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Teacher. VI

First thing I was in Mr. Roberts class, I stripped down and waited for him. Standing behind his desk, I started to play with my dick getting it hard for him. When he finally came in I was laying on the desk, fingering my butt and stroking. When I seen him I pulled my finger out and stopped stroking.”I certainly hope you weren’t trying to cum early young man ” he barked. I said no just tried to get ready for you sir. He said to lay on my back, knees up and apart. I pulled them up to my chest, he wrapped his fingers around my balls and pulled down, with his other hand he stroked me. After a couple of minutes he sat down and sucked the head. I could feel myself building up. Thinking of other things I tried holding off from cumming. When my dick twitched he squeezed my balls tighter, the pain snapped me out of that feeling. He stopped stroking and rubbed my butt. Pressing my legs to my chest, I reached down and pulled my butt cheeks apart giving him full access to my hole hoping he’d fill it. Knowing what I wanted he gave me a hard smack that stung, which made me gasp. Using my feet he pushed up till my butt was off the desk. “I want to watch you stroke yourself ” he said quietly and lowered his head and licked my hole. His wet tongue felt good as he lapped and circled my hole. I stroked as ordered hopping I didn’t cum to early. My breathing quickened as the urge to cum came closer. With his little finger he pushed into me. Slow at first then faster till it was all the way in. I was close to cumming when he started twisted and pumping in and out of my butt. I felt my hole suck on his finger, and my balls pulled up. He smacked me again saying not yet. I held off the best I could, while he fucked me and now sucking my whole dick in his mouth. After a few more minutes he squeezed my balls and licked the tip of the head. It was too much, and my balls emptied out and filled his mouth. When he finished sucking me dry he said to come back after school.
The day went by fast and I ran to his room. He was sitting behind his desk and said to strip and wait for the other boy. When he arrived Mr. Roberts told him to lock the door and for me to undress him. I looked into his eyes and said I was sorry. He smiled and said don’t worry about it, he stood with his arms up while I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his head, then I undid his belt and button. He slipped out of his shoes while I pulled down the zipper and stepped out of them. When I pulled his underwear down his dick jumped out and hit me in the face. Mr. Roberts said to suck him. I tried to remember how I was sucked and did the best I could. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth fast, causing me to gag. Mr. Roberts came over and stood behind the boy, held his shoulders pushed his hips forward as to simulate it was his dick I was sucking. My jaw started to hurt due to lack of practice, but kept sucking, I heard the boy tell Mr. Roberts my teeth were dragging over his dick. He told us to get on his desk. We climbed up and was told how to lay. I was to lay flat and the boy was to lay legs hanging off the desk.
Mr. Roberts barked the boy was going to show me how to suck correctly. I spread my legs and laid back with him between them sucking on the head licking my tip and piss slit. Mr. Roberts knelt behind the boy, spread his butt open and buried his face in his butt. We must have been sucking for a while before you could hear the janitors keys rattling down the hall. I got nervous, but was reminded the door was already locked. After a few more minutes I was about to cum. The boy reached up and grabbed my nipples and pinched one hard sending me over the edge. I held his head in place as I pumped down his throat, as I came he short his load into Mr. Roberts hand.
We quickly dressed and ran out the back of the school before we were spotted and down the street. I asked him if he wanted to come to my house for a while, and he said he did. He showed me the street he lived on and told me which house. We got to my house and I asked him what he wanted to do first. We played a couple of video games and ate a snack. He asked if he could take a shower, I showed him where the bathroom was. After he came out, he was still nude, he asked if I wanted to fuck him. I was shocked. I said I never did it before, he laughed and said “I bet you never let someone play with your dick before you met Mr. Roberts before either did you “. I blushed and said no. He asked if there was anything we could use for lube, I found a jar of Vaseline and brought it to him. He put a glob on his finger and rubbed his butt hole, and pushed some in it. Then he pulled down my pants and sucked my dick till I was hard. Then he rubbed some all over my dick and laid down on my bed. I climbed behind him and he took my dick and guided it to his hole. He said to push in slow till I was all the way in, then fuck him slowly. He was tight but I pushed in easy, as I pushed he lifted his but to meet me. It felt so good, I slid in and out, slow at first, then quicker. He stroked himself as I fucked his butt, after a while he said to let him roll over. After I pushed in him again he told me to stroke him. I got into a rhythm and soon as I was pulling out I was sliding up and down as I went in. He wrapped his legs around me and said faster and harder. I was pounding his butt, my balls slapping his cheeks, soon I feel like I’m going to cum, he said to pull out and let him stroke me. When I did he held our dicks together and stroked like mad. We both came, our cum mixed while shooting up and landing on his chest. He pulled me down and hugged me spreading cum over both of us, he kissed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced together as we started breathing normally again. He dressed and said his house tomorrow and left. I tasted the cum on my stomach and was hard emeditly. I stroked my dick in the shower letting the water tickle my butt hole thinking about what it would feel like being fucked.

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