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Summer fun 4

Later on that summer we ended up spending more time indoors after getting the new tv installed in our bedroom. David and I watched all the latest tv shows and movies too. We usually played in our bedroom now that we watched tv more often and eventually our parents stopped checking up on us, giving us more privacy. Our parents didn’t seem as worried if we were in our bedroom, mainly because we weren’t in danger of getting hurt or anything, like when we played out in the backyard.

Another thing that kept us indoors more often was that I got a new video gaming system for my birtday in June, when I turned foertein.

One day David told me he had found something new to add to our game. He said I would like it and that I probably had heard of it before, possibly through a rumor spread by the oldest guys in our school. Once he explained it to me I also thought it was a great idea, he said it was called the sixti ninne position and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. My lil brotthr always had the best ideas even though I was older, but for some reason his mind was… Well… more “developed” you might say.

Later on that night when our parents were asle:ep, David locked the door to our bedroom and we both started taking off our pj’s. I was so excited that I was the first of us to get completely naked and once he finished pulling down his underwear, we were both fully in the nude. David led us to our full sized bed and he told me to lay down on the bed. I did as instructed as he hopped up onto the bed behind me and I lay waiting on our bed for his next command.

David continued by saying, “Okay now you have to move your feet over here… And I gotta put my feet down there…” I adjusted my position as he requested. I smiled as I looked down at my brotthr’s grinning face, which was aimed at my crotch, at the time I only had a few sprouting hairs, and his dick was in front of my face too, but he still didn’t have any hair down there. Then David said, “Good!… Now your lookin at my weiner… And I’m lookin at yours!… All we gotta do now is try it… Go on Andy, you start first…” I looked right at his semi hard, maybe 3 and 1/2 inch long uncircumcised cock as I leaned my head in, parting my lips. I wrapped my soft, rosy pink lips around David’s foreskin covered cock head as I used my tongue to dig into his foreskin and I began to lick around his super sensitive, pre-exposed cock head. He moaned softly and then he leaned his head in while holding my cock in his hand, giving it a few strokes. My lil brotthr parted his virgin lips as he got his very first taste of cock and he wrapped his lips around only the first inch of my semi hard maybe 4 inch long circumcised cock. I moaned feeling his warm wet mouth wrapped around my cock head for the first time ever, “Mmm… Oohh…”

David sort of backed his head away saying, “Hmm… It tastes kinda weird… But it’s not that bad though…” I nodded my head in agreement and I just kept on going as I sucked on his cock, taking more of it into my mouth. My brotthr imitated my motion as he took my dick into his mouth again, only this time he kept sucking on it and he dove his head in deeper. I took more of David’s hardening cock inside of my mouth and he did his best to suck on my cock the same way. Soon I felt his cock becoming fully hard in my mouth, being about 5 inches long and mine got completely hard too, which usually extended to about 6 inches long at the time. David struggled to fit as much of my cock in his mouth as he could, and I sucked on his cock with extra effort since he was at least trying to do the same for me. The feeling was like nothing I had ever known, I gave him more and more while he seemed to put forth the same energy towards giving me that same pleasure which he had already known.

It was an intense moment between us both and the level of lust was off the charts. I kept on sucking Davids hard cock quicker, which meant it was also more sloppy as my saliva began to drip down onto the bedsheets and my brotthr also continued sucking my cock as best he could. We shared muffled moans while we sucked each other’s cocks real good, “Uhhmmm… Oohhh’mmm… Uhmmm!… Mmmm!…” I wasn’t used to having this amazing feeling of a warm wet mouth wrapped around my dick and soon I was getting close to my orgasm. I barely had time to issue a warning as I pulled David’s hard cock out of my mouth, leaving a string of my saliva behind and I said, “Mmm’oohh! It feels so good… David, I’m gonna finish soon!…” Much to my surprise my lil brotthr ignored my warning and he just continued sucking on my dick faster. I took his cock back into my mouth as I sucked on it real good for a brief moment before I felt like exploding, and soon I was having the most powerful orgasm I had ever known.

I moaned out loud as I pulled my mouth off of David’s dick for a moment and still I kept stroking his cock with my hand. “Oohhhh!… Uhhhh! Uuhhhh! Uuhhh! Ohhh David!… Uhhh!… Ohhh…” I felt jet, after jet of my warm maturing semen flooding David’s mouth and he pulled his mouth off of my cock before I had finished completely, causing a small stream of my last bit of cum to drip onto the bed sheets. David swallowed a mouthful of my cum and he grabbed his cock to finish himself off after having sucked me off, being his very first cock.

I lay on our bed after my amazing orgasm, trying to catch my breath again while David stroked his extra horny cock right in front of my face. He moaned loud and soon I felt a splash of his pre mature clear cum landing on my cheeks. I wiped his cum off my cheek with my hand before lapping it up and I made sure I licked every bit of it off. He collapsed next to me, both of us still fully in the nude and there were cum stains on our bed sheets, but one thing was for certain… both of us were satisfied this time.

Moments later we put on our pj’s again and unlocked the door just in case if our mom tries to open it in the morning. We turned off the tv and went to bed right after since both of us were extra tired after what we had just done together.

I woke up in the morning with a yawn. David was next to me still asl:eep and I slowly hopped out of bed to go to the bathroom to pee. I brushed my teeth well, remembering what I did with my brotthr the night before and then I headed back to our room. David woke up when he heard my footsteps coming in the room. He smiled at me and I smiled back knowing exactly what it was he was smiling about…

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