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Summer Fun 2

David and I had plenty of fun that summer. We had extra time on our hands to play all our favorite games. Our parents typically dropped us off at our grandparents house before heading to work, just about every weekday. Of course grandma Margaret and grandpa Ralphie didn’t mind having us over. David and I had our very own room there which even had a full size bed, for whenever we’d stay the night. I remember one day in particular…

Mom was running late for work as she rushed over to grandmas house to drop off me and my brotthr. We each opened the doors to the back of mom’s car before hopping out on either side and then pushing the doors shut once more. The sound of car doors being slammed shut was all it took for grandma Margie to open the front door of her house and she came over to greet us with the biggest smile as always. Once we were met with grandmas warm embrace mom waived goodbye saying, “See ya after work my babies… Love ya both!” Then we heard the deep sound of the engine as she drove away and eventually the noise faded as the car turned the street.

Grandma invited us in saying, “Alright boys, let’s go inside. Grandma’s made a nice batch of blueberry pancakes for you two!” We both cheered simultaneously shouting, “Yaaayy!…” As we entered the house grandma shut the door behind us and I instantly noticed the smell of freshly made pancakes was in the air. We washed our hands before sitting down to eat the nice breakfast grandma had made for us. Grandpa was almost always out in the casino or with his friends playing cards and such. He wasn’t there that day to greet us as usual and we knew he was out before grandma mentioned it. I was super excited because I knew that whenever grandpa wasn’t there it meant David and I would get to play our special game.

After we finished eating I raced David to our room as I dashed off saying, “Last one to the room is a rotten egg!…” Of course I beat him to the room and then I let out a good laugh as I pointed to him saying, “Haha…Too slow!” We settled down in our room putting down the toys we had brought from home and soon we started playing in our room while grandma cleaned up in the kitchen.

We were playing our usual pretend games using props and toys to help make the illusion. Soon it was time David paused the game as he walked over to the door and he slowly closed the door, before carefully putting the lock on. He tried his best not to make a lot of noise even though grandma was busy in the kitchen and we knew she wasn’t gonna be heading our way any time soon. I felt the nervous butterflies in my stomach effect as he finished locking the door and he turned back to me nodding his head to confirm my belief of what he was up to.

My lil brotthr quickly leaned over, pulling down his shorts along with his underwear and then he started taking off his shirt too. I mimicked his actions right away as I also took off all of my clothes until we were both standing completely naked in front of each other. I looked at David’s smooth, completely hairless naked pritein body from head to toe and he did the same. He came closer to me and he leaned his face into mine as our lips touched. We kissed one another deeply for a moment until David pulled away and he guided us to the bed.

I laid flat on my back, my body resting on the thick and fluffy cartoon printed mattress cover. David anxiously hopped on the bed with me, as he crawled over on top of me until his head was hovering over mine. We briefly gazed into each other’s eyes and then he looked down while adjusting his position a bit. I also looked down where he was leaning his hips in and I watched in amazement as our weiners touched. David moved his hips back and forth, grinding his bare crotch upon mine as our stiff little peckers rubbed against each other.

We both moaned softly trying not to make it too loud or our grandparents may hear us and then they’d want to know what we’re doing. Soon David leaned his head in to kiss me again and I accepted his offer kissing him deeply again as we kept humping each other. We even tongue kissed, sharing each other’s saliva just like we had seen guy and girl couples do in the movies. It felt really good when we did it naked, and after rubbing our dicks together for a while, it made me feel really good inside.

David kept humping into me as I humped back while laying underneath him and he broke the kiss looking down where our crotches were touching. He said he wanted to make sure our weiners were touching and then he leaned back in for another long sloppy kiss. Soon I started feeling real funny down there as he humped again and again. It felt kinda wrong to keep going but David kept humping into me making our weiners rub together as each of us moaned off and on. I didn’t stop humping and soon I lost all control as I started having a really good orgasm. I knew there was no turning back now as I felt my whole body shiver and I moaned louder than before, “Ohh David, I… I think I’m gonna… Oohhh!… Ooohh!… Oohhh!… Mmmm-Mnmm!… Aahh…” At first I thought I was gonna pee or something, but then I calmed myself, because I knew that every time I felt like that nothing would really ever come out.

I wanted to tell David to stop, mainly because I began to think that the great feeling I was experiencing was just too much for me to handle. But it seemed as if I was glued down to the bed and I could hardly let out any words either. Soon enough my lil brotthr started panting as he humped me a few more times before slowing down. He then started letting out a few long, loud moans saying, “Ohh boy Andy… Ohh boy!… Ohh gosh!… Ohh my gosh!… Ooohh!… Ooohh!… Ahhh… Mmmm…” He sort of shuddered for a brief moment and then his body collapsed over mine.

A while passed with his body resting over mine and then he lifted himself up again as he smiled saying, “That was really… Really good…” Just then David looked down at his crotch as if he suddenly noticed something wrong there. It turns out my dick had let out a little of my pre mature clear cum and my b*****r also thought I had peed on him. He quickly got off from the bed and he stood on the cold floor, on his bare feet to better examine the sticky wet stuff on his crotch saying, “Eww Andy… You peed!…” I blushed a bright red, shrugging my shoulders since I wasn’t exactly sure how it had occurred, being that it never happened before. I responded saying, “No… I mean I don’t think I did…” He simply shook his head as he wiped the gooey fluid off of his crotch with his bare hand and then he started to put his clothes back on.

David got off the bed and he turned on the tv to make it seem like we were watching something. I quickly put my clothes back on and soon he unlocked the door, opening it up again. We sat on the edge of the bed innocently, yet we were still breathless from the amazing skin on skin sex we had just moments before.

Grandma came by only a few minutes later saying, “Hey there. I brought you boys some fresh lemonade. I bet you two must be thirsty…” We smiled and agreed with her as she handed us our usual blue and green sippy cups filled to the top with ice cold, freshly squeezed lemonade. She left us the tray for us to place the cups in after we were done and then she headed back to the kitchen.

I looked at David as he looked back at me grinning, knowing that she’d never know about what we had done in our room. We continued to sip our lemonade with grins on our faces as we watched a random show on tv…

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