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Teacher seduced by lesbian schoolgirls, part 5

Finally, part 5!!

For those who haven’t seen the previous parts, you might like to read these first, to find how Anna was initially seduced by the sexual charms of two of her sexiest pupils.

Here is how Anna continues her sexual journey of discovery……………….

I couldn’t wait to get home after leaving Kim and Amy to go our separate ways. My mind was in a completer turmoil, but more than anything else it was filled with lust and desire, and even more, an incredible need. A need to have more intense erotic sex with these two young students, two schoolgirls………… And not only the girls, but their mothers too.

I couldn’t think straight, and I was completely overcome with my need for further sexual pleasure, further sexual exploration. But if my mind was in a muddle, my fingers most certainly weren’t, and in the car on the short journey home I drove with one hand on the wheel, the other occupied between my legs with my needy pussy. I had fingered and kissed both girls, kissed them intimately, kissed them in such a sexual way, kissed and licked and tasted their breasts and their cunts. I could still taste their young sweet juices on my fingers and on my lips. I could still smell the heavenly odour of young sexual arousal. I needed to cum myself, cum again and again, as I knew one orgasm wouldn’t satisfy me at all.

I had made both Amy and Kim cum, given their young cunts the attention they needed, but my own aching vagina hadn’t had the attention it so desperately craved, and as I rubbed my swollen pussy through the thin material of my panties, I felt my juices soak through the sheer cotton. Fuck, I thought to myself, I need to cum, I couldn’t remember needing release as much as I did now, and as soon as I got home, I slammed the front door shut, and just sat straight down on the stairs in front of me, opened my legs, pulled my panties down and off one ankle, and immediately began to masturbate, first teasing my aroused wet slit until it throbbed, then fucking myself with my fingers. Two to start with, then three almost immediately, deep into my cunt; deep between my swollen aroused pussy lips.

I fucked myself violently, my hand and wrist pumping furiously like a piston, in and out, faster and faster, my cunt oozing juices I was so aroused.

I thought of those two girls, two wonderfully sexy slutty young girls, their school uniform skirts lifted as they encouraged me on to them, their breasts firm and vibrant, their nipples erect and just waiting for my mouth and tongue.

“Oh fuck, fuck” I thought to myself. “Fuck, I want them again, I want them now, I want them between my legs lapping at my swollen labia, I want them licking me, fingering me, biting my tits and nipples, oh fuck, I need them so badly………” I saw myself moving on from the schoolroom, getting them naked into my big bed, or maybe in their own bedrooms, naked, their legs wide apart, their smooth cunts wanton in front of me as they fingered themselves lewdly encouraging me on to them, down on to and into their needy pussies.

My own sex was so wet I could hear the lewd and filthy sound of my fingers slurping in and out of myself. I was so close – the intensity was building inside me, and as the need for release became almost too much to bear, I brought my other hand down between my thighs, lightly pinching my throbbing clit.

My scream must surely have been heard by half the neighbourhood, but I didn’t care, as yet another crashing orgasm overcame me. I could hardly breathe, hardly see, certainly I couldn’t speak as the cum of all cums engulfed my aching body.

Afterwards, I just sat there, almost exhausted, my thighs and fingers soaked by my outpouring of pussy juices, sweet, sexual sensual honey from my own body. How I wished they were there to see me now. How I wished they were there to lick me clean. I could hardly believe my thoughts, and how these two sexy supposedly innocent schoolgirls had taken over all my waking (and sl**ping) thoughts and desires. I had changed from a responsible caring school teacher into a sex crazed, lust driven slut who couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to have wild abandoned sex with two teenage (of legal age) girls. And not only the girls, but their mothers too, and preferably at the same time.

As my fantasies grew, so did the need between my legs, and once more I started to stroke myself, rub myself, make myself cum again……… But just then I heard my phone buzz in my bag that I had dropped on the floor in my desperate rush to masturbate.

It was a text from Kim, one of the two girls, and immediately I felt an extra thrill run through my body. What was it going to say? Was it to be another picture of her with her fingers rubbing her young pussy? Or was it going to be another salaciously rude message telling me how much she wanted me to fuck her and her best friend Amy?

Sadly, it was none of those. Instead, it was a message saying how upset she was, but her dad had come home unexpectedly and had decided to take her and her mum out for supper, so she couldn’t make it later on. However, she did add with a naughty smiley attached, that both Amy was still looking forward to having sex with me, and that Amy’s mother would be more than happy to take Kim’s place, as long as I promised to tell her all about it tomorrow in the most intimate detail.

No sooner than I had replied to Kim, than my phone buzzed again, and this time it was a message from Amy.

“Hi Anna, mum wants to know what time you can get to our house? She’s really excited about just the three of us together. She says to tell you dad is going to be away till tomorrow so you can cum and spend all night with us, fucking each other if you want. I’ve never seen her so horny miss, please cum soon.”

