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T & t – Part (2)

My favorite belt. Wide, made of heavy black leather with a smooth finish. So perfect for wailing on a little pain slut’s ass and tits. You slide it out from the belt loops of my pants and crawling on all fours, bring it over to me clenched between your teeth like a well trained service a****l. You know so well how this belt stings and burns and pleases because many times you’ve begged me to beat you with it. Little t’s breathing has grown heavy, her cunt still dripping, the anticipation building. I give her a couple light taps at first just to let her know I’m starting, then I wind up and come down square on her lily white ass cheek with the heavy folded leather.

She lets out a sharp scream and a gasp all at once.
“T, put your panties in that slut’s mouth. We don’t need the neighbors calling 911 again”.
“Yes sir” – your obedience makes my cock throb.
“Open up cunt – daddy’s orders”, you say to her. And in goes the balled up thong, gagging and stifling her as I proceed to wallop her upturned ass. I get in my usual rhythm, steady and hard, the snapping noise echoes in the room. Her cheeks getting beet red, small welts blooming on both sides.
I see you off to the side fingering your cunt – clearly getting off on your cousin’s torment. This makes me smile.

“What do you think of this sadistic bitch cousin of yours t? Look at the whore finger banging herself while you get your ass beat?”
Of course she can’t answer.
“Daddy, don’t you think it’s time for some after care?” you ask me.

“Remove the thong” I say.
I snap some pics of her ass with my phone. It looks hot to the touch.
“Stand her up” I bark again. She gets on her feet a little shaky. We embrace her in a kind of group hug, as we see tears streaming down her face. She has the look of bewilderment, a look I have often seen on your face after you recover from the raging endorphins that course through your bl**d when I chose to remind you of who I am – usually with a cane or a open hand. The bewilderment passes, and is replaced with the million mile gaze, glossy eyes, a dumb smile and meaningless mumbling.

As reason and consciousness return, and the bl**d chemistry restored to that of an ordinary individual, she stands, still trembling though.

I raise the phone to her eyes and show her how beautiful her ass looks. Her eyes light up.

“Daddy marked you”, you say to her ands suddenly the two of you feel a connection you have not felt before. You smile at her, and close in on t’s lips and meeting no resistance, the two of you lock lips. Her mouth parts and your tongue enters her mouth, exploring with an urgency of a desire that had remained suppressed for years, till today. You two gradually melt to the floor, legs intertwined, hand joined at the palms, fingers tangled, lips locked and nothing but a giant ball of white flesh interrupted by own two heads of dark, soft hair that dance as your lips refuse to part.

I stand above the two of you, my cock rigid as ever and glistening from saliva and whatever other bodily fluids the two of you coughed up. I stare at the two of you writhing around and sucking each other’s mouth.

“You like how your cousin tastes little t?” I ask.

I am tempted to stroke my cock to this hedonistic and disgustingly i****tuous sight before me, but I wont want to waste the sticky, mucous on my cock when I could just as easily have one of the two pathetic cunts before me wipe it clean with either their tongues or better yet, their holes.

“Mmmmmm she does daddy”. You reply for t, as she hangs by a prayer to the last shreds of her morality and decency which has now been reduced to tatters. Speaking of reduced to tatters, the spit and cunt soaked thong lie on the ground besides the two of us. i grab it with my toes and whip my leg up to grab the thong in my hand.

“Good. She is going to taste all of you tonight”

Confused, t looks up, her lips wet and a small trail of spit extends from her lower lip to her chin. I fight to urge to grab her hair and shove my cock in her mouth, an urge made stronger by her confused “huh?”.

She looks back at you, and smiling, you reassure her, and say “You’re going to be the daddy cock cleaner sweetie”.

Letting the weight of those words hang in the air, you unwind your body from hers and rise to your feet, and then pull her up. Then you guide her to the couch and then turning to her, sit back and like a shameless, vulgar whore, you part your legs to expose your moist cunt with a small fur of curly dark brown hair. Then, after a momentary pause, you raise one leg further, grabbing your calf and the back of your knee and bring your leg closer to your body and pin the leg behind your neck. Then you repeat the same with your other leg and before anyone knows it, you are in full yoganidrasana. Your naked holes exposed, your hand on your ass cheeks, your face beaming a smile and enough sweat and saliva to make the air in the room heavy with humidity.

“I love my little fuck pretzels” I remark as I grab t by the back of her neck and push her down till she is kneeling before the couch and push her forward, till she is on all fours. Then, I push her head down to your cunt, meeting slight resistance as I do. I push right through her defiance and as a show of disapproval, I reach down and twist her nipple. Hard.

She lets out a sound often uttered by an a****l in agony, and it only serves to make my cock twitch.

I push her head further down to your cunt, mashing her face into your fleshy, wet pussy and then reach back and grab my neglected cock at the base, and position it against t’s cunt. With one, purposeful and slow push, I move into her cunt, easing myself into a cunt that has never taken anything nearly as thick as my dick.

Aahhh…. I let out a satisfactory sigh that drowns the muffled moans of t, as I keep her face pushed firmly down on your cunt.

I pause, and then thrust back and forth twice, thrice, and then pause again… and pull out. As I pull out, her cunt makes a little, amusing noise as air escapes from it. I let out a small chuckle and move up, straddling your body, one leg on the couch, the other on the floor, and then release t’s head but not before barking at her: “Keep your mouth really close to T’s holes now. You tell her what she needs to do T”

I grab the arm of the couch with one hand with the other I push my cock between t’s mouth and your cunt and push past the two pair of lips into your cunt. Wet, warm, but loose. God you are a pathetic whore! I think to myself. It doesn’t need to adjust to my cock and i start to piston almost immediately.

In between the dirty, sloppy sounds of our flesh mashing against each other’s and the sounds of my quiet grunting, you moan and give t her directions:

“As soon as you see that beautiful cock come all the way out of my meat hole, you get down on it with your mouth and and suck it for all you’re worth. Suck my juice off, then suck daddy’s balls then when he tugs on your hair, and then you guide daddy’s cock back into me – got it?”

“Mhmm”, she answers.

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