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My First b**st

It was 9:30 am, and I had to go home to get some papers I’d left there. I entered quietly, because I didn’t want to wake Scott. Exactly why I didn’t want to wake him was a mystery to me: we had been dating for several months, and he’d moved in with me a couple […]

Party Time

Jake and his friends were having a party around at their place. They must have had around 15 people, maybe more, I know some but most I had never even seen before. I made conversation with the few people I had met before but too many people for just a small flat was starting to […]

Ryder cup part 2

Wills lucky adventure with his Mum Chapter 2 Will was very confused. His mother had always been very conservative, especially when it came to being naked etc. This morning’s little episode, despite being the best experience of his life so far, was so unlike Hallie and he could not work out exactly how to cope […]

Genie’s Wish

Genie had been serving his master Aladdin for some time now. Sure he thought of Aladdin as a friend, but as a genie he was never able to make his own fantasies come true. Always having to grant wishes to make other people happy. Aladdin said he would be setting him free and once he […]

Mother’s Sex Slave

Mother’s Sex Slave Son discovers the pleasure of being a sex slave to his mother This is a personal account of my life’s experiences. All the characters and incidents are real. I dedicate this article to my beautiful sexy loving insatiable mother, Bharathi Devi from whose cunt I was born and have been trying relentlessly […]

Becoming a Cuckold 2

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch. 2 of 3 by DirtyMindedMinx I woke up with a raging hard-on after a fitful night. Irene, my wife, was asleëp beside me, apparently worn out from her night of adulterous sex. I was torn between trying to fuck her and letting her sleëp. Knowing she probably wouldn’t want to have […]

Replacing Dad

Mark Adams heard his parents before he saw them as he arrived home from a long day at school. As had become the norm, they were fighting. He paused for a moment as he listened to them from outside the front door then jangled his keys and loudly played with the lock to signal his […]

Brandy’s Bedroom

“Daddy!” My daughter dove into my arms. I stumbled back and nearly tripped over the porch steps. It felt good to have her in my arms again after so long. “I’ve missed you, baby.” “Brandy!” her mother hissed. “Don’t hug him like that!” My daughter let go and stepped back, rolling her eyes for only […]

A ‘Cute’ Mom

I was thinking about one of the things I often think about. Why do we do things? I was also thinking about my mother…pornographic thoughts. The strange thing about it is that I really didn’t want to do pornographic things to her. I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to have her […]


I studied my reflection in the mirror, twisted my tie around nervously and flipped down my collar to adjust the knot. “So tell me again why I’m putting on a suit just to meet your parents” I asked, knowing the answer already. My girlfriend Sierra and I had been dating for about 6 months, and […]

Riding on Son’s Lap

The sun was beating down on her skin as Jackie watched her husband, Eric, walking towards her while precariously balancing his fishing gear and a large cooler in his arms. Her son, Jake, was paddling his board out trying to catch one last wave before they went home for the day. “What’s that you got […]

Two Moms, Two Laps, Two Hours

“Harold, this is crazy! We’re never going to fit all that in the car.” I had to agree with Mom on this one. We were shutting down the summer cabin early, and as usual, it meant bringing home lots of gear that had migrated there during our multiple ‘mini-vacations’. Unfortunately, Dad’s workload had exploded with […]

Deja Vu

I was laying on my bed in my room. My TV was on, but I wasn’t really paying that much attention. Truthfully, I was browsing the magazine in my hands. Not the one I appeared to be leafing through… that would be a ‘Popular Photography’, which was visible, camouflaging the true subject of my attention. […]

Cousins with Benefits

“Mel, are you texting again? Who is it this time?” Mel looked up from her phone and out the windshield. “Oh, just a friend,” she replied, grateful that her driving step mom couldn’t actually read what was on her screen. “Not another boyfriend, I hope.” Mel rolled her eyes. “Come on…” “Honestly, you had how […]

London Girl

I kicked my legs idly against the stool as I watched the people passing by outside. It was a grey day in London, the end of a long cold winter, and the pedestrians were still bundled up in coats, jackets and scarves, hunched against the biting wind. Small patches of chill sunlight darted through the […]

Bachelorette Party

Jason Moore stood in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at the reflection staring back at him. Condensation on the glass made it difficult to really see himself, but that didn’t matter. In his mind he knew what was looking back at him. A freak of nature. That is how Jason thought of himself. […]

Nudist f****y

‘So what’s this about?’ I flopped down onto the couch as my parent’s stood expectantly in the middle of the room. ‘We’ll tell you when your s****r gets here. Where is she anyway- oh!’ Molly burst into the room and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch, tucking her long hair behind […]

Bus Ride with s****r

How could I refuse? My s****r had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her. Let me explain: Our f****y has always […]


MAKING TROUBLE He was sitting on the floor cross legged completely absorbed with something on TV, not paying attention to anything else. I was feeling antsy, bored, restless and I couldn’t find anything to keep me entertained and my cousin’s focus on the TV irked me for some reason. He was wearing a Steelers ball […]


Vicky was sitting at her computer dressed in underwear she’d stolen from Anna’s wash basket. A black bra and some of her worn panties, and hold ups. Before she’d pulled on Anna’s panties she’d smelled and licked then while she teased her clity dick. Then she put on some of Anna’s lipstick that she’d also […]

Dad, Daughter and Dog

The back screen door slammed shut as Kellie returned home from her evening jog. Her father Al sat in his easy chair behind his newspaper. “That you, honey?” Kellie snorted, “It better be or they’ll be trouble!” Rex, her shepherd dog, made klik-klik noises on the linoleum with his nails. The two had been inseparable […]

The panty sniffer

Derrick rolled over and looked at the clock. Just past noon. He couldn’t remember the last time he slept in. It felt good. He was back in his old room, home from his first year away at college. The academic workload had been crushing and he struggled to maintain a B average. Even school vacations […]


As the hair brush lashed down on Vicky’s arse the pain was so bad, Vicky wanted to scream out loud with all her might. Anna lashed her over and over till her arm grew weak. Vicky’s whole arse was red raw and burning like hell. Vicky was whimpering and sobbing her cheeks swollen and tear […]

T Is for Teresa

It was when I was still living at home, or at least staying there in the college holidays, that Mum came home and found me and Jack Horton lying on the living room floor, naked, and giving each other sixty-nine. She knew I was gay, or course, but was still shocked. As was Jack. After […]

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