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The Bell

I ring the bell. You open the door. The heels on your boots raise you to the point where I have to look slightly up to meet your gaze. Our eyes lock and you stare straight into my soul. “Come in” you say and I’m not entirely sure whether that’s an invitation or a command. […]

Missed the Bus.

Well it started out like this……… I was walking down the street just missed my last bus home and was not very happy about it. Things didn’t work out that night and I find myself walking home alone and very very horny..That damn bus…Why couldn’t it run later..I am not at all familiar with the […]

Daddy’s Panties

I rounded the top of the stairs at the hallway and there sat my daughter at the computer table, beaming. Without further intro Brittany declared excitedly: “Oh daddy this is wonderful! All these pics of you in women’s underwear?” I felt myself turning white. A few steps earlier and I might’ve toppled over backwards down […]

A Date

Dad sat across from me at the table and shoveled oatmeal into his mouth more out of habit than for nourishment. Dark circles under his blue eyes confessed a lack of sl**p. His constant sad expression made him look older than his forty-seven years. It didn’t help that his hair had rescinded back to his […]

L Is for Lucy

This was it. IT! THE chance of a lifetime. The sort of evening I’d been waiting so long for. A couple of times I’d thought my chance had come but each time something had gone wrong, someone had changed their mind. Either Mum, or Dad, or Stephanie, someone had decided to stay in. Or decided […]

The Fire Alarm

I have a recurring nightmare. A fire alarm has sounded in my apartment building in the middle of the night. I’ve evacuated with the rest of the residents and am standing out on the sidewalk as firefighters rush into the building. There’s no sign of smoke. It’s cool out; a light drizzle is falling. I […]

Neighbors wife.

Well to start they aren’t married, but live and have 2 k**s together. They moved in about a year after I got my house. Nice couple. His name was Dan, and we will call her Kate for this story, but everything else is true. Dan was a short, round happy go luck pothead kind of […]

Northern Light

Saturday: Constellations Brad awoke in the middle of the dark forest alone, cold and hungry. Through gaps in the trees overhead, spattered across the black canvas, the Milky Way Galaxy brightly split the night sky in half. He’d never seen a sky this dark before in his life. He was miles from civilization and the […]

New Beginning

All summer, Lisa had dreaded the thought of this week. Her only c***d was leaving for college and she faced endless days and nights virtually alone. Lisa’s husband, when he was even home, either paid her no attention or was forcing himself upon her in whatever room they happened to be in with the smell […]

25th Class Reunion

I have to be honest, when I first received the, ‘hold the date’ notice for my twenty fifth high school reunion, I deleted the e-mail almost instantly. As a forty three year old mother and career woman, I had left my school days far behind me. My f****y and I lived just over one hundred […]


PENNY I arrived at my friend’s apartment unannounced, late and half dronk. I’d been drinking and after starting to drive home decided I’d better not. Bob’s apartment was in a direct line from where I was to my own place so I stopped to crash on his sofa. I knew where he kept a spare […]

f****y Panties

I’m writing this tale because a friend of mine interrupted my new Tommie story by write a f****y tale…so I thought about it and here is part one… This story contains taboo issues..Mom/Son..Dad/Daughter..f****y sex..if these things offend you plz pass on this story f****y Panties My young daughter and I have been fooling around […]

Vacation Fun

It was July and I was on vacation with my wife and k**s. We had gone to Hilton Head in South Carolina. We stayed at our uncle’s house so we were away from the crowded public beach. My wife made friends with one of the other Mothers on the beach when her son had gotten […]

Gloryhole Moms

Here a fantasy of mines. And well most of us right? Starts now “Bull shit,” I called Ralph out, who was usually full of shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was the truth that was a very good day. “Seriously,” he said, more animated than usual. “You’re telling me that […]

back seat blowjob

Breck, Bobbie, and their parents were out the door heading to the f****y car for a long trip out to the campground for the summer. Breck hadn’t really wanted to go, as it was always the same old boring thing. But Bobbie had convinced him otherwise. Standing next to the car as he was complaining […]


Even now, some years later, when I have got my life, my new life, together, when I am able to think fairly rationally on the first terrible discovery of my change, and the train of its effects, it is still impossible for me to fully describe the intensity of my bewilderment and shock during these […]

Taking the Charge on

Jenny, my little s****r, had a rough year the year my k**s went off to college. She’d lost her job about a week before her husband, Eric, had first been laid-off. Eight months later the bank announced foreclosure on their home almost the exact same day her husband received notice that he was being called […]

Fun Down The Yard

A beautiful Spring evening, I head down to the yard with girlfriend Megan, I pull the car to a stop and we walk up to the stables. It’s never on my favourite things to do, but the weather was too nice to say no. On the upside though, the stable girl, a friend of Megan’s, […]

The Sleeepover – Chapter 8

The Sleeepover – Chapter 8 by samslam “Who’s next for Brandon, the stud?” Lauren says as she exits the bathroom. Her three naked friends are lying on the bed looking at each other. “It’s my turn,” Alex says, excitedly, “I haven’t gotten laid yet.” “Perfect!” Lauren says, turning to leave the bathroom. “Aren’t you going […]

Ex GF Steps****r

Cheryl I am a longtime admirer of Xhamster and have toughly enjoyed everyone’s pic,vids and of the great stories. I figured it’s about time I start submitting a few of mine form my early years to the present. This 1st story is from when I was in my 20s and was living w my then […]

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