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Summer fun 3

Those were the days, back when it was just David and me. A couple of years later, in the summer I was to turn fortein and it seemed David wanted to play our secret game more often. One late summer afternoon David and I had just finished taking our evening shower. We were headed to our room wearing only our undies, and there we would put on our pj’s for the night. As we walked down the hall together we glanced at each other for a brief moment. Looking down at the front of my lil broehs underwear, I could easily see that the front part of his undies were pitched outward more than usual and it was obvious he had a woody. I blushed a bright red as I suddenly felt myself building a stiffy of my own and when I looked down to confirm it, I saw that my undies were poking outward too. I could see that David was kind of blushing too and we each sort of chuckled quietly to ourselves as we approached our bedroom.

As soon as we got inside our room David shut the door behind us and we both let out a sigh of relief knowing that our parents wouldn’t see our woody’s if we were locked in our room. Then came the awkward silent stare, which we gave to each others crotch, noticing that the front of both of our undies were still pitched outward like a tent. I then turned my attention towards my own crotch, pulling outwards on the front part of my underwear’s waistband to get a better view of my stiffy. David mimicked my motion as he checked his stiffy inside of his undies too.

My eyes widened as I looked back up to his face, and soon enough he began signaling down to his crotch with his eyes. I instantly understood. My heart raced in my chest as I slowly began to kneel in position, in front of his body while he lowered his pj bottoms down, allowing his fully erect member to become free from his pj’s restraint.

David held his fully hardened, 4 and 1/2 inch long, uncircumcised cock in his hand and he gave it a few pumps having my face only inches away. I watched as his thick foreskin was pulled back a little, revealing only part of his bright pink cock head, illuminated by the light coming from the lamp on his night stand. I stared at it in awe as a thick bead of his clear precum oozed from his tiny pee slit. I could hardly contain myself any longer as I waited for my lil brothrs command and then he said, “Go on Andy, suck it… Come on, do it quick before our parents come…”

I leaned in grabbing the base of David’s fully hard cock in my hand as I dutifully parted my lips taking the first couple of inches of his cock into my mouth. I licked off the bead of precum which had built up at the very tip and I heard my brothr moan deeply while my soft pink tongue began caressing his thick, well exposed cock head, wetting it with my saliva. “Ohh… Keep licking it like that… Mmm… Uhhh…” I passed my wet tongue over his pee slit as my tongue dug slightly into it to better lap up his precum.

I continued licking David’s cock head, only having my lips wrapped around the first inch of his cock. At first I gagged a little, finding the taste of dried up pee residue on the inside of his foreskin while I licked around his cock head with my extra wet pink tongue. Then suddenly he put his hand on the back of my head, pushing it in further onto his crotch. I gave little to no resistance as David made me take more of his fully erect cock into my warm wet mouth. I moaned softly while he kept pushing steadily at the back of my head until I had the entire length of his 5 inch long, fully hardened cock inside my mouth. “Mmm… Mmm!… Ugghh…” I gagged on his engorged cock head as it became lodged in my small, extra tight throat hole. I tried pulling back but his hand was still on the back of my head, pushing my face deep into his nearly hairless crotch.

For a moment I could hardly even breathe but then he let go and I pulled my head back a bit to catch a proper breath. I didn’t want him to think I was gonna quit, so I dove back in all the way again, fitting his cock head back into my super tight throat hole while I gagged upon it some more. I pulled away to catch another breath and my brothr said, “Do it again!… And suck on it too…

I worked hard to suck David’s cock really good, while I took it all the way into my mouth fitting his blunt cock head inside my tiny throat hole time after time. He moaned louder, “Ohh!… Yea… Ohhh… Like that… Ooohhh!…” I purely focused on sucking my lil brothrs cock and I didn’t touch mine this time.

Soon he told me he was almost “done” and I worked hard to bring him to a satisfying finish. I used my tongue on his cock head which was oozing more of his precum and I dove my mouth back down upon his cock, taking it all inside my warm wet mouth again. This time when I moved my head up to lick his cock head some more I heard David moan saying, “Ohh, suck it a lot Andy… Uhh!… Oohh… I’m gonna finish now!… Ohhh!… Oohhh!… Ooohhh!… Mmmm!… Ohhh… Uhhh… Ohh yea Andy…”

I felt the first few spurts land on my tongue as I swallowed all of his pre mature spunk. After only three or four little squirts, nothing else came out of his shrinking cock being that he was still too young to produce a lot of sperm. David sort of spasmed and shook a little after having his rather brief orgasm. Once he felt he had finished he pulled his spent dick out from my mouth and I stood back up as he leaned over to pul his pj bottoms back up.

I slowly walked back over to my side of the room to put on my pj bottoms. As I was walking over to grab my pj bottoms I looked down for a brief moment, when I noticed my undies were still pitched outward. I mean, at the time it seemed rather odd to me, since usually after David shoots his spunk into my mouth, my stiffy goes away pretty fast. I looked back at my brothr to see if he had noticed but he didn’t. But I was too shy to tell him, so I put on my pj bottoms and went to the bathroom to take care of my woody myself…

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