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The Half s****r

~Another Fantasy style story.~ My name is Ryan. I grew up in a pretty normal house. My parents divorced when I was eleven and my mom moved my s****r and me across the state to start over. My s****r and I had a completely normal c***dhood and grew up to be normal adults. When I […]

Oh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 03

Having given up all hope of resisting temptation and keeping Linda at bay, our after school fuck became an everyday addiction. Sometimes she’d surprise me by actually leaving when the bell rang. But, then I’d find her sitting in my car masturbating as she watched me approach. So, on those days I’d just take her […]

Sexual Snippets: Homework

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fantasy and does not represent any real people or events. The characters in this story may indulge in sexual activity that is immoral or even i*****l. The author does not endorse such actions in real life. These stories are only meant to be read as entertainment by consenting […]

Oh, Teacher, Teacher!

Linda has been sitting in the front row of my last period History class all year and has been driving me crazy. She is an overly developed young thing that can never seem to find bras or blouses that can keep up with her seemingly rapidly exploding boobs. There is always just so much more […]

Lusting for b*****r

Gross. That’s what they would call her. Well, if they knew what she thought about, how she wanted him so bad, that she ached for him. Even now she was watching the clock, waiting, knowing that when she got home from school he would be there. Her name was Allie, and she was lusting after […]

Die Affären einer Familie 7

Inzest / TabusDie Affären einer Familie!Seite 7 Die Affären einer Familie! bysunnyMunich© Mehrere kleinere Orgasmen schüttelten sie. Sie zitterte, als würde sie frieren. Wie im Schüttelfrost klapperten ihre Zähne aufeinander. Ihr Körper zuckte. Paul Oppenhaim keuchte, sein Schwanz schwoll auf einmal zu einer ansehnlichen Latte an, was Paul selbst am meisten überraschte. „Paul!”, keuchte Isabell, […]

Hütte am See 2

TabusDie Hütte am See Teil 02 Die Hütte am See Teil 02 byBea19© 3 — Einstieg in eine neue Welt Liebe Freunde, einige von Euch haben bei mir um eine Fortsetzung der Geschichte gebeten und da ich im Moment gerade gut drauf bin, füge ich noch zwei Teile hinzu, bis die Story endgültig zuende ist. […]

Cousin Gina

It all started when I was in 8th grade. Girls were drawing my attention more and more every day it seemed. I was becoming distracted by them during class and pretty much everywhere I went. Then one day it hit me like a freight train. I was sitting at lunch with some friends when I […]

Detective Jack O’Bannon

The sound of a gunshot echoes through the night. A woman screams, and then her high-heeled shoes clatter down the dark alley, as she runs for her life. A man is chasing her as she darts form street to street. Thinking fast, the woman ditches her loud shoes, and runs barefooted through the darkened streets. […]

Mom Peeping

The shapely 36-year brunette stood with her ear to the door and was listening to the grunting noises coming from the other side. She knew it was her 14-year-old son on the other side, and deep down she knew exactly what he was in the process of doing, and it excited her. She had told […]

Here He Cums Again

She heard her bedroom door open and pretended to be asl**p. But that never worked. The big man slipped into her bed and put his hands under her nightie as usual, seeking her breasts. She tried to ignore the good feelings as he began tweaking her nipples. Damn them, they’re hard. Her uncle had been […]

At Mothers Window Again We were horny young guys just past the cusp of puberty. It was summer holidays and we were allowed to stay out far past the falling of darkness. It was the late forties and k**s were safe in the streets, even in a working class neighborhood like ours. Women on our street all stayed […]

Carmen and Ali

It started out innocently enough, Carmen, simply putting some of her underthings away in Ali drawer by mistake when some of her things stuck to his. Carmen had teased him about potentially looking good in something like a thong, to which Ali responded in likely fashion, and rather hypocritically since Ali liked the way such […]

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