouth coating my tongue as I struggled to swallow and keep pace with his massive flow of cum. Just then Bob pulled out and began stroking himself as cum shot all over my nose, then cheeks, eyes, and forehead. He shot about twelve times. It was incredible. When he finally finished he shoved his dick back into my open mouth and held my head as he slowly pumped his cock into me.
“Oh Jackie! Oh my god! That was incredible.”
I pulled him out. He was semi hard and I rubbed his dick around in his cum and kept licking the cum off of him. He was enjoying every lick.
Then he had me stand up as he got on his knees. He put his hand on the inside of my thigh and held my cock with the other. I was already leaking pre-cum big time. His hand slid up under my balls and he started licking my head tasting my pre-cum. Then slowly he took me inside his mouth and I gasped as it felt so incredible.
“Oh Bob! Oh you dirty man!”
Then Bob slid his hand into my butt crack and began to fondle me. It felt so good. I was almost ready to cum. Then he stopped. He turned me around and told me to bend over and spread my cheeks. Then he began licking me from behind and it felt incredible. He did this for a few minutes then he turned me back around and took my cock back down deep. I felt his finger penetrate my hole a little, That is when I lost it and began to holler out as I shot huge wads of cum into Bob’s mouth.
“Oh Bob! Oh my GOD!”
It felt incredible as Bob swallowed every last drop. I was out of breath as he finished me off with a few more licks. As he stood up his cock was semi hard again. I held it and he hardened. He pushed me down and I began to go down on him again. I gave him head for another fifteen minutes and he shot another load down my throat.
I have to go. The door bell just rang and Bob is here…………………………………..

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