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Strappn b*****r

“Jules, hi! Waiting for a shower?” I looked around to see my s****r-in-law. I knew she came to this gym, but I’d never actually seen her there before. It was a Saturday morning, not my usual time for working out. “Oh, hi. I was, but there seems to be a long queue, and I don’t […]

Strapon b*****r 2

“What you doing today?” “Fucking you. All day.” I’m a doctor and work shifts, so despite being mid week I had a day off. Unfortunately my husband did not. “Afraid not – I’m working all day.” “I’m so fucking horny.” “You’ve been horny since Annie fucked you up the arse. She really got you.” “Annie […]

Strapon b*****r 3

“I’ve got a request.” My s****r-in-law and I were sunbathing naked in my garden. We’d had a couple of drinks and were nicely relaxed. “Uh huh.” “Most people would think it pervy and disgusting, and although I know you are perverted and disgusting it may even cross your strange code.” “Try me.” My hand went […]

Our Trip to RIO

I had been dating Danielle for about a month and things were so hot I decided to invite her on my trip to Rio. She’s 22 years old and works in my building. NOrmally I don’t mess around with girls this close to my business but Danielle is smoking hot; 5’6″, long blonde hair, medium […]

Sally and Jenny foursome

It’s a feeling most men will probably never experience, the moment when your cock brushes against another cock, as a sexy young girl tries to wrap her mouth around the two of you, as she attempts her first double blow job. Sally’s mouth was stretched wide, as her tongue flicked over the purple head of […]

True bottom

1st Commandment: Always Bareback Bottoms not only love being fucked Bareback, they need to be fucked Bareback. You don’t want anything between you and the Cock fucking you. The Top must never be denied the pleasure of fucking Raw, and the you should never be denied the reward of having Cum pumped into your ass. […]

Sarah and Kimberly

The sun was taking its time coming up as Sarah dashed from my car to knock on Kimberly’s door. The waiting was over; our holiday was here and we were making a good early start. Sarah had invited Kimberly to come and spend a week in Yorkshire with us and she was now as excited […]

Bookstore Meeting

I could not stop staring at this guy at the bookstore. He was a well-built b*****r, in his 50’s about 6’2” and was looking a ladyboy magazines. I asked his name and he answered “Rob”, talked had went to the bar a few steps over and had a few drinks. After getting to know each […]

Face Down, Ass Up

While my husband was working, my girlfriend came over to spend the day. We love to fuck each other, so we watched porn and ate each other out. She ended up with the strapon and fucked me senseless throughout the day. Something I wanted to give back. Didn’t care who, just wanted to fuck with […]

Saturday at Work

So being spoiled by my Mon-Fri job, i am pissed when i have to go in on Saturday and catch up. Last Saturday I walked in to find Cheri crying in Sandy’s office. Of course she was the only one in the office,being the weekend. Cheri is in her late 40’s, short curly red hair, […]

My exs s****r

Several years ago me and my ex and her little s****r had threesomes all the time. Fast forward now me and my new wife just had our second c***d and couldn’t be happier. Well yesterday I was home winterizing our pool . I heard someone call out my name from the front of the house. […]

s****r in low -2

I didn’t know what to expect from traffic, but the drive from Bywater to our headquarters near the UNO took less than half an hour. The drive gave me time to reflect on what had happened. Now I was away from the provocative influence of her nubile body and the aroma of sexual readiness that […]

Hottest 3way Part 3

My final sexcapade with my sexy new friends was unfortunately, not a 3way. A few weeks after our second encounter I was shopping in the grocery store when I ran into wifey. She was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants, running shoes and a very tight v-neck t-shirt that showed off just a touch […]

The Look-a-Like

I was out walking when i say this girl that i had seen around a lot lately. She happens to look exactly like my wife’s s****r Claire. About 5’8, ratty brown hair, heavy/stocky, same style glasses, pudgy cheeks, big nostrils, ample boobs. My wife is better than her in almost ever regard except one: Claire […]

​M​y friend Rosa

My friend Rosa is now 18, but she used to be my pupil since her 16s. Rosa (​which means *pink​*” in Spanish​) is a colour which describes herself pretty well. You can find it in her mouth, lips, and down there between her legs​ if you are lucky​, along with the brown of her hair, […]

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