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Amber pt1

Part 1 I rolled my eyes as I stopped in my daughter’s door, a little shocked, but wanting to laugh at the same time. I leaned against the door frame, watching as she masturbated with her left hand. Her eyes were closed and her hand was moving furiously, flat as if trying to scrub herself, […]

The Secret

Linda lay in her bed, trying to fantasize about a man whom she had run into the other day. She immediately came to an orgasm. Then she started masturbating. This she did until she was satisfied to the extent that she didn’t need to spoil herself until after dinner with the thought of him being […]

The lesbian factory

When Jill woke she found herself strapped to a bed, nude and spread eagle. Standing around her were several women, also nude. “What’s going on?” Jill said, confused. A beautiful redhead, with a shapely figure stepped forward. “My name is Erika. Welcome. You have been sponsored into our lesbian society.” “But I’m not gay!” Jill […]


Die Silvesternacht war der letzte Abend, den ich bei meinem Bruder verbringen sollte. Entsprechend war der Plan, noch einmal ordentlich feiern zu gehen, bevor wir uns für einige Zeit nicht sehen würden. Ich hatte mir extra für den Abend noch ein neues Kleid gekauft, Weihnachtsgeld sei dank, dessen schwarzer Stoff hauteng saß und um den […]

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