“Fuck Amy” I replied quickly, “of course I’ll stay the night. I can’t wait and I’ll be there just as soon as I’ve had a shower. And tell your mum I’m every bit as horny as she is, and can’t wait to enjoy your wet cunts.”

I sent the message, then grinned to myself as I thought of the language I was now using with a schoolgirl and her mother. I had never even used the “c” word before, and now I was using it regularly and becoming more and more aroused as I thought of our naked bodies, and more importantly, of our naked sexes in a state of constant need and arousal.

Quickly I showered, resisting the temptation to do more than just make sure my pussy and ass were washed and lovely and clean for my two new friends. Maybe I did spend just a little more time washing and drying my pussy, after all it was, I hoped going to get an awful lot of attention that night and I wanted it to be in perfect condition for my two new friends. Mind, I did have a bit of trouble drying it as no sooner had I got it nice and dry than it seemed to be starting to get all wet again of it’s own accord – from the inside!!

I looked at myself in the mirror, naked apart from my black lace bra and panties which I thought showed off my body to perfection. My nipples were already sensitive and hard with the thought of young Amy and her mum licking and biting them, and as I rubbed my fingers over the thin material of my knickers , I couldn’t help pressing my fingers against my slit, now constantly moist with lust and desire. “Fuck, I can’t wait to taste Amy’s cunt again” I thought to myself, “and I wonder what her mother will be like naked? She looked pretty hot at the parent’s evening” I remembered.

I put on a short dark skirt, tight round my ass, and with a slit up the back, and then pulled on a thin vest top with a quite low cut neck line which made sure plenty of my breasts were on show. I didn’t have big breasts, probably only 34b, but they were firm and nicely shaped, and the bra and top made sure they were nicely silhouetted, especially my hard nipples which were clearly visible through my top.

Finally, I put on a pair of high heeled fuck me shoes which made the most of my legs, and with my mind and my body in a state of constant arousal and excitement, I left the house and drove the short journey to Amy’s home. The trip lasted about ten minutes, and with my short skirt riding up around my waist I couldn’t resist rubbing my pussy through my knickers, feeling my labia already aroused and swollen, and feeling the moistness starting to seep through the thin lace material. Fuck, I was so wet and horny……..

Arriving at their house, I parked in the drive, and walked up to the front door, and knocked gently. No sooner than I had knocked than the door opened and there was Amy, standing with a big smile on her face, and behind her was her mother Jenny. I quickly closed the door behind me, and just looked at these two lovely women, mother and daughter, standing there before me.

Amazingly, Jenny was standing behind her daughter, but her hands were round her daughters breasts, playing with them in front of me, and by the look of Amy’s hand which was out of sight behind her, it was up the short skirt of her own mother and hopefully playing with a rather nice wet mature pussy.

Much to my delight, Amy was in her school uniform, but this time it was a little different, a little tighter over her slim body.

“Mum suggested I wear this” she said with a sly grin, “It’s last years uniform, so she said it would be tighter on me and make my tits and ass look better through it. What do YOU think miss?” Her white blouse was stretched tight over her swelling tits that her mum was fondling, and the material was clearly straining with gaps between each of the buttons showing her bare flesh underneath.

The short skirt was even shorter than normal, and with no tights on underneath, it hardly covered her pert bum and was only just hiding her knickers. Finished off by her white knee length socks, she looked the picture of every erotic dream and fantasy I was having these days – fantasies that were rapidly turning into fact……

“Hello Anna,” Jenny said from behind Amy. “I thought we might have a little extra sex education this evening, although young Amy here seems to know far too much about sex to me.” she added with a grin.

As she said this, one hand slipped down away from her daughters’ breasts, and lifted up her short pleated skirt so I could see her panty covered crotch, the thin white material stretched tantalisingly over her daughters twat, the outline of her sex so clearly visible through the stretched cotton. Her daughter closed her eyes and moaned slightly as her mother ran a finger lightly between her swollen labia, and the dampness already showing through the white material left me in no doubt just how aroused this sexy slutty schoolgirl was.

With her spare hand, Amy reached down and pressed er mum’s hand and fingers hard against her needy cunt.

“Oh fuck yes mum, fuck I love that, I just love the touch of an experienced woman. But two experienced women would be even better.” she added opening her eyes and looking at me with those eyes that I knew now I had no power to resist.

“Come on Anna, let’s give her what she wants then” her mum said with a grin, leading her daughter into the sitting room, and putting her down between us on the large sofa

Seeing how keen Amy’s mother was for us both to seduce her daughter, I pulled Amy hard against me kissing her and slipping my hand straight up inside her short skirt and rubbing my hand over her pantie covered mound. As I did this, Amy’s mother started fondling her daughters breasts, before pulling me away from Amy and kissing me, leaning across her sexy daughter as we did so.

