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teacher’s pet

i loved the days when i had to wear my cheerleader outfit to school, mmmmmmm! it looked so cute on me and every time i wore it i felt like every boy and every man who saw me wanted to fuck me, and i was so sweet about it, pretty smiles for all of them and lots of flirty gestures. yep, my nipples would get so hard, i loved how they poked through the fabric, looking sooo cute, like they wanted to be sucked on. i’d wear my hair lose and a little messy, dolled up make up, lots of mascara and eyeliner, hot red lipstick, which i loved to touch up often, loved putting it on in front of boys, they’d stare at me as i ran it over my lips, my mouth open, looking like it wanted to be fucked, mmmm.

one day i felt extra naughty and went to the girl’s room, sat in a stall and took off my panties, stuffed them in my pocket, i wanted to tease one of my teachers who i kind of had a crush on, and by the way he’d look at me, i knew he wanted me too. my seat was on the front row so it was perfect, for his eyes only. i went into class, he was standing by his desk saying stuff to students taking their seats, he saw me come in, i smiled real sweetly at him, lightly touched his arm and said hi, a sweet touch and smile telling him i wanted him to do stuff to me. hello lara, he said and looked at my legs when i sat down, mmmm. i took out my pencil, opened my notebook and brought the pencil to my lips, i smiled at teacher and put the pencil in my mouth and gave it a little bite then crossed my legs as he watched me, mmmmm, when he saw i had no panties on his eyes almost popped out, he cleared his throat and went to sit at his desk, trying to keep his cool. i giggled to myself, such a bad girl.

he started class and i kept giving him little flashes of my sweet kitty, kept smiling really pretty at him, sucking on my pencil, i so had him! he became very distracted and couldn’t really teach the day’s subject so instead he asked everyone to read and write about a certain history topic. then he turned to me and said, lara can i talk to you in my office, it is about your term paper. he picked up a notebook off his desk as he got up and used it to cover the bulge in his pants. sure i said all peppy, i got up and followed him. we left the classroom and went into his office which was a couple of doors down. he went in, i followed, then he closed the door behind us and locked it. did i do something wrong sir? i asked him all sheepish, biting my lip. sit down, he said and pointed to a chair in front of his desk. i sat down and looked up at him, i was pouting, playing the concerned, scared little girl. you are a bad, bad girl lara! he said looking down at me. oh no! i said and pouted some more, then he hushed me and set the notebook on the desk. do you see what you’ve done to me? he asked me, no longer hiding his big bulge, which was right by my mouth. i looked at it, then i looked up at him, I pointed to the bulge, and asked, i did that?! looking all surprised. yes you did, don’t deny it! oh, i’m sorry, i said, and pouted some more, i so wanted to burst out laughing but held it in.

lift up your skirt, he commanded. my skirt?! i asked, pretending to be surprised and a little shocked, oh, ok, i said and lifted it up, showing him my shaved pussy, no undies. i held it off me, spread my pretty legs a little and looked up at him. see! he exclaimed, this can not happen! he said sternly, you must wear underwear and not torture me like that, do you understand? yes sir, i said, i’m so sorry sir, i don’t know how i could’ve forgotten to put on undies this morning, please don’t get me in trouble, here i moved a little closer to him, my mouth so close to his bulge, I moved my hand to his and started caressing it like a lover would, i can make it better, i’ll do anything sir, please?! i said and took over. he just stared at me and panted a little, I wanted to show him what a good bad girl i was, mmmmmm teacher crush!

i kept looking up at him, my pout turned to a sweet smile as i unzipped his pants and took out his cock, i’ll never do that again sir, i smiled as i wrapped my sweet lips around him and ran my tongue over the head of his wet cock, mmmmmm i moaned, i took him out of my mouth, squinted my eyes at him and said yum, then i slowly ran my pink tongue over his hard cock, yum yum, do you like how that feels sir? i asked him then giggled as i started rubbing his hard cock with my hand, as my lips kissed it. you are such a bad girl, he said under his breath as i slid him deep into my mouth, mmmmmm. suck it lara, i’ve been wanting this for a long time, he said as i gave him really sweet head. fuck! he said real quietly as i deep throated him,

mmmm teacher teacher, i love your sweet cock! i kept rubbing it with one hand as i sucked it, we held hands with my other, like sweet lovers, teacher fucking my mouth, mmmm yay! i wanted to give him the best blowjob of his life! after a few minutes of us getting lost like that, he snapped out of it and said, shit! we gotta get back to class! i took him out of my mouth, looked up at him, rubbed his cock on my lips, pouted and said, awwww but i was just starting to have fun, then i put him back in mouth to my throat, making him say fuck! again. he took his cock out of my mouth and started rubbing it really fast, in front of my face, mmmm teacher, i said, cum in my mouth please. i opened my mouth real wide, stuck out my tongue and moaned with anticipation, he throbbed and panted and shot a big load into my open mouth, mmmm! i slid him into my mouth and swallowed teacher’s cum, mmm, such a good girl! he kept saying, lara, lara under his breath as i deep throated him, as he held me by the back of my head, pulsing cum into me. i swallowed and swallowed and kept sucking him with all my love, like the blowjob queen i was and still am. mmmmm, now i was teacher’s pet for sure!

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