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Halloween Mom

Hello all this is my Halloween story. I am 23 years old and I love my mom. She is a real babe at just 40 she has shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, beautiful 36C breasts, shaved pussy, and a great ass. My story all started when my mom was getting ready to go to […]

Oh God

The day my parents sat me down and told me I was adopted was, admittedly, something of a bombshell. They said that they didn’t love me any less because of it, and that obviously in their eyes I was as much a part of the f****y as if I had been conceived in their marriage. […]


The two people sat on the sofa and a person could see that Nadia was clearly fed up with her husband, Donny. “I wanta know something and I want a ‘real’ answer this time,” Nadia said with a slur in her voice, wishing that she hadn’t had three back teeth pulled last week. Donny was […]

Lake House Virgin

I had just finished jerking off and I was lying here on my bed trying to piece together “What went wrong; why am I still a virgin at eighteen?” I am a pretty good looking dude if I do say so myself; 6’2″ tall, dark wavy hair, blue eyes, handsome face, athletic build. I work […]

Kacey’s Garden

The front of the small bungalow seemed to be engulfed in flowers. Kacey had planted dozens of different types and colors of flowers and had been careful to make sure there would always be something blooming. For this reason she hated the winter as once her Marigolds died she would be out of luck until […]

silicon s****r

It was morning time when Cheryl called “Hi b*o,” she said, quietly “can you help me out just one more time?” then an awkward silence, I couldn’t tell if she was crying. “I know we have all fallen out, and that you all blame me, but this is bigger than all of that and I […]

Daughter in need

“იყო და არა იყო რა”(There was and there was nothing) It was one of the Summers hottest days. On those days on which you would be able to make fried eggs on the road. I was standing at the bay window chilling inside the house thought came in my mind “who on the right mind […]

Veronica part two

I finally fucked Veronica I couldn’t believe it, I never thought about sex with another girl more. My biggest fantasy was now a reality and it felt better than I ever imagined. We just finished and I was sitting on the couch and Veronica was in the bathroom. I was just enjoying the moment when […]


I’m thirty-six now and have wanted Veronica since I was a teen. She is thirty-four and my feelings for her are taboo and also they have been my most well kept secret. Having sex with her is something I think of everyday even after all these years. It started one day when I was fifteen […]

Ohhh s****r !!

One of my first memories is staring into the face of a girl with one crooked eye and a twisted grimace. She was always mysterious to me. The others, who had straight smiles and round eyes, seemed to be easy to read. Her happiness or sadness could not be made clear by her expression, yet […]

Loving Aunt

I was in my last year of high school when my parents were both tragically killed in a car accident. Being an only c***d, I went to live with my Aunt Jackie and my cousin Jill. My Uncle had passed away the year before due to illness, so it had been a very difficult period […]

Safety First

Susan Warner impatiently tapped her feet. So far the day had not progressed as she would have normally expected. She was sat in the waiting room of a sexual health clinic waiting for her son David to finish his appointment. She was uncomfortable, not only with the surroundings but also the inhabitants. Semi-comatose college students […]

public shower.

One summer morning my baby decides we need to go camping ,as we pack the bike I ask where we are heading,where ever the highway takes us . Hitting the road making very few stops along the way to no where sun is setting no camp sight in view as we are descending a hill […]


A beautiful summer morning I decide to take a drive where I end up who cares it’s beautiful. Driving along a country road to know where taking in the sights ,notice a sign that reads duck lake next left thinking to my self this I have got to see pulled on to a gravel road […]

The Rambler part 2b

“My skin looks so loose now, not tight like it used to be. No wonder your father and his cronies were trying to look up that slut’s dress, she wears it so short.” Stunned, I watched as Mom dropped both hands to the top of her legs and pulled her nightdress back almost to her […]

The Rambler part 1

“Jeez, Dad. What an ugly car.” My son laughed as he held a picture up, arms length from his face as if it could actually damage his eyes. “You didn’t really drive around in that, did you?” I stretched my hand out and waved it, silently demanding he turn over the offending picture and Tom […]

The Rambler part 4

That was less than a mouthful, that’s for sure. It was little more than a week after we had pawed through the pictures that the bomb arrived in the mail in the form of a bill, forwarded from my mother’s last address, for the next year’s storage fee. The bill didn’t state what was being […]

The Rambler part 2

As you can no doubt imagine, Tim and I were eager to compare notes about our experience at the drive-in but in the aftermath we were both showered with interest from girls who previously hadn’t given us the time of day. It was overwhelming, not in numbers but the sheer unexpectedness of it all. To […]

Sarah and the stairs

Early morning the other day, while the wife was away, I took a stroll outside to the breezeway. Shirt and boxers on, I sat on the stairs, looking at the parking lot, and listening to the interstate traffic. Not long afterwards I would hear the sounds of a door opened. I didn’t look back, and […]

The Lonely Wife 11

Chapter 11 After Donovan went home Jack and I were in the f****y room watching TV. “So are you really OK with all that is going on?” Jack asked “Absolutely! Before you and I were growing apart now we can get off thinking about sexy stuff. Our little girl now has a boyfriend that knows […]

mothers carer

For many years my mother had a full time carer, she had suffered for years with a illness and living alone she needed help around the house, she couldn’t talk or move without help,she found it very difficult cooking, cleaning and even dressing and undressing herself, and as she aged it became a such help […]

I Caught My Wife

my wife works for a major chain store in dublin ireland she had been telling me about one of the managers who works in the stock inwards section who she said she found she could talk to about anything, things that where going on in her life that she could not talk to other friends […]

Finnaly I fuck my mother

It was Monday night, I was watching Monday Night football,I received a call from hospital informing my dad has died from his long battle with cancer. Tuesday I went to the to the airport and flew back home for his creamtion. My mom very happy to see me.After creamation, few off closed f****y gathering at […]

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