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Two Are Better than One

“Ooh, ooh!” Jean Granger was moaning slightly frigging on her clit while jumping over the penis of her husband. Jumping was a strong word, she felt. Since moving just two inches above would make the thing slip out. “I’m cumming.” Her husband tensed up, his legs stiffening. “W-wait.” She started frigging herself faster. “I’m almost […]

Star Trek : TNG SEX

This story takes place within the last 30 seconds of the movie Star Trek : First Contact (You’ll see!) Complexities and Paradox’s “Engage the temporal field Mr LaForge,” said Captain Picard, gesturing forward with his arm. “Aye Captain, temporal field is opening.” The Enterprise E shot forward from it’s orbit around Earth, a rippling in […]


Ginny Weasley. For weeks leading up to the yuletide, mental images of her, of her red hair, flawless fair skin, had flooded Harry Potter’s mind. He wanted to kiss her, be with her. She was beautiful, one of the best looking young women he had ever seen. Yet, she was out of reach. In a […]

happy days

Joanie Cunningham had a crush on one Richie’s friends Pottsie Webber. She was 12 and Potsie was 16. Potsie was always nice to her and he sang to her one day while the band was practicing. She went home that night and masturbated to a screaming orgasm thinking of Potsie. She had masturbated a lot […]

Spencer Gets Cornered

iCarly/Victorious: Spencer Gets Cornered Trina was wandering around Keenan Thompson’s house looking for Lane’s k*ds because she brought them to the party on leashes and never realized k*ds can undo Velcro and buckles. She wandered outside and saw Beck, Jade, Sikowitz and someone she recognize. She made her way over, “Hey Beck.” Beck looked over […]

WKRP: Serving Loni’s Ass

The ultimate blond celebrity and ultimate ass worship. (ass kissing, facesitting, ass licking, buttsniffing, face-farting, analingus, s**tology) ____________________________________________________________________ WKRP in Cincinnati was popular on television because of its comedy and also because of Loni Anderson, its voluptuous blond star. What many people don’t know is that the series was created from an actual radio station, […]

Pink Flowers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Pink Flowers “You’re such a pain!” “You’re so bossy!” The two girls spoke at once, unwilling to let each other be heard. Then all at once they fell silent. “Do you think… are we s*sters?” “Yes! I think so! I knew I sensed something between us!” Willow replied to Tara, […]

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