In what seemed seconds, we had unfastened her blouse and pulled off her short skirt, and as we pushed her bra down we both eagerly started kissing and nibbling, even gently biting her breasts and nipples, feeling them grow hard and erect in our mouths.

As we played with her sensitive tits, I pulled her knickers to one side so I could reach her pussy, only to find her mothers fingers already there. The eager little slut was desperate for our attention, and pushed her own knickers down off her bum so that we could attend to her needs even better, and soon there were tow experienced mature women rubbing away at her swollen sensitive clit.

Her tight young cunt was already soaking wet, and she moaned as the two of us rubbed and stroked her demanding sex.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck, that’s so good” she moaned, “Fuck, make me cum soon, I need to cum so bad.”

It didn’t take long to bring her her first orgasm of the evening, with me now fucking her tight wet slit with two fingers while her mother rubbed away at her clit. Her whole body was moving under the intensity of her arousal, and as she climaxed she put her hands down to hold our fingers against her, mine inside, and her mothers pressed hard against her aroused pussy. She was already as wet as I had known in my short time having sex with this horny schoolgirl, but I was delighted to feel a little jet of wonderful cunt juice squirting out over my fingers as she came.

For a short moment, the three of us held that position, then we slowly parted, a delighted smile filling Amy’s young face as she realised what had just happened. Her own mother and her own teacher had just brought her to a wonderful orgasm – wait till she told her friend Kim she thought, and grinned at how jealous her friend and lover would be of her.

Without being asked, Amy decided it was time her mom had some attention, and crawling up on to the sofa, she started kissing Jenny passionately. Jenny was wearing a thin silky piece dress with only a tie around her neck, and it took the two of them only seconds to unfasten the knot and drop it down to her waist, revealing her lovely firm breasts, unfettered by any sort of bra. For a woman in her early forties, she was remarkably fit, with a figure of a much younger woman, and as Amy dropped her mouth from her mother’s lips she now started concentrating on her mom’s tits, kissing, biting and taking the erect nipples into her young mouth.

Jenny dropped her hands down between her legs and started rubbing her own pussy which obviously in need of attention by now, a sight that young Amy spotted immediately, dropping one of her own hands down to join her mothers fingers in the older woman’s sopping wet cunt.

While Amy was kneeling on the sofa, it meant that her naked arse was beautifully displayed in all it’s glory only inches from my face. I mean, what was I supposed to do?

Burying my face between her ass cheeks I ran my tongue up and down over her tight puckered little entrance, loving the instant reaction as I heard her moan with pleasure, before I moved on down to her tight young slit, her pussy lips already swollen and aroused from her recent climax. I pushed my tongue as far as possible between the lips of her cunt, enjoying the aroma and the taste of a teenage girl’s pussy juices. Her legs parted further for me, and as she herself dropped down so she was licking and tonguing her own mother’s cunt, so I dropped down to the floor so I could get my face deep between her thighs and attend to her wanton needs.

“Oh fuck Amy, yes baby, make your mother cum” Jenny moaned as she pressed her daughter’s head deeper between her own legs, opening them even wider so she could get her daughter tighter to her needy sex. Amy herself was rapidly moving towards her second cum of the evening with my own oral efforts, and to my amazement and immense pleasure I realised that I was going to be a part of both mother and daughter cumming to a climax at the same time.

Mother and daughter obviously realised the same thing, as Amy increased her own tonguing of her mom’s soaking wet cunt, while I now turned my own attention to Amy’s swollen engorged clit.

I couldn’t restrain myself though, and with the amazing site of this young schoolgirl’s naked pussy and ass in front of my face, I pushed a finger into her tight cute little bumhole. This was all she needed, and as her mother responded to her daughter by moaning and crying louder than ever, I felt Amy start to buck and writhe beneath me as wave after wave of arousal overcame her.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh fuck yea………oh fuck yes, you wonderful little slut Amy, you just made your mummy cum” Jenny moaned and groaned as she herself climaxed, spurting her pussy juice all over her daughter’s happy face.

As we slowly sat up, smiling and grinning at each other, I looked at Amy’s face, wet and dripping from her mother’s pussy juices from where she had spurted a little over her daughter’s face. I knew my own face was wet from Amy, and for a moment the three of us just kissed and caressed, tasting the fruits of the amazing sex the three of us had just experienced.

“Maybe it’s time that Miss had a little bit of attention mum” Amy said to her mother with a wicked smile. “Or maybe she’ll put me in detention tomorrow after school and you won’t be able to join in mum…….” she added naughtily.

I hope you enjoyed it – please give me feedback if you have. Feedback makes all the difference and gives me encouragement to continue writing!!

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