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Taking you

As I walk by you I notice your eyes glancing at me quickly then looking away as you see me catch your gaze. I smile as I walk towards you , examining your gorgeous body as I get closer to you. As I introduce myself you slowly back up as I get closer and closer to you. As we talk with you becoming slightly nervous as you back up as I attempt to closer while we talk your eyes open wide as you feel the cold wall against your back. You notice my smile then takes on a more sinister look as I reach out placing my hand on your hip pulling you towards me.
Your hands immediately shot up attempting to shove me back. Causing my smile to fade as I yank you forward against me then push you up against tightly against the wall. My hands roam your body roughly squeezing and tugging on your clothing as I turn my head kissing along and biting on your neck. You lean down biting back hard into my shoulder causing me to moan out slightly in pain. I pull back some looking at you, “my god you are so beautiful” I say as I reach forward grabbing your shirt in my fists ripping it open you begin screaming “no” as your shirt falls open exposing your bra and body before me. I lean forward again pulling your bra and taking your nipple into my mouth sucking and biting gently on it. Your fists are hitting my back but I manage to hold you firmly in place as I devour your chest, my hands slipping down to your ass .
My hands on your ass lift your skirt slow as your legs are squirming against me. Your hands shoot down to my arm as you feel my hands on your panties, you push hard trying to keep my hands away but I flex my arm shoving my hand between your legs reaching for your pussy. The feel of your hands trying to push me away is only turning me on more as I feel the dampness in your panties. I look up away from your chest and tell you I know you really want it. You scream no and shove me back slightly. As you take a step forward to get away I quickly grab and turn you so you are now facing the wall. I push forward against your back causing you to use your hands to hold your body from slamming into the wall. I quickly yank your skirt up and rip your panties off. You try to reach back and stop me but your body only slams into the wall, then you hear my a zipper sound as I free my raging hard cock.
Grabbing your hands I lift them up taking away your means to resist as I hold you upright pinned against the wall my hard cock now rubbing against your gorgeous ass. I lean down slightly and then ram my hard cock deep into you as you scream out loudly against me. I release your arms and reach my hands around holding your tits as I lean into you my hard cock pumping deep into your tight pussy. I bite down hard against your neck and pinch your nipples as I slide my cock in and out of you. You try to resist my grip is simply too hard against as you tire under the onslaught on your body. Well In feel you beginning to calm down I laugh and throw you down on the ground.
Quickly I roll you onto your stomach pushing your skirt back up to your lower back. I grab both your hands and pin them against your lower back, then reach up with my other hand and grab your hair in my fist yanking your head back. My hard cock slips easily back into its new home of your tight juicy pussy. I hold you firmly in place as I pound your tight pussy shaking your body roughly against the ground with each deep hard thrust into you. Teasing your body I slow down my thrusts then will increase the speed.
I release your arms and hair as my thrusts increase in speed. Laying down on top of you I wrap my arm around your neck holding your head firmly in place, my other hand on your shoulders, I kiss along your neck and tell you I am close and you should cum with me. Picking up the pace I pound your pussy as hard as I can. Then when I feel your body beginning to shake undermine I slam my cock into you as deeply as I can burying it deeply into you holding it there tightly my body pressed tightly against yours as I begin to fill you with my hot cum. I hold you tightly down till I emptied every drop of cum into your gorgeous body then I slowly release my arm from your neck.
Before you can say a word I turn your head and kiss you on the lips pressing my tongue to yours. I whisper in your earn that I will see you again.

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