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100 for a face fuck at stone court by monsieurmaster-erin This girl is taking too long to email back. It’s already been an hour and I’m contemplating another look through the online ads. You see, I’m emailing this girl for sex. I know what you’re thinking; pathetic. And you know what? You’re right. It is […]

The Purge

Funny thing about Crossdressing, the love of the silk, the satin, the lace, can be balanced with most intense feelings of guilt. Then in a fit your clean out because you are going to go straight. Clean up your act all that stuff. So bags of carefully gathered items are consigned to the waste bin […]

Beach pickup

Another fantasy story Like everyone else, I like the beach – warm sun, cool breeze, refreshing water, bare flesh on view. Sometimes the quantity and quality are not there, but occasionally something just makes you think – fucking hell – that is superb. Well, there are places to see this jaw-dropping example of perfect flesh […]

Basic Training

It was a quarter till nine in the morning and I was running late. Well, not really. I was just in a hurry to get to the health club. I’d volunteered to be an instructor in ‘free weight training’ a couple of months ago, and I’d found it was something I never regretted. This morning […]

Cock tease

Written as a fantasy…. Like a lot of young girls, I like to dress like my age. This is nice as I can move freely and do all the things I like to do. It does mean that, sometimes I get attention from much older men, and women, while I am out and about. And […]

a weekend visit 2

(Must read part 1 first, so you don’t get lost) As Dawn stood there in the doorway, her hand down her pants, I could feel myself getting harder, the excitement of her watching as I plowed her youngest nice, turned me on more and more by the second. I couldn’t bare it anymore, I let […]


Mother-In-Law byAlluring_Fox© Chapter One… Kelly’s mother had never been married, shed obviously caught as a youngster, a sixteen year old to be precise. After that the toll of bringing up a baby by herself had excluded the opportunity or the desire for boyfriends and lovers. Kelly thought that her mother probably had not even taken […]

Mother-in-law Panty Fun

Mother-in-law Panty Fun bykebbyman© Evan lifted the hamper top and began rummaging through his mother-in-laws dirty clothes. Almost instantly he found what he was looking for. A pair of his sexy mother-in-law’s dirty silky panties! They were full cut bright green with a wide lace waistband and cute lace trim around the leg openings. A […]

Mother-in-Law Panties Ch. 02

Mother-in-Law Panties Ch. 02 bytrianglestitch© This is the brave next step into pushing through my mother-in-law better…but first a little background for those who missed the first story. So I’m just the average Joe. But I married into a wealthy f****y…both in money and in looks. My wife is the eldest of five k**s, two […]

Cum Party

Cum Party Hello my name is Hilary. My parents gave me this sissy name and I have lived up to it. I secretly dressed in our lodger’s lingerie from the age of 5. And whilst at boarding school where I was sent to make me more of a “man” I collected a stash of panties,bras,stockings […]

In Brief

In Brief All of these twisted perversions I have been subjected to in life and I am still keep subjecting myself through them still today, these things in my life are real. I indulge in some of these things in life daily and I also have to cope with some of these very same things […]

Sniffing a Teen’s Butt

It was actually quite awhile since I had an opportunity to sniff some strange girls bum. It seemed the chances were few and far between, and when opportunity did present itself, I either wasn’t alone or there were people around. Of course I wasn’t really trying either, I was just keeping my eyes open for […]

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