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Taking moms place

Cat was sixteen and had a great body. Her dad started paying attention to her by hugging and kissing her and pulling her to his lap. Her mom was not sexy any more as she had birthed twelve c***dren and her once sexy body lost its shape. Her tits sagged and her nipples were stretched out from all the nursing and her pussy was no longer tight. Daddy needed a tight pussy and a firm body.

One night as they were all watching TV,daddy began to hug and rub on Cat. She was wearing just a short nightie and no underwear. She loved flirting and teasing her daddy too letting him feel her titties. Daddy then got up and pulled Cat with him and took her into her bedroom not caring what any one in the f****y thought. He pulled her gown up over her head and looked at her naked body. “Turn around for me and show me that sexy body” he told her. As Cat spun around daddy rubbed his hands over her tits and ass. He then sat on her bed and pulled her to him and began to rub and suck her tits. She loved his mouth all over her tits and watched him suck them. His hand then found her pussy and he began to caress her as he heard her moan. “Yes, baby, daddy is going to make you feel so good. Just like a woman should feel.”

He layed her on the bed and kissed from her tits to her pussy. She spread her legs to let him kiss and suck her sweet pussy more. As he licked her pussy his fingers rolled her nipples making them hard and little sore. He then spread her pussy lips and and looked at her young pussy and watched as he inserted a finger into her fuck hole. She gasped as he pushed inside her. “You like that don’t you baby? Let me finger fuck you till you stretch more.” He began finger fucking her as he sucked on her sore nipples.

He then told her to bend her knees and pull her legs to her chest so he could see her ass. He rubbed her ass with a finger and then licked it. He then began to push his tongue in her ass as his fingers moved to her fuck hole. He whispered “Daddy is going to teach you to fuck like a woman so daddy can fuck his baby and feel so good. Daddy will make your pussy want my cock all the time.”

He then stood up and undressed. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. “Rub daddy’s cock and feel it get bigger.” She stroked his cock seeing it get harder as she touched it. “Now lick daddy’s cock for daddy. Run your tongue up and down the sides of that nice hard cock.” As she licked the sides of his cock he told her “Yes, that feels so good. Soon daddy will teach you to suck it and take it down your throat. Keep licking. Feel how smooth my cock is.”

He then got on the bed and got between her legs. “Spread your legs wide so daddy can get his big cock in your tight pussy. You will like daddy fucking you a lot. It will make you feel so good.” He then pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy. She yelled “No daddy. Your cock is too big.” Daddy then told her “It will be fine. Your pussy is made to take a big cock like daddy’s. You will love it once I get it in you and begin to fuck you.” He then slowly pushed more cock in her hole. He went slow letting her adjust to his size but soon had all of his cock in her tight hole. “Now that my cock is in your pussy, I am going to fuck you till you cum many times. You can tell me how much you like my cock fucking you.” He then went in and out slowly at first till he felt her cum the first time. Then he began to fuck her faster and faster. He heard her yell “Oh daddy that feels so good with your cock fucking my pussy. Don’t stop. Fuck me more.” Daddy laughed and said “I knew you would be a great fuck. Your tight pussy feels so good. I am going to fuck you for a long time.”

Daddy then fucked her for almost an hour before he could not control himself and filled her pussy with his cum. “You have the best pussy to fuck. It is tight and wet and so warm. I want to fuck you all night. In fact I am going to fuck you every night and sometimes during the day.” He then reached down and his finger found her ass and he pushed the finger into her and began to finger fuck her ass and then felt his cock get hard again so he began to fuck her cum filled pussy once again. He felt her cum as she loved his cock in her pussy and a finger in her ass. As he kept fucking her he then sucked each fat nipple. He was thrilled to have this sexy daughter to fuck when ever his cock would get hard.

He was going to teach her to suck his cock so she could suck him when ever he demanded it. He would put her under the table to suck him while he ate dinner and then while he watched TV. He never could get enough sex. He hated fucking his wife any more. He wanted a young tight pussy now. He would soon have a second daughter old enough to fuck and he would fuck both of them each night or during the day. His wife could not say a word or he would knock her up and keep her pregnant for several more years. He had six daughters and he would fuck them all as they got old enough. He would have tight pussy for many years to come. They would satisfy them and take their mom’s place in the bed.

That night he fucked his daughter many more times. He also licked her pussy and her ass. He had her squat over his face so he could eat her pussy as he fingered her ass. Between each fuck session he would suck her titties as she stroked his cock. The next day he fucked her in every room of their house not caring that his wife was there.

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