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The Sexy Thief

On my 17th birthday my mom and stepdad went on a cruiz, and my s****r went to texas to visit familly in texas. I had gotten into a little trouble a few weeks earlier and was on a “diversion program” so i couldn’t leave the state. Two weeks home alone, to do whatever i wanted. […]


I was just 13 when my father died. That left my stupid little s****r and me for mom to take of. We were devastated over his death for a long time. Living in the mid-west, the winters can be bad. Mom did her best to run dad’s small farm. One winter day I was 18 […]


My exciting experience started out very innocently. I was 19 at the time and my dad was going out of town for a month for work. At the time I was living with my best friend and I had broken up with my girlfriend the month before. A week had gone by since my dad […]

Fucken cheerleaders

Coach Bob Porter was a science teacher at Fielding High School, home of the Fighting Pirates. He was also the coach of those fighting pirates, and he’d done a pretty good job of building up a credible team. Things had been going pretty well in the two years he’d been at Fielding. But now he […]

Giving in

We were old friends, f****y friends going back as far as I could remember. In the summer we saw each other at the local parade or at the annual summer party. We had lost touch when we wentoff to college. He was the first man I ever had sex with. We were only 16 then. […]


My wife, Becky, started buying products from Avon about a year ago through an Avon lady named Susan, who had several accounts in our rural neighborhood. She would come in, sit down next to my wife on the couch and go through the catalog, the sales, etc. explaining the products. Becky would always buy something, […]

The Next Day

One day I was sitting in a lecture at University after an extremely heavy night out with my friend. The weather was terrible so there was only about 10 people in the lecture and we sat in the back. The previous night after a lot of drinks me and her kissed a lot and I […]

Naughty mom and son

While his mother’s cunt gripped him, John felt hands caressing his face. “Fuck me again son.” She moaned. “You have your cock in the place that made you. I carried you inside my belly and now I have you there again.” He thrust into her eagerly while her cunt sucked and bathed him in his […]

Fall For It

I lived with my mom, dad, elder b*o, his wife, their 10 month old son and my younger s****r. I became cranky for no reason, I realized it was because of sex but masturbation 3 times a day would also not help. I needed a girl or a women. I was getting nowhere, I started […]

Cinema Time

This is a story about myself and my (at the time) girlfriend We decided one evening to go to the cinema to see a movie, some terribly awful comedy that was about as funny as my big toe So about 45 minutes in after I had stopped myself from falling asl**p i grabbed my gf’s […]

Blowjob from a stripper

I recently found myself alone in Spain (having lost my pals) and thought I’d try the local strip club. On entering, a gorgeous dark-haired Bulgarian girl immediately approached me and asked if I’d like a dance. I thought, “Why not?”. I followed her to a small private room. She closed the curtain behind her and […]


Bholy and I made plan to take mom to Delhi for some fun. We did not tell mom what we are going to do. We told her that we can see temple there and do some shopping. We 3 of us reached Delhi about 2pm. Our friend Shanta was home alone. Her husband was at […]

A letter to my husband

So you are sitting there reading this, and thinking that I wrote you a “story”. I didn’t. Know why? Stories are fake, and this is about to become reality. Right now, while you are reading this, I’m about to start rubbing my hand, up and down up your thigh, inching closer and closer to that […]


Its bedtime and Chase is laying in bed watching TV and has no idea what I’ve got planned for him tonight, or that I’m soaking wet just thinking about it and planning it. I know exactly what I want and I’m just waiting for the right opening to attack him and take control. Finally, he […]

my mother in law 3

A few days after we got back home from being on holiday together Stella decided to pay me a visit. My wife and her daughter Sara had already left for work early that morning so I was alone in bed when I heard a door shutting downstairs. The next thing I heard was someone coming […]

naughty boy

My name is Harry and I am the son of a very beautiful mother and s****r. They have always teased me one way or another through my teenage years by walking around half naked or by saying suggestive things to me and leaving me all hot and bothered. I am now 18 years old with […]

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