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Steven’s Fetish

It was a dark and stormy night… Ok OK, so it wasn’t really. I just wanted to get your attention. Actually it had been a beautiful day made more so after I received the purple invitation to a party. It had been a rough day at work despite the warm sunny weather. I’d been working […]

Episode 59 – Father’s Day 2020

Mr Jones latest K1ddie-Synth Angie is working in the kitchen when his smart-watch detects the regular up and down movement of his left wrist, which can only mean one thing –he’s masturbating in bed again. Angie quickly scans all the household sensors, detecting Mrs Jones ‘exercising’ in the downstairs gym with her ‘personal trainer’ Teen-Synth […]

A Dragon’s Gold

The sounds of gold coin and precious gems cascading down the piles of wealth echoed through the caverns. s**tha’s head rose from her claws, sated slumber broken by the racket. Irritation mounted when the cavern’s entrance remained empty. The precious goods slid down the mountain she nested in as she lifted her scaled body and […]

Ghostly Fantasy

He had been fascinated with ghosts and ghosts stories since he was a young c***d. Telling scary stories around a campfire with friends, or simply reading books about ghosts and paranormal experiences, it quickly became his life. One myth in particular always piqued his interest. It was the story of a ghostly lover, who would […]

A Forever Kind of Love

He pulled onto the concrete slab of the carport just as the streetlights came on with a dull click. Another night or two and the moon would be completely full, he thought, as he unlocked the back door and walked in through the mud-room. The sharp clatter of keys hitting a porcelain dish echoed, almost […]

The nun

THE NUN As far back as s****r Mary Angela could remember, she was never interested in sex. As a teenager she developed large breasts at a very young age and was curvy and beautiful. Despite the fact that she always dressed very conservatively. In her youth, boys and even some girls, treated her very nicely. […]

My first Creampie

“My parents are going to be gone for the whole weekend.” My boyfriend Michael said walking up to me at my locker after class on a friday. “Alright, well what time do you want me to come over tonight?” I asked with a smirk, knowing full well what was going to go down tonight. “They’re […]

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